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Marbelara (EUNE)
: {{champion:117}} is already a magical girl... Just make her look like one. ----------------------------- By the way Galetta, I've a question that's been eating at me for a while; since {{champion:117}} and {{champion:78}} already have 'candyland' skins, what do you think of the idea of comboing it and adding in a sugary {{champion:18}} as well? The yordle gals would have a very sweet common theme, and it would only require one more to the bunch. Have you considered? I know Trist got a skin recently but the opportunity is _huge_ . I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.
I am a huge fan of the candy skins! I honestly think that {{champion:150}} deserves one. [Sweet Gnar Skin](
: Yo Yousosmart! Star Guardian is absolutely a line that we want to explore further, skins team itself is comprised of a ton of Magical Girl super fans! We definitely want to make more SG skins in the future (TBD), so keep your eyes peeled for cuteness! :3 As far as our data goes players lovvvvveddddd her, like off the charts positive player response. lol **Question for the thread: **What other champions, aside from Lux, would make great Star Guardians?
I will just leave a few champions that I think deserve Star Guardian Skins. {{champion:131}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:6}}
Slaskio (NA)
: No youre not working to save up and buy milk, youre raising the cow from birth until it can produce you milk
Not free though, that is work. lol
NewMk (EUW)
: Riot wants you to buy ip boosts and champions with RP that's why buying things with IP is so grindy.
The IP boosts hardly give you much more IP than what you are already getting. It feels like the boosts should give you a lot more like with the XP boosts. 400 IP a game with double boosts and Rito has my money. Easy.
Stacona (NA)
: they are free
It is not free if I must work for it. Essentially it is the same as me working a job and paying for something. I must work by spamming games to gather IP to spend on Runes and if you are not Level 30, you must grind to even have all the slots. That is not free. It is like how the system we have in place works. Ya I guess Milk is "free" after I do all this work and save up and buy it. The problem with it being in the game is that, I should be playing it to have fun and not feel like I am working to have something that should just be free. Actually free.
Zorvez (NA)
: I agree^ Your idea is far easier to implement and doesn't require any balance changes. I was trying to create a system that allowed you to start the game and be able to jungle, but also have something to unlock that might go over better than a huge page in the store with a 100+ different rune options. Not having to have a bunch of different rune/masteriey pages appeals to me, but In the end I just copy other pros rune pages. :) Thanks for the response.
Leveling your account to Level 30 is so stupid to me. Honestly I thought the point of MMR was to keep us from playing with higher skilled people. New players who start the game should just play with lower MMR and not be placed right of the bat with high level players. No spamming Ranked with new accounts because it is already set that you must own a certain number of champions and on top of that they can make it so you at least must have a champion mastery of at least 3 on 3 champions. Easy. The system in place is not helping anything because players are hitting thirty and still getting rekt'd. They are not actually learning the game, the system is pointless.
Zorvez (NA)
: Runes & Masteries: A possible solution?
Honestly I do not find anything wrong with our system except the fact that Runes should be free. Plain and simple. Masteries and Runes add a lot of diversity and really do change up how each champion is played. Also on the grind to Level 30, you feel so weak and it also makes learning the game difficult when you can't try anything truly untill you have all Runes and Masteries. Start out with all Masteries and Runes unlocked then let the game just be played.
: Will Vayne Ever Be Nerfed?
Why nerf champions to not be viable? Her kit is fine and does not need to be nerfed. Riot has nerfed champions and made them not viable but they want all champions to be viable. They only problem is their kits sometimes make it hard to make them viable. Vayne has a higher skill cap so nerfing her would be pointless because then yes in terms should be unviable but why? Why does she need to be unviable when she is not that hard to play against. She has a very weak early game.
Tract (NA)
: Nid got nerfed, so did lee. Tho besides super minor stuff your right about the other 3.
