: What do you think about other stuffs? Do you like her design? And what about her concept?
Her design and concept are very strong! Her lore seems a little vague, but that sort of works to her advantage since she's a Yordle. The Yordles as a whole have been neglected since about... season 2-ish? So they have a lot of nooks and crannies to fill with story elements.
: I agree! Should I let champions in the zone get healed no matter who damage them or get damage when other champions in the zone attack them?
I feel like having enemies who are _in_ the circle as well should damage their opponents regularly, and only heal them if they're damaging them from outside the circle. Make it work sort of like Xin Zhao's ult. That seems like it would be fairer and allow for more counterplay while still being strong.
: oh.. too bad. Dawngate looks fun to play. Have you ever tried DOTA 2? In DOTA 2, everyone can deny! But I guess Qadira can be too op since she's the only one who can deny. By the way, I really love your comment! I will consider your points when I update her! And if you have more things to say about her, please do so!
Mm, I haven't played DOTA 2 actually. And that's fair, if everybody has the ability to deny enemy CS, then it's less of a problem because you can fight back in that way as well, and individual skill expression reemerges. Having a _single_ champion with the ability to do that is toxic for the game, but if everybody can it's no longer overbearing. Still obnoxious and unhealthy. But not overbearing.
: Thank you for your comment. I will definitely consider your comments when I update him! If you have more to say about him, please do so. Your comments were really great! I wish I can play simulation to test Garam's abilities to determine whether he's op or not. P.S in last post, someone commented that Inverting fractal is too op. What do you think?
I wouldn't say it's OP, since it heals both allies _and_ enemies. It would be very hard to use effectively, unless your team is very coordinated and outpositions the enemy team. That said, in a 1v1 it gives Garam a _huge_ disengage tool, and also an ability to survive towerdives at most stages of the game.
Moody P (NA)
: If Volibear is so hated then why do Freljordians drink his piss?
Considering it's life-giving water and not deadly for consumption, I don't think it's urine... It could be _another_ liquid though.
Jikker (NA)
: Quick Remedies for a Cold?
Have some hot soup with a lot of water content. Tomato soups and chicken soups work best.
: Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate it! I actually didn't know Dawngate... I though it would be cool to have a champion who can deny since no champion can deny. Is denying really dangerous in LoL? What if the cooldown increases when you deny?
[This is the character in question; Mina.](https://dawngate.gamepedia.com/Mina) Dawngate sadly got shut down when it didn't conform to EA's lootbox initiatives. But it had a lot of creative designs and was very fun. A lot of the members of Waystone - the group that worked on Dawngate - actually came to work for Riot after it was dissolved, and allegedly were responsible for the designs of Bard and Kindred. CS denial is specifically dangerous in MOBAs because there is no way to play against it. It creates a lead that the opponent has no way to fight back against, which makes it extremely unhealthy gameplay. Imagine if there was a Jungling champion that could automatically steal the camps on the opposite side of the map simply by using their Q on the camps on their side? They use Q on Raptors, yours are now gone. They take their Gromp? Yours are gone. Et cetera. They don't have to assume any risk to poach camps, so there's no way to stop them or counter them.
: Good point! But I want to keep this passive since I think it's his signature passive. What if the enemy can see his stats when he's near the ward? What if the enemy cannot see his stats when his health rate is below 50%? I wish I can keep this passive...
If you're really intent on keeping it, I would make it only apply out of combat. While he's in combat you can see everything, but after ~5 seconds out of combat (same cooldowns as Mobility boots basically) it disappears again. That would maintain the utility but make it less oppressive during laning phase.
