: i think it's more of a skill match up if both sides know what they are doing
E max. Doesn't become a skill matchup after that. You just chunk teemo while he literally can do nothing (unless he opts in to go tank).
dominusx (EUNE)
: Remove stealth boom normal champion again.
If they remove her stealth, she'll need more range and better tools to deal with people. I'd say the bonus AD on her stealth can be removed.
RiseofMe (NA)
Sounds like a classic case of get good.
Rioter Comments
: That +150 Damage and range on ult was enough for her to shit on her biggest counter {{champion:86}} .
Not even... a good garen still doesn't lose that matchup. It's a farm lane. But he will get outscaled. The plus part of that lane is to freeze lane under tower as garen, call for ganks and proceed to watch Riven cry.
: To those that downvoted, this is obvious satire.
I forgot the -kappa at the end. Though, I figured posting this in memes and games would make it obvious. It's either that or the joke was just bad, so it's fine either way.
: Taliyahs winrate has dropped from 48% to 46 - 45.5% since the pre-season patch. Where do you get your 49% from?
I think the real question is where are YOU getting YOUR stats from? All sources quoted around here are usually taken from op.gg or lolanalytics.
: I used to Main Top and Mid. Both suck now. You cant play a tank on top anymore because of these cancer true damage dealing shits {{champion:164}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:114}} . Also wtf were those {{champion:92}} buffs. As a midlaner there is no 1 vs 1 anymore to show skill expression, you only try to not get ganked by the enemy jungler who is camping your lane for the whole laning phase. If you play jungle then you get the noobs who feed every 3 lane at the same time. If you play support you get a noob adc who will harass you all game. Even if you play ADC the most overbuffed unskilled champion type at the moment. You will still likely get killed in 2 vs 4/5 tower diving. Overall the game is not as fun as it used to be. If only the balance team was not full of bronze/silver players maybe we could get a decent game. Too bad riot only cares about LC$. You are right that you dont feel that you got control over the game. Its a "TEAMGAME" meaning that the team that gets the less retards wins.
What Riven buffs? Only thing Riven got was some QoL changes and an execution buff. Did I miss something? She's so garbage early game without cdr
: You get one always it's a colour blu or red
But I want da poopy brown color :(
: Dear Smurfs
What are you talking about, again? Your title, your topic sentence and your body have no correlation to each other. You have to stick to a point and push examples to emphasize that point. You're all over the place. Are we talking about smurfs? Season 2? Hextech on Riven? You not knowing that you should've been building armor or wukong (which is subjective)? What is it that you're trying to tell me?
Rioter Comments
Wuq (NA)
: That's mainly if you call MAGES weak, as MAGES aren't weak. It's just their itemization is really boring and bland, with most items either being used for their stats and passives that aren't really cool but still useful. Or they are Zhonya's, which just has a stupid active that will always make it relevant. It's clear why some AP items aren't picked as they don't fit into any of the above, such as Rabadon's. If you look at the closest equivalents for each item, you will notice this as the AD counterpart items are just much cooler and come equipped with a lot of effects that bring a lot more wow when you read them. {{item:3285}} - {{item:3087}} {{item:3089}} - {{item:3031}} {{item:3151}} - {{item:3153}} {{item:3135}} - {{item:3036}} / {{item:3033}} {{item:3157}} - {{item:3026}} {{item:3102}} - {{item:3814}}
For clarification, I got downvoted for saying mages AREN'T weak and their itemizations aren't WEAK, just one dimensional with no diversity.
: Wait WTF, Zoe just reconfirmed the ship you guys went out of your way to kill.
: People say that all the time though {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
I said it and got downvoted to pieces... hard to say, really.
: Funny how Varus flashes his mastery as if he "outplayed" you there. But to be honest, you would not have touched him regardless. This didn't impact the outcome of your game anyway as Xayah was rooted and you were too far away to hit Varus without him walking away.
> [{quoted}](name=LightTrack,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vwThLvny,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-11-04T20:58:16.546+0000) > > Funny how Varus flashes his mastery as if he "outplayed" you there. > > But to be honest, you would not have touched him regardless. This didn't impact the outcome of your game anyway as Xayah was rooted and you were too far away to hit Varus without him walking away. You're blind. He was clearly walking into the tidal wave.
