: Try to keep yourself around 50-60% heat when you don't want to go all in. Remember that each spell gives 20% and each e gives 10%. Once you are ready to go all out, use ult first to try and cut off an escape path, then use Q and W to go in and overheat with E so you can get your second E while in overheat along with AA enhanced attacks since you overheated.
: It just takes practice in learning how to stay in the danger zone without overheating. Commiting spell cooldowns and his cool off period to muscle memory.
Actually, i saw when I use 3 spells (Q,W,E) , rumble go in danger zone. Then i can use spells again not getting overheated. But when I use spells from danger zone it got overheated. So, is it good to stay in danger zone always or just use spells as usual?
: Stop spamming?
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Tworie (NA)
: Okay here's what you gotta do... Pick Annie... Take a rune page that maximizes burst potential (Like 21 AP, 12 Magic Pen) Wait until you're level 6, start roaming into his jg. Figure out what his jungle clear route is, wait for him in a bush. Kill him. Repeat until he rage quits.
: Thank you sir :) I own all of my most favorite skins but I'll buy some cool new ones. Any ideas?
Ok then. I will suggest mecha sion, Arcade series and project series specially project Ekko.
: It's my birthday!
Happy Birthday, Man. U should buy one of ur favorite champion skin. Its ur birthday , not ours. Have some fun.
: Honestly point and click CC is the only thing that can reliably deal with him. I guess you can kite him when his ult is down. Anything with grevious wounds might help as well if he has lifesteal. You're gonna need the whole team to focus him and blow him up the moment you can.
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: Riot thought tanks were too strong (again), and added these cheap items. {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}}
True. That's hurts with {{item:3072}}
Shitty people need to team up with someone. It's not riot fault, it's about some shitty MMR system.
: Yes, the objective of a tank, is to tank damage.
Actullay i realize i can't tank much if team sucks. It's a team game.
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: New client selection is so bad.....
Yes... sometimes its leads to dodge and sometimes panic champion pick..... i can't even understand unless the sound ticks. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: New client is laggy as hell
Plz Riot Update the new client performance or don't permanent it. Often new client needs to restart after few match which is so painful. {{summoner:3}}

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