Moody P (NA)
: Niche is good, far better than every generalist iteration of Karma that's existed prior and thus couldn't ever be justified unless her numbers were better >Also removing her potential to be played in a solo lane. ? nothing about her has changed to nerf her solo lane potential.
I was going to say the same thing. _Every_ mantra is now better for her as an AP mid. Her mantra e is worse for teamfights, but that is a bigger hit to support karma than mid anyway. I do not see the problem here. I do miss the fans, but I just want a new fan champion at this point.
: The karma rework - Nothing but disappointment
While they might not be the changes I was expecting or wanting, I don't think a single one of the changes is bad. Every ability seems to be improved by the changes in some situations, and these are situations in which I find myself quite often.
: 1. Fans - easiest that is why it is first 2. Shield bomb - Most wanted thing to return 3. Ally W - we got this but it is way too niche and will force her to have synergies with a few champions and be too useless on everyone else because the other users abuse it too hard. That is what Karma players wanted and that was failed miraculously. This is by far one of if not the most disappointing gameplay update ever.
I also miss the fans very much, though at this point I just hope they put in a new fan user champ.
: Serious question, not trying to be negitive on the Karma change but....
I think it serves a slightly different purpose here than on old Raka. Raka kept mana and hp up to keep people _in_ lane. Karma looks to be giving mana to help pay the cost of the increased ability usage so the ally doesn't force themselves _out_ of lane
: Exact quote of game loading "Tip" -- "If someone makes you feel uncomfortable in game, report them"
I have no problem with the tip. It helps people know that things don't have to be blatantly horrid to be reportable and that there is no punishment for reporting even if you misunderstood someone's actions. Reporting doesn't harm reported players anyway if they are "innocent" while not reporting "guilty" players contributes to the number of games they keep bothering bystanders.
: Reformed??
I think the game chat is fine but the post-game is not.
: I had the worst week of my life and failing promos a second time was a bit too much for me I guess xD All those games were in promos lmao. I feel fucking bad tbh.
Sorry things haven't been going well. I only got gold 4 this year and am dissappointed . I imagine it would be more frustrating the closer one got to getting out to plat.
GigglesO (NA)
: Who is Morde Supposed to be good against?
I came here to upvote a joke about yorick, but didn't find one =/
GigglesO (NA)
: Who is Morde Supposed to be good against?
I came here to upvote a joke about yorick, but didn't find one =/
: Okay okay after that last fiasco, I've come up with a REAL skin idea for nunu
: Did i seriously get banned for this ?
The only thing in the log I see which is against the "rules" is calling for reports. I don't know why, but that is not permitted. There is a player in my club that likes to do that, and I am always nervous he might be penalized.
: what if we reverted ignite damage buff but gave it true sight
I like your idea! (Though I think adding 0.25 sec duration back to exhaust would decrease ignite usage anyway)
Manxxom (NA)
: These are the kind of people I want to see in any League match.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: but if they are all individually allowed, then there shouldn't be a reason why all of them wouldn't be allowed if employed in the same game, no?
: Permaban for False Accusation
How does a stream record disprove the use of 3rd party programs? Is it normal for you pull up all your applications and processes in your videos?
5050BS (NA)
: Her Plants are bugged. In about 30% of her games the plants will not attack anything unless directed by a spell or auto attack even when they are right next to a valid target. Iv had Ulted plants stand doing nothing until they die from the duration. If {{champion:74}} turrets were bugged like Zyra's plants he would be hot fixed in a day or two.
Happened to me once and a groupmate another time. I am DEFINATELY not gonna touch her at the moment.
: Just got Gun Goddess MF from a chest.
: you could say they a*void*ed it
Meddler (NA)
: Theme and gameplay are distinct, though also quite niche in their appeal. Wouldn't look to substantially change either though. Counterplay can be a bit limited at times, but not critically so. Visually he holds up ok. Showing his age a bit, pardon the phrase, but not to the same degree as other older champs. Wouldn't prioritize any major work for him as a result.
When you do work on him, can the pasive get a serious look? It seems like a more annoying version of the old one and still ceases to exist late game.
Meddler (NA)
: We had a chat recently about our different queues. Issue of whether we should replace TT with something else did get raised, given its play rate ranges from extremely low in regions like NA and EU to effectively non existent in most other regions. We concluded we should still keep it despite that, though I expect we'd want to revisit that if things changed (e.g. if it's play rate declines further). For reference, Dominion was substantially lower in play rate again than current TT when we made the call to remove it.
If you add mastery tokens to TT I will play it exclusively over SR. Just sayin.
: I feel since Onslaught was such a disaster...
