: LF Active Silver+ players
Fuck it, I need people to play with. Hit me up.
: > You do when you change policy after ONE file. It was actually after 3. Season 1, Season 2, Season 3. Unfortunately, Seasons 1 and 2 lasted more than 1 year, so going back and renaming everything that referenced earlier seasons to use the new nomenclature would be impossible. The old nomenclature was shortsighted of them, they realize this and now wish to correct it... so they've made the change and are going forward with it... but it's actually impossible to make it retroactive, so they don't.
It's impossible for them to edit their own content? Girl, please.
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Graiskye (NA)
: **Please Riot, replace the 3 refunds per lifetime by 2 per lifetime + 1 per season... ** It doesnt matter what Riot says, does or gives, someone always wants more. If I was CEO of Riot I would say one refund per account per lifetime, if you cannot learn to pick champions that you actually want to keep, too bad. We are given opportunities, FREEE opportunities too try every champ the game has, you can see every champ in action, ad nauseum, on youtube, there really is no reason, no good excuse as to why anyone should be buying champs they think they might not like, or that might not fit thier play style(LOL). North Americans and their MASSIVE entitlement issues. Always wanting something for nothing always want more than they get, and for what, what have you done to earn these rewards ? Nothing, they whine and snivvle everytime Riot does anything Small minded idividuals cant see that they are already getting a really really good deal, the fact they will refund you even once is more than most deserve.
: I like everything except one part: the silence on his Q is exactly what Riot is removing from champions. Instant targeted CC, especially with his W and ulti to avoid damage, would result in a mage being unable to counter anything he did at all. The silence can't exist on his Q, other than that, I think its actually an awesome idea. But as awesome as "Helmet Bro" is, I think he would need a proper name.
: Bug - Client - Receiving a gift
Pretty sure it only does that on mystery gifts and is a question mark because whatever you get is random and you may actually hate it.
: Sona interaction with Sivir's spell shield
Spell-augmented autos still count as spells. If they didn't, she couldn't block TF gold cards. The double block thing has been around as long as Sivir has, and its because it eats spells within the animation duration. Just gotta delay your stuff a little so you don't pile them all and get completely blocked.

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