Brascus (NA)
: Rotating game mode where you spend gold on your minions
: Crush some fools with Top lane Sejuani! (Sort of a Guide)
Wait, what makes a champion more susceptible to true damage than other champions? Low base HP? Low base HP *Regen*?
Nilok (NA)
: This thread should probably be pinned.
: A Message to the Boards. A Bigger Issue than 10 Bans.
Underrated post. Plus one. Have a Pepe. Also, that Smite comment was on point. …Good post. 'Nuff said.
: You Guys Ever Realize That You've Been Playing The Champion Wrong?
When I first picked up Kassadin I played him as (what I thought was) a mage-assassin. My friends were always telling me to build him differently, but I would have none of it. Then I found out that he's not a mage-assassin, he's an assassin-mage.
magewick (NA)
: This new ban system will be problematic
I'm not even sure if I agree with you, but I'm upvoting because you're not screaming about how the 10 ban system is completely terrible and the worst thing ever. You're just speaking your mind and even giving suggestions.
: Looking at Taliyah's recent winrate, you can see she really likes rocks.. and mountains
Rioter Comments
: I based it off an old fairy tale that's too dark and gruesome for children, except I shortened it significantly and changed some facets of it.
Could you give me a name?
: My Shop: Expectations vs. Reality
I only got skins for champions I play, and they were all actually pretty good. The problem is… the skins were only *good*, and I already have the *best* skins for the champions that I play.
Thank you for donating to my Pepe collection. As a token of my gratitude, I grant you this Pepe gif. If that doesn't suit you or if you already it, here's another.
: Then we all know what's coming after:
I prefer
teegorom (NA)
: BFE's (Big Fucking Eyebrows) are not cute, you're actually insane. XD
That's a matter of opinion, buddy.
: "*There was once a king whose wife he loved very much. One day, a scheming devil took her hands in exchange for her keeping her purity and loyalty to her husband. "10 years," the devil promised, "then we will see how loyal you are." With a heavy heart, the King went to war, and the Devil intercepted his letters home, tricking the king's men into forcing his mother to kill his wife and child. The mother sent the two away and killed a deer instead, sending its tongue as proof to the King of the deed. The king, distraught, returned and searched for years, but when he found her at last he did not recognize her because she had grown back her hands.* *And so he kept searching.*" -Tahm Kench
Could someone explain this to me.
: Avacyn ?
: Hey I've had something I wanted to swing by you. You know how Kindred has qoutes for when they're dead? I think it would be pretty cool if Tahm had some short stories he could tell in like a minute when the death timers get long enough. Or maybe in multiple parts. I already get chills from his teaser, imagine the immersion you could get when you hear this southern catfish spin you a tale.
Pls make this into a whole post.
NJALobo (NA)
: did you make that
No, it's an image on the PBE.
Rioter Comments
: The darius new animated short really makes him more and more badass lore-wise
It was great. Way better than an action sequence would've been, I think.
: A side point, but Thunderlord's actually deals a very small AoE damage instead of single target. If they're bunched up very closely, they'll all take the TLD damage.
Oh yeah. I always forget that it's AOE. Okay, so what if they're all along the edge of the GP ult instead of bunched up?
Rioter Comments
Sharjo (EUW)
: League of Legends Animation Workshop - Darius: Fear
Oh my goodness. This was so good. I expected all of these things to just be random combat scenes, but this… this was amazing. It honestly said so much about Darius. When he pulled out the canteen(?) instead of the axe, I was confused, but then the wolves started walking away and he said the quote and it was just awesome.
: When someone finally picks Azir
" Your Emperor has *returned* " -Birb probably
: The worst part; they ALWAYS feed, they're like the main source of gold, it's ridiculous.
I know right!? All they do is run it down the lane and feed the enemy. It's so frustrating! Rito ban minions for toxicity,
: When your lane is warded and you deem it safe to all-in the enemy laner...
: The reasons brought up for his nerf are simply weak complaints in my opinion. The game is about winning if people think that Fizz is unfair and therefor ban worthy then why not pick him and abuse it?
Okay, I don't know if this argument is still going, so I'm gonna go ahead and say this. Your arguments are good and his are terrible. There are two possibilities: 1. He's a troll and he's literally only trying to anger as many people as possible. 2. He's an idiot. Whichever option he is, he doesn't deserve further responses.
