GreenLore (EUW)
: I think it was said that the fact that she was born during the runewars actually makes her rather young for a demon. So Tahm would likely be older than her and the runewars.
What kind of events do you think could've caused mass misery without causing mass agony (also, when even were the Rune Wars)? Maybe a plague of some kind? Like, one that kills quickly and painlessly, but it still caused the misery of loved ones and stuff. What are your thoughts?
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mvmlego (NA)
: I've been looking for information on the so-called demon champions, but information has been scarce. Could you link to the article (or Reddit post or whatever) where Riot talks about them?
My source is the Tahm Kench QnA that happened here on the Boards when he came out. He and Eve are currently the only Demon champs.
: Looks like someones OC Did you google image search it?
> [{quoted}](name=2nd Chance,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yg2njvrq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-08T00:19:33.920+0000) > > Looks like someones OC > > Did you google image search it? Yes.
: oh, do this thing to find the image.
> [{quoted}](name=BlueVestGuy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yg2njvrq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-08T00:07:22.109+0000) > > oh, do this thing to find the image.
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Splision (NA)
: But didn't Tahm eat the gambler's bride despite her not making the contract with him?
The bride was a part of the Gambler's (for clarity, I'm going to call him "The Man") deal. The Man's contract was basically "Take me away from this place, and in return I'll give you what you want in the future." The tricky thing is, that video was largely metaphorical. The Man wanted to be taken away from "this place" where he was about to "change his path (give up gambling)." Tahm's deal was that he takes The Man away, but what Tahm *really got* was the chance to take him to a different place, one that would enable his gambling addiction. So after The Man got married, Tahm arrived and "ate the gifts, and house, and gold," but that wasn't literally Tahm, it was The Man's gambling addiction. Tahm enabled The Man's addiction knowing that he would lose everything to it, even eventually his wife. Maybe his wife was killed by the people he couldn't pay back, and maybe his wife left him. Either way, Tahm succeeded in causing the most amount of misery possible in a single man. I consider myself an expert on this kind of thing. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Just So I’m clear, Evelynn didn’t kill...........
Demons need to fulfill a requirement before they can affect a being. Tahm's requirement is a spoken contract or bargain. A person has to give consent and merely reap what they sow, and it's Tahm's job to get them to sow the right things. I'm not sure when or where, but I read somewhere that Evelynn's requirement is physical touch. She usually goes about this through seduction, but it's very possible that she uses other means. We don't know how she killed the parents, but I am confident in this: In that moment, nothing Evelynn could've done would have been able to make Vayne go up and touch her.
: Problems every College student understands....
I'm not even in college and I have this problem.
: I for one actually like the fun, confident, flirty, and sexy Miss Fortune we currently have in-game.
Upvoting because rational arguments, calm tone, non-accusatory, and actually suggesting a solution.
: {{champion:223}} I swear his W eats something I didn't click on half the time. I click on a fully stacked enemy and he turns around to eat an ally. I click to eat ally, he eats a minion. Not sure if it's wonky or I am just really uneven with my clicking.
I saw something on this! Apparently, it's because a champion gets to three stack *visually* half a second before they get to three stacks *mechanically*, so often people will W *right* when they see the three stacks, or even when they anticipate the three stacks, and a person's reaction time in this situation is somehow faster than the game's
Skelenth (EUW)
: Miss Fortunes Bizarre Adventure
That's what I thought! Nice job, +1
: Our warwick vs their warwick
Warwick ult:
: What Are Demons?
Thank you for not saying that the demons are the seven deadly sins.
KoKoboto (NA)
: Nocturne was confirmed to be the spooooky demon in For Demacia
Nice. I just wasn't sure, so I was playing it safe.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tattersall,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=21KByuO1,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-26T21:53:34.626+0000) > there's still the issue of her seemingly sparing a child after killing their parents. Is it possible that she knew that that child would grow up to be a brutal monster hunter with a sadistic side? On;y time will tell. Didn't they reveal Demons can only hurt humans if a condition is fulfilled? In Eve's case that could be lust and a child can hardly lust after her.
Oooh… Keep that speculation going! Also, I flipping typed "On;y." What's wrong with me.
Cetri (NA)
: Hmm... So would Nocturne feed on fear, then? Not just causing spooky nightmares, but mass hysteria, witchhunts, that sort of thing? It's a kind of emotional pain, but a different sort from Tahm's, I feel.
Hey, yeah! That could work. Noc is all about nightmares, and if we assume that it's Nocturne in the story [For Demacia]( (it probably is), than nightmares are really about what each individual fears the most, and how they react when confronted by it. Noc could *easily* feed off of people's fear by giving them nightmares. And yeah, I think it "fear" fits into the current two. So we have Misery, Agony, Terror…
: gluttony and lust we just the rest now
Riot has said that they're trying not to use judeo-christian archetypes in demon champions. Each demon champ in the future probably won't be as cookie-cutter as the seven deadlys. It's already confirmed that Tahm represents both greed and gluttony, but not those specifically. He more represents desire and how it can be used to cause misery.
