: I really like this idea. Brings back some memories. I have a couple thoughts on this. 1. When you say meeps as mix-tapes, do you mean the meeps themselves, the scroll pick-ups, or both? I really like the idea of having Mixtapes as pick-ups; I'm just wondering how that would look to have mixtapes hopping behind him, unless you thought of another way for bard to display that he has his (meeps) mixtapes ready for his auto. Why you'd want to throw perfectly good tapes at people is beyond me. 2. Regarding the first thought, I think it would be really amazing if it was made in such a way that over time, picking up more tapes (scrolls) slowly unlocks more music. I feel like this would make it more of an ultimate skin than anything. 3. I'm not sure what what Q or E would look like, but I think since it's Beat Box Bard, at the very least either his shrines (W) or his R should be a cardboard box on the ground :P I'll update this if I come up with anymore thoughts / ideas I come up with. Really good idea though :D
Howdy howdy! :D In hindsight I should have said that the "Chimes" should be mix-tapes while the Meeps themselves maybe forming a "crew" as he collects more chimes/mix-tapes? I mean the more popular your mix-tape is (the more you collect) the more people you'll have wanting to be in your "crew" so having the Meeps look like some sort of following would be pretty cool. The visuals for the Meeps is still a question for sure though.. the term lil' homies comes to mind. Would love to see little bucket hat Meeps with lil' gold chains or something. I really like the idea of as you collect more mix-tapes you slowly unlock more music! Each mix-tape should add a different element to a song each time you collect one. For example the first mix-tape you pickup adds a low bass sound, then the second adds a high-hat, the third adds a drum beat, etc. I hadn't put much thought into what his individual abilities would look like but now that you mention it.. His W should absolutely be cardboard boxes! Possibly having the usual "blooming" animation be the actual flattening out of the box? Kinda like it's ready to dance on once it's had time to set up. There are a lot of references to gold in hip-hop so for his Q he could shoot out a gold chain, for every champion hit the chain links them, and the usual stun associated with the ability could have the gold chain wrapped around the champion for the duration of the stun. The E could simply be a huge speaker at the entrance to the portal? Just thinking of circular 90's music references haha. Finally the R could be in the shape of a record, kind of referencing how an artist can have a track go "Platinum"? Hopefully that makes sense. Whatever thoughts you might have would be super appreciated! If not for the success of the skin than for my own satisfaction completing my imaginary image of Beat Box Bard!
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