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: Oh no. Your debating against me. It's up to YOU to provide proof I'm wrong. Link something or shut up about it.
Welp guess we just proved you are talking out your ass since you can't prove anything, Thanks.d
: Yes they do. Every account you've ever played on your computer is logged as haveing been logged into that computer. Unless you play your smurf only on entirely different computers with entirely different internet can they not attach the account as your smurf.
Wrong again, you really don't know much about how things work do you. I'm still waiting for your source on this, simply stating your opinion as fact does not make it fact, link something or shut up about it.
: They know every single smurf you make. There's a couple of people that are banned from playing leauge ever again. And they ban the smurfs as fast as those people can make them. Nothing is impossible.
Wrong they do not know.
: > [{quoted}](name=PaulHimself,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=uybog4J2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-02-25T22:14:27.130+0000) > > this makes no sense lol and is impossible. you my friend are speaking out of your anus {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} From what I've surmised based on people talking here, if you reach a point where you keep making accounts and keep getting punished, they start just ushering you out the door quicker.
Wrong, I have 20 accounts my self and thousands of players use bot programs like summoners factory. They do not know all your accounts because not everyone has a dynamic IP which is why they can't ban people's ip from playing their game. He is right, you are talking out your ass, I'd say link your source but I know without a doubt there is none because I know exactly how the system works.
: After 5 years of playing... just had the trollest troll who was so troll he trolled himself
This is why when you go to troll someone you say nothing in chat, that way people will flip out on you report you at the end and nothing will happened because there is no evidence in ingame chat but you can report your team for getting pissed at you for trolling. This troll is an amateur.
Twistana (NA)
: You automatically know somebody is an idiot when they say leona is all the CC you need for yi
People keep talking about Yi is so easily countered by CC... a smart yi will wait for the cc to be used then go in or pick people off and melt them so fast that by the time you get your cc off you are alredy 95% dead. Also how do you counter a Yi or jax or even xin that can take a turret down in 3 seconds at full build who will just split push all game? A Yi, Xin or Even Jax with TP is basically gg, you can ward all you want, you can have all the cc you want but the minute I see your team in another lane ill TP to another lane and take out two turrets and unless 2 or more of your team mates have tp to get there and fight me there is nothing you can do. The fact people keep arguing that Yi can be cced while ignoring his retarded damage out put is retarded, he can destroy any champ in a 1vs1 if built right. As for CC , I'll just build QSS and laugh while your life drops from 100 to 0 in 1 second.
1pctsane (NA)
: Well let's see. First off your header and personal position on this topic has no justification. Second what do you have in mind for a better solution to a toxic player who is bent on making a habit of it? We could call his parents? No. Lets give them a time out in the corner. No, takes up room. No desert and early bedtime. No. Community service. No, waste of tax payers money. Dang I can't come up with a better solution then BAN. Gone. See you on your well knowing new account. Hopefully you spent enough money before deciding to be a jerk and non team player. Listen, new accounts gets made and that is with riot on that. It is a cycle. But bigger picture is a ban can go good or bad. Good being oh shoot what did I do and come back better. Or not come back at all. Or the bad and I seen it they come back more toxic. It is a free to play game. If I was riot I would.find a legal way to fine them. Make some money because you had a bad day mire then once. Hit that wallet. But nit seeing that happening and NOT seeing a reasonable argument from your posting. Oh-and about new players being toxic, if they are new and become toxic then that is how they are. Thay blame game is nonsense talking. Now it dies happen to get or find yourself in a heated argument over internet rants. But a person who gets involved more with the game will know and learn that toxic behavior isn't allowed. It is the current state of.punishment by riot and by most with out no specific proof a tally that bans are used. To get a ban you must be toxic enough in some nature to even warrant it.
Learn to read and comprehend what I said, your reply doesn't not have any logic on what I just said..
