Hotarµ (NA)
: Getting so tired of this situation and all of the people who ignore the facts, instead just choosing to rage at Riot because they think they're to blame. NB3 wasn't the only person who spoke out against Nubrac and wasn't the sole reason he was banned. Here are some quotes from some popular streamers or personalities that _frequently dealt with Nubrac_: >[ForestWithin -]( >"Half of reddit unironically defending nubrac is so disgusting - the kid actively ruins every game by picking teemo support and laning top/mid. Sitting invis in the middle of lane soaking xp while bot is 2v1 hahahah. This shit isn’t revolutionizing the meta it’s 400 games 48% wr" >[IreliaCarriesU -]( >"nubrac has been a troll since season 4, i don't know why anyone is pitying him for the ban... no one signs up to play duo mid and solo adc when they queue for ranked, its an obvious stunt and people are falling for it. if anything nightblue did the high elo community a favor" >[Jensen -]( >"imagine having a teemo support soaking xp mid and calling it a 'off meta strat' 🤣🤣 >hopefully i'll never have to experience this strat :)" >[Doublelift -]( >"guys if I was in my promo and game 5 a teemo support ran mid and soaked xp while I got zoned 1v2 I would 100% report it no questions asked"
Be that as it may, it's a little too convenient and suspicious that a person threatens to "go to their Riot friend", and then that person gets banned. If five streamers/pro players complain to someone at Riot vs 10-20 unknown players via the regular report function (even if they are all at relatively the same skill level), the streamers will most likely get preferential treatment.
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: Riot extreme favoritism strikes again.
If it makes them money, why should they care either way? If putting out another Lux skin makes more money than another champion, they have no reason to change.
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: Riot is own by a fucking Chinese company I think we all know what they think. Also this is a very smart move since nike already is involved in sports so having them involved in league helps grow the esport part of it and that can help grow the number of players.
> [{quoted}](name=boricCentaur1,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ciGmwrZM,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-28T20:15:44.346+0000) > > Riot is own by a fucking Chinese company I think we all know what they think. Also this is a very smart move since nike already is involved in sports so having them involved in league helps grow the esport part of it and that can help grow the number of players. Oh, I agree that it's a smart business and financial plan, just not a moral one. It'll grow the brand and help keep legitimizing esports for the mainstream audiences, but it also comes at a human cost.
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: Patch 9.4 Notes
If a change is less than 5 units, they shouldn't bother doing it.
: Patch 9.3 notes
I think you can improve Irelia just a bit. If you increase her move speed by one and decrease her base health by .5 she would be perfect.
: Patch 9.2 notes
Are changes +- (up to) 4 points honestly necessary? That kind of micromanaging seems like a waste of time if you are going to tweak things that specifically.
: I can’t ban him every game I’m busy banning Yasuo :(
Don't worry, I think they will lower his HP by 1 point soon, so he will be thrown away.
Avereo (NA)
: Yeah, I'm honestly going to ban him every game from now on.
He used to be absolutely unusable, but this just makes him broken as fuck. He might have been viable if they only increased it by one, though.
: Patch 8.24b notes
That's a gamebreaking Warwick buff, I have no idea how the meta will react to that monumental shift.
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: New Gemstone skin: Hextech Poppy
At this point, should gemstones be considered gambling?
: Patch 8.14 notes
The machete/talisman nerf is the problem with having so many patches so often. Instead of letting players figure it out, Riot steps in because they don't like how their game is being played.
: Death of a Marksman? -- "Marksmen are feeling the brunt of "adapt or die" that every other lane has always faced over the years. It's just happening all at once now."
The basketball analogy isn't completely accurate. Imagine if the NBA could change the dimensions/weight of the ball, height/width of the rim, or how many points are awarded to each specific shot every two weeks. The players aren't reacting against each other, they are reacting against Riot. The company can fundamentally change the entire game twice a month, unlike physical sports.
: Death of a Marksman? -- "Marksmen are feeling the brunt of "adapt or die" that every other lane has always faced over the years. It's just happening all at once now."
