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: Riot: "Don't be toxic, remember to keep a positive attitude"
Lost a lot of respect for NB3 here. This is really disgusting. Actually says, "they would ban you before they ban my asshole ... I'm more important on Twitch." Really sad that everyone isn't treated the same no matter how popular.
: D3 ADC LF D3+ team
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: 4v5s can be won. Won some myself, lost some as well. And saying that you shouldn't lose LP or be punished if you have a DC or AFK on your team encourages toxicity. If players know they can avoid consequences by trying to get someone on their team to quit, they are more likely to choose one person as a scapegoat and harass them until the AFK. Play it out, and try to surrender as quick as you can. Give the person a chance to come back. Also: AFKs are more likely to happen on the enemy team.
I don't think your scenario is very likely. They can just mute, and honestly, when people are trying to harass me to leave a game it just makes me want to play that much more. My thoughts are, 4v5s can be won and I have won some myself. I usually lose though, and let's not pretend you still have a moderate chance of victory. Missing one player puts a very dramatic disadvantage on your team. I also don't believe I should be punished if someone has shiternet, bad pc, rage issues, real life emergencies, etc that causes them to leave the game. I'm with OP on this one. Let me leave as well without penalty or if the game plays out and I lose, make it so I don't lose LP or have a lesser amount of LP loss. One idea I've had is defer all the LP loss of the team, divided by 2, onto the person that leaves the game. For example, if the game would have 5 players losing 20 lp then 20 x 5 = 100 / 2 = 50. The person who leaves loses 50 lp. The other players are spared.
: Does playing against him make your blood pressure ryze too high?
: Why Riot?
+10 to this post.
kk55 (NA)
: Do I deserve my 14-day suspension for this??
They take great offense to the slander against the gays. Got a 2 weeker myself for using the word that's a synonym of cigarette.
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: They should keep this Yasuo "bug"
Yasuo's wind wall is one of the most game breaking skills in the game. It has been a problem since release. It shouldn't block half of the things it does block. It should go away after a certain amount of projectiles have been blocked. It shouldn't last as long as it does. In all honesty, if they just removed it and he had 3 skills he would still be a viable champion. That would be better.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Yasuo's windwall shouldn't give him 360 degrees of protection at the moment of casting.
klin537 (NA)
: Why dont you learn to play yas or lb yourself? Give 'em a taste of their own medicine, so to speak.
I have morals.
: > [{quoted}](name=Talh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cH0Zgv5s,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-22T17:54:50.637+0000) > > Don't increase the time allotted to ban. Next question. How will you having two bans make you better at the game? What happens if there is a third champion that you hate facing? Would you want a third ban?
No, 2 creates 20 bans a game. Almost guaranteed LB and Yasuo will be banned every game then, even if I did not ban them. I just don't want to face champions that are fundamentally not fun to play against. Even Riot themselves has said this about Yasuo. 20 bans per game should last us until about 200 champions. Then another bump would probably be needed.
: So that would be...20 bans total before champion select is started... If you’re looking for a way to kill the appeal of the ban phase you’re on the right track, at least for draft mode normal.
Don't increase the time allotted to ban. Next question.
: 20 bans per game is far to many , 10 is plenty for right now. we went roughly 6-7 seasons with 6 , the increase of 4 was plenty for an increase. doubling to 20 is far to much , as well as increases the champion pool required to play ranked , which directly increases que times.
And those seasons with just 6 bans were rough.
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: This seems to be happening to a lot of people, me included, today. I sent my ticket to Riot and I suggest you do also.
Hey I was in a game with you on my alt "ikillallu" You definitely didn't seem like a botter to me. Hope you get unbanned.
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: Neeko is surprisingly fun to play against
I really disagree. The champion has not one, not two, but THREE gimmicks. Stealth, cloning, copy cat (this is a new one). I won't even call these strengths or weaknesses, just gimmicks. Shaco has cloning and stealth, those are his gimmicks. Twitch has stealth. Eve has stealth. They decided to give this new champ three gimmicks, on top of having more burst dmg and cc than other 'gimmicky' champs. Terrible design.
: "We're exploring deeper changes to Akali to address the frustration she causes for opponents independent of whether she's strong or weak. In the meantime, we're reducing Twilight Shroud's duration to be more appropriate for the zoning power it offers when used aggressively." What if, and I know this sounds utterly ridiculous, Akali could be seen when stealthed under turret? I know, sounds ridiculous :D
*Gasp* You wouldn't dare take away Akali's _UNIQUE_ strength! (sarcasm) But that's why. They consider it a "unique strength" which trumps balance concerns.
