: I honestlly cant count how many times monkeys made it into my game In some instances, (actually quite afew now that i think about it), when junglers forgot smite and came toplane instead to feed/int/leech whatever u want to call it, i remember myself getting tilted off the face of the earth. Eventually though, i realized something. Y am i mad This is fre3 experimenting time So at that point when my jg is now 0/4 or something i just roam and go yolo/ham And surprisingly, i won quite afew of those games. In a nutshell, dont tilt. Dont get mad. Muteall is a feature, and it works wonders when ur dealing with special case children. Even if they r probably 25 Above all, just have fun. Thats about the only reason i still play anyways.
I use feeding teams as a way to get better, It makes the game better because the more you learn how to play when behind the more comebacks you get, stay cool and find ways to turn the game around 👍
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: So it finally happened
I would use live chat support, i used it 3 or 4 times when my league kept crashing, very helpful and they got rid of my low priority queue for crashing
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 5
I was wondering since riot was trying to introduce more champions in the botlane if you ever thought about making rakan a jungler, he would be a very unique jungler and he is only played as support. Rakan is my favourite but other supports could use a way to be played in other lanes when they aren't meta.
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: Patch 4.20 notes


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