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: A new set of leaks
Oh, there's a new set of leaks, let's see if there's anything about an Illaoi skin... Aaaannnddd it's the worst skin line in the whole game. Well, three more years of Void Bringer I guess. I don't really want Dunkmaster, but at this point I'm hoping for it to save us from this.
Looknook (NA)
: I thought it was one dash per person per cast.
It is. It'll block the first dash per champion, but champions with more than one dash can then use their other dashes without impedance.
: Your main dies in your arms...
{{champion:420}} Now... you must be the teacher...
: I admit, the changes to ARAM came out of nowhere for me too. As someone who enjoys smashing heads on the Howling Abyss when my premade isn't online, I was thrilled. DND is a better way to handle Dominion though. There were two main concerns with Dominion that your post fails to specifically address. 1) The existence of Dominion hampers new champion and new skin production because new champions and new skins must have the capture animation (which 99.5% of the community would never even use) created and added. As DND is not permanent, new champs and skins don't need these animations on release, and Riot can just have the art team update the animations for all new content in preparation for DND weekend. (They may even simply disable new skins in that mode just to save themselves the trouble) 2) Dominion as a permanent game mode was full of bot accounts.
The problem is that all new champions need a capture animation anyways, since it's used for destroying Rek'sai tunnels and capturing Skarner spires.
: It's hard to rework a champion who literally has everything. And it's debatable what defines Irelia. Everything about her kit is so generic bruiser that finding what makes her unique and focusing on that is difficult. Q - generic gap closer, resets cd of kills enemy unit with it W - on-hit true damage, *probably her most defining spell* but generally an on-hit or AA reset is usually part of a generic bruisers kit E - you could argue it's function defines her as well but it's easily the most unhealthy thing about her. You get punished for out trading her and it's still good to use in a trade when ahead because of the slow, and the damage if you make it first. R - it's largely just free sheen/trinity procs and most powerful during lane phase when it's practically a mundo ult in terms of its healing. And the damage early to mid game is not to be underestimated. But generally, it's a really uninteresting ult that could be remade into something more defining Her passive - free tenacity for each enemy nearby and this is also a definable trait for her but it's also another very unhealthy aspect of her. Irelias kit was designed to be "the answer" for everything that was anti melee. The problem with doing that is she becomes anti everything when she's good and there's very few ways to deal with her when she's strong. She's the reason why bruisers have never been allowed to be good and I'm shocked the trinity changes went through without some type of compensation nerf to her. Literally everyone KNEW the first champion this would mega buff is Irelia.
Don't forget that W also gives her sustain, both passively and (increased) actively.
: people say darius is op cause you cant really win lane against him unless you are playing something like vayne top, however his out scaled by most tops and requires the enemy to fuck up and die to be any good. i dont like playing against darius either cause his 1 of the champs you kind of depend on your jungler on a lot but its still fine.
Or just play Illaoi. Darius wins 1-5, but Illaoi should win the level 6 if you land your E.
: Riot said they made this change to allow ADCs that get points into the Resolve tree to take Veteran's Scars and not feel bad because they are not stacking HP. However, this backfired because no ADC is going to take points into the Resolve tree. They take points into Ferocity and Cunning. Actually, I don't see any champion that is not a bruiser or tank taking Resolve points. And even if an ADC were to invest into the Resolve tree, they would probably take Runic Armor regardless, due to the increased early game regeneration with potions, as well as increased lifesteal. The truth is that RIot wanted to nerf tanks and bruisers, but they didn't want to admit it.
I actually go 18/0/12 on ADCs, but as you said, I take Runic Armor for the increased lifesteal. Then again I'm a bruiser/tank main.
: > [{quoted}](name=TTUPhoenix,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QsuUkvk0,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-05-29T05:46:38.222+0000) > > I play {{champion:420}}. Which category is that? I don't play Illaoi myself but I don't mind playing against her, she can be very strong in competent hands, regardless, she has clear weaknessess that you can use against her unlike the abominations mentioned in VastoLordeh's post so she's A-OK by me.
