: If it's in-game, please use the report option for Inappropriate Summoner Name, and annotate the reason in the description. Otherwise, you may submit a [Support Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
> [{quoted}](name=Deep Terror Nami,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GarmERHE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-01T15:08:05.499+0000) > > If it's in-game, please use the report option for Inappropriate Summoner Name, and annotate the reason in the description. Otherwise, you may submit a [Support Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). Big thanks to you (and to LostFrost as well). I'm glad to know I haven't been doing it wrong. I'll keep reporting for Inappropriate Summoner Name, and hopefully the interface will make it more obvious in the future.
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Utora (NA)
: Reksai is the Queen of her species, the Xer'Sai. Vel'Koz is on a different level of Void species hierarchy. The information Vel'Koz has on Rek'sai is - if I ever encounter Rek'sai in the wild I should get as far away as quickly as possible :) wait - but then Tremor Sense...I think Vel'Koz would be smart enough to never be in that position in the first place :P
Here's just a thought...obviously, for game balance purposes, Rek'Sai would still see him with her Tremorsense. But, how else would she even know Vel'Koz is there if he's floating above ground like always?
Ypherion (NA)
: Preseason 2015 Q&A -- PART 2
In the preseason changes, the design team decided to make defensive items a little easier to build by making Chain Vest build out of two Cloth Armors. For magic resistance items, Null-Magic Mantle's cost and MR were changed, and Negatron Cloak was removed entirely. Can we have a bit of insight about why the changes were different for armor and magic resistance items? (Or: Why was Negatron Cloak removed instead of making it build out of Null-Magic Mantle + X gold?)
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Lyte, 95% of players un-punished this year? That's a surprising number given how many people claim to see ragers in-game. I guess that's a product of the whole "vocal minority" thing, correct? Like a couple of the other people here who have had their logs examined, I don't speak much in-game. But if you find examples in my logs that are worth showing, I invite you to go ahead and show them!
: Kalista Q&A [Completed]
I have prepared a bunch of questions for the Kalista team! Without further ado, here we go. Gameplay Questions: 1. What was the thought behind Kalista's passive? Was it inspired by orbwalking (moving right after each autoattack fires so you can remain on the move while attacking)? I feel like it's a great learning tool for people who want to learn to play more Marksmen. 2. Also about her passive, why is there the need to specify that her autoattacks will miss if she loses sight of her target? Is she simply not as accurate as other Marksmen who have homing projectiles? 3. When Kalista is using the Black Spear on her intended Oathsworn ally, what does it look like from that ally's point of view? Do they get any special notification (on top of the particles) that Kalista wants to bind them? 4. In internal testing, has there been much success in cases where Kalista binds an ally other than her support? 5. Is there any concern that Kalista's Rend (E) might be a bit strong in helping her jungler secure Dragon/Baron? I understand Kalista's supposed to be a very support-y Marksman, but this might not be part of that intent. Gameplay/Art Questions: 1. What steps did the art team take to differentiate Kalista's poses and animations from those of League's other spear-throwing lady, Nidalee? Lore Questions: 1. When she was still alive, did Kalista favor spears as her weapon of choice? (Is her case similar to Thresh, who was known for his chains in life?) 2. What/who are the souls Kalista uses for her Sentinel (W) ability? Are they souls she claimed with the Black Spear after fulfilling their pacts? 3. Does Kalista harbor any genuine sympathy for those who were betrayed, or is her vision clouded by her need for vengeance? 4. It seems like it would be kind of hard for Kalista to have many friends in this state. Would she just gravitate towards people who she felt were wronged? 5. Is the Black Spear the very weapon that was used to kill Kalista? (Feel free not to answer this one. You said it was a touchy subject. Pleasedon'tkillme.) Sorry for the wall of questions, but thanks for your time and I hope you get to answer these!
Udyr (NA)
: eCommerce Q&A
Is there any news about being able to gift Ward Skins to people? Is that still in the works, or did you determine that not enough people would use the feature? I had to gift RP to a friend of mine and tell him to use it on a Ward Skin when I wanted to give him one. If you're still working on it, what's the main challenge with it? Is it mostly a technical issue?
: ❅ Holiday skins! What would you want to see? ❅
How about Little Devil Fizz for Harrowing? A common Western interpretation of devils portrays them as imps with pitchforks. What if Fizz put on a devil/imp costume (or just became one himself) and picked up a pitchfork instead of his regular trident? I think the whole "fire" thing is a bit overdone for skins, but this one might be cute enough to get a pass. If you wanted to go more on the creepy side instead, who knows what fiery thing he would call up with his ult. Just be careful, we already have an "evil" Fizz skin with Void Fizz. The problem is that, well, this is a common **Western** interpretation. I don't know how well it would work out in countries where devils don't have little horns and pitchforks.