: Pretty sure Surface Book 2 should be the grand prize since it's considerably more expensive 😂
So make sure you are good, but not too good.
: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
Why reduce the number of choices players can have? What good comes from limiting the freedom and creativity of players?
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: YUUKIIII {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
She'd go full-on Yuno if anyone stole one of her guns.
: ahri emote {{sticker:sg-lux}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
A Yuno reference emote? Really?
: The Merrill Reforged - Marc & Pros take on Runes Reforged
SynMid (NA)
: Wtf!!!!!!!!!! What if I’m max level how would I get my IP(blue essence?wtf rito
Guys, he plays League of Legends, so he obviously doesn't have basic observational skills.
: Tales from the Rift: Death Sworn
: Patch 7.19 notes
Does Sacred Sword Janna throw swords at the enemy?
: 10 thoughts going into Finals
We need TSM to win so that we can be heartbroken again at worlds... dammit...
: Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story
I bet Zyra would be great as an undercover officer... She would be a great plant!
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: You forget to take into account that Jhin is obsessive and compulsive - everything has to be _just so_ and perfect in his eyes. Meanwhile Kayn don't give a single flying f#@$; he will exploit Jhin's obsession with (for example) the number 4 and drive him crazy even before he actually strikes him down. I don't think Kayn would just curbstomp Jhin, but more likely than not I do think he'd win if we're going just by lore.
I don't think Zed knows about Jhin's obsession and compulsion with the number four. Even if he does, his impression of Jhin is that he is a coward based on how he was caught (although this was probably just an act so he would be taken alive). Kayne would probably think that someone like that would be easy to take down, given his (and his weapon's) need for violence.
Krabohod (NA)
: Jhin was searched for so long, cause he just serial killer. And they are very hind to find, cause they looks like normal people. And I don't think of Jhin like a spy figure.
I meant it more as both of them going head to head, without automatically starting out in combat. So they would start in the same region, trying to find/kill the other.
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: SKT T1 2016 skins now available
SKT T1 2018: the players themselves are the skins.
: Can "keystone" Runes be made to look like Keystones? You know, the block that is the center of two sides of an arch?
: Teemo actually comes to your house and blinds you. THEN he breaks your legs.
: Runes Reforged: Picking your playstyle
If you don't pay your debt within 5 minutes, Teemo comes up and breaks your legs with a bat.
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: Academy Adventures Series 2!
Na na na na na na na na na Vlad Man!
: LOL {{champion:136}} Tie reminds me of Ms.Frizzle From the magic school bus
"Take chances, make mistakes, get messy." Ms. Frizzle must be Bronze... or on Origen's roster.
: Academy Adventures Series 2!
Tamuut (NA)
: Did you just assume his gender?!
Guys, that was a joke...
: Academy Adventures Series 2!
They need to make a Prom Queen Rek'Sai skin, complete with a cute VO. I mean, come on, can you look at the last panel and NOT hear a cute voice there?
: Ah...I never knew his name before.
Did you just assume his gender?!
: Midseason 2017 Spotlight
Golisopod incoming.
: {{champion:33}} over there just tryna steal the rice ball and sushi
You mean a doughnut (Brock reference)?
: The fact that they claim he was moved around with primitive methods (a system of pulleys, steel sledges and countless oxen) is what's insane.
Something like that _might _ be somewhat possible if they have enough materials. They could have its pedestal be easily transferrable to a mobile platform, and enough oxen _might_ be able to pull it fast enough. This is also insane, but I think that the speed of the creation is just a tiny bit more.
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Matake (NA)
You make a well-articulated argument with sound evidence presented in a convincing manner. I can't see how anyone could disagree with your statements, as using all-caps shows us that you know what you are talking about. The poll is also given in a neutral fashion so we are not pulled one way or another. You are the true successor to great orators such as Cicero, Lincoln, and Churchill.
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: Patch 7.5 notes
The Ryze update is coming around smoothly.
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