Danyoja (NA)
: There's no winning though. If you make anything slightly tanky/durable then the game no longer takes "skill" and is "boring". Also ADC and Assassins mains complain "I can't one shot all the characters that's no fair I should be able to duel anyone 1v1 and win because I'm a carry". I believe some counterplay via roles would be nice for the game. It means you have a soft target/objective in every fight depending on your champ and role. I do agree though that "tanky metas" becomes annoying because tanky items also work good on carry characters with good base damage, but I'd like fights to just last a little longer and give a little bit more reaction time.
I would actually argue the opposite. It requires drastically more skill to kill characters in a lower damage meta than in this current state of game. I was lissandra against a zed last game. Should completely counter him. He finished duskblade, had a few stacks on his DH and 1 shot me from 50% hp with 1 auto attack (DH + Duskblade + Zed passive + AA dmg). He missed his q and e, but just ported into his W anyways and 1 shot me.
: OK guys enough with this trend of "this game was balanced for china"
There are a lot of very convincing theories that make me believe it probably was Tencent pulling strings. Here's one. Who ever asked for shorter games anyways? I've been playing since before Season 1. It seems that's all Riot has been focused on for like 3 years, but I don't remember any substantial amount of people crying about game length. Coincidentally, Tencent gained complete ownership of Riot Games in December, 2015. You know who benefits from shorter games? Chinese players in Internet cafes. Now they can spend money for 1 hour and get 2-3 games instead of 1 game. You know who else benefits from that? Riot Games because the more games you play, the more likely you are to buy a skin. Asian population is much greater than EU + NA, so it makes sense that they would cater to them more than us. I don't blame them, it's just business, but let's not completely dispel these theories.
: To answer a question in this (since I don't really have a real response to the rest), tanks have mobility because they need something to make them functionally different from juggernauts (tanks have innate engage while juggernauts have high damage). Imagine how useless Leona would be without her dash, or Sion without his ult, or Amumu without his E. *That's* why tanks have mobility.
Amumu's E is his tantrum, it's an AoE damage around him. His Q is bandage toss, guessing that's what you're talking about.
: > [{quoted}](name=HateDaddy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NJkQFdN7,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2018-11-30T14:55:29.384+0000) > > I mean, with that logic none of us should post. I’m sure I am not the only one to dispute “the damage meta” as a misnomer given how damage is balanced. I suppose I should’ve found a topic lacking research, discussed related research, broke it down in APA format and then provided my citations. My bad Professor, please forgive my lack of scientific writing and my lack of empirically supported theories to support my hypothesis. I’ll do better next time. What fucking damage meta? Damaging a fucking champion has always been the thing in League. Zed and Zoe still do massive damage but is far down from the number 1 spot, in DAMAGE META. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Everything I League depends on skill, dealing that, high amount of damage will only be if you can land your abilities. Dota you can click on a champion and they are dead. Your post also is very telling that you have not played many games outside of League. League is by far the most balanced MOBA out there. If you think I am lying, go outside your safe space and try other MOBA games. YOU WILL HAVE SO MUCH FUN, BY POINT-CLICK BS.
SSW Talon (EUW)
: Janna, Nami and Sona are all good in soloq right now.
The funny thing is... all these supports can actually deal a good deal of dmg now. Especially early game.
Antenora (EUW)
: Things like this are fun for the person doing it but definitely not fun for the person on the receiving end. Yeah, OK I had 27 stacks of DH, 6 items and was insanely fed (23/5) but still, 1 auto attack and Lux died. The Ezreal and Lux were stomped in lane and underleveled, sure.
Yep, I played MF a few times to do that for the LOLs... fun for me not for literally anyone else, including my friends. They told me to stop playing MF so they could actually play the game.
: Not to sound ungrateful about the long due Irelia nerfs on PBE but...
Wait, they're nerfing W? LOL This will literally do nothing. Fine by me, more clowning with Irelia.
: Well I gave them until preseason. It will be weird to run a Soraka blog without actually playing any Soraka-games (lol for me was mostly "Toplane Goatsimulator) but I'll manage I guess. Guess I'll also stop being a "forumer" as I am now, because I asure have not been a "player" much anymore anyways.
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Talh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oFbrutWK,comment-id=001c0000,timestamp=2018-11-28T15:58:18.071+0000) > > The problem with Dark Harvest is you don't have to kill the enemy champ, just have to hit them while they're low hp. The thing is, why deal extra dmg to them after getting them to half health the hard way, when you can just take half their whole health bar in one combo with electro? And do it a gain 25 seconds later for a kill?
