jama655 (NA)
: people were getting skins to easily boom answered ur question
This.All these changes are about forcing out more RP from the players.
nGio (NA)
: As will 3 and 4.
"We updated the Mystery Champion Shard and increased the minimum value of the champion it grants from 3150 to 4800 BE. Purchasing this item will now instantly grant you an unowned champion of 4800 BE or above." It's starting.
: Champion Capsules Are Utter Trash
nGio (NA)
: 1. They'll roll it out with absolute shit BE gain. 2. Then players will rage and bitch. 3. Riot will then increase the amount of BE/rewards gained very slightly, still leaving it at absolute shit, but better than the absolute shit it was before. They will serve the dick with a smiley face and some cool internet slang to pump up an army of apes into thinking that the multi billion dollar juggernaut knows who they are, and that they're really friends. 4. The army of casual playing Riot loyalists will embrace the abuse, delve further into Stockholm, and spam us with 'entitled' at every turn. The rewards will stay shitty, and over time they will be received as generous to newer and casual players, who are just happy to have 'free runes'. Bookmark this shit, it's coming.
This. And they get the apes with the changes every time. Amazing that it works this well.
: To make sure I understand... ***Keep:*** - Q ("Mace hurts" type skill) ***Add:*** - Character or game state manipulation (Enemy or self) ***Indifferent:*** - W - E - Thematic - Visuals - *"Everything else"* ***Remove:*** - R
: So here's a question to all the Mord mains buzzing around this Thread. If/When Mord gets reworked again, what parts would you... 1. Want to keep as much as possible. 2. Want added. 3. Not care about staying or going. 4. Want gone. This in reference to kit, play style, and thematic.
1. I only want the hard hitting mace skill from his kit in some form. 2. Not sure something that can manipulate his movement/his own state/stats whatever so something that gives him control over himself or over others. Something like hardened shield where projectiles ricochet off him into a certain direction turning said projectiles into its own. etc. A better ulti. 3. Everything else can go for all i care. 4. His ulti in its current form.
: @CertainlyT, Mordekaiser's Juggernaut Rework in retrospect
All that post then you go and ruin it with the word toxic.grats
: @Riot If Azir ends up underperforming...
I would rather see them change W so instead of preparing a soldier it would instantly summon one behind the hit enemy. I would have been happier if E granted shield on contact and summoned the soldier instantly instead the current version but oh well.
: Janna Hotfix Context
Can't have her in the gutter because of the upcoming skin,huh? sasuga riot
: Tough Design Decisions made for Azir in 7.19
Do you think these Azir changes achieve the original goal of reducing the gap between playing him to his full potential by pros making him too strong and avarage Joe trying to play him but failing miserably?Sure you want to give him weaknesses but that doesn't necessarily mean that the original issue will be solved. As i recall correctly that was the main goal and i'm not sure if the changes gonna help with that. How are we supposed to get to late game with the reduced ranges on everything?It was already a struggle to lane with him. Also these changes HEAVILY imply that only a certain item build will be available where you want to reach as much cdr as possible while potentially killing off AP heavy item builds where Q was used more as a poke tool.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 15
Hey there Meddler! Do you think these Azir changes achieve the original goal of reducing the gap between playing him to his full potential by pros making him too strong and avarage Joe trying to play him but failing miserably?Sure you want to give him weaknesses but that doesn't necessarily means that the original issue will be solved. As i recall correctly that was the main goal and i'm not sure if the changes gonna help with that.
: Let's have a CALM, RATIONAL discussion about the Vayne buffs on PBE
Funny thing is this change won't make her a good pick in pro play either.Hell these changes reduce her early,mid game power where she is already bad.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - Patch 7.15
Do you have any ETA about when will Ryze get his rework?This year?Early next year?What's the priority on his rework? Do you already know the direction Azir,LB or Mordekaiser will go or anything particularly regarding their reworks? How do you feel about Vayne?She isn't picked in competetive play at all,yet she is great in soloQ. Are you gonna makes changes to her kit to change this or wait for wider system changes to see if she can be picked in competetive? Also Kindred may need a rework of some sort too as me and others feel that her current kit doesn't really work from a gameplay perspective,her ulti is not what a lot of us imagine/envision for a champion like her also her marking system seems to be too problematic and turns her otherwise fine kit(more or less) into feast or famine. What do you think about this "issue"?
: Design Challenge? An item or ward that grants vision NOT using a circular AoE of sight
: Faker wants old Leblanc! - Pro players and SivHD opinion on Leblanc.
>wanting back old LB How about no?I would rather have a reworked LB that utilizes her clones,mirror images better than wait 1.5 seconds to deal damage or die in 0.00001 seconds from her burst so then she can disappear instantly by pressing W again.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 25
What is you opinion on Vayne? She sees no pro play and even in solo queue she doesn't really work as well. Is it simply the current meta/circumstances that result in her lower effectiveness?As tanks are played more and more and she is supposed to counter them.
