Duchu26 (EUNE)
: Sooo... When are the Ranked Stats coming back?
Yea, I loved being able to see how many quad/Penta kills I got on each champion and average damage and all the other neat stats that were shown. I really hope they bring this back soon.
AidanWR (NA)
: Can we please bring back ranked stats?
I agree, I always loved seeing how many double, triple, quads, and pentas I got with a specific champion and damage done to turrets, average deaths/kills, and all that jazz. I hope it comes with the Season 8 update.
: Apart from Vayne? Never. Helps that I play both Veigar and Nasus a lot. Veigar is pretty damn easy to deal with bullies as so long as they don't have blinks, and Nasus is fine if you don't feed and get early defenses. Also Nasus is by no means a late game champ, he spikes in mid game.
He scales infinitly. He is a late game champ. The later it goes the better he performs. I know this isn't feasible in every game, but worst case scenario if you stall out long enough is Nasus being able to one shot anyone on the enemy team.
: I thought it was that since its random you get shitty champs meanwhile other players who have URF accounts are getting the most op annoying champs of the mode?
That's ARURF, not URF
: So now that we have D.S. Thresh, Varus, Orianna, and Khazix...
zaire90 (NA)
: I personally dont like the kat rework but from what ive heard people didnt like the Cass rework or the Vlad
I loved the old vlad, but I hate how his new E works. The charge up time and the self slow kill it. And it doesn't even hit everything inside its radius, so being used as a wave clear skill got nerfed a bit. Along with the ridiculous amount of hp it takes to use it now. And his Q is so easy to abuse as a lane opponent. When his empowered Q is almost up, just run back a small bit and vlad cant even hit you with it, so his healing and damage is severely nerfed on his Q.
infest (NA)
: 1. destress=aram destressing is not a good time to go into a ranked game and feed your ass off. you're gonna get flamed. people take ranked seriously, you can literally get jobs for being challenger at the proscene or xiaoweixiaoing or wahtever you destressing and feeding is ruining a game AND TIME for 4 other people thats normally why you'd be told to kys other than that, i bet tons of friends tell you to "fuck yourself" or that sort. do you cut your dick off and stuff it up your ass? no. you laugh and whatever it off cuz you know they dont really mean it normally when told kys they're being sarcastic or whatever like you stole a kill and they're in a light tone of "llalalala" never should you play league when you can actually provoke someone i.e. go 0-50 and someone tells you to kys because you literally just nullified 10 minutes of their lives and about 10-30 minutes more because you wanted to unstress
No one said anything about ranked. i just said they play league. Whether that is normals, ranked, aram, or TT, my point still stands and telling someone to kill themselves isn't the solution. Also, feeding in lane was just one situation that could possibly happen, but it is for no reason the only situation that someone would tell another play to kill themself.
infest (NA)
: Butt hurt kids If you can't stand kys then please stop playing
League of Legends is a video game. Some people play video games to de-stress. If they are already having a bad day/week/month or are depressed and just looking for an escape into a fictional world and tons of people tell them to kill themselves, that just puts them one step further to actually doing it, and that is something that should not even have the possibility of happening, especially as a result of a video game created for people to have fun. Honestly, I would rather people be temp banned than someone actually killing themselves because some asshole didn't like that he went 0-3 in lane.
: Petition to make Relic Shield's rotating balls BIGGER & BRIGHTER when enemy cannon minion is present
I wish thresh would be able to execute minions after he leveled up his skill that gives him a bit of range. That was its harder to miss them and no one gets gold.
: About as many times as it takes to write down "Well, a double rainbow is a phenomenon of optics that displays a spectrum of light due to the sun shining on droplets of moisture in the atmosphere. Does that explain it?", I'd imagine.
As a frequent shopper, shouldn't I get a discount?
: Nope, it continues in high silver (where I was for most games last season until I breached gold). I cannot tell you how many times I would get berated for not roaming as much as the ahri/leblanc/fizz/zed/kat/etc as like lux, syndra, or anivia.
It happens in gold also. When you play lux and are expected to follow LB, kat, zed into the barely warded river... and its worse when they go through their jungle to gank bot and your team expects you to go into their jg to stop it.
