: @Riot: Could you settle something- does Lamb have a face?
Underneath this mask...... is ANOTHER MASK! https://2new1.fjcdn.com/reaction_gifs/What+is+behind+the+mask+is+another+mask+_15716af885bafa0.gif
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Saphixia (OCE)
: Just so you know, if your playing graves and dont know what to build to replace essence reaver, i have found that just getting a {{item:3070}} and upgrading it to {{item:3004}} when its near 750 (which doesnt really happen) is great and works fine at the price.
I would never play Grapes on TT; I'd feel so dirty. But on a more serious note, mana isn't really the problem I'd like fixed since the ambient regen takes care of that fairly well - I'd just like to have similar CDR options on TT.
: While that is certainly true, think of it from another standpoint. Twisted Treeline has completely different itemization options compared to Summoner's Rift. Can you imagine Wooglet's or Van Damm's in Summoner's Rift? Would they be healthy for the balance state for that game mode? It is true that Riot could implement the B.F. Sword route items to Twisted Treeline relatively easily, but...why would they want to? Would that not somewhat defeat the purpose and feel of an alternate game mode? Personally, I want B.F. Sword items on Twisted Treeline too; I'm an ADC main, and having those would increase the viability of my Marksman champions on the map. But I am trying to look at it from a design perspective too. Also, we all know that Riot tends to leave Twisted Treeline balancing at the bottom of their list of concerns. :P
It's true that they've tailored a few items to TT - Wooglet's being the best example I think since it combines the two biggest ticket ap items - but most of those are to suit the pacing of the game. It would take far too long to individually build items at the prices they have in SR, so they combined a few or cut some prices to better suit the mode. Other items they either leave as is because they fit well enough with the pacing (Triforce) or leave out entirely because it would cause problems (Thornmail, although since the nerfs maybe not so much). Essence Reaver I think is in one of those "fits well enough" places that it could be ported over with minor recipe changes to suit the lack of BF sword. The main reason I want it is so that I have the ability to build for cdr on ad champs in TT; the mana restore is nearly pointless because of the ambient mana regen and the ad can easily be dropped by 5 if they want to keep it near the 60ish limit they seem to be okay with other items having on TT. Yeah, they may not pay a huge amount of attention to TT, but when it needs large changes they usually manage to make them happen. It gives me hope that they can make a smaller thing happen too.
: The reason why Essence Reaver and other high-AD items are not on Twisted Treeline and other non-SR maps is because they do not have the B.F. Sword item available for purchase. If B.F. Sword were to be enabled for those maps, then ER and others would be implemented. However, I do not think they will do this, because these maps tend to be notoriously snowball-y (even more so than current SR) and having big-ticket items built from B.F. Sword would just cause this effect to be even more of an issue for certain AD-based classes.
It isn't all that hard to change the recipe to involve a pickaxe and give less ad when complete, if that's the issue.
HayRoss (NA)
: Because Riot hates everything but Summoner's rift, and soon Twisted Treeline shall join it's brother in the grave
That's really not what this thread is about, and I'd appreciate it if it didn't go that route. Just asking rito for something simple and hoping they'll go for it, and explain why if not.
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: What this game needs is another map in summoners rift style but apparently balancing more than one map is beyond riot
I don't mind standard moba style as long as something different is done with it, but I think they would benefit more from something actually different like dominion that they support fully.
: Part of the reason for removing Dominion is the quality of the matches, which they specify. Some days the que times get long and as a result people of very different skill levels are put together in a single match which results in very unfair games that aren't even fun for either side and are just a waste of time. I've had matches where my team pretty much kept all 5 points for the entire game.
A match that stompy is over quickly, much less painful than sitting there in a 5s match where the enemy team wants to drag it out and your team won't surrender, or the more common 30-40 minute slow rolling snowball match. Compare to the 5-7 minutes wasted getting 5 capped in dom.
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Sharjo (EUW)
: Jhin, the Virtuoso, Revealed!
I think he looks very Jhin-teresting. I really hope I was the first to make this pun, but I really doubt I was.
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
There's something that came up a good long while ago that I occasionally am curious about - the Diana thread Ironstylus made asking players what sort of direction they think she should be taken. It wasn't even remotely a promise, and the "maybe" that was given came with the caveat of probably not being for a while, I was wondering if there was any sort of word about that? While she's fun in a few different playstyles (even though it's harder to make work, I love playing her as an AD Bruiser, for example), her main current style of AP Assassin isn't particularly healthy. There are ways to play around it, but in general if she's ahead you die, and if she's behind she can catch up pretty safely with Q - assuming your team can hold out - after which you'll still die. She has tools to annihilate squishies AND whittle down tankier people. Opinion seemed pretty split in that thread which way to take her, Bruiser or Assassin. If you were to have a hand in a rework for her, which way do you think you would take her, personally?