: Introgonistic isn't a word. And I would submit that this is NOT what honest business practice gets you, because you're NOT being honest. You're claiming fraud when there is no fraud and you're entirely in the wrong. But hey, everyone's the hero of their own story, am I right? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Wrong, The "ONLY" thing Riot is allowed to do is Ban your account for a charge back and keep it banned until the amount is payed. If your account is Banned anyways there is no point in ever paying the balance back. Trust me I know, I have went through the procedure with paypal. Riot has so many days to reply to a dispute on paypal and they never reply so it's an automatic win case, but the minute you win the case you receive an automated email from Riot saying your account is banned until you pay the balance back. If Riot was to come after someone for a Charge back which they can't or wouldn't they would have to explain why they had 30 days to respond to the dispute and ignored it. As for Being honest, if someone puts money into a Game and they believe they did not get the allowed time or use of that money because they got banned over unclear rules there is no reason they shouldn't do a charge back, it has nothing to do with being dishonest.. If You payed 100$ and Riot banned you 2 games after because they thought you were toxic and you thought you weren't who determines who is right? The rules talk about suspending or even banning your account for toxicity but they don't put in detail what toxicity to them is... Racism? Hate Speech? Or simply saying something to someone who might get offended easily or disagree is considered toxic. If they are going to make rules and expect people to follow them they need to be clear on those rules.. not just say toxicity because me simply saying "Why the hell would you build AD Heimer" could be considered toxic to the player if he is easily offended or over sensitive when I'm simply asked a question as to why he is doing what he is doing. On one of my accounts I disputed a Charge because I payed for a Week boost and was 2 week suspended the next day because someone wanted to troll our game and I called him an idiot. My boost ran out and I never got to use 95% of it, so why wouldn't I dispute it? It's not my fault Riot doesn't have a system that when your account gets suspended that the boost stops and is restarted when your account is unsuspended. They banned that level 6 account because of it but I simply took the money I put on that account and put it into another account. I've also had my main banned that I spent 800$ on but I didn't dispute it because I feel I had plenty of play time that my money was spent well and I accept that I was toxic enough to get banned. So don't sit there and try to tell someone who you have no idea what happened , how it happened or why it happened that they are dishonest for doing a charge back simply because RIOT has one of the stupidest TOS ever. "They have the right to ban your account for whatever reason they want or no reason at all"... So if you spent 500$ and they banned you and you wanted to know why and they said " Because we can, we don't need a reason" you wouldn't dispute it? If so you're an idiot. They may have the right to ban your account but I have a right to dispute my transactions if i feel it's not justified and if they have a problem with it they can always dispute the claim within 30 days, if they don't then that's on them.
No point posting common sense here , no one in this community has any. They will either say "Yi is easy to counter" which he isn't unless you have a whole team of champ that can cs.. or they will say something stupid like don't let him get fed as if you have control over your team mates.
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Faceplow (NA)
: * Say nothing = Fear nothing. * Constructive criticism is not calling someone a feeder and asking for reports for said feeder. * Just because people can block your vulgarity, doesn't mean that it's ok. (Like stealing, is it ok to steal if no one notices?) * The game is so easy NOT to get banned, it's easier to NOT get banned than it is to get Perma banned. * No one wants to put up with the crying, name calling, temper tantrum throwing kid who brings nothing of significance to the game.
Stfu ass licker no one likes a suck up. You will be banned one day and i'll be there to laugh my ass off at you. Seriously stfu you troll you are probably the shit player everyone hates and calls a retard and you get off on reporting. Suck a fat dick no one likes you. Saying it's not easy to get banned, this coming from a person who puts up with trolls, has no back bone and kisses riot's ass? I bet you get beat up alot in real life, seriously if you are the type who puts up with shit constantly and never has the balls to say anything you must be an easy target for bullies in rl.
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: Riot: Ezreal needs a re-work, or a major buff
I find it funny that only people who Disagree respond but the people who Agree say nothing but Vote yes. Apparently only trolls like drama
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I posted this because this is the type of crap that causes people to be toxic and get pissed off, find a solution to this you fix the problem.. other wise you can continue banning the victims and letting the trolls run free ruining people's games.