I don't have any real problems playing against her myself, and her weaknesses are pretty clear once you play her a while. That said, people tend to get stupid around Illaoi, which makes my job a lot easier. XD
: I don't know why this is presented as a Zed thread. It's entirely a Shen thread. Zed lvl 18 HP: 1939 Zed lvl 18 AR: 86.4 Zed lvl 18 HP5: 18.1 Akali lvl 18 HP: 2033 Akali lvl 18 AR: 85.9 Akali lvl 18 HP5: 19.4 Shaco lvl 18 HP: 2010 Shaco lvl 18 AR: 84.4 Shaco lvl 18 HP5: 17.7 Talon lvl 18 HP: 2028 Talon lvl 18 AR: 86.4 Talon lvl 18 HP5: 21.3 Katarina lvl 18 HP: 1921 Katarina lvl 18 AR: 86.4 Katarina lvl 18 HP5: 13.9 _________________________________ As you can see, Zed is at best average in the melee assassin tankiness stakes. He beats Kat, just about, but in general cannot be called exceptionally tanky. Let's look at some tanks: Shen lvl 18 HP: 1781 Shen lvl 18 AR: 69.2 Shen lvl 18 HP5: 22.8 Malphite lvl 18 HP: 2104 Malphite lvl 18 AR: 92.1 Malphite lvl 18 HP5: 16.4 Maokai lvl 18 HP: 2102 Maokai lvl 18 AR: 96.7 Maokai lvl 18 HP5: 23.1 Hecarim lvl 18 HP: 2111 Hecarim lvl 18 AR: 94.7 Hecarim lvl 18 HP5: 19.8 _______________________________________ As you can see here, every tank I've listed except Shen is actually tankier than every assassin listed above. Shen is a gross exception in these stakes because his kit has the second strongest tank steroid in the entire game (temporary immunity to ADC damage, essentially) as well as a constantly refreshing shield for over 14% of his max HP. **The most important thing to note here is that Shen is balanced around having poor base stats.** It is not worth complaining about a champion having crappy base HP or armour when they're strong despite it because power would need to be taken from elsewhere if it was gonna be buffed. The comparison in this thread is woeful. Of course Zed looks unnaturally tanky when you compare him to the squishiest melee character in the game by far, who is in general one of the squishiest champions in the game. Most ranged champions look excessively tanky compared to Shen, but I wouldn't make a "Wtf, Elise is way tankier than Shen!" thread.
Meanwhile Alistar rockin' that 2400 base hp at level 18.
: I wish it was more like a Godzilla breath move. More cinematic and gratifying.
The devs talked about how they found it the most boring part of his kit, but for me, it's the one real high point of Sol. The rest of his kit is kind of lackluster, but the ult never fails to be fun to use.
: Champion ghost AI is bad, but dragon AI is TERRIBLE. Champion AI atleast is intuitively bad, but after more than 500 games with reworked Morde, I still don't know when my dragon is going to crap itself.
It appears to be a holdover from the dragon's normal AI. Dragon and Rift Herald prioritize the closest target attacking them, so if a minion attacks dragon from right under it, it tends to lose focus.
: I believe its just a hint at him transforming :) Like he just started to or just finished and the feathers are just popping up or retracting back in!
Yeah, I think it's supposed to be feather roots.
: Accurate Representation Of Supports and ADCs
That's what I feel like when I'm the only tank on a team of squishies. Come with me children, I will protect you.
Llanite (NA)
: Why do you care if something you do not use "not useful"? If you don't find it useful, go buy something you think is better, stop trying to ruin other people fun because you're not invited to the party.
Zephyr was specifically deleted because Riot believed that it was not useful. Meanwhile, Ohmwrecker got its third rework.
