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: SEROIUSLY??? You're gutting celerty becuase ADC's are taking it??
No it’s mandatory on ADCs cause they don’t need the alternatives. The alternatives are fine on most other classes though. Senseless post. Try again.
Vuxem (NA)
: League of Legends is going to turn into Dota, here's why.
How do any of these changes make the game more complicated or visually displeasing? Because that’s what Dota suffers from. Much steeper learning curve, more punishing for new players, and lacking in visual clarity. Wacky/stupid builds are much easier to pull off in Dota in casual because of how powerful item actives are and unique interactions.This has never been the case with league. This is a brainless post. Try again.
: Can I know what's exactly weak about Tanks ?
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: Siver looking for duo
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: Looking for duo [Silver] [NA]
: smurf sup. LF game inv
: Yes, I'm sure you playing Ezreal at that time makes you a paragon of knowledge; a veritable fountain of non-biased information. _________ If you don't think he's balanced around sheen items, let me know when the last time a non-sheen build was considered even remotely plausible on him.
??? I'm saying he's balanced around sheen items. Read the thread. He stated that he "abuses" sheen items, when he's completely balanced around using them.
: Incorrect.
??? Disprove me. I played ezreal around the time blue ez was popular and afterwards. Enlighten me then.
: It's all relative. You wouldn't be saying this if his blue build was super powerful like before.
That's because IBG used to be super over-tuned and his ult had a 80sec cd. He's very healthy in design.
: {{champion:18}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:22}}
Late game sivir will q + auto-w (aa reset)-auto and 1 shot u. Trist will bomb u, pop her q, and with 4 autos and her ult 1 shot u. A Ashe's crits do retarded damage late game and with frost shot u better watch ur booty hole.
Skias (NA)
: Without IBG, I'd say yeah he's one of the healthier ones.
With IBG changes to the slow (not persisting and smaller for no armour), it really does not make him oppressive lol. Pretty much any champion with deadmans or any speed boost will still run u down with ease if u waste ur E. You probably have no played AS ezreal with IBG, the kiting does not feel that great.
: Yeah the one that abuses every single Sheen item in the game is healthy.
He's balanced around using sheen items? You realize IBG got nerfed BECAUSE of tanks abusing it and NOT ezreal, right? - even stated by riot - blue ez was already in the gutter when the changes happened (nerfed) Like I don't understand your qualms about him "abusing" sheen items
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: To this day I still think Sion, Sejuani, Malphite, and Maokai were late game champs. Ever since that force decree of all tanks are mid game, I've found some of them suffering. Still going to play Sion and Sejuani though.
I mean malphite is definitely a late game champion. Have you every tried 1v1ing a malphite late game? Unless your fiora he will fk ur world up. Even vayne if you managed to land ult. OFC he "falls off" because ADCs are peeled for/build QSS, but honestly your iceborn slow + damage is pretty devestating. With any follow up from your team you can definitely decide teamfights EASILY late game.
LankPants (OCE)
: Agreed, but this also means that Riot needs to get over the idea of damage always outscaling durability. It's OK as a general rule but it just can't always be applicable. If you're an early game ADC like Lucian, I'm playing Sejuani and we both have items I should have the advantage because my champion actually outscales yours.
1v1 a ghostblade/cleaver lucian at late game as sejuani, besides maybe HYPER-late (6 items). If he makes 1 mistake you will fk him up.
: Why League should be balanced for challenger/master
Yes, balancing around Master/Challenger is what they should be doing. However, they SHOULDN'T be balancing around PRO PLAY. Professional play is COMPLETELY different from SoloQ. So your chess analogy is fine, but should you be balancing chess around chinese checkers?
: id rather go back to easy peasy jungle where anyone could clear it and take no damage and you were free to gank at your leasiure.
I mean it wasn't like that in season 5/6. IIRC earlier seasons it might've been like that (i was sub-level 30 then). With them adding back smite heal on camps, they made junglers that would have maybe half health after full clear now have near full health (hecarim/lee/vi). Now if you don't have built in sustain/shields in your kit like them, with the new damage buffs, you're screwed, or you have to use all your smite charges on camps making them unavailable for ganks.
Fegone (NA)
: I have to contradict. Imho , jungle has never been better, DEFINITELY not in S6. I did like S5, but I like the changes for S7 too. Before you could jungle with anyone. Soraka Jungle, why not. Now you have to actually thing which champion you can jungle with, AND you have to figure out which route you go, because not everyone can survive the bird nest camp.
I understand your point, but why shouldn't everyone be able to jungle? Soraka jungle had sub-par clears, bad ganks, and low impact for a high-income role. You still had to THINK about who you were picking, but now you have to think less when it comes to ganking/farming, because there is no opportunity cost anymore. You're acting like orianna jungle or w.e. was running rampant last season, when that is not the case. Most of the good junglers from S6 stayed the good junglers in S7, but the sub-optimal junglers in S6 are now worthless in S7. (Mostly tank or farm heavy jgs, such as sej/malph/amumu/jax/yi/udyr/volibear). It seems like only AD champions with AOE are able to be junglers now . I just don't understand the point of making the jungle HARDER to clear, and now pretty much offer the same xp as S6 jungle. Above that make respawn timers longer.
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