: > [{quoted}](name=Tattersall,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ecfg5aTf,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-06-28T03:06:10.347+0000) > Also, about Zed becoming more gray, I agree. Kayn is Zed's apprentice (probably), and he says things like how he doesn't like killing the innocent and that the true assassin kills for the greater good. You mean...like killing Jhin would have been greater good? Or Batman killing Joker? Red Hood: "I can forgive you for not saving me in time...But why? WHY IS HE STILL ALIVE!?!?!"
: Honestly, this just makes Zed more gray. Cause if you really think about it, a few of the new champs including Kayn deals with Zed in some extent. To a point where Zed isn't the MAIN VILLAIN in the situation. Sure, for Xayah and Rakan's crusade, Zed is, but he has personal reasons that may not be intentionally harmful. Now you see him baring his throat to Shen in an attempt to request a ceasefire and to "nearly" beg for his help to put down an old ghost. Now we have a student that nearly mirrors Zed upon his paradigm shift and view of power right before striking down Shen's father; HIS master. Now we have Rhaast asking if Zed is his master. To which Kayn responds, "Zed, yes...it is inevitable." As in, "Inevitably I will have to kill him."
Y'know, now that I think about it, Shadow power might work similarly to Hemomancy (Vladimir). It sounds to me like Kayn likes Zed and considers him an ally, if not straight up friend. It seems to me that he'd be reluctant to kill Zed ([Upon killing Zed]: "It should not have come to this, Zed"), but he also says what you said, which is the "inevitable" thing. So, if going with my theory that Kayn is Zed's apprentice, will Kayn have to kill Zed with Zed dying willingly in order to lead the Order of the Shadow? Will Kayn have to absorb Zed's power to become the assassin he's destined to be? Also, about Zed becoming more gray, I agree. Kayn is Zed's apprentice (probably), and he says things like how he doesn't like killing the innocent and that the true assassin kills for the greater good.
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Jaredan (NA)
: That's one of the possibilities, for sure. But it's not the only one...
…Is there an Ionia event coming up?
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Mudrensen (EUNE)
: If we are gonna talk about this,many characters don't look like champions
I'm just used to the old ones and the new champs haven't given me this feeling before.
: So basically riot did a good job making something different?
Yes. I'm not trying to say "what is this garbage, it doesn't belong in League," I'm just saying he feels strange.
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Aeszarck (NA)
: Now show me a second person shooter.
Wouldn't it be a first person shooter, but the main character is actually you? Like, everyone calls you by *your* name instead of some character's name.
: I have a huge problem with DJ Sona skin
> This is easily my favorite ultimate skin because it benefits the whole team > because it benefits the whole team Legit tho, gotta love that support player mentality. http://cf.girlsaskguys.com/q2373076/7c8ca3dc-3055-4100-85f5-f1f145ee4354.gif
: Same. Me and you are truly brilliant http://orig15.deviantart.net/f37f/f/2012/218/e/2/idiot_friends_by_babyabbiestar-d5a24zp.jpg
Elezzro (NA)
: Nothing can't be completely predictable because there is nothing to predict because we wouldn't exist, nor would anything else, including nothing itself.
So what you're saying is that nothing can't exist because nothing can't be defined unless something exists to define it? "The Light is defined by darkness." "Darkness gives form to the Light."
Skelenth (EUW)
: The real REAL reason why Chaos is winning
Okay, I appreciate the meme, but also want to talk about Order and Chaos. In many mythologies, Chaos itself is a being or place. Often times Chaos is described as a formless void. But is a formless void actually chaos? Or is emptiness, *lack of anything*, the ultimate expression of Order? Many people seem to think that nothingness is disarray, but isn't nothingness completely predictable in it's lack of form? Doesn't that make it orderly? Thoughts?
Veltox (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tattersall,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=nENEARwL,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-21T16:54:42.372+0000) > > {{champion:43}} sae eleisa tERA VI I think it's just a spell but could be in Ionian.
The two aren't mutually exclusive.
: Please Make "Target Champions Only" a Toggle
THIS. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. EDIT: Better yet, make anything bound to [caps lock] a toggle.
: You mean get yourself banned
That's why I'm kind of joking.
: MFW the VS event forces me to recognize people by name, not profile picture
awdaf (NA)
: This is annoying
Tell us their name so we can publicly shame them and get them banned. ######Kind of joking but what they did is report worthy.
: {{champion:497}} and {{champion:498}} sometimes speak in Vastayan and {{champion:420}} speaks sometime the language of its people (she always recall and talk the said language at the same time). And I guess that the way {{champion:240}} talks sometime can be considered as a language on its own...