: Illaoi is a Juggernaut who thrives if she can set up an area pre-teamfight (by seeding it with tentacles) and who punishes the enemy team for clumping more than the typical Juggernaut does. Secondarily, she has a spell that gives your team access to an enemy's healthbar when they normally wouldn't (damage proxying through spirits). My personal feeling is we landed too hard on the first goal and fell victim to a design pattern I like to call "balancing for infinity". That is: by allowing her ult to scale aggressively with number of enemies hit, we made a nigh-unbalanceable high case (Illaoi hits all five enemies with her R and continues to tentacle-smash them into oblivion) that happens maybe once every 10 games, and which requires us to balance in such a way that anything *but* that high case doesn't feel particularly good. Secondarily I've always wanted Illaoi to be more about her test of spirit E. I pitched a version where spirit damage can kill the host (spirits would always have a certain minimum hp, and if the host was under that number then killing the spirit would kill the host) and where some form of CC is propagated along the spirit link (we'd detect incoming soft/hard CC on the spirit and then apply corresponding generic slows/stuns with, say, 50-90% of the original duration to the host; so if the spirit got knocked up for 1s, we'd stun the host for .5s). This is rework-scope though, and there's a good chance I'd try it and find it's awful in the very first playtest. Let's see how her shorter vessel state change does and then reassess! Illaoi is near and dear to my heart and I'd love for her to be in a better spot.
Hey! I've been playing a lot of Illaoi recently, and she's become very near and dear to my heart as sort of the AD Mordekaiser (my one true love). I definitely get the sense of "if Illaoi lands a 6 man R, she auto-wins, so we can't make the rest of her kit too strong" idea. One thing I've thought about as a stopgap to further work would be giving her ultimate a "knock-in" effect, similar to Diana's E. It's very brief CC, so it sticks with the whole "juggernauts have poor CC in general, and Illaoi in particular" idea, but makes it a little easier for her to get that first slam off, plus it punishes enemies for clumping by further pushing them together to get slammed.
Wygol (EUW)
: Invulnerability or going untargetable during the red X, before the Death Mark is placed. {{item:3157}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:429}} (for her Oathsworn){{champion:203}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:238}} are all capable of this.
Fiora can't do it. I've tried multiple times. The in-game tooltip is a little off - her Riposte blocks damage and crowd control, but NOT debuffs.
: [Client] Morgana's leg clips through her dress
: http://cdn.funnyisms.com/a4c1cadb-7e65-4ffc-9cdc-c98baa6b0d82.gif
: Why Is going untargetable a thing?
Elise Rappel makes her untargetable as well, but Fiora Riposte doesn't. Rek'sai is also untargetable while traveling to one of her tunnels with her ultimate. Getting knocked away or up by Poppy's ultimate also makes you untargetable.
Émiil (NA)
: I don't care if they remove WotA, as long as I can play my favorite blood sucker in top and build him in similar ways. I just really hope they don't fuck around with his general kit too much.
I would guess that they're going to do something similar to Morde, where most of his abilities cost hp except for one which is specifically designed as a source of sustain.
: http://cdn4.gurl.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/tumblr_m9smq0RHbg1qefo74o1_500.gif
That feel when you see the bait coming and you still take it
: Champion dashes going through Azir ultimate.
It's not actually impassable terrain. It's actually a group of untargetable units that apply a knockback effect to anyone attempting to move through them. As a result, CC immune dashes (such as Vi ult, Malphite ult and Hecarim ult) can pass through it. I don't know about Kha'Zix or Alistar, though I know that Diana's ability to pass through it is a known bug, since Diana is not cc immune during her ult.
Nørse (NA)
: False if you are at 100 and go into your promos, your next win doesn't bring you up LP. You can't pass 100 LP and your LP doesn't reset until you promo.
No, it doesn't bring you up LP, but it will reduce the amount of LP you lose if you fail the promos.
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TTUPhoenix,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rMpbfyuc,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-21T23:01:25.406+0000) > > The idea behind promo helper is good. The execution is not. > > and lost 34 lp because the free win didn't counterbalance a loss as it had in the past. It works less like a free win, and more like a, you just don't have to play this game. If you lose 3 games, you are going to get 3 games of LP loss.
The system, however, specifically refers to it as a free win, not an exemption.
Nørse (NA)
: If you won your first game, you would still have been at 100LP and down 3 wins worth of LP anyways. The only way to save your LP a little bit is to LWL or LWLWL for Lose/Wins.
Actually, if you win 1-3 you're only down 2 games worth of LP.
Rioter Comments
: how does this have upvotes? are there hundreds of monkeys on here clicking?
As a matter of fact, yes. My upvote factory promises best rates, or your first 100 upvotes are free!
