Tanxme (NA)
: Smurfs are killing this game
And then this was a fun game...https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2909681947/203322443?tab=overview Not sure how long that link will work if it even does.
Tanxme (NA)
: Smurfs are killing this game
Thanks to some of these comments, it kept me playing some more matches. Not sure if the MM system caught up or I'm starting to get better or even a little of both by my last few matches were rather enjoyable.
: Eh, I've made a smurf and I've had fun playing with new players. I always ask if they need help or give advice even if they are on the other team. Not everyone is like that. I do think smurfs are ruining the game for other reasons though. Such as people are making accounts just to "flame" on and then it gets banned so what they get on just to troll. RIOT doesn't do a good job of giving people "fun" they have their core game which is fine and all but that's not always about just having a laugh. They need to implement a custom game mode where players can set whatever settings they want and then have others join. Before anyone says anything about that not being good, that is where ARAM came from. There are plenty of fun games on Customs currently but the problem is that they are managed by the players in it. For instance if you want to play Hide N Seek custom some people have perma bans others don't most people so only CC abilities but then others flame get mad and just start killing people. If there was a setting where they could set things to be disabled then HnS would be fun. Same with having a Custom URF. I've heard people say that it would take so much work to do that with custom games, my response is give me a break. Overwatch has it, and are you telling me it doesn't take work to make Nexus Blitz? Odyssey? RIOT refuses to do what the community wants, they refuse to release URF as a permanent game mode and their reason? Because they notice a drop in players after URF leaves, that's because people who barely play league come back for URF then leave when it's gone. No one will ever convince me that TT is more popular than URF. I play with several people and none of them play TT, ever.
Only if more players were like you, my friend offered to make a smurf account to play with me. And since i like to play ADC she would go support but she is diamond 5 (whatever that is, i assume its pretty good... at least compared to a lvl 21) but i didn't want to be spoon fed by a good player just to be shat on when she isn't playing.
: Lack of actual new players is what is killing this game. The fact that all you encounter are smurfs and XP bots anymore is a clear sign that the game isnt pulling in any new blood which is why its steadily becoming even worse as time continues. Nobody actually wants to play League anymore due to how annoyingly shit it is unless they're players that were already addicted to it before Riot started ruining it.
It's a catch 22, its the smurfs that are chasing most of the new players away, which means when someone new just try to play they are going to be grouped with smurfs, which then the cycle repeats.
: Well, when players get banned, they make new accounts. Also, tough opponents not only challenge you to do better but teach you by proxy, letting you watch and learn from higher level players first hand.
I disagree, being killed instantly teaches nothing. Being told you are trash at level 10 only teaches you nothing other than kids play this game.
: I actually just got out of a disgusting match. I am in normal draft and was jungle while we had a {{champion:99}} Mid {{champion:96}} & {{champion:412}} Bot lane. Lux spends the entire game harping on {{champion:412}} for how "garbage" he is. And {{champion:96}} spends the entire game kissing lux's ass who seems to brag on and on about how "I have all the kills", not having ANY interest in the towers. But the disgusting thing is How Kog repeatedly used "I am reporting Thresh for inting, he is 0 and 6" and used threshes KDA as a threat. The kicker is...Thresh was a NEW player, Playing a NEW champ for the first time. He said he had never played thresh before, and his gameplay proved it. But alot of these players are so stuck up and full of themselves, that despite it being normal draft where people are LEARNING new champs. This community insists on acting like people arent allowed to actually be inexperienced at a champ. The entire game, lux and Kog bragged about all thier kills, how "only kills matter" and how "Garbage" the thresh player was. Repeatedly calling for reports on the "inting" Thresh. This is why people hate the league community, the level of snobbery to where players arent even ALLOWED to be new. They are expected to play at a challenger tier skill level from GAME 1, with a character they have NEVER played before, Know nothing of. and If they do poorly? They are reported for INTING. and yes, I know, "False reports will be thrown out". I get it. But spending the entire game listening to the arrogance and demeaning/degrading and overall "Im above you" attitudes of this community being puked out towards players who have maybe ony been playing a week, a month...a day... All because this community has thier head shoved up thier ass, is disgusting. And the worst part about it, which i know from personal experience...including the previous game...is that people like lux will be given a free pass. Oh who cares if they spend the entire game demeaning and degrading a new player, threatening to get them banned for underperforming on champions they have NEVER PLAYED BEFORE. The community will still act like {{champion:96}} and suck up to them, give them a free pass because they can "Solo carry", because they have "all the kills". WHo cares if the game is lost, The kogmaw was quite open "Im honoring lux because only the stats matter" New players are not allowed to make mistakes, Not allowed to actually learn. Lest the "pro" players who come to draft decide to call for reports and try and get a new player banned for...being new and inexperienced. Great game Riot, keep rolling out those skins while your community chases off every new player with arrogance and smug overconfidence
Yup basically had a game just like that just before i made this post. It was my first or second time using Kai'Sa, and was being flamed because shes apparently top tier and im just garbage.
Vreivai (NA)
: I've been leveling a new account recently to play with an MMR more accurate to my skill level (this account's MMR is fucked, where I'm consistently playing against people significantly better than me and my MMR will not drop). At level 12, I'm still frequently seeing players who are clearly new players and are completely outmatched by myself and other smurfs. I cannot imagine that makes for an enjoyable game for these new players, and likely drives away a fair number of them. Hell, it happened to one of my friends that I often play Heroes of the Storm with. I was trying to get him into the game, but he was getting stomped by experienced players and didn't want to deal with the learning curve.
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