: [Reupload] Qadira the Key Holder
Ok! I got here from your other post, so I'll do the same here that I did there. :D The Key This is a really nice design space honestly. Getting range as your health goes down means you can take risky trades early, and still come out on top even if you only go even with your opponent. The range increase lets you harass them out of lane fairly easily, leading to a very aggressive earlygame playstyle to secure the lategame. The hiding in minions thing is cute, and it reminds me of a character from Dawngate. It's basically an extra Zhonya's Hourglass, except your opponent won't know where you've gone if they didn't see you do it. _Verdict: Great passive all around._ Key Smash I like the explosion effect on enemy kill! However, I don't like the killing your own minions to deny enemy CS bit. It removes too much of the opponent's agency. I don't really have any good alternatives for it either. I think you may want to consider locking the opponent out (heh) in a different way. Maybe refreshing the cooldown and refunding partial cost of Key Smash on enemy kill as well? Which will allow you to shove them in and prevent them from CSing that way. _Verdict: Needs some balancing work, but otherwise a good spell with a strong identity._ Secured Area Very good utility spell. Very strong too. It's a healthy spell though, so overall I really like it! It's like a Soraka silence, but it has a disarm instead. However, there's no hard CC applied to the champions within, so they can just walk out of it. I like that! It's handy in a pinch and good to turn a fight in your favour. _Verdict: Range is good! The radius of the effect itself will need to be very small to be balanced._ Open the Gate This one feels a bit strong to be a non-Ultimate. Twisted Fate once had an ability like this too, except it was global and only he could use it. Since this champion already reminds me of Dawngate, I'm going to take a leaf from their playbook. I feel like Open the Gate should fire like Kog'Maw's Void Ooze ability, hitting in a line and dealing magic damage. However, when the ability is cast through a wall, the wall is opened for any Champion to walk through (but enemies still take damage to do so). Sort of like Bard's Magical Journey I guess. _Verdict: Very strong. Needs some changes or depowering._ Lock Your Heart I like this spell! It seems to be Qadina's _key (heh)_ ability. It's a very strong spell, but I think it only needs a _little_ tuning to work! Instead of requiring the enemy to return to base to unlock their Ult, it should probably be locked for 4/8/12 seconds based on spell rank, _OR_ you can make it so that Qadina's ult has no cooldown and can lock anybody for any length of time while they remain in her range, but she can only use it on ONE Champion at a time. I think that would be a healthier design, sort of like playing against Illaoi but in a utility sense. _Verdict: Strong spell with a good identity. Needs some tuning, but very well designed._
: But about the passive, encryption... Is it really unhealthy? So is guessing game unhealthy? I mean, guessing game can provide something new to LoL. And we already have Neeko who can change her form, so you must play a guessing game if you play against her. My question is... Why is Neeko ok but not Garam?
Short answer? Neeko isn't ok either. It looks cool at first glance but being tricked is one of the worst feelings in a skill-based game. It ends with the player _playing_ the tricky character having fun (sometimes, if they know what they're doing anyway), and everybody else really not. Long answer: The problem with Encryption is that no matter how much damage you do to Garam, you have no idea how much health he has left. Or mana. It leaves the opponent feeling trapped. They can trade and come well off, but they won't _know_ whether or not they won the trade. Basically, it leaves everybody who _hasn't_ played Garam knowing nothing about him, not even fundamental information that allows them to play the game on a basic level. Neeko at least can have her passive popped by taking damage, but Garam? Gets to keep it no matter what happens, turning even the simplest interactions with him into a poker game.
Siidoow (NA)
: Counter jungling is useless
Counterjungling only works if you prevent the opponent from poaching from you in return. Otherwise, the other jungler take no net loss overall.
: [Reupload] Garam the Codebreaker
Okay so. I really like this character! They have an interesting identity in Runeterra - a Freljordle is new and exciting, we haven't seen it before - a cute design, and a very clear design identity. There are some glaring problems however. I'm going to break down the kit piece by piece and talk about what I like and what I don't like: Encryption Encryption is unhealthy, simple as that. Not necessarily _overpowered_ per se, but very unhealthy for the game. Not being able to see an enemy's stats, summs and runes might seem harmless, but overall it's like going into a guessing game every time you play against them. And if they take unsealed spellbook, it'll be even rougher. _Verdict: Needs to be scrapped._ Trigonometry _I absolutely adore this spell!_ It's such a neat design! I feel like when the third bullet hits, the three enemies that have been hit should be stunned for maybe ~0.5 seconds? And rather than the enemies inside the resulting triangle taking magic damage proportional to the area, i think it should be something like 100/150/200/250/300% of the damage of the bullet, scaling up with rank. _Verdict: A great basic spell!_ Bijection The way the spell was written confuses me a little, but overall I like it. It's a very tricky ability and the fact that it can be used on allies as well as enemies gives it a lot of utility. I like that you made it so that the choice to switch was in the ally's hands, and not Garam's! It would be very easy to troll people with it otherwise. _Verdict: Pretty good spell, lots of utility._ Decryption Turning an enemy turret into an allied one is _way_ too strong an ability. I feel like this should be a vision granting ability, something like: "Garam fires a decrypting bullet in a direction. If it hits an enemy, the bullet deals 30/35/40/45/50 (+60% AP) magic damage and gives Garam access to that enemy's vision radius and the vision radii of all its allies for 1/2/3/4/5 seconds." _Verdict: Has potential, but the turret play is way too strong to be in this kit._ Inverting Fractal The shape of the spell is cool, but ultimately it just amounts to a large circle with cool patterns inside. Also, this sort of seems like a weaker version of Kindred's ult. I don't really know how to improve it. _Verdict: Has potential, and could do with a revamp. Hard to revamp though._
Moody P (NA)
: Mages are a plague
"I can't believe my role has counterplay. I should just be able to stomp every matchup by pressing R." FTFY
: So Conqueror is meant to be anti tank right?