: 5 damage nerf early game to a 25 dmg nerf mid-late game Cry about it kid!{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I'm more concerned about it affecting his jungle clears. Jungle naut maxes W first, but E is still crucial to clearing camps, especially those with lots of small monsters. Even small damage nerfs could seriously impact his clear, which, while relatively safe for a tank jungler, is quite slow.
: Dude. I said AD assassins specifically are different. AND NASUS IS NOT AN _**ASSASSIN**_
No, Nasus isn't an Assassin (though AP Nasus' burst is real). I used Nasus as evidence of how slows are useful in teamfights. Blue Ezreal is the same way - having slows can be very useful in teamfights. My argument - and the reason I did that math - is that AD Assassins aren't specifically different from AP assassins. Both generally have some degree of CC, and overall, there aren't significant differences in how much CC assassins bring (AP Assassins are slightly weird in that you have outliers like Nid and Kat [no CC] or Fizz and Ekko [lots of CC], but that's besides the point). Do Assassins bring _less_ CC than mages? In most cases, yes. But to go back to your original point, Assassins don't bring 0 CC, regardless of whether they are AP or AD.
: Slow does nothing for a teamfight. I also said_** AD**_ assassins buddy.
A slow may not be much threat to a character with a blink/dash, but to an immobile, low ms character - ie, the ideal target for an assassin - they're quite threatening indeed. Getting hit by a sufficiently potent slow in a teamfight as, say, {{champion:143}}, almost certainly forces your flash, or you better hope your teammates' peel is on point. Look at {{champion:75}} - no hard cc, yet his slow is extremely fearsome for its potency and spammability. With 40% cdr (extremely common on Nasus), it's nearly impossible to escape Nasus without a dash/blink, and even that might not be enough if they're short ranged. I know you said AD Assassins, but I decided to be charitable and include all types. Let's do some math! For purposes of this exercise, I'll consider AP Assassins to be the following: Akali, Ekko, Evelynn, Fizz, Kassadin, Katarina, LeBlanc, Nidalee, and AD Assassins to be the following: Kha'Zix, Master Yi, Nocturne, Rengar, Shaco, Talon, Zed. Let's figure out the average number of CC effects each type of assassin brings to the table. To avoid exaggerating counts, any ability that provides CC multiple times - for example, fizz ult (which slows, knocks up, then slows again) or Rengar (E provides a slow OR a root, but can be cast twice in quick succession if you're at 5 Ferocity) will count each successive form of cc as .5 ccs (so Rengar has 1.5 (1+0.5) forms of CC, while Fizz has 3 (1+1+0.5+0.5). AP Assassins average 1.6875 forms of CC per champion. AD Assassins provide 1.4285 forms of CC per champion. You may notice that this is not a significant difference - a fifth of a CC, on average. Just to give you another shot, let's look at hard CC - considering the following as hard CC: stun, knockup, root, fear (basically, anything that's not a slow or Kassadin's interrupt). 3 of the AP Assassins (Ekko, Fizz, LeBlanc) have some form of hard CC, or 37.5% of Primary AP Assassins. 3 of the AD Assassins (Nocturne, Rengar, Shaco) have hard CC - 42.85%. In summary, there is not a significant difference in CC capabilities between AD and AP Assassins. AP Assassins are slightly more likely to have some form of CC in their kits, but among those assassins with CC, AD assassins are slightly more likely to have some kind of hard CC, as opposed to merely "soft" CC.
: AD assassins offer 0 cc.
Ooh ooh! Let's play the "Is this true?" game! Looking at all champions with Assassin as their primary tag (both AP and AD). Akali: Slow. Ekko: Slow, slow, slow/stun. Evelynn: Slow. Fizz: Slow, slow/knockup/slow. Kassadin: Interrupt, slow. Katarina: None, unless you count Grievous Wounds. Kha'Zix: Slow, slow. LeBlanc: Slow/root, potentially double slow/root with ultimate. Master Yi: None. Nidalee: None, unless you count the root vs. jungle monsters. Nocturne: Fear. Rengar: Slow/root. Shaco: Fear, slow/slow. Talon: Slow, slow. Zed: Slow. So, in summary, all but three primary Assassins have some form of CC, and of those, only one is AD. This, naturally, ignores slows from items. Now, if you'd said "Assassins provide little CC" or "Assassins do not provide hard CC" you'd have had a better case, but as it is, I'm afraid this one's going to get a no on the "Is-this-true-o-meter".