: >You are the model that every player aspires to be Woah there. Wrong. They deserved that loss because they couldn't adapt to SSG pick/ban strategy nor could they outperform them _as a team_. Faker definitely isn't the greatest player in history. He's just had the luxury of being on good teams in the past. We can't ever know that for sure because, again, _it's a team game_ (as so many people like to point out on these boards). FeelsGreat seeing SKT lose, especially Faker.
And that's why he can have both his main and smurf in the top 1-3 spot on the KR ladder consistently. Because he's not the best LoL player. He currently, as it stands, has the best achievements out of all current professional LoL players. As it stands, he's a living legend that's currently still playing and statistically speaking still has the most outstanding achievements to date. Until someone topples him while he's still playing, he is the best league player. If he retires before that point, he'll end up retiring as the best and as a legend. Anyone who comes after him will get the title by default. '#'FeelsGreatBeingIgnorant
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Yes, so fun. So you either fk the game because you get trashed in an experiment or because you stomp a lane You just made 4 or 5 peopel lose 60 min of their life. Good job you're the hero
60minutes? That comment alone already shows your limited knowledge of league of legends. Average game time is 25minutes. At most, they'd lost 30minutes on average. If I don't feed/stomp in their game, someone else will definitely do it.
: Smurfing really ruins the game for lower level play.
can't stop won't stop *dances*. I don't think people realize this, but some people use smurfs for experimental purposes that are more than just crushing low elo. I, for one, use smurfs to play new lanes. Okay, that wasn't the truth in the beginning... but I do now. It's so I understand how the game works and to get better at it overall. Doing that on my main account will only prove to frustrate my team. Working from the ground up is better.
LankPants (OCE)
: Stop and take a look at mage items for a second, we have Good: {{item:3165}} {{item:3135}} , generally solid, great VS high MR, average VS low MR {{item:3102}} , solid item, abet still weaker than Merc Scim, probably on-par with Maw but lacks the strong component OK: {{item:3151}} , decent item, overused due to general low quality of other items {{item:3157}} , too long of a CD to actually break good item status for most champs {{item:3030}} , {{item:3146}} , {{item:3152}} , {{item:3100}} , all solid items for the few champs who can use them Bellow average: {{item:3027}} , {{item:3040}} , can be good items on their few users, but are generally too slow to work {{item:3001}} , not actually an AP item, but increasingly a solid item above AP items on short ranged mages Bad: {{item:3285}} , hella cost inefficient, weaker than it's AS and Lethality counterparts Statikk and Duskblade at all points {{item:3089}} , Comes online too late to have any impact in the current gamestate {{item:3116}} , has joke stats AP items are in a really bad place right now, half of the items are just straight up bellow average or bad and tons of the other items have 2 or 3 potential users. There's truly 3 standout AP items at the moment, Morello's, Void and BV, that's why they're on every build. I'm not against nerfing these if you work on the other terrible AP items, the simple fact is that if Duskblade were to be nerfed AD assassins do have other fallbacks, if Morello's were nerfed most mages would fall completely out of meta.
Yeah, if duskblade is nerfed, assassins fall back would be youmuus. People are confusing AD items with assassin items. Assassins don't have that heavy build path most bruisers nor even ADC champions have. List of assassin items: {{item:3142}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} After that, they tap into bruiser items. Those are the ONLY 3 core items for assassins and you're complaining about mage items. Hexdrinker is a versatile AD item. If you nerf duskblade, assassins don't exactly have much of a fallback because there are no clear cut items that give major AD with added benefits for assassins. Though, I don't disagree that duskblade is too strong. You people are over generalizing. People keep crying about AD assassins when there is legitimately only FIVE in the game. Lmfao. This game is oversaturated with mages and AP assassins.
: > [{quoted}](name=WhoIsThisDude,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QLRvNwlI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-31T21:19:35.750+0000) > > If assassins get their core item nerfed then {{item:3165}} gets nerfed too. Fair is fair right? Both are super cost efficient and provide big early power spikes. But you&#x27;re going to say thats not fair arent you? Because assassins are big meanies :( Your analogy here is fallacy. For one, mages are not assassins. Secondly, Mages have lackluster and weak itemization, something even Riot has aknowledged. Morello has to be the way it is for that reason. Duskblade is overpowered in itself, but because of ADCs drain tanking capabilities and due to shield stacking, it has to be the way it is for assassins to have any chance of killing an ADC. It will undoubtedly get nerfed eventually when the ADC issue has been dealt with. Morello won't get nerfed or changed until mage itemization is reworked or buffed. All I see is a[n] <edited by mod> assassin main that can't accept assassins having an overpowered item and wants to nerf one of the weaker, unrelated classes for that reason. Sounds absurd? That's because it is.