Aside from the mission confusion between groupmates I thought it was a lot of fun. The narration was nice, the effects were colorful, and all those tornados!
: Going to comment on each point individually. :) Section 1: 1) This is a weird interaction but the cleaves are supposed to do a percentage of his total attack damage, and not necessarily mimic crits etc. I will clear up that visual so it doesn't look like a bug. 2) This does sound like a bug. I will investigate 3) The knockup does increase in duration. Do a short cast or snapcast and you will notice a very minor bump, whereas a large snowball does a full 0.75 second knockup. 4) There are 3 visual sizes to the ball - small, medium, and large - but the distance it rolls grows linearly and is not tied 1:1 with the visual size (i.e. a small snowball can roll a range of between X and Y, as can medium and large snowballs, up to the maximum distance) Section 2: 1) Yeah this is definitely undesirable. I'll fix this for 8.21 2) Not a bug. It's intended to grow to maximum output with 5 seconds and leave the player another 5 seconds to navigate if need be. 3) Not a bug. This initial slow was added to make the spell much less useful for fleeing trouble. 4) Not a bug. Slow immunity is intended. I will add this to the extended tooltip that we're shipping in 8.21 5) This "rollover" damage has been added to the tooltip for 8.21 6) I've removed the collision case with small summoned monsters like Zyra plants, Zz'Rot minions, etc. It will now only collide with large summoned pets like Tibbers, Daisy, and Yorick's Maiden (it already collided with clones like Shaco's clone etc.) 7) Not a bug. It's intended that the snapcast/short-casts have minimum damage/stun outputs 8) Not a bug. It's intended to stop on hitting any enemy unit 9) Not a bug. The slow duration is intended to be equal to how long the ability was channeled. I will add this clarification to the new tooltip Section 3: 1) This is sort of true. He has a maximum speed he is allowed to achieve based on his current level and boot tier. That formula is a bit complicated right now and I'm working on simplifying it. I will add pertinent information to the new extended tooltip so speed values are stated. 2) Related to the above, his maximum speed is capped but it grows per level because we didn't want him reaching absurd speeds at low levels when enemies don't have boots and can't dodge as well. When I simplify the formula, I'll put in relevant information on the extended tooltip 3) This is a bug. I'm extending the cast range to basically infinity. 4) Not a bug. This is just an interaction with the spell. You can still get the slow but the enemy has to know exactly when they're at risk of being rooted or safe. Thanks for compiling all of these. I really appreciate it :)
  Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Scuttle,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=gPEtPEZO,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-10-02T15:49:22.154+0000) > > But I've honestly never seen someone have 21 deaths without inting. It's just beyond my comprehension. You've obviously never played in Silver. It happens all the time there.
Seriously. I am a silver level player (just barely get gold each season for skin after much struggle) and I have deaths in the teens in many hard losses, especially on all in champs.
: Train Conductor Ornn
Eeszsa (NA)
: Dear Riot, It's Time For A REAL Taliyah Skin
I would like a river guide skin. Kayak passive. Stones could have water running between them.
: ranked is geared towards defeat?
I find it unlikely that more than half your solo lanes are _inting_. I would believe that more than half the time they are _feeding_.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vekkna,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XrxOZ8kF,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-09-26T21:11:11.312+0000) > > Your QA playtest tag makes me want to hijack this thread to ask about Zyra bugs. But I would never do that. > > Instead, I'll just say that Kha'zix is a bug that needs to be squashed. See....totes not hijacking. Our Playtest team doesn't really have much insight on bugs. We focus primarily on validating goals that designers have with their changelists. That said, if you have any specific bugs you want to talk about, I can see if they're on our radar?
I had an aram game with zyra a few weeks ago where my plants would about half the time not attack anything. They would ignore champions, minions, and whatever. Did not matter if I hit targets with autos or spells. Seemed happened most often under turret, so possibly related to whatever code prevents them attacking structures? Anyway, I have refused to play her since that game but I grouped with one and they were having the same problem.
: RIOT OGRigga what does your name mean
I assumed it meant Rigger, as some sort of reference to champion Riggs.
Manxxom (NA)
: Praise your King
I am much excite
Arcawolf (NA)
: There is NO reason to reconnect to a game in progress.
Wuks (NA)
: [9/12/18] Delay Unlocking Odyssey Difficulties & Augments
I also have played SEVERAL rounds with no mission progress or unlocks of any kind.
: lol I say ggez every time I lose. What about then? Should I get banned for that?
I do think it should slow honor progress. It implies the enemy team did not earn their win.
: well youll stay silver until you understand the flame is trying to help you.