: Viktor E=victory?
: ?
Laser pointer jokes. Cats chase lasers, Rengar collects Viktor E, Viktor E is laser. Ha ha. Too convoluted of a joke I guess.
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: > [{quoted}](name=TerraRising,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=zsJeqRtV,comment-id=00080003000a,timestamp=2015-09-28T14:13:49.417+0000) > > I'd like to see someone from the rank and file / commoner orders who elevated themselves to "champion" status. We always hear about the "best and brightest" an area has to offer, but never about the normal people. I've always considered Quinn to fill hit this - a commoner who worked her way into the Demacian military/elite. And actually, I think Riven is kind of similar in Noxus (though her story is more focused on after she gains some renown). Do either of those hit the kind of thing you're looking for? Or is there more to it that I'm missing?
Here's something that I was working on that happened to coincide with this and fits the bill of commoner turned champion. Not really my best writing, but hey it's something. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/hM854OPX-helen-and-troy-the-hellhounds-of-noxus
: I do like the r ability for a ult somethin to come out of bush randomly and attack like a jungler that's neat idea kinda reminds me of a werewolf champ or a better version of warwick
I mean it's only going to attack the one time, and unless they're right next to a bush they usually have some warning, but it should feel inevitable and make the enemies feel like prey. They can still Zhonya/trollpole/shield or what have you to block the damage portion. If you remember the Doom Bots game mode it would function kinda like the Garens that pop out. I know that's kind of an aside to your comment, but I felt it should probably be explained.
: The Dogs of War passive alone sold me on this. Its neat, full of character, and doesn't even seem that broken. I would advise turning down the lifesteal passive on the E, though, because that is a ludicrous amount of lifesteal to gain from just a basic ability. Maybe consider tuning it down to just a maximum of 15-20% lifesteal. Otherwise, this is a really neat champion idea, I particularly love the idea of being able to hunt down enemies using scent trails.
Yeah, honestly I just went for a number that looked nice and round on that. 15% would probably be a way better cap, gonna change it.
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: Hm, okay got it: Old black voodoo woman who once lived in the Kumungo Jungles, and knows many herbal recipes that can heal, and just a bit of magic. That's what everyone thinks she knows anyway. A master healer who knows how to fix nearly any injury. Nothing to fear, just an old woman who knows a bit of magic. But what everyone doesn't realize, is that this woman is older than all of them. She even rivals Lissandra herself for age over the rest of Valoran. Inside, she is the most powerful mage in all of Runeterra. She laughs at the likes of Syndra and Xerath who believe themselves to be the epitome powerful magics. Through the use of her ancient healing spells, she has kept herself alive for thousands of years. And yet, she is not evil. She is rather, more like Bard. A neutral character who knows right from wrong, and helps only when deemed necessary. I don't know, I think this would be a good idea.
My only problem with that is while it fits old in a literal sense, I think people are going less for ancient powerful beings and more for stand-out veteran in whatever field they chose, be it martial, magical, or more mundane. I could be wrong, but that's the sort of feel I'm picking up from posts on the subject around here.
: I think the character I'd like to see is someone who *was* a hero of her age. Someone who fought long and hard in her younger days, whatever her career - healer, soldier, whatever. She rose up the ranks, she sits as a well respected authority now, etc. etc. ; but she's getting old. She knows it. Yet the world keeps calling on her, time and time again, even as it continues to demand and take from her personal life, her country (maybe even the whole of Runeterra, really), needs her to continue doing her thing. Someone who is unafraid to fight, but simultaneously weary of battle. Someone who does what's necessary for the greater good, but no longer because she wants to. Someone who's ready to make sacrifice, but is so tired of having to do so. Someone who's ready to pass the world onto the next generation, but it just won't leave her hands. On a conceptual level, I think that's what I'd most like to see when I just think of 'age' as a part of someone's character, within the bounds of Runeterra, is just what the world might demand of someone like that.
