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: Another game another afk
same bro legit jjust pulled up on some kid named tft tactian who runnin yasuo and aphelios mid and afk poushes rest of game. sadly one time he was on my team so my team and i had to spoon feed this lil aspergers kid to not run it down lmao, luckily next game he was on enemy team and we just shat on them lmao
AdamrCc (EUW)
: Match me with monkeys and expect me to be nice to them?
play adc, top lane is useless now since every kit has like 20 second stuns.... dont listen to the clowns who say "adc is trash" or "buff adc", literally most op role in the game rnow, u win lane u get drakes, and u win. literally an adc meta, even if they have fed midlaner stay with ur support and just perma cc them
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: > [{quoted}](name=TEEMO GOD XDDDD,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JOvFIzEl,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-30T20:38:38.472+0000) > > even the biggest of brains cannot trace the toxicity of lol to a specific cause. sadly riot games is just a small indie game company who gets barebones revenue from small skin sales........ Because you touch yourself at night
> [{quoted}](name=Düff McWhalen,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JOvFIzEl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-30T20:50:08.547+0000) > > Because you touch yourself at night dang i think thats what einstein said when he wrote the bible
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: You don't improve by stomping noobs, you improve by getting your ass kicked.
yes we can leave that to normals, since when was normal mode a place to stomp? in normals i normally get higher ranked players
: Any behavior that intentionally interferes with your team is technically punishable, that includes distracting chat as well as harmful gameplay. The problem is that it is really hard to ID something as trolling, it requires detailed manual review, and riot simply does not have the manpower for that. It is not something outsourced support services can handle, due to requiring extensive knowledge of the game.
yea, sadly riot is just a small indie game company.......
Seviour (OCE)
: Riot please use your brain
bro chill we know riot is just a small indie game company struggling to make money off this small game, go easy on them
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Cõmega (NA)
: Mods? Are you ok?
half my fucking posts have been removed by these cancer mods, forget hong kong and china this shit happenin right in front of our faces
: bot account
true, but not very true. when u play aram for first time, ur mmr is hella low so u get matched with bot accs. this has been a problem ever since league existed, and the simple fix is just keep playing until u get into a mmr that is too high for bots. also bots give u free s grades which means free hextech chests, which is nice ;)
Vanra (NA)
: Give us more bans
the problem with balancing in general is that the very kit/soul of some champs are just impossible to balance, some kits are just ridiculously stupid/complex and you cant just reduce/increase scaling and stuff
Magikrap (NA)
: There is zero reason for Lux to have a 2 second bind with fast speed, large width, and 6 second cd
in low elo shes insanely stupid/broken, people cant dodge spells, and if u get caught by her root u basically dead, especially late game. in high elo shes low tier
: why are league players so toxic?
bro u must understand that people who tilt on league arent "no lifes" and horrible people. league is just an inherently toxic game because u are literally paired up with randoms in a team of 5, and if some guy decides to feed, you feel so helpless because even tho u stomp lane ur bot lane is 0/14 and enemy team already has dragon soul. the best of us have been corrupted by this game and is completely natural to be angry since matchmaking is broken, promos are the most stupid idea ever, meta is broken, placements are unbalanced, everything is horrible
: Please BUFF our poor cat Yuumi
yummi is number one boosting champ, just get ur challenger friend to adc and u play this stupid afk champ and ez dubs. this champion was never meant to be at average wr, either broken or trash tier, since her kit is so inherently toxic
: How to climb playing with inters
dont worry bro. i finally climbed to gold just this last season, experienced exact same problem as you. riot has been proven to lump you inters so u go on loss streak after win streak. For example me and my duo partner grinded hard to gold, he played his 100% wr kaisa and i played support. just after jumping one division and a 10 game winstreak, riot puts us with the worst, most tiltable teammates ever, and we go on loss streak (not tilt since games were spread out). just keep trying since riot gives u free wins if u lose promos alot. and pro tip: NEVER TILT ON PROMOS u lose one game on promos, exit lol immediately.
: Why are Champions so expensive ?
well new players now get hella BE, on this smurf acc i got senna after 1 game since riot literally gives you free champs and hextech chests daily
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: Hey there, Your post was in gameplay, where the standards are higher for thought-provoking and discussion worthy content. If you’d prefer, you can remake the thread in GD, but it shouldn’t include references like “cancer.”
> [{quoted}](name=Periscope,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2cHIkfwt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-25T06:27:55.236+0000) > > Hey there, > > Your post was in gameplay, where the standards are higher for thought-provoking and discussion worthy content. If you’d prefer, you can remake the thread in GD, but it shouldn’t include references like “cancer.” since when was the use of common terms prohibited? this is an outrage
: I feel like shit talking is one of the best parts of games
they hated jesus because he told the truth.........
: Looking for a few friends
u should check out the league discord. alotta people there wanting playmates like u
Shmeeve (NA)
: Is anyone else noticing that someone is downvoting every post for the heck of it?
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: Jungle is a mess
taking jg diff to a whole new meaning LUL


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