ocoo (NA)
: Too all of you complaining that Lucian is now useless, HE IS NOT! He is still a great ADC but is just not insanely op anymore.
He had 50%ish win rate across all elks, 46.7% in LCS (EU and NA) he wasn't insanely op, just safe which we know riot either wants insanely op (ziggs still no nerf) or insanely stupid to pick
Yasuthro (NA)
: It was hardly a nerf.. He got extra base attack damage for a solid early game while his E got major buffs. This just means he'll need to go in deeper, which shouldn't matter if played correctly because his E will now basically always be up when needed.
Its a nerf because he's no longer a safe pick. The 500 range was very tactical and while yes it is very nice to see that he got a buff to his mobility he can no longer trade efficiently with champions like cait and tristana. Basically its this, his e will no longer get him to JUST in range of Cait with his autos. He will actually be 25 units or so out of range meaning he can't drop a passive shot on her before she e's away. Now I think with the lower mana costs and 100% damage on his q we may see a niche mid pick of him because not gonna lie, his new wave clear is gonna be broken and with essence reaver buffs you never know. I wouldn't say he's Olaf'd but he definitely is Gragas'd. Probably won't see him at ADC anymore because he's going to simply be outclassed.
: Patch 4.11 notes
Rito: "You mean people play this champion and win 50.0000028% of the time when they play it??? Delete all of its damage, nerf its utility, and ensure that it NEVER sees the light of the rift again."{{champion:10}} Community: "Rito dont nerf everything, buff the things that are weak!" Rito: "Okay we will buff Irelia in the upcoming patch scheduled for April 1st, 2015" ' Irelia: "Why not just turn me into a teemo with no shrooms, no poison, no blinding dart, and 220 movement speed while increasing my hitbox to twice the size of chogaths. That would be a good buff for me." Rito: "Actually, we are just turning you into a ward skin that maybe a couple people will buy and use. Then we will buff you so that you can withstand 1 auto attack before dieing and guess what... We will even allow you to last an entire 15 seconds as long as you're placed near an enemy tower!!" Irelia: "Ill still carry. Thornmail OP." Rito: "Better delete Irelia. Community: "What lol".
: I apologize if this was not clear in the original post, but many of the game systems updates we plan to roll out in 4.10 will increase the power level of the entire marksmen role. All marksmen champions will have even more impact on games. Thus in the wake of these changes, we are paying extra attention to Twitch and Lucian as they are already two of the strongest and we are bringing the entire class's base line higher.
I really do respect all that the balance team does but I think you guys don't see that the reason everyone hates on you (and yeah tbh they do, 10 up votes for a red post?) is because you guys ONLY think about competitive play when you "balance". So lets take twitch first because I sorta agree he's too powerful when he snowballs. If you want to successively balance twitch, don't touch numbers just give him the rengar ! thing. That will allow for plenty of counter play. Done. And remember, you didn't do anything to twitch accept upgrade him visually and now you think he's OP? I mean ??? Come on man haha. And lucian. If you touch lucian I will lose it. As a player who both plays adc and top lane, when I get lucian for adc I feel like however I do in this game is 100% based around my own skill compared to other players. Thats balance to me. When I play top lane and I see a lucian for the other team I think, "I need to get his full burst rotation used on me and bait his dash so my team can finish lucian off" because lucian has low scaling attack speed, no damage or attack speed steroids, and a small movement speed steroid. So whether I'm playing with or against lucian I never think "Man this guys OP". Reason he's played so often in competitive play is simply because he won't draw bans because he's got enough counter play to make PROS feel like he's balanced. No one is feeling extremely threatened when they see lucian. Bottom line: You don't want to nerf adcs out of viability, you want to buff other adcs into viability. ADC should be the STRONGEST and most important role at 6 item full build in my opinion. And thats what you should focus on. Making every adc feel like after 30-40 minutes they can carry a game based on how they position and focus. So please take the time to ask the community how they feel about the power level of adcs... Cuz I see way too much talk about lucian and twitch and not nearly enough talk about Varus, Vayne (low as crap win rate), MF, Cait, Quinn, Urgot, Ezreal (please buff him he can't even clear waves with ult the same anymore), Graves, and even old school adc Kennen.
