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Tayzzer (NA)
: Scarra on analyst desk
Agree? dissagree?
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: Korea is still going to get the respect and a higher seed. 2018 MSI NA (Team Liquid) didn't get into the knockout. Korea (Kingzone) made it to MSI finals. 2018 World's Cloud 9 swept Afreeca in Quarters before being swept themselves in Semis. Meanwhile KT was the only team to take games off IG in knockouts forcing 5 games in quarters. The only Korean team not in KO stage was in the lowly 13-16 rank while two NA teams were in 9th-12th. 2019 MSI NA (Team Liquid) managed to get into Finals before being swept in RECORD LOW TIME. Meanwhile Korea (SKT) again forced 5 games against the eventual champions. When you look at total context, Korea is still showing up as better performers overall in the past year and a half.
Guess what ChompyWulf? Ur wrong riot just announced that they are seeding China higher than korea at worlds this year. This means that all 3 chinese teams that qualify will skip playins and we will have a korean team in playins. I guess this answers the thread huh?
: Qiyana sounds like Neeko
Yeah... so close, are they the same voice actress?
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: Trials Update: Week One
Seems pretty dumb to me that they just made it a "pick the house you think other people will pick" i picked the one that spoke to me even though i didn't think other people would pick it so now i prob wont win :'(
: Counter question... Why would a single appearance in semifinals since....well.. EVER ... weigh more then several years of complete domination? Should years after years of great performance all be washed away after one poor worlds performance? (And by "poor" i mean that korea still left two groups as the first seeds, so it really wasnt that bad; just bad compared to the domination shown before..). I think that one slip-up shouldnt put you at the bottom. Consistent performance should, imo, be the relevant factor - not one team finally making it to semis, while the other two teams did poorly.
Its a good point, and i guess when you consider that korea beat na at 2018 msi...
: zven lol
> Overall good series though
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Barkley (NA)
: Yeah but Akaadian wasn't the one that whimsically meandered into the waiting arms of a Skarner for literally no reason, costing the baron and costing the game, and thus costing the split.
Are you really saying that an entire split of domination was ruined by one bad play? Sure it might have cost the game, but one bad play in finals doesnt discount all the great plays he made earlier.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Tayzzer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FI8iHsbL,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-02-23T08:22:22.561+0000) > > I mean, sure buff my main, but hes way too common in low elo right? I was trying to think of a way that benefits high elo garens without making him even better in low elo nobody cares about low elo. there will always be champions that are the strongest down there. those champions are naturally those with a low skill floor. you cant balance a game around people who dont even know the simplest basics. its not possible. think about it. while someone at iron or bronze tier fiddles around with yasuo or azir and cant even figure out how his champion works, and how to execute basic combos, the opposing garen can concentrate on csing and learning basic game mechanics. naturally between two players who are making their first steps in the game, the champion that is just easier to pick up will always be stronger. if thats not garen, its some other champion like warwick, yi, or ashe. skill floor isnt the same as skill cap though. a champion can be easy to pick up and difficult to master. and even in low elo, he has a below average pick rate, and he has like 50% average winrate in bronze according to different sites. he isnt actually strong or common even at low mmr.
riot aint gonna give a straight buff to the 6th highest wr champ tho man edit: **6th highest wr top
: Not bad. Honestly the crotch/thigh thing is the biggest, shittiest part of the rework for me because of how hard it draws attention to that area. A tabard or a sash would do wonders.
: garen needs a straight up buff right now, and not just a power shift. the parry on his w is fine and is already a very good hook for skill expression in his kit. probably the best. what garen needs right now is a small update similar to what yorick received a few patches ago, that changes the way how villainy works and lets him chose the target himself at least upon gaining rank 3 on his ultimate, so he has some level of control over the most impactful mechanic in his kit and is not at the mercy of rngesus if villainy hits the correct target. villainy hits the enemy lulu, janna, anivia: "well, looks like i cant do shit this game". villainy hits the enemy tank, diver, low mobility marksman: "cool, i get to be useful". every other juggernaut in this game has control over the mechanic that makes him a carry. only garen doesnt. thats why the mechanic feels so frustrating to use.
I mean, sure buff my main, but hes way too common in low elo right? I was trying to think of a way that benefits high elo garens without making him even better in low elo


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