No one thinks mages have "weak" itemization. Don't come spouting that BS. People have stated a large majority of times that there is a lack of versatility in the mage build path as most mages build the same items with slight, if even, differences. Mages just don't have enough options. That does NOT mean they're itemization is by ANY means weak. Lackluster? Sure, in terms of variety. But don't think mages don't have good items.
NiamhNyx (NA)
: Well, my mind is a complex thing so i see why you wouldnt under.... ohh you are talking to riot.
Sorry, thought that should've been clear enough. :v
Rioter Comments
: Love the complete ignoring of “minor juggling if you don’t have that much ad yet or are severely behind”. In higher elo it’s a totally different game. In silver and bronze, I can’t help CS because they’ll refuse to go after the focused minion minion. they’ll switch targets seemingly randomly, walk out of lane to flame me for ‘taking their cs’, start fights and take minion aggro while tower eats last hits on them, and so on and so forth. Anything but actually use efficiency handed to them on a platter. If I explain myself, I’m told to leave it alone and they continue missing minions, not using using abilities in an ATTEMPT to secure them or, if they do use them, only as an initial burst that the turret one-shots them. Hence, I find myself forced to take CS because otherwise no one gets it.
The first 10minutes of the game is where CSing really matters and tests people's ability to CS. After you get your first half an item, CSing is no longer a challenge. Most adcs don't have the damage to cs proficiently under tower, especially when being pressured. I didn't ignore anything, which is why I, like you, posted my ending statement as an after thought. Your ability to cs within the first 10 minutes is all that matters. After that, it's all a fight for cs between teammates (especially in unorganized play). Most adcs in lower elo can't handle pressure as well as cs properly because they simply don't know how to do it or keep calm enough to do so without thinking they'll die if they take too much damage.
: > The bug never ignored cc. . > she was always considered by the game cc'd. Ye, it did and no, she wasn't, and _team that fixed that bug confirmed that_. See, this is why community dislikes Riven players ^^
It was already stated that she was masking the cc long enough for her to actually move. She didn't ignore stuns, but she MASKED displacements. The only 2 huge backlashes of this was Blitzcrank's hook and Naut's hook. It was also mentioned that the bug was so hard to replicate in a game that it wasn't trustworthy enough to use and it was successful 1/100 times. She NEVER ignored cc, simply masked it (which she can still do, just not to that extent anymore). And see, this whole "why the community dislikes Riven players" is the reason Riven players get a bad rep (most of the time). It's because true toxic people like you hide behind that whole "Riven, Yasuo, Vayne" mumbo jumbo to instantly be toxic to any of those players you see and try to justify that toxicity because of the champs we play. Grow the fuck up.
: I get annoyed when I play support because I have yet to encounter a SINGLE adc that knows how to CS under tower and loses an easy 40-60 minions to the tower. Yet if *I* take them, I’m stealing from them. Learn the rhythm: melee take two tower shots, then you auto. Caster minions take one tower shot then an auto. Minor juggling if you don’t have that much AD yet or are severely behind.
You just said you haven't encountered a single adc that knows how to cs under tower yet you just showed yourself that you also don't know how to cs under tower. Nothing worse than a support that doesn't realize they have to help adcs cs under tower by watching tower aggro, minion aggro, adc damage and focus to help them cs. Melee takes 2 tower shots under optimal circumstances. It's a lot harder when your wave crashes with the enemy wave and you have to start grabbing cs. I bet you watch your adc struggle while you don't hit a single minion. Caster minions are 1 auto 1 tower shot then another auto. Depending on how your adc has to split their focus CSing, after a tower hits a caster YOU have to auto the minion to help your adc last it. Just a thought. If people are failing to cs undertower after a BF sword, they have issues.
: Anyone wanna help me not suck?
As the story goes... play less champs. Who are your main champs? Are you good at listening and take the actual time to study? I can help out, but probably not any time soon.