Remember, Fervor of Battle was overpowered.
Alkeinz (NA)
: Moving to Korea
You can simply transfer your account to the Korea server with the Account Transfer option in the Store. This isn't available right now due to some internal problems, but once it's back up you should be able to do it just fine.
: > [{quoted}](name=Demesejha,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ge3svOOv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-31T23:06:22.455+0000) > > Why are you whiteknighting a clearly malicious policy and action that doesn't actually do anything to help curtail the issue of scripting or cheating in the game? tbh yeah this is going to be a nightmare for PR, but otherwise it's a clean-cut case here. if Riot Games mentions that they will use a keylogger system while their game client - **NOT THE BASE CLIENT** - is running, **AND ONLY WHILE THE GAME CLIENT IS RUNNING** in the ToS, and you accept, you consent to it. clean-cut case; you consented to the ToS that mentioned this. If you find that this NOT covered in the ToS, THEN you can slap Riot Games with a class-action lawsuit if you get enough people behind you.
> [{quoted}](name=bluegolisano,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ge3svOOv,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-31T23:11:02.873+0000) > > tbh yeah this is going to be a nightmare for PR, but otherwise it's a clean-cut case here. > > if Riot Games mentions that they will use a keylogger system while their game client - **NOT THE BASE CLIENT** - is running, **AND ONLY WHILE THE GAME CLIENT IS RUNNING** in the ToS, and you accept, you consent to it. > > clean-cut case; you consented to the ToS that mentioned this. If you find that this NOT covered in the ToS, THEN you can slap Riot Games with a class-action lawsuit if you get enough people behind you. Keyloggers are illegal in every nation where cybersecurity is an issue. And aside from that, Riot using them to monitor their playerbase is insane. It would take _one_ person with advanced computing knowledge to, say filter information from everything you type on your computer. Your Discord DM's? Public. Your emails? Public. Your passwords to every single site you go to? Public. This isn't _just_ illegal and immoral, it's an incredibly _stupid_ method of security that requires an insane amount of oversight to even _begin_ comprehending as secure. ADDENDUM: It's not even checking for blacklisted sites, it's a fucking >get string; on a piece of software that _DOESN'T EVEN WORK IN MULTIPLAY SERVERS._
: back in the day {{item:3070}} rush was common on jayce, but this was in other metas where the games were longer. so all in all its not bad if you can proc and get the stacks. as far as triforce and black cleaver this is a no no . you are paying twice for a passive that only works once. {{item:3044}} . pick one or the other. typically per armor pen/lethality jayce is meta. so {{item:3142}} is good on him his most common build items are {{item:3142}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3026}} but you are playing him "BOT" "ADC" so getting bork is ok but its better vs teams with alot of high HP targets. if vs no tanks then i would go into lethality. it will make your burst alot stronger. and if vs no tanks if you can opt for TRI but black cleaver is usually the better option and the right option vs tanks.
I personally prefer to go {{item:3071}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3072}} when I'm not doing the Lethality artillery BS. It's an old fashioned build but it gives hella stats and survivability. Though these days {{item:3812}} is probably a better lifesteal choice since it also makes you faux tankier, and gives more damage with Transcendence.
Rioter Comments
: Just ignore him , why would it be worth reporting ? in the first place what the hell is VOIPing
It's an older term meaning Voice Over Internet Protocol. It's what predated Skype, Discord, Teamspeak etc. etc. And considering League Voice is a thing now it _definitely_ isn't against the game's rules. Sorry OP but your friend is severely misinformed.
FFrazien (EUW)
: New skins leak, champions, reworks, VS 2019
Holy shit I can't wait for Voli to actually be playable again.
: To be fair, this is a step forward in that the guaranteed front-loaded burst isn't technically a crit, which messed with some "this special effect is okay because it's tied to crit" balancing (like Jhin). It also takes a lot longer to Energize an attack (5-10 seconds or so) than it does to prepare the current Stormrazor (a fraction of a second between attacks). To be additionally fair, this guaranteed front-loaded burst can be _combined_ with a crit. To continue to be fair, it looks like it can also be combined with things that can't crit, like Ezreal's Q ~~and GP's Q~~.