Wuks (NA)
: There's a system in place to determine whether you're playing in your selected/given role or not. Situations like these where you go into a lane that you aren't given without agreement with the team/player in the role are punishable. In situations like this, you can report by submitting a ticket to Riot Games Player Support if you choose to dodge or you can report in the post-game lobby. See: > >"Can a duo partner and I swap roles *during* actual champ select? Like, let's say I mostly fail with tank supports while my partner succeeds with them, and our comp could really use a tank. If s/he was chosen as ADC and ADC is my secondary role, could we swap during pick/ban phase?" > As long as both players agree, of course. ____________________________________ > > Actually, players who troll or intentionally feed now receive 14-day or permanent bans for their offenses after 1-2 games. Players who leave/AFK receive up to 20 minute Low Priority Queues for repeated offenses too. ____________________ > [{quoted}](name=TheCurator,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=q1gYu3xt,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-02-08T01:20:08.416+0000) > > It's been stated by Riot that they have systems in place to track where someone plays as opposed to what they were given via Dynamic Queue. It is a reportable and punishable offense, however if you don't play the game out then you have to submit a ticket to Player Support about it.
Wrong... first off there is no punishment for going in someone's lane it doesn't even state that. As for trolling there is no way for the system to decide rather a player is having a bad game or trolling that is simply false, I and many of my friends have never once got banned/suspended for trolling or feeding and we do it ALOT on our alt accounts. They only way the system would be able to tell if you are feeding is if you went like something stupid like 0-30, it will not pick up on you going like 0-15 that is a proven fact. Coming from someone who has been doing it for 2 seasons now i know exactly how the system works. You will not get banned for trolling, there is no way to prove it unless you say something in chat. Please name one person with proof who got banned for feeding/trolling without saying anything in chat.. i'll wait.
: I Got My First Pentakill.
After reading title i was going to flame you if you said yi.
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Reäver (NA)
: That cuz u gave in to your inner hulk I gave up raging when I left silver it never helps that's how u climb Your letting your emotions get the better of you Some games you can't win but if you understand how to win when behind that's all there is to it
No i'm not don't try and sound all high and mighty, if I slapped you repeatedly in the face don't act like you wouldn't get pissed.. it's the samething in this game if someone if going to constantly ruin games which can add up or hours and days of wasted time trying to climb you would be an idiot not to get mad. I know you are lying and trying to look high and mighty but NO ONE plays this game and doesn't get pissed eventually NO ONE.
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Reäver (NA)
: Plus I have been in silver 5 0Lp It takes no skills to carry a game you could play one champion and carry the whole game by yourself. Just find the champion to carry with.
Carrying isn't the problem , it's the people who intentionally try to ruin games. 800 games and within 3 -5 games I get suspended is utter bs considering all the shit i had to deal with getting there.
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Or maybe you are just lying, ya I'll bet you are just lying. That or you aren't very good at this game and have no competitive bone in your body... even pros get pissed off at trolls. People get banned all the time for stupid shit.. How many people have you known that has every got banned for trolling? 0 because Riot can only ban people when there is valid proof in chat.. so if your logic is that people got banned cause they deserve it then why is there so many trolls running around playing hundreds of games and never get so much as a slap on the wrist?
: ***
All of them? Be less stupid with your question next time... I said that in the OP that it doesn't matter who I play...
: you can get your account banned for non verbal troling/harrasment
No you can't believe me, in the last 6 months I have made accounts just to troll people and never got a suspension or ban but if I make an account to just talk shit im banned/suspended in a week. You clearly haven't played long enough to know how the system works. They can't ban you for trolling because they don't have a system that can determine if you are trolling or just a bad player. Even if they could track you by feeding you can troll games without feeding.
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: {{champion:412}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:238}} champions that are actually broken and not being nerfed.
> [{quoted}](name=Salty Waifu,realm=EUW,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=p4nBUIor,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-01-06T13:17:01.632+0000) > > {{champion:412}} > > {{champion:64}} > > {{champion:238}} > > champions that are actually broken and not being nerfed. You forgot {{champion:53}} Thresh isn't broken imo, there are just some people who are good with him. Blitz has better chase potential, a better pull, a knock up and silence to guarantee a kill since someone can't flash away when silence. Also blitz can pull people behind walls to him and out of turret, thresh can only pull and jump to them and if they are in turret he could get melted. I don't think any champion is broken imo, just some people have God skills and play great with them, doesn't mean they are broken.
