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: A lot of the chaos with the ladder this year is because riot tried to do Position based matchmaking. Then they reverted it and the process of combining back all the individual positions created some bizarre (blatantly wrong) starting MMR values for a lot of accounts. The new account starting MMR value being lowered and also the new Tiers also added a bit of chaos as well. When the starting MMR value changes to be lower players should expect to see a games ladder shift downwards. Its kinda funny, Back in the early seasons you would be considered a weak/bad player if you could only do 1 role. When pick order was how games got made people expected ranked players to be able to fill multiple positions on a team. It sucked to get 2-3 MID OR FEED allies. Riot made it a lot easier to OTP, players are not punished as much for having a low champion pool. I will tell ya a secret, auto fill can be mitigated by learning 1 support champion. Get good with 1 support that's not a common "Pick or Ban" and every time you don't have fill protection you que as a support. By learning that champ and role you lower your odds of RNG dickery from autofill and create have active control over it. Hoping you don't get filled to your worst role pretty much results in losses or having to dodge every time your unlucky.
I believe it was position based ranks rather than position based matchmaking earlier in the year. (Could be wrong. Am ok with that.) Strange concept amirite, learning how the game plays on a deeper level...
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: FPS Stuck on 60
I'm having the same problem. I used to be running around 100 FPS on my Mac, but now it it just 60, with the occasional drop in team fights. Only seems to have happened since 7.9 patch. Would be nice if we had a solution :)


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