{{champion:43}} sae eleisa tERA VI
Khâmul (EUW)
: English natives,don't suck at speaking your language
There's another grammar mistake that I see a lot that really annoys me, but for some reason I doubt that anyone else even knows about it: "Yay" is not a word. "Yea" is pronounced how you would sound out "yay." "Yea" is not pronounced, nor is it short for, "yeah." EDIT: Honestly tho, I don't care as much as it might sound. I just saw a post about grammar and had to vent. Sorry for coming off so aggressive.
: I feel like Shyvana should be an inferno of {{champion:102}}
On why it's called a thunder: "That is the proper term for a flock of dragons. If ever you had heard one in full flight, you would understand."
: so basically bronze
Naw man, salt is the one thing that brings together ALL players, no matter what elo they might be from or what champions they play. From the trolls to the meta slaves, from the try-hards to the "for fun"-ers, from the depths of Bronze V to the highest point of Challenger. Salt unites us all.
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: And how do you tell if there actually is a group of ekko's or just one for that matter? A continuum of {{champion:245}} 's
SatomiKun (EUW)
: If you have to decide between Chaos and Order
I see what you're saying, but raise you this: When everything is orderly: http://pa1.narvii.com/5781/94435c3ff6353200fc82534407274b008e625903_hq.gif https://68.media.tumblr.com/301588cbedf08bbe23db7baa8d251d55/tumblr_mohy23a7MV1rb1izqo1_500.gif When everything is in chaos: http://orig14.deviantart.net/4b53/f/2014/178/c/8/shion_laugh__animated__by_rainbow_blitz456-d7o5k85.gif https://static.tumblr.com/2d878e1d07bf1235ced424a314b7111e/akinzzi/F0Anj7ok0/tumblr_static_an79uipo7l4oo8k8sc8o0gs4o_640_v2.gif
: A council maybe? Or maybe a Dynasty (a group of kings), maybe even a "Monarch". I like the last one personally. Or, yknow, an empire.
Ooh, dynasty. Yeah, I'm going with that.
: Calling on all booty lovers.
[Dang it man](http://i.imgur.com/QkeeLMx.png)
: Not listing Fiora's marvelous booty? http://s.quickmeme.com/img/53/53c9b1c01e00dfe36a367f0044fc78ac5c06e66414e18eb6761ecb418f7f0fc0.jpg
: Nah! It's spelled melldenonious
inplane (NA)
: Real Talk: As a Taliyah main, can Tali have her vertical knockup back on her W?
I think this is what you're saying, but I'm going to explain it in an easier way to understand (if this *isn't* what you're saying, this is my idea of how the W should work): W should work like the ping wheel: If you just press it, it's a knockup. And if you hold it down, you decide where it knocks enemies based on where you drag your cursor, like how you ping different things based on which direction your cursor is dragged.
: mean while in zed land {{champion:238}} "I am the blade in the darkness."
Yasuo flaunts all of his blades, but Zed know that the *hidden* blade is the deadliest.
: Is the "{{champion:268}} House" a reference to the song "House of the Rising Sun"?
Honestly, I couldn't think of what a group of emperors would be called, and Azir is apparently based in part on the *Dune* series, specifically House Atreides. Yeah.
: Cemetery would be better for {{champion:83}} How about a Rage of {{champion:14}} (Or a train)
KoKoboto (NA)
: I don't get the Kalista one
It was the only one I could think of. In the lore, Kalista *was* a person, but now she's a combination of many souls that are all connected by vengeance. So Kalista already *is* a group of Kalista.
: So what {{champion:81}} 's taunt REALLY means is: "You belong inside me!"
No, it's "You belong inside a *group* of me!"