: Option 18: turn off the anime because it reminds you of {{champion:157}}
Option 22: Become a Billionaire, run for president, and win.
: Option 18: turn off the anime because it reminds you of {{champion:157}}
Option 21: Realize that you are a failure in life and make a change to fix it.
: option 16 can't do option 15 because it reminds me of how bullshit Lee Sin is
: why not both?
Elikain (EUNE)
: So you ban Susan as well? What's left of actual bans if you ban these two?
: Sorry, but I'm not autofilling.
Before this past season there was no "preferred role".
: Oh come on Riot, don't make me decide to buy the skin based on my weird taste in women...
What about pool party graves?
Essembie (OCE)
: tryn ult doesnt end.
: Tank items should be reworked
The one thing I fear about a change like this would be champions that are primarily tanks, but can be played as an off meta full damage build. Their defense would be better than before the rework, and they would still have the damage of the pre-change champion. So you just buffed off meta builds. A change for this would be to lower base damages on the champs. I avoided changing scaling, because if they want to play the off meta build, their damage shouldn't be changed very much, because they will still be relatively squishy.
GankLord (NA)
: Lack luster vision Season 6 was a fun and all but ...
How about the main 6 slots for items, and then a slot for green wards and a slot for pink wards, kind of like how trinkets are an extra slot.
: they do, do you never check the color also nocturne is one of those special ones he has to stick close, or he loses one of his important skills honestly if you ever played nocturne, you start to see how important lading your e is , the range is kinda small,so a fast champ, should be able to out run it easly , or champs like lb can just dash away , regardless, nocturne doesnt need any more nerfs to put in a short notice: nocturne is a hit or miss champ you either get the kill or you dont, and the champ walks away ofc you have your ult, but the cd on it is unreliable in that matter
No one is saying he should get a nerf. They are just saying that the range of the tether should be shown on champions that tether, like nocturne, so that you can better make decisions. Right now there is no indicator.
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Sometimes I think my speakers are broken when it says "an ally has been slain" 4 times in a row.
And you are 100% sure its broken when right after it says "an ally has been slain" 4 times in a row, it has the audacity to say "you have been slain".
: We have a satan worshiper here XD
Whats so wrong with Satan? Last time I checked God killed Millions while Satan killed about 10...
: Remove 1 letter from a champions ability. What does it do now?
Rat-Ta-Tat-Ta. Now summons a million ratatas in Pokémon go.
: Close only counts in Horseshoes, Hand grenades and League of Legends.
But not atomic bombs... Nope, you have to be precisely on your target for those suckers...
: I don't know the last time I saw any of these played as a solo lane: {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:412}} You can link me to a video but I haven't seen it in any of my games. And if I did, theyd have to pull some serious crazyness in order for me to believe that it works.
I have seen Sona mid do very well. Builds lich bane and goes AP and burst with Q AA combo... Also janna raka sona and thresh get played adc on very rare occasions and no one knows how to counter them so they rek. At least in Silver and below.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=DrCyanide,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=u5AkMYL3,comment-id=000800000000,timestamp=2016-06-18T16:24:35.496+0000) > > Generally it's used for people who are taking the game too seriously, trying too hard. I think the term only really makes sense in Normal games though, as you're supposed to be doing everything you can to win in Ranked. Hmm, i thought term for people who take game too seriously was "nolifer". Guess it changed.
That Is someone who plays the game nonstop, as the name no lifer implies, they have no life outside of the game.
: Please update bots
It might take some time to develop the technology for better AI, but surely they could do some little things like giving them keystone masteries, runes, and masteries, even if they are just randomized it would still be better than now.
Wamuudes (NA)
: This right here. And as a heads up: Even if you're a bronzie rolling with 4 guys playing in Master 2, you're still gonna have to pull SOME of your damn weight. Just cu you're not relying on a bunch of random screaming children _that you don't know_ doesn't mean you can be a lazy fuck, not ward, not last hit properly, and be a general useless piece of Skarner. You still need to actually play and learn and get somewhat better. IF you don't, no ammount of Free-Lo friends will help you. You'll still get shat on.