Lol, I'm not sure man. Ask the community why they're taking DH on like 80% of picks right now. Probably because so many champs get stacks on stacks on stacks so easily. It outscales electro after like 12 mins or less.
: Absolutely never, that would be against the forumoner code
Yeah, it also doesn't make any sense. If you had a lot of pride you would never intentionally throw games because a prideful person would be ashamed to have a rank lower than what they personally believed they deserved.
: ***
Are you implying you intentionally threw games because of your pride?
: Nice 1v3 at 1:29, If you don't count blitzcrank as a champion. 4:24 is also very nice as well. Except that J4 isn't a tank. Aside from the clip at 1:29 not being a 1v3, I still might have given it to you if I could confirm it was't some cheesy AP malpite. I had a couple of chances of being gold this season like I normally am but ended up staying silver mainly out of pride. And if given the choice of being gold or bronze I would probably pick bronze if they told me it was for season 8 because of how shitty this season was. High elo doesn't start until diamond. Your a hardstuck plat playing in low elo just like me. So yah I bet you do get shit on by high elo assassin mains.
Yeah, I typically stay Silver IV with a 48% win rate when I have "too much pride" to climb into Gold as well. I'm top 2.6% of all players. I'm not saying I'm a god, but I'm certainly not "low elo" as you suggest. As for getting shit on by high elo assassin mains, that is perfectly fine with me. If we use your frame of reference though, that would be Diamond/Master/Challenger players. I face Diamond 4 and 5 players in many games, but certainly never Diamond 3 thru Challenger. So, I can't really say I get shit on by high elo assassin mains. My post isn't even fully about getting shit on by assassin mains. The post is about damage being too high across the board, which happens to benefit the assassin class of champion more than others. I also play assassins, so it's not like I'm trying to save my class of champion while nerfing another into the ground. I'm trying to speak for the strategy aspect of league which has been diminished by the high damage, more snowbally games.
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: I actually hope more people take it. It is weaker than electro in lane and if you don't give the opponents many kills they won't be able to stack it up quick enough. Not to mention that in the current meta games end so fast. Electro, on a champ who can proc it easily and consistently, is way more powerful.
The problem with Dark Harvest is you don't have to kill the enemy champ, just have to hit them while they're low hp.
: I'm not saying damage is still not high but people tend to forget Season 3 {{champion:7}} and old {{champion:38}} that would one shot you with deathgrasp for the yolo. They said they're nerfing dark harvest, turret plating gold gain and they already took the damage out of celerity which was a big offender as well as nerfing the most problematic champs. Also turrets now actually do damage so dives aren't as easy anymore, thank god for that. Still i feel they need to remove more damage and make the turrets even more durable.
Excited to see those changes. Step in the right direction.
: As in the only in game information being shown. As in items or rune stats (at least the most influencential ones like DH but not poro ward). Anyone can easily produce a clip showing almost anything without those. If I wanted to see made up shit that might only happen in bronze 5 I would watch Brofresco videos like you probably do. No ur a tool if you think people take grammer more serious than it needs to be on a forum or treats it as such outside of school or a vital work situation. Edit: I even finished watching ur "proof" and he didnt even kill one tank. Your not even a tool. Ur just a shitty grammer nazi scrub.
I rewatched the video, got half way and already found two examples: 1:29 is a nice 1v3, with a tank included 4:24 And remember you said, while referencing tanks in your initial post, "... because they can get so tanky that even behind no assassin or burst champion has ever been able to burst them." My only requirement to win this debate was to show you one piece of evidence that shows a tank being bursted down, even if they were behind. I think I have done that. _<Removed by Moderation>_
: I can't believe you actually replied to me with a fucking montage clip that showed nothing but levels. Hell using the only keystone that could potentially prove your point. Your a joke.
"Nothing but levels" - What do you mean levels? It's a montage clip of zed outplays. A lot of them are good plays, but you can also find some crazy tank kills, which you claim to be impossible. And I think you mean, "You're a joke."**
: > [{quoted}](name=Talh,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AFWAeWPv,comment-id=00300000,timestamp=2018-11-28T05:30:19.051+0000) > > I agree. Worlds was just a smashing one way or another... I don&#x27;t recall any games that were back and forth // close. Does anyone and can link? I was more referring to watching random high-elo streamers, where the game has really turned into a battle arena that so happens to have objectives. But the worlds too were a wipe.
Yeah, two sides of the same coin, really.
: no offense but The Glacierr only plays against Silver players, so I don't think that proves anything
Yeah, this post isn't really about Garen anyways. He was just an example I used. I have a lot of points for Garen balancing, but I really don't have the energy to go into it right now since my post really isn't about him.
