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: idk if that's true or not but regardless if it is true, then she still has a safety net of being invisible meaning her time to kill is perfectly fine. Not to mention that invisibility is the strongest in the game since she is not revealed by kaisa w or lee sin q, even though they grant true vision.
Her passive worked with her shroud. Her whole gimmick was consistant damage via the shroud allowing her to get it off. Now they removed half of her entire strategy and left her with a shroud she can't do anything in. She already had an abysmal winrate in every elo and they just nerfed her extreamly hard for no rational reason. She needs a light rework not nerfs.
: > She has the longest time to kill of any assassin Katarina takes 10 years more than that. :)
Thats not even true. Stastically speaking. Kat has a much faster time to kill.
: can I get an F for {{champion:84}} ?
"We're lowering Akali's ability to deal consistent and sustained damage, a strength that's a huge part of her power" You mean the only thing left good about her and her whole god dam gimmick? She has the longest time to kill of any assassin so lets just nerf that more. Makes sense.
: can i get a revert? which is really the only thing that will even come close to fixing her?
Make her back into that boring point and click champ that is countered by a pink ward. I'd pass on that. Just stop nerfing her. She has a terrible winrate in pro play and in solo queue. People just ban her for absolutely no rational reason.
: Olaf vs. Everything 2
Just a little heads up, when I got to the page it started me on the last page of the comic rather than the first. Hit the back button to see where it started.


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