SysAdmin (NA)
: Hey! Idk if my opinion is valuable here, but nevertheless i'll give it. 2) Soraka. While soraka has high power in lane, there is two things that currently stops her from being a good support. First one, is that in lower elos, is really difficult not to steal CS from your adc with starcall, and time it well enough. 2ndly, is that only a few heals are present in the game that are good; and I feel like it fits more of the old MOBA's playstyle of having a healer on the team. 3) Feral Flare is close in being a balanced, good item, nevertheless i feel like giving it a 2 stacks per kill (against other champions) would bring it closer to the attempt of having this junglers be present in lane. 4) Skarner I'm thrilled to see what you guys have in mind. 5) Kha'zix ITs really difficult to balance him, but i feel that there are two types of places where he can fit in the game, the first one is the risky snowbally champion, and the second one is the passive scaling champion. What I feel is that he must be more like elise, where he can provide utility more than pure damage. 6) LeBlanc requires great skill to be played, Buffing the chains, and lowering Q's damage would impact positively on the amount the skill you need to play her. Right now, QWR is really strong, but lowering Q's and buffing the chain and double chain would guarantee a counterplay to her. 7) Nidalee I feel that what should happen is that her close trading skills should be nerfed for a bit, so that cougar isn't so strong. Either that, or add 1 or 2 seconds to her spear in CD. (something like jayce, where he can only give a super proyectile every while. Also I feel that nidalee playstile should be more through bushes. Maybe spears get 20% more damange when from a bush? Therefore punishing the enemy for bad vision control, instead of bad positioning. 8) AD Carries (cough, cough, rito) MARKSMANS have a problem, there is only 2 lifesteal items that are viable., BOTRK for dueling, or BT for the massive amount of AD it gives. Adding a few more lifesteal options would guarantee that people seek other ways of building AD, Because right now, its only BT OR BOTRK and the one that gets to it is done. A buff to executioners calling , runaans or other items would provide more variety while not risking the balance of the game. Also, I think lucian is way to safe because of his E. NO ADC's can escape nasus, and braum but lucian, because of the slow cleanse. Remove the slow cleanse, and catching lucian is waay easier. Make W more of an escape measure, so that people learn to proc lucian W to escape, more than just E cleansing slow. I haven't played twitch much, so i have no insight on him.
I agree with a lot of it but I really don't understand when Kha'zix, the assassin, had to become a utility jungler...? Why can't he be an assassin? Its what he was made as... He aint even a great assassin he's just strong and snowballs... just like every other assassin...
Xenthum (NA)
: A silenced, rooted ADC is a dead ADC unless the enemy team is retarded or it's a pre-6 teamfight or something. They can still auto attack one to three times (depending on AtkSpd) during the duration but they can no longer use escape abilities, BotRK active, or defensive summoners and are the easiest target to kill in the first place. Positioning is everything on an ADC, and a snare removes that option.
> A silenced, rooted ADC is a dead ADC unless the enemy team is retarded or it's a pre-6 teamfight or something. They can still auto attack one to three times (depending on AtkSpd) during the duration but they can no longer use escape abilities, BotRK active, or defensive summoners and are the easiest target to kill in the first place. Positioning is everything on an ADC, and a snare removes that option. A silenced, rooted adc is a bad adc. If any adc lets leblanc get close enough to use her e (500 range) He's bad. I can see an adc being 100-0'd by leblanc in a team fight if your team doesn't deal with leblanc correctly, but same goes for zed. So....
: > She has very clear weaknesses Which are what exactly? She has CC on 2 of her skills (3 if she chooses), mobility, waveclear, jukes, and burst. She has pretty much everything a champion could want outside of sustain or tankyness. I hate her because she is so clearly broken in competitive play when you watch a pro mid lane play her, it doesn't matter they're playing they just lose.