: > That last bit was really me just saying "Hey, I'm trying to rely on the strategy aspect of the game or macro, but because of damage being so high and often me losing that early advantage due to mechanics, I don't get the opportunity to make shot calls and good macro since the game is over before that part of the game even begins" Yeah, I got that. But what you describe doesn't fit my experience. Not saying you're wrong, but **personally**, I'm still 99% relying on strategy and macro. I play simple, reliable champs, where it's basically impossible to mess the mechanics but also to outplay your opponent, and I win almost exclusively via good wave management, applying map pressure, only taking smart fights, etc. My last Ranked game a couple hours ago, OP.GG tells me I was MVP, yet I have the lowest damage share of the team, as Garen. Even lower than the full tank Rammus jungle. But I took all the towers, backdoored their base after a lost team-fight, forcing them to recall instead of taking our inhib, baited their carry to follow me into the jungle, and created the conditions for that last team-fight that closed up the game. And even when things don't go as smoothly and I don't get MVP in the end, that's still the general idea of my game plan. Find the right moment to push for the right objective, and win the game without ever risking a fair fight. The game before that, I had (still according to OP.GG) the worst performance in my team. But I gave 3 free ganks on the enemy Nasus to my jungle Kah'Zix, who snowballed with it, because I played smart around minion control and forced Nasus to overextend, and I got First Brick and all 5 Plates out of that. And after all of that, I still managed to lose 1v1 versus Nasus, but it was at his T2, and he got nothing out of my death. Meanwhile, my KahZix was basically solo'ing the two other lanes with the lead I handed to him. I mean, it's just personal anecdotes. I don't pretend to know "the truth". But damage creep has been a complaint for years, and it doesn't feel that way to me in the current meta, at all. EDIT: anyway, that's a long post to not say much. My point is: in my personal experience, damage isn't too high, and strategy is still possible. That's not meant to "prove you wrong" or anything, but to offer contrast and a different opinion.
I appreciate it. I read your whole post. Sure, there are ways to win. I'm at my highest rank I've ever been. However, I still feel damage is too high and wins aren't as rewarding as they used to be. There's no question that the game has been moving towards more burst. Raw defenses are largely removed, more armor pen and magic pen than ever, and more assassins being played than ever.
: If Zed/Talon/Akali/Insert Burst Champion are fed enough to burst a Cho, Mundo, or Rammus then you deserve to lose. On the other hand I never seen happen myself since season 6 (as far back as I can remember) because they can get so tanky that even behind no assassin or burst champion has ever been able to burst them. Because even in a stomp they wouldn't have the gold or exp to even to be able to do that. You can't expect anyone (or at least me) to take you seriously if your going to say outrageous things like that.
There's plenty here:
Nisaki (EUW)
: Let me know if you find an RTS that's actually as fun as the good days of league, I'm in the same boat as you! This game makes too much money to expect any real change, honestly.
: So (and I really don't mean to sound hostile) does that mean you might not be the best person to talk to about gameplay issues because you, well, don't play the game any more? Just askin' And don't worry I got my umbrealla ready for the storm of downvotes I'll probably get Edit: Posting gifs is hard
I actually have played quite a bit on recent patch, but not in last few days. You have a valid point though, if I quit playing and was talking about how the game should be when I don't even know how the game _is_, that's wrong and completely unreasonable.
: I litearlly came to the forums to write a big post about how I refuse to play league or PBE because of the awful state that they are in right now and then I saw yours and thought I may have written it. I have not been playing nearly as long as you have, but all I know is the games are unplayable right now. It's 5 mans with dark harvest. It's tower plating (which is great until 14 minutes) and your tower gets taken at 14:01 because it transforms into a toothpick. It's everyone one shots you no matter how you play or who you are. And what are they doing to fix it? They're changing dark harvest in aram to give you 2 damage instead of 4 or 5, whatever it is now. Revert or remove dark harvest. It's an unskilled, anyone-can-proc keystone that does 100+ free damage. It's Aery, but scales and has the power to execute and reset. Why does an unskilled keystone essentially have a reset? Now I may be sitting on 7000RP which means I already gave Riot my money BUT I refuse to play or put more money into thisn game for any of their amazing new content coming out until their game is fixed. Because you know what they're doing? They're coming out with this amazing Prestige Akali skin and in 2 weeks after that, they'll nerf akali into the ground. Nope. Not buying it. Not going to put 1650+200 games+buying bundles for snow coins to get a skin for a champion that desperately needs to be rebalanced right now who I'm also not even good at playing. I can't say I am a fan of 45 minute long games, but I will admit that often times when those games come around, they're the best and most fufilling ones; however, still time consuming and you don't even win after all that investment so there is definitely a hard balance between long and short games. /End Rant
Yeah, I imagine Dark Harvest will be nerfed. Riot isn't dumb enough to ignore this.