Toxxsii (NA)
: Returning player -- LF: Discords, friends and players
You should wait until the update to really get back in league. If you can get a PBE account, I suggest simply playing on there if you're a returning player. Trying to relearn anything right now is a moot point and pretty much obsolete knowledge (unless you're just working on mechanics).
: They've addressed requests along these lines before, and the answer is basically no, they can't change anyones rank or mmr in order to maintain ranked integrity. You're free to make a smurf if you wish, but particularly with uncapped leveling I'd be inclined to focus efforts onto a single account from preseason onwards. Your goal may not be to crush the lower divisions, but it remains that you likely would if your experience/game knowledge/etc. are that of a higher ranked player, and that'd just be a bad experience for those facing you (and probably somewhat frustrating for you too as you watch your teammates do questionable things).
Aw man, well that sucks... I've played in bronze this season and I find what my teammates doing nothing short of funny. I don't feel frustrated, rather than just laughing at plays that are happening. But I can understand ranked integrity. I guess I'll just have to make a smurf for it then. :i
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Yenn (NA)
: Something needs to be done to reward consistently good play
End of the season. Everyone that got boosted and sat at the bottom of the ranks are coming out to try and make a last ditch effort to make it somewhere where they know they won't be able to get to anyways.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: The bug where it ignored it completely is out, the code that lets every single one of her dashes buffer CC in the right contexts, is still very much there.
And, to be completely fair, Riven has to use ALL of her dashes to reach where Tris would with a Rocket jump.
Poske (EUNE)
: He gets stomped by irelia He loses slightly to darius (He should lose harder to darius but darius is weak atm) However gp/renekton arent to bad matchups
Renekton isn't a bad matchup xD Lets see you NOT kill Renekton before he hits 3 and then come back and tell me Renekton isn't a bad matchup.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Not posting from your main has many perks. For example you aren't risking your main account on the Boards mingling with nazimods.
I don't post from my main because I don't want my smurfs associated with my main account. Some people are simply like that.
: Well the team with all plats barely have a 50% win rate while the top team almost had every at 69%+ winrate so..
You see.... the top team were all smurfs (except Janna). Freaking hilarious. What are the chances. LOL. 2 challengers and 2 diamonds.
p0e0ix (NA)
: please send help... let there be someone who can help me T.T
*scratches chin* what exactly are you looking for?
: can something be done about lethality riven?
Uh, no. She's perfectly balanced and you're picking fights in the completely wrong place rn.
Rioter Comments
: Because if you have that 50% win rate, you're basiclly stuck, and your mmr drops to match the elo that you're stuck in. It doesn't make sense that you'd have high mmr while being stuck in an elo. Basiclly it's the same as elo: you'll gain it faster if your mmr is higher but the oposite, you'll loose mmr faster if your elo is lower.
But I have a 52% wr. I simply had a bad throw of games in a certain place, clearly that shouldn't indicate that one's stuck... should it?
Rioter Comments
: The gaming industry has become absolutely hilariously disgusting.
And riot, seeing this thread, still boldly released emotes... EMOJIS... EMOTIS... that costs RP. Icons are already RP. Why would emotes NOT been an IP inclusive thing? Or do we get emotes through missions? (WHICH I FEEL SHOULD'VE BEEN IMPLEMENTED FOR EMOTES!"
: What's been said is that if you win, you will gain mmr, so on average, enemies will be harder to beat and your win ratio will drop as you approach your skill level. That's not a forced 50%, it's just something that happens naturally and that should happen. However, we all know that's not all that's going on. Maybe I'm wrong, but for some reason, it looks like there's mostly 4 types of matchmaking at any given time: win streak type, lose streak type, neutral type and seemingly random type. The type you're on changes over time, but it has some inertia to it. Win streaks, it's honestly hard to lose. Lose streak, toxicity everywhere and either bot lane hyper feeds or every lane loses or something like that. Neutral type is win lose win lose win lose where most games are STILL stomps and you feel once again like you have little control. Only when it's seemingly random do you have control, unless you're good or bad enough to break the pattern, which is probably what riot is trying to do. Matching you with worse teammates to see if you can carry them, or matching you with good teammates to see if you're so bad you're still losing. I'd rather it be random.