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: I see what you're doing Rito: 7 Deadly Sins
Riot has said that they're trying not to use judeo-christian archetypes in demon champions. That is, they said that with Tahm Kench. Each demon champ in the future probably won't be as cookie-cutter as the seven deadlys. It's already confirmed that Tahm represents both greed *and* gluttony, but not those specifically. He more represents desire and how it can be used to cause misery. What exactly Evelynn represents is currently unknown (I think), but if Tahm is misery (emotional pain) than Evelynn is probably agony (physical pain).
: Especially if I'm me? I feel flattered :P I assume you want my opinion on your GP page? I totally agree with Sorcery as a Primary tree, it has some really nice runes for GP and he has strong slows that could make Meteorite somewhat reliable. It also has a fixed travel time so ulting bot is not a waste of the mastery. I think ultimate hat is fine, but I'd also keep an eye on that Manaflow band, could be pretty nice. Totally agree with Transcendance, that thing's looking great I'm still on the fence about Scorch vs Gathering storm, but for now I do think Scorch is propably the better option. If you decide to go Inspiration second, I'd rather get Future's market or Minion Dematerializer over Hextech flashtraption. But do keep an eye on Domination for a secondary tree, Cheap shot looks like it might be a pretty good option if you can proc it with Cannon Barrage and Kegs, without needing to Q after applying the slow. I'm writing this during my lunch breaks, it'll be a few hours 'till I can respond to any replies :P
Ayyy! Thanks for your contribution! I'll be sure to keep what you've said in mind!
Carnage (NA)
: Remember the good old days This old post is *loaded* with perfection. Look through the comments, especially my replies to HeroGilgamesh, for the best old days you could ask for.
Saïx (OCE)
: The Single Greatest Meme Riot has EVER Created
What is the exact source on this? I'm sorry, I don't understand these things.
: For Gangplank, why flashtraption? I'm thinking anything from the middle row (Magical Footwear, Future's Market, Minion Dematerializer) would all be better picks. EDIT: Since you play Kench, what do you think of this for Tahm support?
Flashtraption seemed good to me, but now that you mention magical footwear… About your Tahm build, I think it looks good. Just remember that the 3rd row of resolve (Iron Skin, Mirror Shell, and Conditioning) should be swapped out game by game under matchup conditions and stuff (though Conditioning looks better in almost all situations). *Almost* same with the keystone, between Grasp and Guardian. Other than that, I'm skeptical about Future's Market, but probably just because I don't know exactly how it works yet and it feels weird to me because of that.
: No worries bro I gotchu with my planned Azir page.
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: If you really were a folklore fan, you would know that the sexist myth of the woman who seduces men to kill them is an ancient trope that has not much to do with succubi, but is more of a general theme when it comes to a female monster or spirit. The sirens. The water sprites. The fox spirits. All folklores are filled with tales of hot babes who kill men because they are hot. And, like with all folklore, this tells a lot about society and our nature. tl;dr, sirens don't always lure you in with sex. They sing about what you want most. Odysseus heard them promising him knowledge about the future.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: At least he has a good taste for waifus. I love this artist.
: Some feedback on Evelynn's new in-game model/art assets
Just want to say tho, they got the hands right. The hands look cool.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Disappointed. Does not appear good as much as teaser to me. Cold and sadistic look on her teaser is not transferred to splash art. She is more like a total whore (which she is) but... Wish she wasn't smiling. Also, hands are not even same! I liked her arachnid hands. Overall, splash art is good. Just not the face.
I agree with the hands thing, which surprisingly they got right in her in-game model. The hands in the splash need to look more spindly.
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Sharjo (EUW)
: Evelynn: Agony's Embrace - Champion Teaser
I was disappointed until I saw the "shadow form," which Reav3 says is her *true* form, making it only more awesome.
: What is dead may never die!
deathgod5 (EUW)
: Challenge, choose a board and summarize it with a picture or gif:
Story, Art, & Sound At least, this is how *I* see it.
: So I guess she isn't the horned demon that killed vaynes parents Unless of course she gets horns in shadow form Or she's like tahm kench who's form changes with how people perceive her
I think she is like Tahm Kench, but apparently some people *do* see horns, though I can't.
: Yeah the colour thing is super just an opinion. It's not a big deal. Purple is fine too, but idk the pinkish-red looked more threatening to me and the issue with this splash is that it's just not as menacing as the teaser.
Yeah, the pale red (pale pink?) was really good. Deep purple kind of fits better, but it doesn't look as good.