He is actually getting buffed with this next patch! lol The thing is that makes Lee so hard to balance is that low skill/elo players can't play/master him so they either dont play him or lock in and feed so Riot buffs him to make the experience better for everyone and lower skill/elo games but in turn at high elo these buffs are taken advantage of due to high skill player being pros at the Lee'Sin mechanics. Lee'Sin is in a tough place to really do anything about. I honestly think he is fine how he is.
: Zhonya is most cancerous item in the game.
It is very balanced. You have to time it just right and half the time when you go into Zhoynas ,you will just get melted after. It is very rare that the cooldowns and your team can help you sometimes. Only if played well which makes the item very good.
Lizdeath (NA)
: Help for a Player Who Only Plays Bruisers
Play Jax & Nasus. They are bruiser and do so much damage. If you are a fan of Singed and really get into Nasus , you should watch Sirhcez on Twitch. He mains both of them and has gotten to Master tier playing them. I am a huge fan of Bruiser Skarner but GG with those incoming nerfs from Rito. Spires Really?
Ragu (NA)
: Getting seriously tired of leavers.
: Game Crashes At Loading Screen?
: whenever I start a game after champion select it goes to a Game still in progress.. PLZ HELP
Everyone is having this problem. I have posted it to [Reddit] hoping for a fix but nothing yet. :/(
: link please???
[Loading Screen Error]( Here you are
: did they find a solution though????
I posted it on Reddit, no comments yet. It seems like Riot has yet to notice it or at least make a statement about it. A lot of people are having this issue so I would hope Riot at least browses the Help/Support boards and I am sure they got a bit of tickets about it. They might know some people are having the issue but ya no word yet.
: LoL Game Crashes after champion select and cannot reconnect.
Everyone is having this issue. Riot needs to look at this as soon as possible.
McFIeury (NA)
: ***
Yep I sent them a ticket and I got a message saying a lot of people are needing help. -.- So when will they look at the problem?
A lot of people are running into the same issue :(
: Yeah i've been testing with custom lately but no luck sadly. I hope this gets fixed asap, its just odd how it appeared out of no where even after a few games of the patch.
That is exactly what I was thinking lol! The most we can do right now is hope they notice this problem by up voting everyone else who is having the problem and trying to make it reach the top.
: Its weird because after I downloaded the new patch a few days ago, I was playing perfectly fine, 4 ranked matches to be exact and no issues at all. But once I took a break and tried to play the new aram map a few hours later, thats when it kept saying it is unable to connect to the server. Because of this, im in low priority queues already.. and lost some lp points. I've had this issue for almost a week now, i hope they do something about this.
Yep I played a few fine on this patch then I go to start a new game and bang crashes/freezes on Loading Screen. Sometimes crashes/freezes before Loading Screen right after Champ Select. Try testing it with Customs tho so you do not lose LP and keep getting put into Low Priority Queues. Sadly Riot does not show pity it seems when the problem is on their end.
Bulbapod (NA)
: Yeah, I noticed that this has only happened to me since the last patch.
Hopefully Riot looks at the forums. :/
Bulbapod (NA)
: Can you possibly point me to where they were telling that info? I do have AMD Catalyst Control Center so maybe there is something in there I can fix.
I was on something random that I google'd , sorry :/ I just looked up Loading Screen crash/freeze . Something like that and I was reading that the settings were not correct or that it may be downloaded wrong but it worked before and still works for every other game. This has only became problem after this most recent patch.
: Same here... I uninstalled, re-patched, and repaired files but nothing seems to work. Im on windows 7
Ya I am on Windows 8. I did all that you did also!
Bulbapod (NA)
: Yeah, the only thing I've found that seems to be the problem is that two of the three directx functions seem to turn themselves on and off randomly and I can't figure out why or make them change any faster than they want to. Specifically being the DirectDraw Acceleration and the AGP Texture Acceleration. Whenever those two somehow switch from being enabled to not available, the message pops up on League. However, the one way I know of changing that setting is in Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Display>Display Settings>Advance Settings and then go to Trouble Shoot and change settings and the problem is that when I go there the change setting button is faded and cannot be clicked. All I've been able to do is close dxdiag and reopen it and look to see if it has switched back. It is really frustrating that I have to sit in 20 minute low priority queues for an issue that is out of my control.