You're correct on that front. I didn't say the system is designed to make you lose, though you will at some point, just that it's designed to put you at a sub ~51% wr. Your mmr spikes matches you with harder enemies, but be advised your teammates WILL be below par of the other enemy teams. Here's an example: You have 1600 mmr in gold 5. The average MMR in gold 5 is about 1200-1300 MMR (these are all estimates, don't quote me on these mmrs), what's going to happen is you get a team that looks like this: You: 1600 MMR Team2: 1150 MMR Team3: 1100 MMR Team4: 1200 MMR Team5: 1220 MMR And the enemy team gets a team like this: Enemy1: 1300 MMR Enemy2: 1320 MMR Enemy3: 1260 MMR Enemy4: 1280 MMR Enemy5: 1150 MMR As you can see, the odds are highly outside of your favor. The entire enemy team (on average) is better than your team. It's to make up for your MMR difference, which is highly unfair tbh. But, however, this is how people have come to conclude (not only opinions at this point. There is enough math to prove this outcome and enough games played) that the system is designed to keep you at a sub ~51% wr. To top it off, as I've said, Rioters (though it could be incorrect information still -- but even without the rioter posts, it's already been confirmed at this point) have already responded to this matter. Therefore, you can make a chart like this: Wins = MMR MMR = Higher Division Current Division =/= current MMR Win Streaks = Better opponents Better opponents =/= Better teammates Your MMR =/= reflect teammates MMR ; but does contribute to team overall mmr So, the more you win the harder games get. And it's NOT just because you get better opponents.
: Source?
-shrugs- I've read it a few times from rioters though I don't recall which particular thread they were on. I'd have to do some digging to find out.
Pauuuul (EUW)
: Tbh I really dislike the Zed skin.
Looks good, but feels stiff. Championship zed still my fav skin.
: This bad teams in promos thing is bogus. The system has enough trouble making quick matches of 10 players without having to sit back and figure out how to screw you in your promos. Besides, all it takes is one person that is tilted or on a "new" champ, etc to lose a game. The computer couldn't possibly know who person G is going to pick or if person B is tilted from last game. Also, why would Riot care? If you lose, 5 other people are winning. Remember half the people that play (- remakes) get wins.
Only that its been stated numerous times that the system is designed yo keep you at a 50% winrate. You are responsible for winning 20% of your games, 20% are your fault and 60% doesnt matter what you do, you will win or lose all depending on your team. With that in mind, that's a 40/60 split for games that depend on you. 50/50 chance you have the better player and if you can avoid the 20% loss and have 0% losses on you thats how smurfs end up having such high winrates. But for people belonging in those divisions, I'd say that's impossible. The saying, "I constantly get horrible teams" isn't wrong. Part of climbing is luck.
SlashXel (EUNE)
: Master YI untargetability is huge problem
So your complaint is? Vayne vs Yi is a skill matchup highly in Yi's favor. In terms of matchup for Vayne, that's one of the hardest ones considering Vayne can 1v1 80+% of the roaster. Good thing it's a team game though.
Zaryelle (NA)
: I'm not condoning the troll's actions, but putting out personal information like that in this game is just asking for it. I've also actually seen people joking about saying their own parents are dead, when they're most likely not, so it could have been one of those situations where it looks like the person who talked about their parents was just messing around, it happens often. The situation where I see people joking about their own parents are things like: one person will say "your mom" or something similar, and the person will reply "my parents are dead" and no one really takes them seriously if they say something like that and for good reason, a person who has online experience in this game would never reveal that if it was true.
I know about that. Normally, when stuff like that happens it's normally in a joke-like manner. But this person was literally being below the magnitude of it. Normally you'd only make a joke or 2, but everything that was said after that statement was ridiculous. Someone else would be typing and the response would be, "Like Riven's parents?". The other person probably muted because they didn't really respond (I can only guess they dislike people talking about their parents), but you should have a modicum of respect, internet or not. There are lines you just shouldn't cross.
: The other things were just dick moves, but... >"Too bad your parents are dead" and to top it off "I hope you out live them" I dunno. To me, those two just don't seem that toxic. "Too bad" could be said in a toxic way, but it could also mean an actual apology. And "I hope you outlive them" seems a bit less toxic, and a bit more just a poorly worded way of saying "I hope whatever happened to them doesn't happen to you".
It's all in the context. Like I said, I didn't screenshot it, but it was just terrible. Due to circumstances and under the situations they were said, they were most definitely toxic.
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