: Personally, I don't like the concept of 'jungle only' champions. I think that's the biggest turnoff for Kindred for me, personally.
Well you could play her in bot lane when she had sustain.Not really anymore because of her marks even though i tried it several times.
: Will Orianna and Draven nerfs look like this xD
Yeah it will be the typical "nerfs" so people's brain will forget it because well they are nerfed so they are now fine. xdddddd exactly
: I think the Blackout passive on Duskblade is too strong
I think it's time to put the item into an indefinitive maintenance until it's actually fixed.
Rioter Comments
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 18
Are you looking at Vayne?She feels not that effective as other ad carries at bot lane. Would a base attack speed incease/growth help her? As giving her more damage isn't a solution looking at her balance history. Maybe less mana cost on Q? Faster animation on her Q would also help in my opinion. Also what is your opinion about putting more emphasis on her W when she activates ulti? Could the following rework work? Proposed changes to Vayne. Q Stays the same W Adding flat dmg, making it deal X% max hp at all ranks, changing it to physical damage E Stays the same R Doubles her W flat dmg and %hp dmg and makes it deal true damage + the things she has now, but making the duration 10 seconds at all ranks
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 14
Are you looking at Vayne?She feels not that effective as other ad carries at bot lane. Would a base attack speed incease/growth help her? As giving her more damage isn't a solution looking at her balance history. Maybe less mana cost on Q? Faster animation on her Q would also help in my opinion.
sixths (NA)
: What Happened to CDR?
CDR should have been gone at the same time as spellvamp.Shame it didn't.
obsesse (NA)
: I'm referring to his kit in terms of healthiness. His numbers need adjusting because he is a bit weak atm. However, giving him range is a horrible idea because of his smokescreen and E. Removing his ammo is horrible for the exact same reasons. Giving his shots pass through for also the same reason. His entire kit is balanced around his weaknesses, which are all the things you want to remove. Any champion will be broken if you remove all of the designed weaknesses in their kit.
Okay then don't give him more range,it's like you completely ignored the word possibly. All right,how is having the same attack speed as now would be horrible,on average of course,so you would end up with the same amount of shots roughly without the ammo system?His weakness would be still there,wouldn't be? The damage fall-off as i said could a pretty big number,something like 75% or even more if you are so worried about that. You will have to do the same thing as now for the maximum damage however his wave pushing ability would be a tad better and even then if you are not careful you'll push the lane and because of his range he can be bullied just like sivir and other short ranged champions. Hell you could even nerf his Q to compensate for the plus damage from the auto attacks going so you would need to be closer to deal the same amount of damage as now.
obsesse (NA)
: > to allow him to be a more usable champion at bot lane Your suggested change would be completely and utterly broken. Graves E scales off attack speed in regards to its reset, having no ammo AND pass through on his shots would mean he would be able to AOE destroy anything and everything in his path, while remaining tanky and sustaining through his items and passive, and being incredible mobile due to his E. Like, just think about what you're suggesting, an AOE ADC? Sure, let's remove all of the negative aspects of a champion's kit and while we're at it let's buff them beyond belief as well! Your suggestion is just very poorly thought out for a champion who is already extremely healthy.
You know his attack speed and damage fall-off on his shots after the first unit can be adjusted,right?What if he had the same rate of attack speed as now but with the added benefit of dealing damage beyond the first unit?Also pellet damage can be adjusted as well. Not sure how is he extremely healthy.
obsesse (NA)
: You're actually confusing me So Graves was reworked, or changed, a long time ago. He was an ADC before the rework, after the rework he's been a jungler. The word 'revert' means to return to a previous state, in this case referring to the Graves rework, or Graves change.
Called that if you want but it would be a change to the current iteration of Graves to allow him to be a more usable champion at bot lane. Only thing that would resemble anything to his old kit is the projectile going through units and the removal of the ammo system.So if you want to say yeah it's a partial revert if anything.
obsesse (NA)
: You're just suggesting they revert Graves changes, not gonna happen bud
As far as i know his ammo system got added with the rework and not after it. EDIT:Yep everything on his passive got added with the rework so i don't understand this graves revert thing.
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: Every time Gnar is meta I ask myself why Frozen Mallet exists
Just give it an active where it slows for a certain amount of time.
: Small tweak for Malzahar?
All right this is getting frustrating.The jump range must be increased on minions only but leave the jump range as now for champions.Happens way too many times in every game that a minion decides to walk away an inch then my E stops in its way interrupting any kind of strategy i had planned with it and leaves me mana starved. Then you can nerf him if you want.