So more world weary than just old. I think that's probably my favorite answer so far, since there isn't really anyone in league like that. Most everyone's got some kind of vigor for what it is they do in Runeterra, there's not really anybody who gives off that sort of vibe. Quick question for you; though soldier is a profession that is often shown through the eyes of someone who's older and questions why it is they keep getting called in when someone younger should take over but will still begrudgingly step in and take care of business when needed, healers aren't often depicted in such a way (only thing that comes to mind for me is maybe a jaded doctor that gave up on the fight against disease). If you were to go healer or whatever other profession that isn't often shown like that, what sort of story might you give them?
Vbunnie (NA)
: so my ideas dont even disserve a response?
Sure. Do you mean death/decay such as Barragan from Bleach where they literally just pour out superaging death dust or more of a slow rot like disease? What sort of theme are you going for here?
Shénzhì (EUW)
: Voodoo lady of some sort. Not so old, is black and knows many of [Runeterra's magical ailments](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/RenblOEB-update-on-runeterras-curses#umbra-displasia), hexes and visages, and how to alleviate and cure them. Gameplay-wise, I'd imagine her being a Support class. http://usercontent2.hubimg.com/4667433_f520.jpg http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5323/9176778642_30c2039e9c_m.jpg She'd understand curses and hexes like it's her first language _but does not practice them_. She may also be homed in the **Kumungo Jungle** with her tribe, and so we can assume lenience towards nature and animal kingdoms (e.g Rengar, Zyra, others). LoL's tribes seem to be around **Mount Targon** somewhere so who knows.. She'd be of neutral alignment whose knowledge and skills may attract those who seek her aid. Ryze may want to learn what she knows for his own quest for knowledge .. but I get the feeling she will be disappointed for his reasons for visiting and conflicting ideas (Ryze misuse magic; old voodoo lady does not). What Soraka is and her purpose may easily be shared with this old voodoo lady .. but this voodoo lady may not be on any pursuits. Zilean's ailment, his chrono-displasia magical disease, may be important for him to find this old voodoo lady. Maybe she can help him! This would be a more loving and caring interaction between two characters. This specific story may be _very_ interesting. :) She may be intrigued by other magics particularly that of which Karma practices. The discipline of Karma wouldn't be the same as this old voodoo lady's but they understand when to not misuse magic. It could be that Karma 'sought an old lady's guidance who lives in the jungle' after the battle from Noxus against Ionia. Karma's magical disciplines were breached during this battle so she may have needed to ..err.. find enlightenment from her recent troubles and knew exactly who could consult her best _(because who else can do what old voodoo lady can do?)_. How can she know so much? She'd have learned from all travelers who sought old lady's great grandmother, and all that was learned has been recorded and passed through generations in her tribe to this old voodoo lady. Zilean may also have traveled his mind across time and brought back stories of future and past events. All this knowledge of events and magics unknowing of how to practice them would instead be translated to more of a story-telling fascination for immersion and escapism in a jungle world where there's nothing much to stimulate their imaginations without travelers. What her magic is may actually be the ancient mysteries of Gems incorporated in her adverse abilities. Imagine grinding herbs and minerals with a mortar and pastel. Most of the time she just says the right thing for people but other cases may need those Gems. I suppose Taric and Gragas would pay a visit, too. With this in-mind she has some tolerance for Gem magic as it probably cannot be misused (unless Taric can prove her wrong). Many other champions who _believe in_ this old voodoo lady may also have sought her consultation. **Can you think of who else?** Nidalee's shitty background could be updated with a visual update, too. A black Nidalee could be of this same tribe as this old voodoo lady's tribe. It could be that she sought the old voodoo lady on how she is able to polymorph. ___ **This character has so many connections it could update many champion's backgrounds with it in one scoop.**
So you're going more towards what the practice was actually for. Probably better to have a practitioner of an ancient religion/art/whatever-you-want-to-call-it than isn't overly stereotyped in a bad way, like hags and such often are. What do you think she would do that other supports don't usually bring to the table? Removing cc (hex/curse) might be a little to reactive depending on the situation, but I'm sure people would adapt quickly. What else could she do? As for your question, if she really is a well of ancient knowledge than really anybody might seek her out unless they're straight up combat types like Graves. Maybe for something a little more quirky someone like Heimerdinger could come to try to apply cures with technology?
: Not positive, but I could see it providing an aura buff to nearby allies. That way her team mates would want to collect the ingredients because it helps them. As for polymorph, why should they be careful about it? It's just a type of CC. You aren't careful about adding another slow, stun, knock up, taunt, blind, fear or silence into the game, and the idea of adding another charm has been talked about a lot.