: So she looks like she has horns now. Gawd, Ahri needs to move over. This is the stuff I wanted. Also it is quite fun how a splashart of a champion notoriously known to leave corpses impaled with spikes is from romania first lol.
I can't actually tell that she has horns. She does have them though, as said in Vayne's bio. Could someone outline them or something for me?
Vonler (EUNE)
: I like her... spiky things. Her hair kinda reminds the shadow isles icon.
: promotion at its finest.
I have no relation to Apathylex, I just respect him.
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Solitair (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yosuke Apperu,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=yUfkayOb,comment-id=000b0001,timestamp=2017-09-20T16:29:24.320+0000) > > Your body type classifications scare me and most likely many others. What exactly is your ideal woman? Well, first off, I am female, and I've actually been that size before. I know its a fantasy drawing of a fantasy fox lady, but it doesn't sell well as a believable body type. That's a hugely disproportionate size of thigh and hip. The arms are big too. For that not to be fat, she'd have to have such big muscle that even a little bit of definition would need to be apparent to really sell it as not huge fat...that, or the bone structure of a "little person". And when I was that size, yes, my ass received a lot of praise. My fat distribution is such that i don't really grow a potbelly stomach, and mostly goes to my ass and thighs. But even if people liked how it looked, I was incredibly unhealthy. It was cheeseburgers and shit. I was developing blood clots in my legs, which are very dangerous. One day, my lower leg went numb. That was the last straw. I dedicated to eating right and exercising, and now I am healthy and thin instead of "Thicc". I prefer my thigh gap and no bloodclots to being trendy THICC but unhealthy. My ass no longer gets so much compliments, but who cares ? At least I'm not going to die tomorrow.
I remember when thigh gaps and being thin were the "unrealistic beauty standards" for women. It's weird for me to think that it's now more or less reversed. +1 for increased awareness.
: Yordles and their glamour (general wonderings from the new comic)
I agree with Superb Villain, but I also have more to add. When people see Yordles, their natural glamour shrouds them and makes them appear as something else. However, a Yordle will look different to every person. In poppy's story, "Slayer," I think, a child saw Poppy as "the hero," the seven foot epic Demacian who had been going around killing a bunch of monsters, but the child's father merely saw an unassuming short person. Same with what Rioters have said, that Garen and Lux would see two different things when looking at Poppy, because of their different relationships to magic. Meanwhile, Donger and Ziggs are interacting with humans on a daily basis as shopkeepers. If two humans were to compare notes and realize that Ziggs and Donger look different for every person, it would *instantly* expose them as inhuman. So Donger makes a static glamour that doesn't change, no matter who looks at them.
: Cute and hot are completely different. They aren't even similar.
Then I apologize for my lack of linguistic precision.
: I'm very well aware what his bio reads. I'm also positive it says nothing about Lux thinking that specifically anywhere. Don't fabricate things, and if you must, at least say it's an opinion. No reason to mislead people.
I simply said that Lux thinks Ezreal is hot, and Lux *clearly* states that she thinks Ezreal is cute in the story [Starfall]( Twice. "A tall redhead, a quiet girl with mint colored curls, and a kinda cute guy with blonde hair…" "A guy’s voice breaks the background noise of distant campers. I look up. Great. It’s the cute, blonde guy from Ahri’s star-studded entourage."
: SG Ezreal and Lux shared dialogue basically consisted of "Hi, I'm Ezreal.", "What's your favorite kind of light?", "I'll catch you later.", and "Told you I'd catch you later.". Again, not even close to being confirmed. If this = Lux and Ezreal dating, then he must be dating Soraka too. He was even more flirty with her than he was Lux, and it can't even really be considered that “All in a night’s work, eh Soraka?” Ezreal says, giving the quiet girl a wink. “Thanks for the little pick me up.
["For the time being, though, a certain pink-haired Guardian from another team has caught his attention..."]( I'm not even saying it's canon, but Lux does think Ez is hot and Ez has taken an interest in Lux. But it's very possible that he's just a player who "takes an interest in" most girls he meets.
: The Next Ultimate Skin (Part 3)
Ayyyy I saw the words "next ultimate skin" and the word "Paleo" and instantly upvoted. I really like these posts. Anyway, last time Paleo made one of these posts I made a comment about why I think Jax has a chance to get the next ultimate skin. Paleo saw it and suggested that I make my own whole post about the idea, so I did. I'm going to put a link to that post here, just to keep the Ultimate Skin speculation rolling.
: How is that even close to confirmed? Even Lux questions it. One of her quotes in game are "Are we supposed to be... dating... or something? We've never even talked."
Ezreal x Lux is non-canon. *Star Guardian* Ezreal and Lux however…
: Can it currently be broken by ornn?
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