: Azir Gameplay Update: Goals and Directions
One really important issue i would like to see solved is the different attack delay when doing an auto attack and commanding a soldier to auto attack.It feels really bad even though it might be a design choice but still wanted to let you know it's really bad and kind of ruins the whole flow of the champion's gameplay overall. Other thought of mine is that while Azir thematically an emperor who commands his soldiers to do his dirty work sometimes he needs to get close and do some work as well.I mean you are not an emperor without your people,are you? Thus making him a total backliner would not work very well. 1.While this would definitely help alleviate the problem in laning phase i fear other midlaners whom can wave clear and harrass efficiently would likely be a really bad experience to play against.Though with more defensive option and manacost changes and the attack delay "fix" might work out. While shurima shuffle is great i can see the downside and its power budget in his kit however this spell allows him to get personal when needed. Though it could be changes in a way so it's not so reliable as an escape mechanism. 2.Nah,not really like this direction at all.Longer soldier uptime won't do too much if the teamfight happens in a larger area thus i would rather focus on a better soldier reposition tool more if you decide to go with this direction. While reducing the AoE damage might look good i worry if it will allow Azir to wave clear at all against most mids. What i like about current Azir? The soldiers and the peeling his wall grants (which falls into the second category coincidentally) in case the enemy comes close,i guess. Also loved his turret smite would like to see it back with a unique animation and as a channeled part of W so you can't just quickly do it and kind of forget it.And by unique animation i mean that a big silhouette of a sand soldier kind of stabs downward into the turret dealing damage then disappearing as a wind would blow away the sand. Quite fancy. By the way have you seen my thread about my ideas? https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/y86E1boc-riot-azir-rework-suggestionsideas A simple yes or no would suffice.What do you think about them?Could we see something similar to one of those? Anyway i'm not sure if it's possible but mixing the two direction into one would be probably optimal.Also go with the direction that actually solves the problem(s) he has as in great players are too great with him while bad players are too bad with him if i recall correctly that's the original reason for the rework. And seriously reconsider giving him more damage on his soldiers.That thing did hurt really lot back in the days with higher numbers on it.I would rather want a smoother gameplay see my very first suggestion than more damage.
Eedat (NA)
: Thoughts on Malzahar
I recently picked him up and if his shield has to go i i would go with a new passive that boosts the voidlings in some way.Maybe make it an ammo system where Malzahar stores up void energy so with casting W he spawns an empowered Voidling that doesn't die to a breeze and walks pretty fast like the old enraged voidlings. Though i really like the shield because how bullshit some other midlaners are that can spam abilites all day long because of lost chapter.
: hell no i don't want some 13 year old squealing high pitch curses into my ear fuck no
What if you could mute it just like chat or pings?
: @RIOT Azir rework suggestions,ideas
Another idea that popped into my head is that his auto attack speed in W could ramp up like Volibear's W. Putting more emphasize on prolonged skirmishes.
: "ask riot" responce.. the REAL reason why yasuo is banned
Well voice communication is supposed to help alleviate that issue of real-time coordination.Hence we need it as soon as possible.
: @Riot Meddler and @Reav3 Karma Low Everything
Quick fix to her kit combining her old and new: Passive: I think the new one could remain Q: Same as now but the mantra version heals allies/herself who are standing in the detonation area. Slow maybe have to be taken away. W:Revert it back to spirit bond.MAYBE give it the root? E:Either the new or old one. Can't decide. R:Same as now.Maybe let CDR affect its cooldown. That's literally it.
: @Riot Meddler and @Reav3 Karma Low Everything
How about we get back her old kit with some changes?That was actually fun to use had a lot of counterplay built in.
: Proposal: Sivir changes/tweaks
Well she isn't Luna.I feel copying her would have been so much better.
: then he becomes a pseudo fiddles zoning you away from the wave even more than he does now.
Do you play him or fiddle saying that?
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JuhnChan (NA)
You ban her until she gets a meaningful nerf.
VladPool (EUW)
: ok it seems there is a limit to 20 item set by now, to create new ones you must delete how many you need to reach the amount below the cap
: @RIOT Azir rework suggestions,ideas
bump as the thread is relevant again for the upcoming rework
Vęrtęx (NA)
: The Azir Fantasy Reworked
https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/y86E1boc-riot-azir-rework-suggestionsideas I think my thread is relevant again...Try to give it a read if you have some time. Adding to my ideas: Her ulti should be an actual wall that pushes everything along its way rather than just the enemy.Yes this means allies and pets and everything. This would create an interesting situation when to use it and where cause it could cause some serious issues in teamfights if used badly. Other thing is limiting the number of soldiers to one would be a problem(only mention it because it could be an option) and would make him very similar to Orianna as his soldier would function quite similar to Orianna's ball even though his soldier would disappear after a time.
: oh look ricklessabandon
And now you remember her old spells which were way more interactive and funnier.yep
: Looking for Wardens - Volunteer Moderation
Rainex (NA)
: The newly released Item Set in Patch 7.11
I can't create item sets either. Every button that's supposed to create one is greyed out and inactive: 1)The + button which is supposed to create an empty item set 2)The + button when i view a previously created item set by the legacy client. 3)The CREATE button at right down corner after selecting a champion. 4)And the CREATE CUSTOM button after viewing the default item set doesn't work either. I can see however the previous item sets i have created with the legacy client. Tried relogging even though i logged in after the patch downloaded.Any idea?
: Tristana mini-rework?
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