Fair enough. I just think that it's one of Lulu's more iconic abilities - next to her ult - and I know Riot tends to stay away from adding abilities that are TOO similar. Granted there's only so much difference they can really put in, but yeah.
: Is it just me or does your Mage/Shapeshifter old lady look a lot like {{champion:134}} ? Either way, I want the second one.
Well, it's just Flemeth from the Dragon Age series. If you want more there's probably plenty of art online, or screenshots from the games.
: I had an idea about a master for Garen. She would have been the previous might of Demacia, however in the war between demacia and noxus she went missing. In reality she was tired of war and tried to settle down. However a Noxian invasion of the jungles she inhabited caused her to have to fight once more, but one person cant fight an army. Except if she was knowledgeable in the arts of war. However defending against a full army came at a cost. Slowly she lost herself and was replaced by a crazed woman of war, broken from the countless slaughter she had to commit. Eventually found by the demacians, they could never enter the forest, until garen put forth his hand at an attempt. Respect was held for the once might of demacia, but now they wondered if she would ever be able to be healed from her insanity. (TL:DR omega teemo status old might of demacia)
Might be too close to Sion personality-wise. Background is different, but broken-minded-war-machine is kinda similar. It is a nice change from magic based archetypes though.
: Why it gotta be magic? Why can't she just be ready to jump right at the enemy like these "Cougars with a Bone to Pick"? http://www.sideshowcollectors.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=163397&d=1422937063 http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51UfTROGEbL._SX342_.jpg
I have no problem with that; it's just that typically when people see age they don't think of up front destruction, and I think that's what people want when they ask for "old woman champion". I'm a fan of massive destruction being for all ages. Even infants, like the baby from The Incredibles.
: Traditional old hag please. I can't shake the following interaction (or one similar to it) out of my head: {{champion:1}} : you smell like Granny! [???] : does your grandmother smell like fresh ginger snaps? Or is it more of a preserved newt tails smell? I think newts taste better personally. I could see such a champion having a Polymorph CC ability (turning someone into a toad seems traditional enough), but it could also be interesting if the same ability could be used as a buff for allies. For example, turn your support into a lion or dragon for a few seconds, giving them additional health and damage for the duration. Having some potion brewer theme could work too. Imagine something like Bard's passive, but instead of the old hag collecting the potion ingredients scattered across the map, it's her allies collecting them and bringing them to her when they group.
Traditional Hags are entertaining, for sure, and leave a lot of room for abilities since they can do essentially anything they want with the right spell/ingredients. With the polymorph they might have to be a bit careful since Lulu already does that sort of thing, although it isn't as pronounced when used on allies. I would say the potion passive wouldn't fit Riot since they used to be all about self sufficiency on champs, but since Kalista they might not care as much. What do you think the passive should do, exactly, if we went with the potion brewing?
Blainezy (NA)
: I would say some sort of Gypsy/Fortune Teller type person, although that sounds like a type of champion that would be support based and I'm tired of support champions at the moment. Haha. I also like the idea of a witch. I said that I feel like Zyra is sort of a witch/necromancer because of the ability to make her plants really "live". However, a champion that is some sort of deity or "ghost" that actually speaks and makes their age known could be a fun idea, although I don't know what kind of abilities they would have. Very spectral like :) EDIT: But I do LOOOOVVEE the idea of a voodoo witchdoctor kind of thing. they can do lots of fun things! I think that would be an amazing time champion to add to the game. But feels like it would be a bunch of DoT type abilities..Plagues, etc.
Gypsy could being entertaining too, but what sort of abilities would they have? I mean the whole fortune/futuresight/seer thing could be a decent passive starting point, but where else do you really go with it?
: I don't mean their combat ability reflects their age. I meant it be conveyed in their VO that "I'm getting too old for this" and the like.
Ah. Okay then. Yeah I agree on that front; that their age would probably need to be reflected in VO and lore, definitely. Nobody really feels old in an aged sense (although Zilean is pretty close), even though there are ancient beings. They just feel more timeless than anything.
: Does Flemeth's combat ability stem from her advanced age? It's her personality and story that conveys her age.
Yes but weren't you going for something that actually showed its age? Flemeth doesn't really, if i recall correctly. I only played the first Dragon Age though, really. Main reason I put it in the op was because it was brought up in the other thread.