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: Hello everyone~! The timing of this topic actually couldn't be any better as the Warden program just released a whole bunch of us into the fray. There should be a proper introduction thread soon, but for now I am 1/4th of your new Gameplay board specific Wardens and this particular issue is something we've had quite a few days of discussion about. Allow me just a tiny bit of banner raising to pin this comment so more people can see that plans are indeed in motion. And for all you TL;DR people, feel free to Control + F down to the "Plan of the Week" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Now for the meat of things. Just _what_ can we do/want to do about high influx of subjects like 'Rengar' that, while obviously having a very strongly passionate community behind them, tend to bog down the boards in a lot of similar, low-impact, topic spam. First, we need to look at 'why' this tends to happen. Over time there's this general 'history' in the community, even going back to the days of the original Forum system, that in order to gain Riot's attention you need to be loud, boisterous, if not downright aggressive to get the coveted 'Red Post' confirming that your topic has indeed gotten attention. While, admittedly, this has worked in a few rare cases; we've noticed this has led to a more aggressive environment over time with less and less constructive-styled feedback popping up. In tandem with this, Riot posts have turned up less commonly as well. Then of course you have the side 'whys' like bandwagoning, 5 seconds-in-spotlight-ect. So what can be done/what do we plan to do about it? Well, as they say in the old Western movies: _There's a new sheriff in town._ Now, before we give off the wrong idea here, we're talked this through quite a bit and none of us want to take the 'purify by flames' approach at all. In fact just discouraging and/or deleting posts left, right, and center wound end badly for everyone. We're quite well studied on the 'Us vs the Mods' era back when Boards first began. Instead we'd like to try a few 'reward' systems on top of just simply enforcing the rules on a fundamental level. Here's the two biggest points of action we're focusing on right now. **"Plan of the Week"** _Megathreads_ So what 'is' a Megathread? A Megathread is a combination of, what normally is dozens of different ideas scattered across individual threads, all wrapped up into a singular post. With proper formatting (and a ToC list) people can quickly see if their point has been made, offer new points, content current points, ect. All in the comment's section of a single thread. We would like to think this could have three great side effect for the community here as a whole. -Those who go to the effort to maintain Megathreads, on issues that come and go such as this Rengar moment, can potentially see their threads Pinned for maximum Riot visibility. We're still discussing the 'qualifications' for what hits this critical mass point, but be assured it is a hotbed issue in our minds at the moment. -With a pinned discussion, containing a LOT of constructive critique of an issue, we're hoping this will more positively encourage Rioters to have a spot to leave feedback on the issues you, the community, feel need some form of addressing. -Additionally, this incentive should help give people reasons to gravitate towards centralized threads; rather than spinning out as many clone-topics as possible. _Enforcement of the Universal Rules_ Now, for the sake of clarity and sanity, we know that even the most Positive minded of solutions isn't going to be a 100% fix. People will still want to make their own topics (which is fine in and of itself!), people will still bandwagon. However, at least half of the current issue we and the community have with this can be addressed by applying the Universal Rules themselves. You will likely see these ones in particular enforced quite a bit in the near future. **Spamming / Trolling** _-Posting designed to bait conversation or falsify content_ _-Making repetitive non-constructive or low effort content_ _-Bumping of discussions with no additional context_ Let's be honest on both ends, there are quite a few posts containing merely a few lines, of things already more constructively covered in other threads or said purely just to anger people into replying. In recent history these have simply slid through due to being 'topic of the moment' relevant and Upvoted highly enough to stick around far longer than they should. Aside from directly reported topics, these will likely be the ones most likely to be sealed up by us. Together we're hoping these two approaches will help with quite a few of the issues you've brought up in this thread and discussion! Please, if you have any feedback, questions, concerns fire away! The Wardens are all ears for things the Community would like to see happen as well; as we're going to do everything in our power to make our transition a two-way street. Regards~ http://i1152.photobucket.com/albums/p495/SakuriOno/signature_zpsxvarnhru.jpg
I like your little character. How do I get one.
DVA545 (NA)
: {{champion:157}} Tumor? what kind of tumor?
I don't know. Velzard of Koz was the one who started this thing, and Yasuo is one of the few that he thought up. I'm yielding to his wisdom.
: Suggestion for {{champion:22}}: A pile. ...cuz a pile of ashes. Also, I had a good laugh at a Draven of Dravens.
Done. But then I had to change Taliyah to "volley," as in her Q. Which, honestly, is better. So…
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: Introducing Melledoneus, the new Warden of Memes & Games!
Congrats man! http://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/012/982/post-19715-Brent-Rambo-gif-thumbs-up-imgu-L3yP.gif
: A group of Yasuos is called tumor. A group of Rivens is called kindergarten. A group of Fizzs is called school. A group of Urgots is called empty space. A group of Kindred is called Kindred. A group of Illaois is called hentai convention. A group of Vel'Kozs is called hentai convention research.
Please make this into a full post. With every champion. Otherwise, give me your blessing to make this post for you.
Eunson (NA)
: Do you have 2 monitors?
No. Uhh… yeah, that's it.
: When you ascend to Warden status
https://media.tenor.com/images/88d62d60b31e5cba9d69d367ace9c4c7/tenor.gif Wait, you *and* Melledoneus are Wardens!? http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/mog1.gif ######Sharjo preserve us
: Gif?noredirect ftfy
: A huge problem with this board
Yeah… I thought it was weird when three of the posts that were on the top of the front page were by people named Rengylvania, Rengar Rampage, and KnifeCat.
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SiegFx1 (NA)
: We are not going to receive compensations from the rune update
Tribunal *is* returning. I guess it's technically in beta. It's called "The Verdict" and it takes place here on the Boards. Though, because it's on the Boards, it'll usually require some searching because it depends on upvotes to be really visible. Not sure if that'll be how it stays for good tho.
: Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch can be earned through Honor
Pls add a way to get Judgment Kayle, pls add a way to get Judgment Kayle…
Sqkerg (NA)
: He doesn't have to be anyone, he just has to be correct, which he is.
I'm joking. Read his name.
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