Ya well I looked around and it said about going to AMD Catalyst Control Center and maybe fixing some stuff. I am not running into the Direct X problem but it crashes at Loading Screen. I just assume we are running different Graphic Cards. I have no idea what the problem may be.
: Game crashes and wont let me reconnect
This problem just started for me today and it seems like a lot of people are having this problem. I have no idea if Riot is even trying to fix the problem.
Crezent (NA)
This problem just started for me today. :(
Bulbapod (NA)
: DirectX Issue Halting Reconnect
Yep it is not just you. I was able to play two games today and few yesterday but when I was going onto my third, it froze and crashed at loading screen. It has to be on Riots end since quite a little bit of people are having the problem. Hopefully they look at the forums and help out with the problem. I have been trying to run customs and still freezes at Loading Screen. They really need to look at this ASAP.
: Crash/freeze after champion select
Ya the same exact thing has been happening to me, it worked for two games today then I go for my third game and the loading screen keeps crashing. It freezes then crashes out. I redownloaded the Video Card update but that did nothing it still freezes then crashes. It seems like a lot of people are having problems with it after this patch, hopefully Riot looks into it quickly!
: Cant join games
Ya my game has been just closing off also in Loading Screen :(
: Can't connect to game
Yep having the same problem. Loading Screen keeps crashing.
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: Please be harsher on normal games.
Yes nobody takes Normal Games serious when a lot of people use these for Practice. Primarily Draft needs to be toughened up a little. Too many of us use Draft for practice and it is treated stupidly, random bans and troll lanes. Loads of feeding and AFKing. I do understand Tribunals are down but as always, I do not think that punishments are severe enough. {{champion:83}}
: Favorite ADC?
{{champion:133}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:22}}
Ayeohewe (NA)
: Suggestion for Free Champion Selection
Or giving us a voting option to vote for 2 champions to be on rotation that were not on rotation for the last two rotations so the players get a chance to really have a say on who they want to try. Would be pretty cool if we had some sort of system like this.
APoxx (NA)
: [serious] How do learn new roles?
Well, being a one trick pony as far as a lot of Diamond streamers say, is not really that bad. A lot of player find there niche and just stick with that role and secondary role always. That is of course unless you are not having fun doing Top or Mid? You can learn these other roles but may find that you do not like them near as much or that you are not as good at them as you are at Top or Mid. Ultimately learning these roles I would suggest watching streamers which I will recommend some of my favorites that you can learn a bit from. ADC does not leave too much room for situational builds as Top, Jungle, Mid and Support do because you team depends on you to farm and have a damage heavy build and carry. That being said you deal with quite a bit of harassment while farming from a support, adc and sometimes jungle. Also you are usually the one that will be needed to snag a quick Dragon or fend for it. It is a fun role, dealing loads of damage and just really being needed but a lot of people cannot get the hang of certain mechanics such as Kiting making it a very hard role for people. I find Wild Turtle and Imaqtpie to be some of my favorite streamers when it comes to AD, they play it well and sort of teach you the role. Support can be difficult for people, I honestly have not found a support steam that I like and found super helpful (If anyone knows one please suggest it) Support to some people is very boring, all about warding , healing and saving the ADC. In a lot of cases , that is what it is. I find the best supports should have huge amounts of map awareness, ward deep into jungles, watch over objectives and basically provide as much utility to your team as you can. A role that a lot of people underestimate but truly is very important and a lot of people still do wrong. Finally Jungle, I love jungle but I love it for the sense that I feel like I have control of my team. It makes me feel like the leader. I say that because you choose the plays to make (ganking wise and objectives) and you really have a lot of roam to ward up on Baron, Dragon and maybe lanes that are getting ganked quite a bit. Also with all the jungle changes this patch, the jungle is just so much fun. The buffs you get from everything along with the different machetes to match each play style make it a lot of fun to jungle. Once again this role can be done wrong quite a bit because I feel with this role , you are pretty responsible for keeping watch over everything. I could go in depth about it but I find that Trick2G does the best job of explaining jungle and teaching. If you are interested in jungle then I feel he teaches it the best. Just some things I have picked up and been learning. I am no Diamond Player by far but still learning and helping anyway I can! :) Good luck in your journey!