Ezreal and GP Q's can crit, actually.
: Bringing back the Lissandra easter egg?
It's gone because for some reason Riot made the game auto-exit back into the client exactly 2.5 seconds after the game ends. It probably still actually has the code available for it to begin playing, it just doesn't have enough time to execute.
: I'm suprised no one else has realized this yet: Your own minions/tower needs to be points of safety
Clearly Riot's intention here is to signify that the safest place to duel Yasuo, Akali and Irelia is under their own tower.
Rioter Comments
: Almost like those are separate groups of people, LOL
True, but they swap opinions every two weeks, so it becomes hard to tell who's who.
: Any top laners that aren't played like ever
Tahm Kench is a niche toplane pick that beats most melee hypercarries. Tryndamere, Nasus, Fiora and Darius all go in to attack you, you AA them three times and then run back beneath your tower after devouring them.
: Please please PLEASE don't let the Vayne buff get onto live servers...
Boards: I hate that only 2 ADCs are relevant in the meta! Also Boards: STOP BUFFING OTHER ADCS, THERE'S TOO MUCH DAMAGE IN THE GAME! Also Also Boards: ADCs are too weak, they need buffs. :/ Make up your mind, people.
: Alien Invasion is based on Mars Attacks!
Ayyyyy, nice to see somebody else knows the source material lol.
: I find the Kayn skin to be a monstrosity, and regardless of pun, do not wish for it's existence in any realm.
If they made it look _actually_ menacing, like Dark Candy Fiddlesticks, it would probably look cool though.
Terozu (NA)
: They already said Candy Kayn isnt happening because the pun doesnt translate.
None of the other "joke" or referential skins translate either, or for that matter are even _relevant_ in this day and age. For Christ's sake Heimerdinger has a skin based off of a cult sci-fi film from the 80's that hardly anybody knows exists. And they're worried that _Candy Cane_ won't make sense??
: This is hardly a bad argument. The N word is said ALL THE TIME in the black community, specially in the inner cities. It is said as an insult, a praise, a friendly gesture, and just said to say. It's hardly considered a "bad word" unless some one that is out side the black community calls some one in it one.
That's because it's what is called a "reclaimed slur." Much like how people in the queer community will amiably use f~~~~t. And yet people in the League community are banned for it because _outside_ of that community, _it is still, unequivocally, hate speech._ "The people who used to be oppressed by us now use a word positively that we intended to degrade them, that's not equal so we should get to use it too." _This argument is in bad faith._ Although I assume you already know this because you've been trolling all down this entire discussion. Go back to /pol/ fam.
: No it's not. People say it all the time, even as a friendly gesture. "What up my N" As an example.
You gotta love the bad faith arguments people make in defense of their beloved slurs. What was it again? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, _guaranteed_ for everybody under the constitution? "Mah freedoms" doesn't trump that, nor do your sour grapes.
: I always ban Yi when I play Nocturne. He always kills me before my fear goes off. And in general, he is the better right clicker.
Fair enough, but Noc's spellshield can absorb Yi's Q and give him a buttload of attack speed on top of that. If at any point in the fight Yi tries to use Meditate, you basically have a free win.
Pentapod (NA)
: Which Characters Have the Best Playerbase?
Nami mains tend to be either super toxic, or really _really_ funny. Sometimes a mix of the two.
: Master Yi feels horrible to play against
{{champion:9}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:56}} Any _one_ of these champions on their own will shut down a Yi completely.
: I really do like sion ALOT , but you mean even in mid and or jungle ?
> [{quoted}](name=CoorsLightYear,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ZuymU9cT,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-20T17:14:46.289+0000) > > I really do like sion ALOT , but you mean even in mid and or jungle ? Sion can be played _anywhere._ Bring him mid, you max E and go full AP. Bring him top, you max Q and build a little AD and tons of tank. Jungle Sion is a little gimmicky and hard to pull off, but very strong once it takes off.
Pink Shaco (EUNE)
: Why is Devil Shaco loved by the community?
It's because he's Hot you silly billy.
Modi (NA)
: > There are, of course, the oddballs who only _increase_ their bad behaviour when called out on it, but on the whole people are not like that. In my experience, the people who will escalate due to getting a response are the rule, not the exception. It is almost always better to say nothing and just report them at the end.
