Dfritz (NA)
: Ping my Ping?
It is great for telling a teammate: don't count on me.
: Shower thought, what if Nasus E gave him movement speed running through it?
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: 'course it is. Did you seriously think Melees should get a chance to play the game?
: All he can do is splitpush, splitpush, and splitpush. Maybe provide intense poke as a support but out of lane it's not like he can 1v1 anyone. I don't know why people don't really play him either, he seems fun but maybe a little boring. He can win a game without even killing anyone.
he can do some interesting things in teamfights ult + E is very underrated
: Unpopular opinion time
it was perfect in THEORY. in reality, the queue times were HORRID.
: The feel of getting carried...
Following a Kled ult with Taliyah passive
Rabiteen (NA)
: Mana regen runes do not work.
This is an odd bug. I blame Ivern.
: "Hmm they have a lot of CC, I should probably get mercs"
not to mention this pair of sneakers got nerfed pretty hard {{item:3009}} might have to start running some MS in my runes
: yasou had a win rate as high as 58.7% before the recent patch
: you can still enter into a match in a role you didn't lock due to not many people queuing for that role to reduce matchmaking times, it's rare but it does happen so when the game auto fills you into a match then it guarantees you that you will be able to play one of your selected roles and not play in some other role you didn't select
i always thought you got your primary or secondary no matter what. ok thanks for the info.
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DeusVult (NA)
: https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSv0REN1a5WP3L0V8A560jdZuRBSi0L9AjT6zHQwkfgADSF8gXx
Garen will finally see competitive play
Eggbread (NA)
: Hey Rito, What's Up With the On and Off Nunu Changes on the PBE?
Ralanr (NA)
: Wasn't Sol simple?
mhm. kind of tough to play though
: chinese body dump tactic you say {{item:3512}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3512}} imagine if every teammate got one of these babies
and one of these hot mammas {{item:3056}}
: Looks like yorick is gunna be a juggy, so hes gunna spam health but resistances might be a bit lacking. Probably shouldnt have any resistance scaling and should instead just up the %hp scaling to 20 or 25% if need be since that will be more helpful and keep things simpler.
: A forgotten item I have never seen a single time in my whole time of playing League of Legends
One my friend and I all agreed to build this and ZZROT our first 2 items. We ended up winning
: people will swear up and down tanks are broken and they do to much damage.
also {{item:3151}} and {{item:3153}} also champions.. {{champion:5}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:157}}
: I would play the heck out of that mode.
something tells me you already play this mode in our normal games..
: Make a "troll" queue
Having a rotating game mode called "Troll Queue" In game you can't control how you level up abilities and visiting the shop buys your random items/upgraded items.
: {{champion:26}} has all the time he needs
kasfas (NA)
: Welcome to the league of legends champion spotlight, featuring john: The farmer. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/aIssjsPbcfo/maxresdefault.jpg
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ltmetal (NA)
: Rito pls, we are begging you. Replace blind pick with teambuilder.
you want to get rid of blind pick? are you nuts?
: http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/1415/iqmtjfcdeyrlv.gif
Had to watch this gif a couple times..
Émiil (NA)
: Same goes for Top laners and Junglers. Gotta love it when you synchronize your jungler adapts what he is doing depending on where you are applying pressure with TP up and all that.
I was ali top. My friend was rek sai jungle.. Enemy darius is being typical and shoving the wave to my turret. My buddy is on TS and says, "heading top" I see he is going to tunnel from the tri to my turret. I flash, Q, and W darius into my turret. Then here comes rek sai for another knock up. Dead darius. We did the exact same gank 5 mins later into the game. {{champion:122}} {{item:3070}}
: The secret strongest CC that had destroyed tons and tons of players
came here expecting you to say creep block. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Sure let me play Zed, Vlad, Swain, Azir or Ekko? Better?
No. I am ok with Azir though because I am willing to bet you suck with him. If you don't suck with azir then you're a cheater.
: Huh, when did I move to Israel? Based on the readings of my salt detector we are in the dead sea.
Sounds about right. Sorry, been of my meds.
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Eyesack (NA)
: Daily reminder that shyvanas ult doesnt do what it says it does
: You don't have time to be playing with a list in the middle of your match. The item sets are to save you time searching for items. Sounds like you need to spend some time on custom sets that fit all options you might take.
: I don't understand. You can make your own lists from the Item Sets page in your profile. What else do you mean?
not from my profile but in game. Edit: for example. instead of dancing by my turret at the start i could quickly put an item list together for that specific match up. as well as write any notes i might want to keep for myself. like flash down for X champ or whatever. its like pen and paper but in game
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AdeBug (NA)
: the chase is better than the catch
{{champion:27}} just going to leave this here
: My Account King Odarth Was Recently Permanently Suspended For Mature Content
: She runs out of mana so fast tho
Meddler (NA)
: Not sure yet. Healing amount was being kicked around by some of the Live Gameplay team as a likely culprit, they're still looking into it though.
yep. it is the W being too strong. should be easy to balance considering she has item choices to buff her heal anyway.
: Sona win rate is 58% post-patch
I played her last night. Felt overpowered if i had to be honest, it was so easy to tank tower damage and still poke.
: Yeah I've stopped expecting anything from this community. No one is happy about anything.
Rew711 (NA)
: Does it not seem funny to anyone else why the new champ teaser is about a tall grass?
Wolfbook (NA)
: Yasuo isn't overpowered, he's just unfun as hell to play against tbh.
: I actually don't want voice chat added.
This game is competitive and team oriented. It has to and will happen.
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awdaf (NA)
: So I just saw a game with a full tank Kha
So just delete any items that have hp and resistances.. then we can all have some balance, right?
: It's been 1,800 days since Yorick's release (June 22, 2011). Since then...
Rioter Comments
: Because they're inconsiderate and have no problem wasting 4 other people's time.
Rioter Comments
: So Lucian is a: Burst, Hyper-Carry, Mobile, Ranged, Lane Bully, AD Assassin.
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