: That's just wrong. Garen doesn't instantly heal, when he's out of combat, he starts to heal a lot. And to be fair, any tank with warmogs can do that to, not just garen.
Stupidity is strong with this one
: It's so funny that this is the song I'm listening to when I read this.
That's basically them in a nutshell
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: No, it's really meant for ADC's. That is why it doesn't scale with max health, if a tank could instantly heal 1500 health, it'd be broken.
Hmm funny cause Garen can do that every game with his passive alone.
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: the spell isnt ment for tanks
It's meant for everyone..
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: Silver 2 to bronze 1
I ALWAYS make a new account and wait till after reset to play my first rank games so I get the boarder. Then with my old accounts I just play normals. I Never have never will be put up with that BS reset.
: "Most people use bots to level up, some don't but at some point you will come across these type of people in your game and no matter how much you suspend ban them you will never get rid of them unless you change your system" know...people could follow the damn rules for once.
Except that will never happen in any game, that's why instead of relying on rules people won't follow they should start focusing on changing things. Team Builder was a perfect example, people would troll , flame and rage over not getting their role they want, so instead of just relying on people to be mature about it they came out with team builder. They need to do the same thing with toxicity or people using bots. It amazes me they haven't put up the option to to buy a level 30 account for this game, because other sites sell them for like 30- 40$ and the only person missing out on that income is Riot.
Sarutobi (NA)
: Where is the proof though? You can claim all you want, but you haven't even posted the name of the account. That and this whole statement is just laughable if you honestly think that. People on here complain about getting ban for trolling the game/feeding. They can't catch everyone quickly.
WHat makes you think you are special and i have to show you proof? All I care about is what I experienced, I don't give two shits of your opinions. You are irrelevant in this matter as you can neither ban or do shit about anything. This is for Riot to read, you can honestly fuck off for all I care you are a no body.
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Sarutobi (NA)
: Who says its worse? Again like we said before one is easier to find. All you need to do when dealing with a toxic person is look at their chat. Did they say something that was against the rules? If yes they get some sort of punishment. With a feeder you have to find consistency. if it was just one game when this happen, then its pretty obvious it was just a bad game/match-up. So why punish someone for one bad game? Now if it is continuous they must also find that they are doing it intentionally. Usually chat would show, but some people are smart about that. So you would need to do much more research. Like how often they are dying in game (is it right when they come back, is it during team fights, are they Tower Diving) Im sure other things come into play like Lag/ping issues. obviously if someone has bad lag then they obviously wouldnt play well. And seeing how you dont actually know how good your internet is for this game until you get into a game its already too late. There is just so many factors that come into play for finding someone who feds. Plus you dont even state if you used a bot during your leveling. Did you start that account with nothing but using the bot? or did you only use it some times? if you only used it once in awhile, then they probably just assume something was up with your internet, or you were just playing badly that one game. Then you need to actually factor in if people are actually reporting you. Since it would be normals (i assume) that you would play in, people dont usually report for feeding, unless you go into the 15-20+ range.
I went 0-25+ a couple games just to see what happens.. all Riot cares about is fucking censorship cause they are a bunch of politically correct pussies who get offended easy. This game is seriously made for 10 year olds and under.... I can bot illegally, I can hack, I can cheat, I can troll, I can do w/e the fuck I want and not get banned but the minute I say something in Chat I can get banned.. The fucking logic there is retarded as shit.
: Someone explain this...
Good job captain obvious .... Now answer the question why is saying fuck you considered worse than a player who feeds, doesnt help team and literally throws the game for the team. I can troll hundreds of games and fuck people over all day long if I dont type in chat but the minute i type in chat i can be banned... People seriously lack common fucking sense.
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: Some strong language in this post, you have been warned. There's a difference between "Dude, just stop trolling, otherwise I'm gonna report you." and "WTF asshat! GTFO of my damn game! Reported for being a douchebag!" I'm ok with all the assholes getting banned.
I have been warned? This account is perma banned lol could care less..? not like you have any power to do anything. Besides no one cares about your opinion it's stupid/
Carfox (NA)
: Match History.
just get MK LOL it records for you and gives u every skin in game.
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: I dressed up as one of the gameplay balance team employees. Just had to put a sticker on my shirt and nod my head
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