Quepha (NA)
: The double damage proc effect lasts for the full duration regardless of tenacity or cleanse. Riot generally tries to make it so that all forms of cc reduction/removal ONLY affect the cc and other effects remain.
How do I contact the wiki to make them change their information
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: One of my personal mottos is "anything for the meme," and that includes using historical inaccuracies to make a joke. My three downvotes tell me that not everyone agrees with my stance on memes.
Or maybe it's just a bad meme, I dunno.
Jakobi (NA)
: You do realise Chosen Yi was made way before Disney bought Star Wars and Star Wars is relatively not even close to being popular because of disney.
One of my personal mottos is "anything for the meme," and that includes using historical inaccuracies to make a joke. My three downvotes tell me that not everyone agrees with my stance on memes.
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: PROJECT: Hunters Splash Arts
These look *really* good.
: Don't call my pet "a random blue ball" you heartless q.q I'm still crying for my Ghost who died with devourer
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GreenLore (EUW)
: Uhm actually we don't know if the targonians ever needed to ascend or if they were like this to begin with. Aurelion sol might have simply mistaken them for "yet another race of mortals",considering that he is as old as the universe itself
This is true. Ascension is the theory that I subscribe too, and if you decide to interpret "Ascension" as "gained power through magic," then this theory is also the theory that encompasses the most other theories. I think.
: Unfortunately, Zoe is called the Aspect of Twilight, but Rioters have either implied or mentioned that she is pure alien, not a host. I think, we'll get confirmation when her full lore is up. Also, the people from Targon: the Rakkor, the Solari, and the thus far unnamed tribes would also be called Targonian. Which is why I prefer calling the aliens Space Parasites. It gets the meaning across without any of that added confusion.
Yeah, I wasn't really sure what to call every group. I just decided to go with the arbitrary names but then establish that they *are* arbitrary, and say exactly how I'll be using them for the comment, even if it's wrong.
: What Are The Aspects?
First, you should know, for the purpose of this comment: Aspect = Pantheon, Taric, Leona, Diana. Targonian/Targon Empire = I'll explain. Okay, here's what I know: The Targonians are straight up aliens. They're a star-faring empire, and it's possible that they have straight up space ships. How they get around doesn't really matter tho. At one point in their history, the Targonians learned how to Ascend, much like how Azir, Nasus, and Renekton did it, but with *far* more efficiency. It's unknown if this Ascension was possible because of the capture of Aurelion Sol, but I think they did it before they met him and then learned how to do it better afterwards. The Targonians have purposely not fully colonized Runeterra (for reasons currently unknown), but they do want to keep an eye on the planet. And so (and I assume that they do this with a lot of planets), certain Targonians have been assigned to project a part of their consciousness into hosts on-planet. These Aspects are imbued with a portion of Targonian power, and are elevated in ability. Btw, I'm not sure if Zoe is an Aspect or if she actually is straight up a Targonian. I guess we'll find out. When it comes to there being Aspects of Sun, Moon, Twilight, etc, that's easy to explain. Those are the interpretations of the civilizations of Mount Targon, like the Rakkor, Solari, and Lunari. Riot has confirmed that Zoe is the Aspect of Twilight, but in Targonian words that means she's the Aspect of change. So maybe when the Solari say "Sun," the Targonians say "Order" or something like that. I had to type this quickly and may have missed something. Hope this helps anyway!
: Zoe says Sol didn't make the stars, that its simply something he says to seem powerful while he's not
I mean, we certainly do know that Sol creates stars. His story, [Twin Dawns](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/aurelionsol-color-story/) confirms this. I think when Zoe says what she says, it could be chalked up as "Zoe ignorance" and "Targon arrogance." It's likely that Targonians forced Sol to create stars after he was enslaved, and if that's true it's entirely within Targon's personality to take full credit for such an event. I also agree with Mhihnj, I think it's unlikely that Sol created *every* star. We know that there are cosmic entities that are similar in nature to Sol (Targon forced Sol to fight some of them), and it's not a stretch to think that some of them are star-forgers.
: Morgana and Kayle. Would be pretty damn high up. Not void/nagakuboros level but again pretty high up.
