: 9.8: Lore Update
Kinda disappointed it isn't a Camille lore update. :/
: Champion Update: Soraka, the Starchild
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, Revealed
I have a feeling that Ao Shin's next......
: It rained heavily on the rift. Drops of water splashed on every leaf in the jungle and created puddles on the muddy ground. Skarner (440 RP) sat under a tree, waiting for the storm to pass. The heavy thunder muted the approaching steps, until she stood in front of him. "What's that?" Sorceress Lux (260 RP) asked herself, looking at the strange scorpion thingy. "Skar skar!" he replied. "It's a pokemon!" Lux yelled, excited. She didn't have a pokeball, so she tossed a light binding at him. Skarner groaned. Lux got closer and closer to him. As soon as the rooting wore off, Skarner ran away. "Wait!" Lux said, raising her hand, "I just wanted to catch you!" She ran after him. The scorpion was quick, but he was quite large, so following his tracks wouldn't be hard at all. Lux's legs were now completely covered in mud. Every step she took was another splash of water. But she wouldn't let it slow her down. She eventually reached a clearing. She could hear some noises in the distance. There were 3 champions and a bunch of people with cameras, lamps and microphones. It seemed they were filming something, a music video perhaps? Then she saw they were battling. The coreography was ok. Then she saw how one of them cast a powerful blue spell. "CUT!" Yelled Justicar Aatrox (487 RP), the director, "Ahri, you're not supposed to do anything at all until the end of the cinematic, ok? And... Why are you wearing your Foxfire (487 RP) costume? Don't forget we only use default skins in the cinematics! Go and change, gosh!" Rengar (487 RP) and Jax (292 RP), the other two champions, scratched their heads at the director's anger. Lux then remembered what she was here for. She was looking for Skarner. She kept running towards Skarner's tracks, away from the filming. She was finally able to see him. Skarner stood there, facing a deep canyon, with nowhere else to run. "Hey," said Lux, approaching slowly, "don't you do anything crazy." Skarner moved towards the edge of the canyon, snapping his pincers. He gazed ferociously at her. "Look," she said, stopping, "I won't hurt you. I just want you to be my pet, ok?" Skarner snapped his pincers angrily. "Ok, fine, not a pet. A companion." Skarner listened. "We can travel the world. First Valoran, then the rest of Runeterra. What do you think?" "Skar." "I can feed you and walk you. Would you like that?" "Skar!" "Great! Let's go then!" Skarner ran towards Lux. She knelt and began petting him. Suddenly, the rain and the mud didn't seem so bad after all. Stay tuned for the new webcomic "The adventures of Lux and Skarner!"
This is what otakus be like when they see a pokemon......
: Pentakill Rises
: New free champion rotation: Cho'Gath, Malphite, Sona and more!
: Official All-Star Challenge Teams Locked In!
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