: No, not bedridden. We have plenty of immortal ancients, but not a lot of people who aren't feeling their age setting in. They're not as quick as they used to be, not as strong. One day, not too far away, it won't be enough. They're very well aware of their mortality, but they're can still kick ass in the mean time. They have decades of experience; they know what they're doing, know what others are capable of. They might be getting old, but they'll kick your ass regardless.
Well that sort of thing can be conveyed through things like lore and the speaking they do in game, but how would translate that in actual gameplay. It's kind of hard to just get age through since it's a culmination of effects with a lot of corollaries. When I think age is getting to someone usually I picture them not being as physically able, typically more prone to sickness, and their mind is usually starting to go. So in game of those three the only thing that really translates in very well is not being physically able, which doesn't leave a whole lot outside of mage types for what they can be. Of course not all old people are frail, but then you'd have to get something else to make the player feel their age in game. Is the voiceover enough? Is lore enough? What other ways can you think of that might appropriately convey age in the game?
: Just want a character who's actually feeling the effects of their age.
Alright, so how would you make that happen? I mean clearly we can't have them bedridden, although it would be entertaining having them hop their bed across the rift or having an orderly pushing them around.
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: Hi there! For a first champion concept, I actually kind of like this. I've designed champions for a while, and this is a LOT better than my first champion. And finally you're not one of those people who tries to go overboard and tries to be unique by making an Elise/Gnar/Jayce/et.c kind of champion. It's just a simple and strightforward kits, and I like those the best, which is why Ahri is my favorite champion. Static: I see what you're trying to do here, but the way you gain stacks is kind of complicated. :( There has to be a way to dumb it down, but still have you gain the benefits of the passive at the same rate as you have it there. Q: Nothing further. A completely normal ability to have. :) W: This ability sounds very unreliable, but maybe that's a good thing, especially since mobility is so highly detested in League of Legends. E: This is my favorite ability in his kit. His W/Passive make him more of an initiator bruiser while this and his Q make him also a utility bruiser. However, that buff/debuff is too low. Increase it! :D R: Ok, this is where I get a little confused. I think the fact that it costs health is pretty fitting since he divides himself apart, though he still gains health at the end of the ability. I have two concerns: A. 'If the main Silas dies he may choose a living vessel to move to'I think this is a bit too OP haha. Though instead of removing it like I would normally ask someone to do, maybe you should only limit him to be able to do this once, unless that was your original intention, then what I'm saying here is completely useless. B. How would he copy his abilities xD. So for his Q, would it be like Zed using his Q with his shadow? For his W, would both he and his clones teleport to the same target? I have no clue how his E would work. xD You should include how it ties in with his other abilities. So @Tasgal, I want to ask you something privately. It has to do with champion designing, and I really would appreciate it if you did it. If you wouldn't mind, could you e-mail me at IcyJK913@gmail.com?
Thanks for the feedback. I'll split my reply into pieces (there's a pun in there somewhere). > Static: I see what you're trying to do here, but the way you gain stacks is kind of complicated. :( There has to be a way to dumb it down, but still have you gain the benefits of the passive at the same rate as you have it there. There's probably something somewhere for it, but I'm not sure what that is. Alot of the possibilities for it are in someone else's already existing kit, so short of changing out his resource bar I don't know that I have an idea. I didn't want to remove mana because I think it should be a limiting factor for him. > W: This ability sounds very unreliable, but maybe that's a good thing, especially since mobility is so highly detested in League of Legends. That was actually the intent. He can use it to leave ahead of time or to get in, but it isn't meant to be a reliable escape tool; otherwise he'd likely just end up being another stupidly overly mobile champion. I know having an enemy around to begin with is fairly limiting, but I really wanted him to have to commit to a fight - unless he's in a position to just walk away or burns flash. > E: This is my favorite ability in his kit. His W/Passive make him more of an initiator bruiser while this and his Q make him also a utility bruiser. However, that buff/debuff is too low. Increase it! :D I was actually worried about it being too high. It really depends on what people blow when they use it. I mean if you imagine an aoe ult chain amped by 25% like a brand/tibbers/amumu combo or something it gets really scary. One of those situations where planning for the best case may have gone too far maybe? > R: -snip- The health he gains isn't really a health gain, it's his health returning. The reason why he's able to chain into his clones is because he essentially kills himself to cast it, assuming he sends a decent amount of clones to his fight. He can self damage 80% of his health, which leaves him really open for getting destroyed. Maybe he needs some sort of punishment, but limiting himself to one clone after death may be a bit much, because then they would only have to deal 40% hp. It's the sort of thing that would need live testing, I imagine. As far as the copying goes, most of his spells are nearest-target based for a reason. He has no control over where they land, but since his vessels relentlessly attack their initial target it should reliable land on them (barring cc). As far as his Q is concerned, his clones launch a targetted version at their original target. His W goes to each nearest target, as does his E. Ex: > Silas is in melee range against the Katarina that just jumped on his face, she's about to ult so he uses E to reduce the damage. Meanwhile, his clone is attacking the fleeing Master Yi that ganked with far too little health. His clone also uses E, which doesn't do much since Yi isn't attacking him. Silas, realizing he is about to die, uses W to damage Kat in a last ditch effort. His clone uses W and lands on Yi, killing him. Kat kills Silas, but his ult hadn't expired yet - so he teleports into his clone and runs on his jolly way, with 300g more than he started. And I'll shoot you an email, sure - though you may want to take that email address off the boards unless it's a burner.