I was considering them. In the end, I decided that we don't know enough about them. But I guess that's what I said for the trio of fear, so I'll put down Morgana and Kayle.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: If Zoe is at level of Aurelion Sol, why did they need to trick him?
Sorry, I haven't read the other comments, so I don't know if this has been said. Anyway, as far as I know, the Targon Empire got a lot of its power through stars. The theory that I buy into is that the Aspects (the actual ones, not the hosts ones like Pantheon and Leona) are like Ascended beings, but done *far* more efficiently. This would mean that they got much of their power indirectly through Sol. It's possible that, with Sol under their reins, they were able to Ascend even further, or their Ascension got better, and they are now on Sol's level as long as he's under their control.
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Kloqdq (NA)
: From what I understad/know, there is likely some Space Targon where the aspects live and then Runeterra Targon where the normal people live. So Zoe is likely from space targon.
Correct. And the people from Space Targon are the gods in Knalxz's parody.
Knalxz (NA)
: God 1: So who should we empower next to become an ultra being? Any of the 130 champions that are all stalwarts of their peoples? God 2: HOW ABOUT A LITTLE GIRL WITH NO CONCEPT OF THE GRAVITY TO HER ACTIONS?!?! God 3: Oh so Annie or Lulu? God 2: NO! I MEAN A NEW ONE! ONE WHO IS SOCIALLY AWKWARD AND CLEARLY MENTALITY UNSTABLE! God 3: bu- God 1: Dude, let him have this one. If the human children don't start going missing then ours will. God 2: YOU KNOW THE GAME I PLAY ALL TO WELL!
See, that's the thing. It's possible that Zoe is actually one of those gods herself. We haven't learned that Aspects are immortal, yet Zoe apparently is. Plus, the Aspects that we know currently are all more or less bound to Runeterra, but Zoe has *clearly* gone off world a number of times, and may not even be from Runeterra originally. And the way she speaks to Sol…
: And because we don't want dead poros. That too.
: Zoe is here! Discussion page.. and yeah she was indeed a true aspect in targon
I love this champ so far. Her Q is literally so great. Holy crap. I can't *wait* for the lore release.
: Another champ used to have it, but it's Zoe's now.
Another champ or the incarnation of another champ? *…Or is it the key that releases Aurelion Sol!?!?!????*
: 🐹 Be a Poro for a Weekend! - Christmas Game Mode! 🐹
Pls make it so that death is like in Star Guardian mode, but it's on a timer. So death is really just a long stun. Then it's more like a snow ball fight, 'cuz you're just like "Dang you got me! I'm dead now." "…" "…" "Okay I'm alive again."
: Skater Girl Taliyah
https://img00.deviantart.net/0b9a/i/2017/221/7/5/star_guardian_taliyah_by_ehdo-dbjexrk.jpg Best Taliyah skin concept imo. By Ehdo.
Santozed (EUW)
: I think Ekko's can no longer be called as such, he must have rewinded time so much that he reached a state of maturity far beyond what any 15 yo person can obtain. So he kind of cheats.
Plus he's needed to deal with stuff that Annie just hasn't. Ekko has lead a pretty tough life. He's seen friends die, man.
: I think Zoe looks awesome and very unique
I totally agree. When Kayn first came out he just didn't… seem like a champion to me. I still don't know what it was, he just didn't feel like something that would be in the game. I get no such feeling from Zoe. For the record, I'm completely fine with Kayn now. I just needed a little time to acclimatize.
: One trick problems
Same, except I'm just bad at the game. No S for me.
: Either legendary or ultimate. Have the soldiers be pawns when summoned and change depending on the action. Once W is maxed make them bishops, when Qing make them knights, when you get the attack speed bonus make them queens and make the turret of the passive the rook. I really hope someone at RIOT hq sees this thread
What if they spawned as pawns, but changed based on what direction he Qs them? Like, if they go straight (up, down, left, right), they model-change to rooks, if they go directly diagonal they model change into bishops, and if they go just *slightly*diagonal they model change to knights? That's probably too complex. They could all just be queens.