: Ascension Q&A with the Play team. 9/18, 8AM - 10AM PST
How well do you think the "equal gold for everybody" mechanic worked for Ascension in the end? Did it fulfill its intended purpose? Seeing as Ascension takes place on the Crystal Scar, how well do you think the equal gold might work on regular Dominion?
: Azir Q&A: Gameplay - COMPLETED
What was the decision process behind Azir's Shifting Sands (E)? Why did you pick that one as the right one for him over the other possible E's he could have had? It makes sense that he should interact with his soldiers, but it seems a little weird for a back-line emperor to have an ability that shields and knocks up at close range.
Opeli (NA)
: Azir Q&A: Creative - COMPLETED
Here are my questions! (Serious questions) -Did Azir rule alone, or would there have been a...Mrs. Azir? -Are Azir's sand soldiers dressed in the garb they wore when Shurima was still intact? Was their equipment immediately familiar to him when he summoned them the first time? -Did Azir have any inkling that Xerath was going to betray him, or was he blind to that possibility? (Slightly off-topic question, but still relating to Azir/Shurima) -The Facebook preview mentioned Nasus and Renekton being "Ascended heroes." Is that why Fury of the Sands and Dominus (their ults) are so similar? Is that the kind of power they gain by drawing on their Ascended forms? (Funny questions) -Does Azir sleep in a bed or a nest? If it's a nest, what's it made of?
: Dev Blog: Exploring Runeterra
I feel like the Institute of War's removal from Runeterra is an okay thing. However, I also believe that the removal of the term "summoner" from the story is kind of a slight to the players. Riot has said on many an occasion that the players help to make League of Legends what it is. If it is at all possible, I would like the word "summoner" to mean something besides just "a person in real life who plays this game." Perhaps we can slightly change the meaning of the word, as it applies to Runeterra? Maybe "summoners" aren't all-powerful wizards who can control every move a person makes. Summoners could be an independent organization, who are sometimes employed by the champions themselves to watch over them and help make decisions when it matters most (like on the Fields of Justice). Too long; didn't read: Players being called "summoners" and "summoners" having a lore role really made us feel like we're a part of the game world too, and not just people watching in from the outside. I hope there's still some way we can feel that way with the new lore changes.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Gnar Q&A - Gameplay [COMPLETED]
Gypsylord, Do you have any recommendations for Gnar if he gets behind? I'm concerned that Gnar might have too much trouble building Rage if he gets zoned. Thanks, -Tact
Opeli (NA)
: Gnar Q&A - Creative [COMPLETED]
Excellent, multiple threads means I can ask all of my questions in places where they might get answered. Here are a few lore questions about Gnar: * Can I assume the Rage Gene was recessive? Only Gnar Hulked out and fought against the thing that presumably killed his family/tribe. * Who would be most likely to befriend Gnar? My guess is Annie. * According to the reveal, Gnar was "born millennia ago." Does this make him the oldest living champion? * On the Fields of Justice, Mega Gnar doesn't stop being mad unless he's tired (or dead). Off of the Fields of Justice, is it possible to calm down Mega Gnar before he tires himself out? Who (or what) is most likely to be able to do it? As an aside, I really like the way Gnar's lore was presented. I feel like these less-conventional stories are a great way to introduce champions.
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Statikk (NA)
: Statikk Q&A (completed)
Statikk, I have a couple of questions for you. Hopefully you get the chance to answer them: It's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get a game like this into a perfect state of balance. That being said, which role on the Rift do you believe is in the best state of balance right now? Which one do you think really needs some work? What's the story behind your name going on the Statikk Shiv? Were you aware that your name was going to be on an item, or was it a total surprise? If you had to pick (or make up) some other item to bear your name, what kind of item would it be? Thanks for your time, -Tact
Fearless (NA)
: Sona Update Q&A
I can only assume that Power Chord is largely (or entirely) unchanged, considering it hasn't been mentioned at all here. Is this the case? I'm sure a lot of Sona players, myself included, would be happy to hear that her passive is still in one piece. I like the decision-making involved with it and I can't imagine that it would be taken away.
: [ENDED] Doors of Fate Q&A - Skins Team Concept Artists
The name "concept art" sounds like sketches and quick draw-ups of champions, environments, etc. But, from IronStylus, I've heard it takes a ton of work to make a good concept just like everything else! How long would you say it takes for an average concept piece? Can we have an example of one (that you can tell us about) that was particularly notable in terms of time or difficulty?
: There is a bit of weirdness with the damage type shifting (magic to physical on the upgrade) if it built into BotRK, but yeah it's definitely on the table.
FeralPony, if you think it's weird to change the damage type like that, why haven't Sheen items made it into the discussion? The Sheen proc changes to magic damage for Lich Bane and stays as physical damage for everything else. Granted, Sheen and its upgrades are more popular items, but I'm not sure why you would call it weird with this hypothetical new item when Sheen exists and does this very thing.


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