Tzi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TempName48789,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=fqeVIZ5e,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2018-09-12T14:00:02.991+0000) > > Ya I am a black man so I don’t see any problem with my name I mean I’ve seen way worse Oh, I didn't realize you were a representative for the entire black community and just because you want to use a username with a slur we're all supposed to find it okay and have a laugh because you're a black man. I have to laugh.
You telling me I can’t have a laugh at my own expense or what?
Jo0o (NA)
: Are you sure it isn't a ban pending another name change? Yours is... amusing, not gonna lie, but also obviously offensive. Regardless, let us know how the support ticket goes.
No it’s a perma ban for speech, I’ve sent in two tickets and the first brought me here so let’s see where the second gets me
: I love playing playmaking supports, it lets me know that I carried my adc.
Blitz best playmaker supp
: Perma-Banned Player names should be released
: Considering your name, I don't think you try very hard
try very hard at what exactly
Voldymort (EUNE)
: It's not a contest of "who can be worse" and the fact that you yourself are black is neither here nor there...
Either way i feel like perma banning should only be a punishment given to those who either cheat, hack, sell accounts, boost, or any of the latter. I feel like language should only constitute chat restrictions or suspensions of lengthy amounts.
: Is it too easy to get perma banned?
ive submitted one and had a lengthy conversation but it ended in he cant help and come to the community boards for help so ill try again and see if theres something that can be done
Jo0o (NA)
: My researched understanding of the system is that you cannot receive a behavioral permanent ban for a chat offense unless you've already had a 14-day ban, and the 14-day ban must be _somewhat_ recent. You're a somewhat infrequent player, so I can't just point out a 14-day gap in your history and call you a liar. If you're being straight with us, you should open a support ticket. Your story, taken at face value, should end with you receiving a 14-day ban and being on your last chance, not a perma.
Ya I’ve never recieved a 14 day ban or a chat restriction of any kind it was just straight to a perma ban
Tzi (NA)
: "My account got banned for Hate Speech ;(((( is it too easy to get banned?" You're asking a question with a username like that? Lol, enjoy that ban.
Ya I am a black man so I don’t see any problem with my name I mean I’ve seen way worse
: Well, if you took a break from League of Legends but just played a few games here and there. Your last penalty will be right where you left off when you took that break. But to an average League of Legends player, they'd have to go really out of their way to get a permaban. In your case, you didn't play enough to lower the tier of your last penalty, which left you on thin ice already.
I played steadily throughout the years just not this past year because I joined the military
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