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: Because its true and the fact that many bronze and silver players just don't shut the fuck up.
add me GRUG me like you, u said what i was going to say
: Funny thing is, people try pulling rank and saying just because a higher rank is getting downvotes and a lower rank is getting upvotes, "its just because all the bronzies are circlejerking eachother for upvotes". I do agree with the > "any man who must say 'I am the king' is no true king". That redniwediS had said though..... Also, if you have to being up rank to try and prove your point, its because you have no actual valid input with 2 exceptions 1. That ______ elo is like _____ 2. Someone was asking for advice/looking for someone to play with so someone tosses that in to help either get the add, or to help that player feel a little better about trying that advice.... Which still could be wrong. Those that just say "im plat your bronze so im better than you"..... Refer to the original post here please.
wolf even i saw something u would be freaked out, some bronze players play like gold players but there still bronze.
: It's game knowledge, skill, and time that equal your rank. You're leaving out a very important part of the equation. Two players can play at the same level, but if one has a ton of time to play and the other barely has enough time to finish his placements you'll notice a very large difference in their ranks.
let me diamond 2 main kick your azz, its about knowledge not about equation.
: That's a hypothetical example based on a situation you have manufactured. Sure, there could be two players the exact same skill level but one only did placements and the other played ten times the number of games, but guess what? I'm still going to listen to the person that is higher ranked in your scenario because they have more time invested, which translates to more experience, which translates to more insight. As I said, you shouldn't discount an opinion simply because it's from a lower ranked player, but I will /generally/ give more weight to the opinion of a higher ranked player. Someone may not have time to go to college and earn a doctorate, that doesn't AUTOMATICALLY make them smarter, but they are far more likely to be taken seriously than the person that only graduated high school----which is, again, how life works.
we arent talking about manufacturate here, your talk and your speech belongs somewhere not here, so delete this comment if i were you.
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: Your example doesn't work. 2 players could have the exact same skill and knowledge, imagine they're clones, but one person only has time to play 10 games while the other plays 1000. If both of them had the same amount of time they would end up in around the same rank, but because 1 of them can't play that often they're Silver 3 while the other clone is Plat 4. Again, they have the exact same knowledge and skill but one is ranked a lot higher than the other purely because of time. The person you're pulling rank on could very well have the skill of a Diamond player, but they don't have enough free time to spend on ranking up.
: Your league example doesn't quite fit because of how matchmaking works. In an PvE game everyone has to face the same enemies, so it would definitely fit that a veteran of the game knows which things are actually OP, and which require some practice/knowledge/better gear to handle. League, on the other hand, doesn't work that way. Low ranked players face other low ranked layers, and diamond players face other diamond players (typically). Yi could be god tier in bronze and trash tier in diamond at the same exact time. It takes some perspective to see both ends of the scale, and if you have that it doesn't really matter which end of the scale you're actually on. All that matters is that you take the time to learn about each level of play before you make your judgement.
I faced Yi in a fking diamond elo, that guy is god player, he was master rank smurfing in diamond elo, still he loss, cuz he got fked in the jg by my friends
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: To be honest, you can't be stuck if you keep focusing on the mistakes you make. The only thing YOU can change are your OWN mistakes. I am currently in silver aswell, almost second time in my promos for Silver 3 this season and I came all the way from Bronze 5 from one or two seasons ago. Am still trying to get that golden border but all it takes is practice (from what I read and also am experiencing this myself aswell, else I wouldn't be typing this). Although I have to admit there are plenty of trolls that can make your life much harder as a ranker in LoL, but never give up.
I am diamond 2 rank in my main, I was bronze in season 4 when i started. my friends coached me other wise i would be still bronze 5, I made the same mistakes over and over again until then i realized why the heck am i waiting at baron at lvl 15 when everyone is team fighting. I was afraid if i team fight i will die. i hate die dying and reborning, its no fair, but its a game what can u do. so my first step to climb was my started to main jg champ like jax, jax can carrry u to platinum then rengar will make u climb to diamond, but still these days I play shen, he is my main.

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