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: His meeps should be pledges.
That'd be great. Little mini pledges that get hazed by being thrown at enemies.
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tman3000 (NA)
: Skins for the "BROS" of the league
: Can you give an example of a champ that you think fills Cho's role with more satisfaction and less frustration?
It isn't Cho's role, but since he was talking about landing his q, specifically, I would say Yasuo. Dash > AOE Knockup into an ult for him is both easier to accomplish and alot more satisfying than landing a single Cho Q. Granted he can't do it on demand at all times. Alternately, Orianna ult is easier to land and does unmitigatable cc with a slow shortly after.
: I have a thing for Final Boss music. Recommend me some please.
The entire Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack. Kow Otani was the composer if I remember right.
: Exaggeration invalidates your point. If he is really so strong, then you shouldn't need to overstate his strengths to get the point across. It is nowhere near a 6 second invulnerability. Say it like it is and you'll get much more support.
Pretty sure he meant it as invulnerability on a 6 second cd.
: If Guinsoo was germophobic he'd be Guinsoap
If Guinsoo fed the poor he'd be Guinsoup?
: Yi's alphastrike negating spells cast at him.
It's intended and like the one point where a Yi player can show some skill. No worse than Fizz hopping on his douchepole every 4 seconds.
Isö (NA)
: I dont have that many skins that i used to have!!! My INFERNAL NASUS IS GONE WHY!!
Submit a support ticket, no reason to go to the forums really unless it's been weeks since you submitted one and you've gotten no answer.
Sneak Dog (EUW)
: I'd take the focused but completed story of Shurima over the wide but open-ended story of the Freljord any time. Both stories have open ends and mystery, but one also gives you a conclusion to statisfy you until the next time the region is attended. Freljord may have been appropriate in promises, but not in delivery. What it ended up being was a notification that there's a war going on in the Freljord. I remember hints being dropped of plot twists, ah, the brute that happens to be called Trundle was supposed to do a sudden but inevitable betrayal and such, but nothing of the sort happened. The event just ended without conclusion, it was just... gone.
To each their own, I suppose. I feel they delivered more quality and volume with Freljord -- even though there was no hard conclusion -- but that's just my opinion.
Sneak Dog (EUW)
: Actually, we just got the whole story of Cassiopeia hiring Sivir to explore a tomb. We got one thread of the Shurima tapestry. Speculation: now they'll move on to Noxus, tell a single thread there and move on to the next faction and this way tell complete story threads without immediately revealing everything about a single faction or leave an unstatisfyingly low amount of story hidden.
It is possible to tell a complete story and leave the door open for the future. To be fair they did tell a complete story, but it was way below the scope of what it should have been. To do an entire lore event focused on an area should result in a LOT more happening in said region. Freljord was appropriate. They told a story that was to scale and included everyone. Not everyone was a driving force in the plot, but they were all a part of it. What's more, it's open for the future. Why not do that for Shurima?
: i couldnt agree more..I was so pumped on the Freljord stuff. My icon is still the twin axes to this day...Then i got pumped on whats next in the Shurima lore...and now its over with nothing else to add to the lore. It just ended all of a sudden...Have you seen the new thing they put out? Look at the news....45 min ago...Something about a Noxian King i think...Im not totally sure..but they are skipping around and it kinda sucks
Statue looks almost exactly like Sion, so that's my guess. But on topic, yeah Shurima felt really incomplete. They didn't even fill out the lore sections for the characters? Come on. At least give more effort than a paragraph if you're gonna rewrite the story.
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