: I came a little later to league, but I recall ppl complaining about not being able to close games by themselves... I recall ppl being pissed that they'd be like 10 kills up and still lose just because the enemy had a better comp. Now, you have the potential to carry the game. Riot delivered. And like, tanks still scale and the better comp still becomes stupid op later on anyways... Personally, op has a solid point, but is it really riots fault? What you're seeing now is just what "forumers" asked for. Coming up ppl will be upset that their main role is getting hit too hard by the splash in ranked... But we wanted ppl to take ranked serious, yes? So, there is a price to pay for those things. It was the player base that pushed characters into categories and wanted that carry potential that was less macro based. All riot did was make it happen just so ppl could get upset and preach about how the old system was so much better.
This is true and I'm happy to say I'm not one of those folks that requested to be able to solo carry. Sure, it's frustrating to lose when your individual play was stellar, and I'd be lying if I said I never said "I should be able to win because I played so much better than their X." However, I have come to learn that this really is a team game and you should have to play as a team for objectives to win. That is the genre of game, after all. It's not a deathmatch.
: I think there is still plenty of strategy in the game, but its also basically useless trash now because of the current patch. Sadly, strategy is not viable in this game anymore because of the balance issues with many meta champs. Snowballing and damage are stupid at this point.
There is some strategy sure, but I think it's hidden by the fact games are over before major objectives are contested. A lot of the strategy or macro in the game revolved around objectives, right? Well, Dragon spawns at 5:00 and then 5 mins after it's killed. Herald spawns at X and then despawns at 19:45 or 19:55 if in combat. Baron spawns at 20:00 and then 5 mins after it's killed. Red/Blue respawn every 5 mins. With average game lengths at about 30 minutes per game in low rank and around 20 minutes per game in high rank, we are just not fighting over objectives very often. I've been thinking about League's game pacing issues a lot after writing this point and some viewpoints people have opened me up to and I think this may be the culprit to me not feeling like there's strategy.
: Honestly, for me the amount of damage in the game right now is because of the towers, not the runes. As it is right now, if you end up getting poked hard or get a bad trade or maybe lose a fight in lane because of a small mistake it feels horrible trying to come back. You get killed, your lane opponent gets gold and then shoves in the wave. Sure, it's not much of a problem, it's what you are meant to do as an enemy in that situation. But now being forced to back, or getting a bad gank is soul crushing. The enemy team will just start whacking your tower giving them more and more gold. Most of the time they will get at least 1 plate. So around 300 gold from a kill (assuming you are even), 160 from the plate or if you're unlucky maybe even 320, experience lead and then all of the gold that they denied you plus the minions they have killed. The breaking point for me at least is the additional gold from the plates, it's ridiculous. It additional gold given from towers feels so impactful that by not being able to take many by the 14 minute mark means you are far behind. I also have to agree on the point that the runes give too much damage which also leads to the problem of being forced to back more and opponents getting a lane advantage. Another thing I would like to just quickly talk about are the new bounties. They are honestly horrible. If you are on a losing team and are funnelling lets say a twitch so he can carry. What ends up happening is the enemy team kills the twitch and gets a massive bounty giving them a bigger lead. On the flip side, if you are playing well and end up getting a high bounty the enemy team focuses you in a fight or do something stupid like a 3 man tower dive you have just given them a massive bounty because earlier in the game _you were the better player_. What gets worse is when you apply the bounty to someone like pantheon. The average pantheon player will have a bloodlust early game and kill you as many times as possible. This leads to them getting a massive bounty. You easily outscale the pantheon player and then take the bounty off of him. Now, pantheon is nearly useless and you just got a 1k gold bounty for doing nothing but outscale an early game champion. To simply put it, the new bounty system feels horrible when you end up giving away gold and awards bad players.
I think it's a combination of a lot of different things. You make some good points here, and I agree with the bounty thing. Bounty is supposed to be a mechanic that brings behind teams back into the game, but extending it to both teams kind of defeats that purpose.
: Ive moved to HoTs. I started it up two days ago and played a game. I WAS GENERALLY SURPRISED FINISHING THE GAME WITH A GOOD FEELING. I kid you not I finished and was confused why I wasnt pissed off. Shits more balanced there. (Except Mal'ganis, what the fuck is that hero idk)
Hmm. Maybe I'll give it a go.
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