: “A good roadie knows his whole job is to make someone else look good, keep someone else safe, help someone else do what they were put here to do. A good roadie stays out of the spotlight. If he's doing his job right, you don't even know he's there. Once in a while he might step on stage just to fix a problem, to set something right. But then before you even realize he was there or what he did, he's gone.” — Eddie Riggs Really, just replace ''Roadie'' with ''Support'' and it is perfect. Nobody appreciates the jobs that arent in the spotlight, thats just how it goes everywhere. If they think they dont need you, it means you are doing your job right.
Upvoted for Brutal Legacy, and because it's fitting.
: I hate to say it but I feel like with her it kinda had to be that way. She was insanely strong when she first came out, and her LCS play ensures that she'll never get buffed again. Sorry {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I saw someone quite accurately describe the state of Rek'sai. "Riot's nerfed her to the point where the only way to continue nerfing her would be to actively delete things from her kit."
: LCS is terrible to watch this season.
Really? We're complaining about Rek'sai's passive now? The thing that heals the equivalent of 3 health potions at level 18, after you've been in a fight long enough to generate 100 fury?
Serevas (NA)
: Yeah it's one of those things where I understand the purpose, but I still hate the wasting of that passive. These days I feel like tanky vi would work far better, you wouldn't get the instant delete factor, but you'd be able to survive for a little longer. Maybe work in IBG to get the sheen and keep building cleaver.
But then you'd have to build something besides Warrior to avoid overcapping yourself on CDR. I tend not to have as many problems with durability myself on Vi, but that's because I delay Triforce to my third full item - I usually go warrior, boots, then either DMP or BV depending on which defense I need. I usually go Tri after that unless I'm way behind, then the other tank item, then Cleaver 6th.
Serevas (NA)
: You're playing Yasuo top, a champion that's easy to abuse, especially by champions with gap closers. When Vi is fed she completely deletes people, and since the rest of your team got completely stomped, it's not hard to deduce that she was quite fed by that point so she got to build basically full damage. Despite the fact that she wasted the rage passive by building cleaver and tri force, she was still able to obliterate just about anyone she'd come up against. Any champion can be overpowered when they're 16/2 and are at least 2 levels ahead of anyone else on the enemy team.
As someone who plays a moderate amount of Vi jg (she used to be my go-to, but I've shifted more towards tank junglers), building Cleaver and TF together feels so wrong and so right at the same time.
Rundus1 (NA)
: _We felt Zyra didn't have enough synergy with her plant themes so we halved her w cooldown, let it stack up to 8 times and made her ult spawn 3 of each sort of plant for every enemy hit._ #TurretGoddess
I'd play the hell out of this.
: What shield is unlimited? Your question is nonsense.
: I stopped playing Morde Bot when the W could be casted on minions and I only play him Top now. Anyway, I rush {{item:3116}}, and then {{item:3053}} because once you have the money for both you should be able to stay in fights for longer than simple trades and his passive gives a real boost to survivability while being a buff to offensive stats and his ghost attack. After that I usually purchase a defensive item be it Deadman's Plate or Spirit Visage depending on who I am facing and enemy team composition (don't forget to put your boots inbetween any of the items). Its double purpose fits perfectly Mordekaiser (more hp, higher shield cap and AD scaling on your skills) and gives him a lot of frredom on the field.
I see. My general build order is to get hextech revolver and boots 1 first, then rush rylai's and boots 2 (I prefer CDR boots, but I know a lot of people go Sorc's or Swifties). After Rylai's, I go for either Deadman's or Spirit Visage, then finish Gunblade if I'm ahead or the other tank item if behind. I go for Sterak's last item usually. I'll definitely think about earlier Sterak's though.
: It's also one of the few items making {{champion:82}} able to lane....
Really? When do you buy it? I generally build it when I'm top lane Morde, but only as my sixth item. Do you build it earlier, and if so, when and why?