Playing League is much like driving I've noticed. There are a lot of people who are ordinarily well-adjusted who just go completely off the rails in this game. And of course there are also the psychopaths who occur in every mixed bag of individuals. Personally, I like to mute and report if the threat comes from a teammate, and I agree that it's the best course of action. But, sometimes, the better option can be telling somebody that you outright don't care, that their tantrum doesn't matter, and that if they go through with it they'll get the short end of the stick. It can be surprisingly effective on some people.
: Threatening to report others, as far as I've seen, does count as a violation of the Summoner's Code. The only thing telling someone you'll report them is meant to do is to harass and coerce them to behave in a specific way. If one is going to report someone, it's best to just report them and not say anything about it. No "I'm gonna report you", no "can we please report x" - 'cause saying you'll report them doesn't do anything.
[The Riot Support guidelines state](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player) that you will only be penalized if you _repeatedly_ tell someone you will report them. Saying it once and moving on doesn't get you in trouble. And I agree actually. Threats are a form of coercion, but when somebody is being an asshole and civil discussion breaks down, sometimes you need a bludgeon to get the point across. Telling somebody who's threatening to int that their behaviour is reportable can be used as a dissuasion tactic if they're not already dedicated to it. There are, of course, the oddballs who only _increase_ their bad behaviour when called out on it, but on the whole people are not like that.
: To start off with, remove the image, or edit it to omit the other players' screennames - Naming & Shaming is against the _[Boards Universal Rules](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/ITFIpNUE)_. Second, the IFS will flag all instances of toxicity - the premades will get flagged, and, for threatening reports, you'll likely get flagged, too. Depending on individual circumstances, some of you may get punished, others may not - if the premade is consistently toxic, they'll get punished, and if this is a rare instance of negativity on your part, the IFS will likely not punish you.
Saying that you _will_ report somebody doesn't constitute a violation of the Summoner's Code. Only _asking_ for reports does that. While Naming and Shaming is against the Boards rules, if OP reported the four of them, they'll probably get their due.
: ***
There's honestly no point in arguing. As soon as somebody drops "hive mind," you can be almost certain it's a dog whistle. I agree that the negative attitude pervading PB should be curtailed. It's become somewhat of a cesspit.
BradNo (NA)
: Lux's R goes through Yasuo's Windwall
Final Spark is considered a beam, not a projectile. Other beams, such as Disintegration Ray and Arcanopulse, also go right through windwall.
: What are some good AD mid laners?
{{champion:58}} He has good waveclear, is tanky and mobile, and _beats_ Zed _and_ Yasuo.
: Why change Shacos running animation?
I personally LOVE the new Shaco walk. It's so sprightly! Fiora was also given a new walk cycle and it really shows off her "I am a duelist" vibe.
: > [{quoted}](name=Carteeeer,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=08q4Yg3n,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-13T01:50:38.833+0000) > > I have 3 perm'd accounts and the last one was permd earlier this year :( Haha sounds like you are doing something wrong. I don't know how you find the motivation to keep making accounts. I'm trying to level a second to 30 and it's awful.
The climb out of Bots Games Hell is really rough though, isn't it?
: How long have you been playing the game without any punishment?
I started at the beginning of Season 5 and haven't had a single punishment to date.
: What are you talking about, those lines are like 70% of the reason I play him. (love the phonetic spelling, though)
I love Veigar but I _can't stand_ the VO lmao. It's why I use the Final Boss skin whenever I play him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tegash,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VfQk1lWZ,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-12-11T19:41:10.798+0000) > > There's a glut of players in Diamond 3 and 4, boosted or otherwise, so climbing in that section is very hard. > > If you can get through it, your LP gains _should_ rise again when you hit D1. How am i suppose to hit D1 when i win 13 lp no matter what and lose 20+?
It's definitely a challenge. There's a reason why most would-be pros stop at this point. The main thing to focus on is playing only 1-2 games per day. That minimizes losses and increases gains.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tegash,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=OwEak1cy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-11T10:10:58.039+0000) > > The line is actually. *"Know, that* if the tables were turned, I would show you no mercy." See, I thought it was Know at first but why does he pause so long when he says it?
Old voice acting that didn't age well lol. Some other examples being: "WhAt'S bLuaCk AnD bLYuE, and aBAoUt To ShOw you the definition of PEAEAIAIN?!" "SSssssSSSsSufFeRriNG aWEIGHTSSSSSS!" "IIII can see the fEAr, in yORR HARRTT!" "I will sWALlow, yeour SEOULLLL..." "YEUR soul will come to serve MEEE!"
: Broken MMR. Need help
There's a glut of players in Diamond 3 and 4, boosted or otherwise, so climbing in that section is very hard. If you can get through it, your LP gains _should_ rise again when you hit D1.
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