: Maybe. I like to consider myself an amateur memelord but I did meet a Tryndamere last match who recognized me as "the AbsorbentTNT".
No, I know you're not an amateur. You're on here enough that I recognize your name when I see it, and I do acknowledge you as a true Memer (as if I have authority over who's a Memer and who isn't).
: What champion pole dances the best?
Wait a second… ######Did I… did I bamboozle myself or are you a legend?
: Pair up an item with a champ in a masochistic fashion.
I don't know if this really counts, but Nashor's Tooth on Twisted Fate.
: What is the best item to rush on Reksai?
I would have to say Tear of the Goddess, but then Trinity Force or Iceborn Gauntlet.
: What champion pole dances the best?
: Who is a champion that you would totally 100% bang?
: what do you say the instant you get into a game
Rioter Comments
: On today's episode of "So you think you can dodge?"
: I feel like young and old would look different
Actually, even men and women have different skull features. Same with some races too. Poor people will probably have worse teeth than rich people, and someone can be ugly when they have a misshapen skull. …But honestly the meme is pretty good. +1
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: Dann son. And you have yet to make this a thread, why...?
> And you have yet to make this a thread, why...? I guess I'll go do that. Edit: [I did it](
: The Next Ultimate Skin (Part 2)
For a while now, I've had an idea for a Jax ultimate skin. First of all, he IS on your list of potential candidates, so he already fits that bill. Second, he has a mechanic that only seven champions in the game have: His attack speed is consistently and regularly changing. For reference, the other champions are Jinx, Udyr, Volibear, Olaf, Aatrox, and Ezreal. Anyway, my idea is that Jax's model changes based on how much attack speed he has currently. I imagine it being like, a berserker theme. Jax has become an ultimate warrior by gaining some kind of power, maybe demonic (think Aatrox), in the form of a new (and real) weapon and new armor, and the more damage he does, the more this power is fed. I imagine it like the Silent Armor worn by one version of Wonder Girl in the DC universe. The Armor is connected to the wearer, and in combat it slowly grows out of the wearer's body. The Armor is another being though, and if not controlled it will consume the wearer. Hence the demon theme. So yeah, model changes based on his attack speed. Not even the stacks on his passive, but his attack speed. It would be worthy of an Ultimate if Riot could make the transition between forms smooth.
: Doesn't rakan have something similar?
: because he needs to spread the gospel of {{champion:201}} X {{champion:104}}
My comment is no longer relevant. When I posted it, the image wasn't an image, it was a link that looked to be well over 1000 characters.
: Daily Reminder that Ezreal is a little bitch
: Sorry daddy {{champion:201}} only has time to daddy {{champion:104}}
Crewx (NA)
: *shrug* I don't think it really matters. I like that they're exploring the Pulsefire fantasy with another skin.
Yeah, It doesn't really matter, it just bugs me. I'm not really sure why tbh.
: If I had to guess, there will probably be an Ask Riot about this soon.
Hadn't thought about this. Just submitted the question. Thanks.
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: No matter how hard you feed, how much your allies flame, or how far you drop in ranks
It… it depresses me, how much I can relate to this.
: Just like I said on the other post. Any volunteers for who would want to have a kid with Urgot?
Tbh I was thinking of it more like grandpa in a respect sense. In this scene I imagine a bunch of neighborhood kids listening to stories from that nice, lonely old man who just wants someone to talk to.
FilDaFunk (EUW)
: {{champion:99}} Thank God light is weightless {{champion:7}} 3 of us should be able to carry this staff {{champion:103}} I think I'll just drink some of your essence {{champion:43}} I'll just meditate for 5 minutes... *never wakes up* {{champion:117}} That tasted grey {{champion:267}} *Uses ult* Drowns
> {{champion:117}} That tasted grey Oh goodness
: Everyone who's reading this...
"Grandpa Urgot! Grandpa Urgot! Tell us a story!" {{champion:6}} Ho ho, you kids and your wonderful spirit. Ok, I'll tell you a story from my childhood. "Yea! Come on guys! Grandpa is telling a story!" *children gather 'round* {{champion:6}} Let's see… yes… once upon a time, there was a man. {{champion:6}} He had a dark, secret past. *Children "ooh" in anticipation* {{champion:6}} *Falls asleep*
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