NeoScout (NA)
: Why make Baron weaker?
I honestly thought this was better for Solo Q primarily. I know a huge strategy people will use is while a team is not warding or chasing or you have team members pressuring a lane, sneaking a baron can really help. It can really give you that push to win the game. Baron is pretty strong and gives slight buffs to minions and team members which can help finish the game a lot quicker or help you turn the tides. I also think due to them nerfing the amount of time that you have Baron, 4 Mins to 3 Mins to be exact this seems like a great idea. Baron has been pretty risky lately and not as worth as Dragon has been.
: Riot there is no need to Remove Rune Combiner or create something better instead
They really should just make Tier 3 runes the only ones you can buy, go ahead slightly cut the costs on them and then choose which runes are available to you at which levels or how many Runes you may buy at each level. I mean they similarly do this with Masteries. I only get one point for my Mastery page so I put it in one slot. Same could be done with Runes, I unlocked one rune slot, now I can buy one Tier 3 Rune. No matter what you will still have experimenting going on and smurfs wrecking new players or even new player who get the game just wrecking people. Tier 1 & 2 Runes are a waste of time and IP. If everyone has the same chance to buy Runes and level up, I hardly understand how the playing field is unfair? Tier 3 Runes should be buyable starting level 1. You still have to grind IP for Runes and achieve levels for slots so why waste time and IP with Tier 1 & 2 Runes?
Rebonack (NA)
: How about we make an actual Trinity Force for Tanks?
The only thing I could think was {{champion:77}} Do you understand how OP Udyr would become and not just him but loads of champions like him. This would bring Godyr to a whole other level. I mean shoot, even Nasus would be a bigger problem. Grab Trinity and this and you will be unstoppable. Not liking it too much.
Hetchy (NA)
: The rise of mid Sona: The new mid Soraka.
Mid Sona is hardly a problem for a lot of the current meta Mid laners. If you take her Mid lane and do well with her then more power to you. Soraka can still do sort of okay Mid lane if you play it right, the nerfs she had received were pretty needed. I think it is pretty cool that they can actually do more lanes instead of being stuck as only support. Plus Sona has taken enough beatings from the Nerf Hammer. Leave her alone. lol
: top 3 best adcs?
I would give the title to Corki, Graves & Jinx
DptBear (NA)
: Why are new champs enabled for Ranked right away?
I actually agree, not only should they be disabled for the fact they may be too overpowered or underpowered but also you see way too many people "trying" the new champs on Ranked. Pretty lame in my opinion so I do think there should be a grace period where you must sit and learn the champion. I guess it could also be debated that if they are overpowered or underpowered then you probably should of been reading up on the new champion and either banning them or practicing them yourself. Whatever the case may be, Riot should have a system for when you own a champion that you should reach a number of games with the specific champion before you may play Ranked with them. Of course you would need to reach specific games with at least 5 different champions but that would ensure we do not have bozos flooding Ranked with new champions that they think are cool or op and get rid of those guys who have one good game on Draft and decide that they have the skill with a champ to take on Ranked. Just some thoughts.