: No no no. Ultimate, the soldiers change depending on how ther are moving/attacking
Plus they leave behind black and white tiles.
: The new champion is in fact an Aspect. Of Twilight no less.
Source? Or are you joking or something, I can't tell.
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: That's terrifying {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
It's a very dangerous mirror.
: My deepest, darkest desire
GreenLore (EUW)
: I think it was said that the fact that she was born during the runewars actually makes her rather young for a demon. So Tahm would likely be older than her and the runewars.
What kind of events do you think could've caused mass misery without causing mass agony (also, when even were the Rune Wars)? Maybe a plague of some kind? Like, one that kills quickly and painlessly, but it still caused the misery of loved ones and stuff. What are your thoughts?
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mvmlego (NA)
: I've been looking for information on the so-called demon champions, but information has been scarce. Could you link to the article (or Reddit post or whatever) where Riot talks about them?
My source is the Tahm Kench QnA that happened here on the Boards when he came out. He and Eve are currently the only Demon champs.
: Looks like someones OC Did you google image search it?
> [{quoted}](name=2nd Chance,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yg2njvrq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-08T00:19:33.920+0000) > > Looks like someones OC > > Did you google image search it? Yes.
: oh, do this thing to find the image.
> [{quoted}](name=BlueVestGuy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yg2njvrq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-08T00:07:22.109+0000) > > oh, do this thing to find the image. http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/sss.gif
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Splision (NA)
: But didn't Tahm eat the gambler's bride despite her not making the contract with him?
The bride was a part of the Gambler's (for clarity, I'm going to call him "The Man") deal. The Man's contract was basically "Take me away from this place, and in return I'll give you what you want in the future." The tricky thing is, that video was largely metaphorical. The Man wanted to be taken away from "this place" where he was about to "change his path (give up gambling)." Tahm's deal was that he takes The Man away, but what Tahm *really got* was the chance to take him to a different place, one that would enable his gambling addiction. So after The Man got married, Tahm arrived and "ate the gifts, and house, and gold," but that wasn't literally Tahm, it was The Man's gambling addiction. Tahm enabled The Man's addiction knowing that he would lose everything to it, even eventually his wife. Maybe his wife was killed by the people he couldn't pay back, and maybe his wife left him. Either way, Tahm succeeded in causing the most amount of misery possible in a single man. I consider myself an expert on this kind of thing. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Just So I’m clear, Evelynn didn’t kill...........
Demons need to fulfill a requirement before they can affect a being. Tahm's requirement is a spoken contract or bargain. A person has to give consent and merely reap what they sow, and it's Tahm's job to get them to sow the right things. I'm not sure when or where, but I read somewhere that Evelynn's requirement is physical touch. She usually goes about this through seduction, but it's very possible that she uses other means. We don't know how she killed the parents, but I am confident in this: In that moment, nothing Evelynn could've done would have been able to make Vayne go up and touch her.
: Problems every College student understands....
I'm not even in college and I have this problem.
: I for one actually like the fun, confident, flirty, and sexy Miss Fortune we currently have in-game.
Upvoting because rational arguments, calm tone, non-accusatory, and actually suggesting a solution.
: {{champion:223}} I swear his W eats something I didn't click on half the time. I click on a fully stacked enemy and he turns around to eat an ally. I click to eat ally, he eats a minion. Not sure if it's wonky or I am just really uneven with my clicking.
I saw something on this! Apparently, it's because a champion gets to three stack *visually* half a second before they get to three stacks *mechanically*, so often people will W *right* when they see the three stacks, or even when they anticipate the three stacks, and a person's reaction time in this situation is somehow faster than the game's
Skelenth (EUW)
: Miss Fortunes Bizarre Adventure
That's what I thought! Nice job, +1
: Our warwick vs their warwick
Warwick ult: https://sequelsprequels.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/z0hynso.gif?w=620
: What Are Demons?
Thank you for not saying that the demons are the seven deadly sins.
KoKoboto (NA)
: Nocturne was confirmed to be the spooooky demon in For Demacia
Nice. I just wasn't sure, so I was playing it safe.
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