: If you don't say anything, they aren't going to report you. If they do, it won't mean anything.
I wish that were true. I got reported for not going the role the premades told me to go. Was polite, quiet in chat. Still got chatbanned for a few matches due to 3 reports. I was cordial all game.
Vanjie (NA)
: Tribunal Useless
Yeah tribunal seems to be punishing the victims and letting the trolls go. Trolls seem to be deliberately using tribunal to get others to inadvertently get themselves in trouble. Riot just goes with the false positives and ignores the intentional trolls.
: Riot sides with bullies
I'm not just referring to this incident but the times I've been mass reported for not going whatever role the team decided I must go and rudely demands I do or the reports I've gotten for taking a non-conventional jg choice.
: Riot is not siding with bullies. When you engage with them and argue, you are crossing the line to their side. Mute, report, and move on.
My issue is that my disorder makes it very difficult for me not to respond to insults. Thats the crux and what the body of my main post says.
: Just mute them. I'm not sure why you think you should get special treatment.
Not asking for special treatment I'm sick of getting reports when I don't say anything negative, getting reports when I reciprocate, and getting reports when I say nothing. When I do mute, they just say horrible things about me, then get others to report me and I can't defend myself due to the mute.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: why would you see if they get banned? also do you realize how stupid it is to repeat their insults and expect them to get punished and not you? since you literally did the same thing
Hitting someone back is not the same as hitting someone without provocation. I posit a similar position with words. Whomever downvoted this hates the victim.
: Riot sides with bullies
Amusing how much negativity this post gets rated. I wonder how many read it first.
: Don't insult them back, instead mute them and report after the game is done. Judging by how agressive the system is atm, they will get banned in no time for insults regarding autism and homophia.
Good plan. The insults this time weren't autism related the issue is that its really really hard for me not to reciprocate insults due to my disorder. If someone calls me an idiot I have to call them one back or its like I'm admitting they're right. Its not fun and I know its not logical but it is and I'm sick of being punished for it when I never initiate toxicity. The homophobia is constant and I would really like to see riot autoblock some of the more common slurs.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: the amount of reports dont matter, you only get punished if your chatlogs say your toxic or insulting.
Yeah the only toxic thing my chatlog had was my repeating the persons insult back to them. They said they'd feed and insulted me most of the game. No ban for them yet that I've seen.
: Premade false reports of 3+ are the worst
Yeah I wish I could post yi's side he said he was going to feed and just kept raging in all chat. I had a report for verbal abuse and the only thing I said in chat was "Good luck and have fun!!!" Got 2 reports for it.
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