N3mO06 (EUW)
: Man, fiora is an hyper carry( like yi) for this she has an huge amount of damage compared to Irelia who is a bruiser. So irelia has CC and fiora has amazing steroids ( E). As an hypercarry you have to manage when enter in teamfight for this Fiora hasn't a disengage. Moreover Fiora needs a great rework, for her passive ( compared to yasuo's passive is just a potion) and for her final, which has zero counterplay ( except zhonyas), you take it and you can't do anything to avoid this
See I agree with you on some of that. The thing is like Yi, he has a bit of mechanics to him even though people do not see that. He can dodge skills with his Q, Meditate to block damage and heal, he can deal true damage and then finally his ult gives him a perfect escape along with an amazing way to just deal loads of damage. I guess linking a disengage on her current kit may make her a little op at the moment but she really needs a rework her kit just does not fit the kind of character she is. Her passive is such a generic one like it was only made to stick her in the top lane and that was it.
: She already has a ridiculous amount of mobility, she doesn't need to be able to ward and ally Q.
I just feel like it does not help in a Team Fight situation. She is played like a Plasma Grenade, she goes in explodes off damage, dies or totally wrecks. I feel as of right now, she does not seem mechanical enough to be seen in LCS Play or really seen at higher elo. Her escaping situations does not seem nearly as easy with her movement speed compared to somebody such as Jax and Lee'Sin who can jump around and Riven who could dash or jump out. Her movement speed only increases if she lunges an enemy or basic attacks them and that is create for catching enemies to an extent but still does not help too much. I mean her mobility is not too great. Look at Katarina who gains movement speed from her W and then has the ability to teleport. Even if they have to nerf Fiora's E, just to give us some sort of a better disengage I think would be pretty worth for her. I mean honestly if she does not get a disengage then we should at least get a form of CC for her so she can at least get away. Giving a slight nod toward the build that Irelia has with her stun when an enemy has more health. Even something like that could really help Fiora out when it comes to dueling or just generally escaping. I think a small form of CC may make a lot of Junglers happy to when it comes to ganking for her, due to how must top laners have some sort of way of securing or at least trying to secure a kill. I don't know, just some thoughts. Once again , I am huge of Fiora so I have thought quite a bit about this and compared her to a lot of other top laners and champions. I have even went as far as writing a whole new rework for her to make her more mechanical and actually feel like you are playing a fencer. :P
: What if Katarina had mana?
I wonder why people are disliking this? Do they not like the idea of actually having to think or build accordingly? (Not saying all Katarina players do not but she could use a little something to maybe make her not so snowbally OP).
: Its too hard to keep track of mana while youre banging your face on the keyboard and getting quadras.
This made me laugh, reminded me of this video that I had seen. [](
: Uncooperative And unskilled teammates
You cannot coach your allies. In all honesty, when playing solo, you have to treat it like career mode in another game. It is all on you to carry, you should never expect a lot out of your team especially in low elo this really applies. You just have to take into consideration that maybe they do not take the game as serious and do not care or they probably think they are doing great and the other team is just better. That being the case you are playing a solo game, I noted a good strategy that has been working for me as far as grinding up on Ranked is using Trick2G's Gates strategy. Splitpushing and grabbing objectives is your goal. Watch the map, let everybody do the chasing and just push objectives. Teamfights are not your friends at Low Elo. Your goal should just be objectives while your team is off pushing another lane or chasing or whatever they tend to do, I mean we all know we do not get the greatest team members but Fiora is great because she can duel very well and split push towers easily, just her escaping is a little flawed but still you sound pretty good at her so you should be able to duel whoever comes to stop you and then if the rest of the enemy team comes , your team should either come to help you cleanup or just ping for them to push another lane. I mean, I am still learning the game. I am no Diamond player but just some things that I have picked up that have been working for me so take this into some consideration. Low Elo is more so a solo game rather than a team game so you are gonna need the strategies and the overall knowledge to win games. Like all Diamond player say, if you are meant to be at Diamond then you will get there. Good luck and maybe I will see you at Diamond one day, if we can achieve this!
: @Riot Poro Buddies on Howling Abyss and their skins
That would actually be perfect for anyone with a Poro summoner icon even if it is just the regular or king one. I mean and why limit it to just ARAM map also maybe just have a Poro following you on any game mode. Does not affect the game but it is still pretty cool to have one because let us be honest, we all love those little guys. **Rito Plox! **
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