: It's only logical: Reward players for out-playing Fiora.
Riposte doesn't block all damage in the game. It can't block tower shots.
: > [{quoted}](name=Saddam Husswain,realm=OCE,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=xjlGEwyW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-08T11:16:28.116+0000) > > Are you sure it's a bug? Cho W reads where you are when the ability is pressed not when the delayed animation happens so if you're in the hitbox and vulnerable when the ability is pressed you're probably still getting hit even if you pole during the animation. doesnt make much sense. chos w silences him so he isnt able to even use his e. and there is no window in which fizz isnt invulnerable during his e AFAIK
No, Husswain is right. The same thing used to happen with Mordekaiser's E (Siphon of Destruction) and Darius' E (Apprehend). Abilities in league follow a simple formula for areas of effect: 1. Determine targets. IE, figure out who's in the area at time of cast. 2. Play animation. 3. Apply ability affects. If the animation is long enough, however, it's possible for someone to leave the AOE before the animation finishes. Because they were still within the AOE when the command was given, however, they'll still be hit even if they leave the area.
: Nope, just bugs. :D
*pushes glasses up nose* I believe Elise is an arachnid, not a bug.[/whiny nerd voice]
: > [{quoted}](name=Hot Cousin,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nxEcenLh,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-31T11:41:03.829+0000) > * The Riot post that admitted to keeping Sejuani 'Sejuani'd' **proves** your favouritism and destroyed a lot of people's confidence in your supposed impartial desire to have every champ be a viable pick. This is utterly disgraceful, imo. Is Sejuani'd actually a term now? And what does it mean? And please, don't try to tell me she's terrible when you don't even play her. I play her all the time. She's easily 1 small buff from being top tier again. Take that from someone who actually plays her on the regular and not some anti-Riot circlejerker that hasn't even though about playing Sejuani since her FOTM status ended.
I play her too, and I think she's alright. Wouldn't mind her getting a bit of the damage on W back. I believe "Sejuani'd" is the term to use when a champion gets really really strong due to synergy with an item (or mastery or rune, I suppose), is then nerfed (possibly multiple times), the item is then nerfed when the champion remains a problem, and the nerfs to the champion are not reverted.
Retillin (NA)
: Na, it goes through Sivir/Noc's spell shield.
Really? I could swear I've shielded smite (at least chilling smite), but I don't think I've ever managed Exhaust, though I chalked that up to difficulty with the timing/prediction.
: A 54-55% win rate after 15+ games means she's not easy to pick up? Lol, K. If you're looking at Morde, that's some fluke data. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as lucky win streaks, or more likely in the case with Morde, such few games that even a small number of wins can drastically alter his graphs due to the small sample size. If we go ahead and jump to 125+ game range, his win rate jumps back down to 50%.
Most champions win rates seem to drop after 125+ games, interestingly, and I'm still not sure why. I'm wondering if it's a combination of picking the champ regardless of bad matchup and the law of averages. No, she's not hard, but she does require some degree of practice (largely in using Riposte, but understanding where and how to hit the vitals is important as well, as well as how to use the ult properly). Remember, 15 games is, what, 7-8 hours of gameplay? That's not nothing, and I don't think it's particularly unreasonable for someone to play a game for 7-8 hours and begin to do well at it. Not unless it's like, Dark Souls, or original XCOM.
: I think he means her health regen... Like per second. Not the health on her passive.
Fiora's health regen isn't that great either, at 8.3hp5 at level 1. It's slightly above average, but Darius has almost 10hp5, and Heimerdinger sits a fraction above 11.
Retillin (NA)
: It can block snowballs??? wtf! I didn't think anything could.
Pretty sure Sivir should be able to as well. She can spell shield exhaust and smite, and probably ignite, though I've never managed it.
: Fiora stunning 3 people with her riposte is about as likely as Yasuo blocking 3 ults with his windwall. Which is to say, not very common and requires a massive misplay on the enemies part.
It's actually even less likely, in that it's impossible. Riposte damages all enemies in the area, but the slow/stun are only applied to the first enemy champion hit, even if multiple champs are in the aoe.
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