: its hilarious how mad people get when you say ezpz after a clean victory
> [{quoted}](name=Pony Montana,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=bs91ABXV,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-03-31T16:31:38.598+0000) > > its hilarious how mad people get when you say ezpz after a clean victory Then you are the epitome of the issue.
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: Just lost a ranked game to an invis nid spear stealing baron.
To be fair, if it is from the brush/fog of war, odds are even if you could see it there is almost no time to react, especially in the baron pit where the wall and baron are really close...
: Your favorite champion gets elected to President of the United States. What happens?
{{champion:34}} All will perish in endless winter!!! Day after tomorrow becomes an educational video.
: Why did you gut junglers?
My biggest beef is that the tier2 jungle item cost increase got carried over to the Twisted Treeline. I added a lot of diversity to player options being able to pick up a tier two jungle item and 2 pots right off the bat. Rito please revert the change/ make it cost 25 gold less on TT, Please?
Talamare (NA)
: I think its a good thing, it creates more diversity~ Now you can start J1 into ruby or ls or boots or cloth etc etc or even j1, clear the first few camps and quick recall into 2 or as you said, invest into utility lots and lots of options
At the same time you had sooo many options with chilling/challenging/poachers smite. It really helped with invades or early ganks. Additionally nothing was stopping you from from buying any of the other items either, perhaps just early "efficiency."
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: Xerath has one serious problem ever since his rework. Something that must be recitified.
We all said that when it was on the PBE, but riot did not change it then. The ability is not core to his kit, more of just an added utility item. So the logic is that it is not meant to be a big "flashy ultimate."
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: Mind blowing champion quotes
"Terror coming... daddy coming!" -Kog'Maw
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Renkid (NA)
: Holy shit what? phantom dancers stacked? kayles passive? my lord what am i hearing
Trust me that is just the tip of the iceberg... on top of that every new champ release resulted in either a super overpowered champ or a drastically underpowered one. Kind of like the release of Feral Flare but even more unbalanced. The Riot team has gotten pretty good at what they do. Which is why I think the "Champ X is OP NERF" threads are kind of stupid...
Renkid (NA)
: well season 1 i guess but how long did the beta last?
Open Beta began Oct. 22, 2009 and season one began July 13, 2010.
Renkid (NA)
: Any Day 1 Summoners?
Like back when Phantom Dancers stacked and gave dodge, Kayle passive gave bonus ap for ad and vice versa... Trust me the game has gotten much better, though the community has a ways to go (not that Lyte and his crew have not done some awesome things to help, really kudos to them.)
: Suggestions for Report Tracking, Honor and Unskilled Comments
Solid enough concept, and something that could be quite helpful. Thumbs Up^
: Ew, no...No other Ahri skin can match the sexiness that is Foxfire Ahri... xD
Before the Judgement of all that is Foxy, let this truth be known to the world!
: Patch 4.14 notes
TY for the Thresh fix, it was obnoxious when it happened ^_^ -TY
Sykar24 (NA)
: That Nidalee gut was well overdue {{champion:76}}
HA! Wait till you play her, she is still awesome, just in a different and more exciting way.
: Update to Summoner’s Rift headed to PBE
Holy hell, this looks amazing. Just hope it is not too hard on all those laptops. I remember what it was like to try and play on those >.< Kudos to Riot though!


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