"everything a champion could want outside of sustain or tankyness"... Thanks for listing her weaknesses. You're probably the guy who says "I can never beat leblanc with my assassins so she's op". Lock in nidalee against a leblanc though. Games easy.
Riot Jag (NA)
: Short answer: We know that Marksmen have problems right now. We're exploring solutions (we've mentioned we're examining ADC itemization on the systems team) to help the class out. The perception that they are weak has definitely entered into our decision process when considering nerfing specific carries. Long answer: I'm not trying to preview specific solutions or changes we may end up considering here, but let's explore the issue a little deeper. Consider which ADCs have the ability to most dramatically impact the outcome of a game. I'm talking about the big bad hyperscaling carries, like Vayne, Tristana, Kog'maw - the ones that can stop the enemy team dead in their tracks (I know Twitch fits here too, but his lane bully presence warps this comparison in his case). There are multiple reasons that these champions aren't in favor at the moment, but one of the big reasons is that when you pick a strong-late/weak-early scaling ADC, you'll see the enemy team lock in a Lucian, Caitlyn, Draven, etc., you'll get bullied out of lane, and you'll not have the game go long enough for you to catch up/outscale them. Some of these champions have the same impact Renekton does in the top lane, in that they skew what champions can actually survive lane and still stay relevant. Again, Marksman class's strength as a whole may need to be brought up a bit, but part of the problem is that the most early-game dominant Marksmen suppress a lot of the most powerful ADCs from playing the game. If we do change Lucian and Twitch, rest assured we're not going to leave Marksmen players without any viable choices for impacting the game.
You should really just be smart and buff the adcs who are bullied by Cait/Lucian/Draven, not nerf those who's staple is a strong laning phase. Its easy to, buff the movement speeds of the immobile adcs. You will immediately see a huge buff to the laning phase. Don't believe me?? Ask sivir why with 500 range she can be so strong (movement speed steroid)
: We've actually been working on fixing this bug for at least a year. Unfortunately, despite literally hundreds of man hours of testing, we were never able to find a 100% repro case (or even a 10% one) and claiming to fix something when you can't prove that it's fixed is a super negative player experience. All it takes is one failed fix that costs you a kill for you to stop trusting us when we say we fixed things (and that's not unreasonable). Ultimately, some of our awesome engineers and designers worked to create some engine and logging improvements so we could track this thing down and resolve it. If you still experience this issue, PLEASE let us know! And if it's a hard to track down issue that you can reproduce 100% of the time on command, by all means share the knowledge!
Granted, you've been claiming to have "fixed" bugs plats on mac... Well I'm typing this after a 4 splat record. Oh and you "fixed" that thing where champions appeared right next to you on the minimap when they weren't. Keep up the lies! Edit: Fixes**** Edit: Lies TBH****
: i love how people are saying RIP {{champion:77}} he was a beast before the flare. now it just means that with the current flare ''nerf'' it makes junglers gank bc as soon as they get wriggles now it starts to stack. so if anything gg to lanes the GODYR is still a god, the only difference now is he will havea presence before 11 minute mark ((my best feral completion time was 11:19)) either way. its not nerfed to hell. ^_^
Flare is gone, but Udyr will live on. (With the boring a$$ ancient golem)
: Patch 4.7 notes
So let me see what you just did riot... you've once again made warding your own jungle not worth (because now we don't really need to farm it since none of us will build wriggles toilet anymore), along with ensuring the role of a jungler to be a support jungler. Oh and best of all, instead of EXPANDING the champions who could be viable junglers, you make sure that Yi still will never see a role in this game, Jax and shyvana will be stuck in top lane, Lee sin will always build spirit stone, Udyr will no longer be able to build damage, and best of all? We will never see another jungler carry the late game!!! :D
: Yeah because it totally wasn't letting people solo baron with just that and a botrk or anything.
Yeah because it totally wasn't forcing people to WARD BARON or anything. That would simply be preposterous if we had to WARD. Thats not a healthy part of this game.

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