It clearly isn't. These flamers are just injecting venom into anything they think they can get away with hurting because they are angry things are going badly in their match.
: What are perma-bannable offenses?
All offences are permabannable. Some only after warnings, others immediately.
: 14 week suspension for unfair cause
You have answered your own question. It is against the rules to "fire back" against anyone for anything.
: Entering a Odyssey Lobby be like...
: Is it too easy to get perma banned?
While it may or may not be too easy to be permabanned generally, in the case of hate speech immediate banning is most certainly called for.
: And lastly, the whole point of this post is that focus needs to be shifted on inters. People with negative attitudes are flagged as "toxic" and pull in frequent reports because they annoy people. The ban system is based largely on volume of reports and not necessarily what the reports specifically entail. So if a player is consistently negative and annoys people to the point where they report them for the sake of reporting them, they are much more likely to get banned. Meanwhile, inters get away everything ban-free because (1) they usually don't int every game and (2) it's "harder to prove" because Riot realistically only looks at chat logs, which is unfair. Vods should be reviewed for these kinds of offenses, as it would actually take much less time to fastforward and skim a vod to find evidence of inting than it would to read a full chat log.
The system banner the flamers is not slowing down anything in relation to gameplay deviency. It exists and operates independently and getting rid of or limiting it in some way would not reduce the number of trolls or infers in your game anyway. It would only allow more people to behave aggressively toward others (is this a goal of yours?) Which would INCREASE the number of trolls and inters in your games since some people do so reactionarily rather than premeditatively. I confess I have intentionally fed exactly once, years ago, and it was to make sure someone who was insulting me lost. This is probably not an isolated case.
: Why is riots ban system so flawed?
I think that stuns and roots and apparently suppressions still allow movement abilities to finish, while displacements (which are present in far too many places) such as hooks flips and kickbacks override movement abilities.
: How many Gemstones do you guys and gals have?
I have only gotten 3 in all this time. Turned them all to chests.
: Why can't we earn mastery tokens on Twisted Treeline??
I agree it is odd, since there is Ranked TT and even norms on SR give mastery.
: they mind as well let ryze have a passive of unlimited tear stacking, but nerf all his damage by 50%. yup. shit early game, crazy 40 minute damage.
While it is funny, I would actually play that.
: Facing a full AP comp means you Auto Win
While full ad teams can kill armor stacked tanks better than full AP teams can kill mr stacked tanks, that is as uncommon a team line up as is not having a tank at all. And really there is a lot of variance within damage types as to whether they are sustain or burst focused, and a burst focus (like most of the more popular AP champs) will generally be worse at tank killing. If an all ad team was just 5 assassins (and one of them wasn't rhaast) they are in no way beating an armor stacked team. It is just that a well peeled adc or other dps type champ can mow the tanks down late, and comparable AP options exist.
Phridolin (EUW)
: first thread i disliked today. congrats! you and your friends have all personal opinions. imo this is beside DJ SONA her best skin and i honestly think to buy it even i nearly never played Sona. the hole theme fits Sona so well. tbh ever champion fits his theme in this own galaxy very well - except yasuo who looks too similar to project imo. karma would not fit. and the cape and especially her face looks so lovely and COOL! cyper-elegantly kinda. ^^ "living ward" lmfao. such as you and your friends think this is "terrible", me and my friends think this is AWESOME! x)
> [{quoted}](name=Phridolin,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Z2s4rYyK,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-09-10T21:17:27.450+0000) > > first thread i disliked today. congrats! > > you and your friends have all personal opinions. imo this is beside DJ SONA her best skin and i honestly think to buy it even i nearly never played Sona. > > the hole theme fits Sona so well. tbh ever champion fits his theme in this own galaxy very well - except yasuo who looks too similar to project imo. > > karma would not fit. > > and the cape and especially her face looks so lovely and COOL! cyper-elegantly kinda. ^^ > > "living ward" lmfao. such as you and your friends think this is "terrible", me and my friends think this is AWESOME! x) I agree with you. It is my kind of space mystic
Zyreck (NA)
: Riot - Can you please take another look at the new Sona skin before releasing it?
I actually really like the skin. More than jinx or ziggs anyway.
HaseLover (EUW)
: Dude you are missing the point. Get of your high horse and imagine somebody fucks up your game on purpose you still try your best to win and maybe you even win the game but at the end you should be allowed to say that he fucking sucks cause he does man.
No. You shouldn't.
Kythers (NA)
: Why do words upset people so much?
Something needs to be done when people behave that way before it gets out of hand. We would just as soon let the authorities handle it so we don't have to. Like you would rather let the police arrest the cartel members in your town so you don't have to get rid of them yourself.
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