: New free champion rotation: Caitlyn, Kalista, Shyvana and more!
I don't comment much at all. Haven't played much at all. But Kalista seems to be free way too often. At least more so than any other champ. Bugs me yeah, hate Kalista. Anything I can do about it? No. Of course not. But, come on...
: {{champion:6}} Not a man
Lol, very clever!
: No {{champion:27}} as Running Man?
If I enjoyed playing as Singed, he might have been. I admit my favorite champ pool is rather shallow and a few ones within are dull to most others, but I still love'em~.
: This is cool and original +1. I'm also a Mega Man fan, but can't give you more +1's :(
I've started playing the games not too long ago actually. I had an NES way back when back I've never owned any of the Mega Man games, and it seemed like a series I would've enjoyed as a kid if I had. And thanks~! I went overboard on the sprites and they didn't turn out in a very Mega Man-esque style, but glad you approve!
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: Nautilus with that helmet....(heart melts~~~~ {{champion:111}}
Someone... who understands? Yus! Naut is freakin' adorable. -w-
: Patch 5.3 notes
I've been looking forward to this skin since it was announced. Ah, Nautilus, my man in shining armor. He's gorgeous... ahem, thank you Riot, can't wait to pick this skin up!

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