To bad you can only team with people 1 division lower/higher than you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Taarki,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vx3O7PIT,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2016-06-05T01:13:52.674+0000) > > They didn't make boosting legal. Duoing with someone is not the same as boosting. Boosting is when someone logs onto your account and plays for you. Riot already explained this so many times. K,ill just party up with some diamond players in my bronze promos to get to silver
To bad you can only team with people 1 division lower/higher than you.
: I now,officially have no idea why riots keeping DQ
They didn't make boosting legal. Duoing with someone is not the same as boosting. Boosting is when someone logs onto your account and plays for you. Riot already explained this so many times.
The8east (NA)
: Oh... that's why you all hate DQ
Am I the only one who thought you said we hate Dairy Queen?
: You can make any champ sound OP if you word it right...
{{champion:23}} cant die for 5 seconds while he kills your team.
: Oh I'm not saying it's fine, I'm just saying we can't just look at Lee alone for this, for as example, there are champions like Annie, blitzcrank, thresh, malphite, I could go on, I was just saying not to use that part as something like it's unique to lee.
They aren't saying that he shouldn't be able to flash and then kick, they are saying he shouldn't be able to start his kick, stunning the enemy, and then flash behind them to kick them in a different direction while they are stunned and cannot do anything about it.
: Just had a really enjoyable game
I had a game that lasted 64 minutes. It was very enjoyable. We were behind the entire game but we were able to stall the game until our late game champions could shine since we were a late game focused team. Then we won. It was fun, first time ever over 400 CS.
Pokku (EUNE)
: When you switch focus, do you minimize the client by **pressing the minimize button or by clicking the icon on the taskbar**? Do all the sounds go away? If yes, that might be the reason. When I switch focus, I **click on the window in the background**. That way the sounds remain and the client pops up as intended.
I click on the taskbar at the bottom of my screen. I still hear sounds like if someone chats with my or when the 10 seconds left until ban/pick happens.
Wordse (NA)
: But...If I am playing league I never miss the thing cause I am on my league window...like if you don't alt out your good.
A lot of people go onto facebook or some other website because they are used to league forcing itself back to the front of your screen like it used to do. But it doesn't anymore.
oh really (EUNE)
: It does for me too. When i've got to pick or ban. Doesn't it to everyone?
It doesn't pop up for me. I only hear a noise at the last 10 seconds.
Grashnim (NA)
: Disregaradble, I'm with you, haven't spent any money this season. Hopefully more jump on the train.
The only time I spent money was for draven draven. 11/10 was worth.
: Can you feel the botlane synergy?
What about Pool Party Graves and Taric.
Slythion (NA)
: I had a ribbon once...just once It was a longgg time ago too
So did I. Then it went away.
Aír (NA)
: @Riot - Is honor even worth anything?
Honor is worthless. Riot doesn't do anything with the system and its almost impossible to get and maintain ribbons.
Looknook (NA)
: Splitpushing this Season
The entire point of shen split pushing is because of his ultimate. He can split and react to team fights very quickly.
: Well i signed up for PBE 1,5 years ago. Still no response and my account is in good standing. Just saying..
They only allow people in at certain times. I got one around 2 years ago when they needed more testers. I don't know if they opened up the account creation since then.
Orenin (NA)
: Give solo players something
The only problem I have with your argument is that they made it more even by putting a cap of 4 crates. So if you play 20 games/month (assuming we use 1/5 games you play) you will still be equal to the people who are playing with friends.
lolptwo (NA)
: Riot Lyte is trying to tell us the majority of us prefer Dynamic Queue over Solo Q
I only like how you can choose your roles before going in. I am sick of getting matched with 4 man premades though. Also he said during non peak times the average is about 3 minutes... I played at about noon (central time) and queued up as top/adc and it took me 20 minutes to finally get a game (it got dodged) and then 5 minutes after that for a second (dodged again). However, supports must really lower the average because you can queue as a support at anytime of the day and get in a game within 5 seconds.
: Or when someone Flashes in for a kill when the person was one AA away from dying to a different person anyway.
What about when your teammate is about to kill the enemy with the last AA, but then your teammate teleport in, flashes, dashes, and then finishes them off before you could.
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