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: > [{quoted}](name=l Helios l,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=KLQv1FyZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-19T19:05:23.062+0000) > > The way his rework is described, being rebuilt from scratch, odds are high this is the point where we get the Noxus relaunch similar to how it was with Galio and Demacia. Swain being the leader of Noxus currently, this only makes sense. This would also be great for more lore on all our Noxian champions ( {{champion:119}} {{champion:69}} [maybe]{{champion:122}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:6}} ) > > Can't wait. Pretty sure Urgot and Singed are Zaun.
Don't know how much Urgot's lore will change but currently he was a Noxian who was cut in half by Garen and resurrected through necromancy.
datfatguy (OCE)
: Am I the only person who misses the Runeglaive enchantment?
I only miss it because old gangplank could crit with it and deal magic damage on his Q while he does physical on his basic attacks.
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: What was your most killed champion of the year?
: @Riot, with Rylais' slow being HALVED Mordekaiser could really use some more base MS
On a more serious note, will frozen mallet become the new rylais for morde?? It still has the 40% but it still would be a big nerf because it won't proc on his ult or E
: @Riot, with Rylais' slow being HALVED Mordekaiser could really use some more base MS
: > [{quoted}](name=Noremac,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Zt7kUJL5,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2016-12-05T05:30:24.187+0000) > > a tank should have more than 2100 hp...heck everyone should have more than that Almost no ADC builds health so no, not really, and that damage is on top of the magic damage he does.
if a mage hits his full combo on an adc then the adc should die.
: lee sins ult procs hexdrinker??
Thunderlords probably
: wait, they did something to Garen? When and what? o.o
armor shred on his spin
: @Riot, ever heard of a champion called "Aatrox"?
: Yasuo makes me want to uninstall.
He and lux are my most hated champions
: {{champion:82}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:112}} I have this strange habit of buying a skin for my favorite champions and then getting bored of it rather quickly, making me buy yet another skin and ending up with cycling between all of them.
I own all of morde's skins except infernal because it looked like shit before the visual update, now it doesn't look half bad and I'll probably get it.
: Good lord the Ryze nerf
They will probably say that oooh this is just something we were testing and had no intention of going to pbe right?... right? I don't even play ryze and I can tell this brutal.
: > [{quoted}](name=Terff,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=im5KFmMm,comment-id=00180001,timestamp=2016-01-26T21:11:02.537+0000) > > if you think morde is broken after they gutted the shit outta him then I don't think you know anything He was just buffed. Play him. You'll see.
still doesn't mean he's op, he's balanced compared to before.
: She's 100% broken. Said so since the rework hit. Got downvoted. I'm still right, though. She is the most overpowered champ in the game right now, next to GP.
if you think morde is broken after they gutted the shit outta him then I don't think you know anything
Stiv1234 (EUW)
: I like Vel'Koz a lot, and I don't want to see his kit be turned into some Morde thingy, but...
They said the changes are not going to be anywhere near the scope of morde. They mentioned compared to the other mages it was pretty small
: s3 to b3, frustrating. hope its glitch. else ill uninstall. and i been playing since beta
if you've been playing since beta you should know this happens every season.
Shukuchi (NA)
: Is Azir Worth Buying?
save for jhin :o
: There's actually an ingenious way to solve the whole FQC and Ap CDR crisis
: Riot wanting to make Mordekaiser build hybrid's actually a great idea
The only problem with hybrid morde that I see is that his physical damage doesn't convert to a shield so the more you put into AD the less useful his shield becomes, I guess this is somewhat negated since most of the durability from the shield that he's losing he's gaining back from the tanky stats on the AD items he likes. Still I wouldn't mind some shield gain on auto attacks outside of Q.
Taco1518 (NA)
: Karthus ULT??
nah man, {{item:3041}} {{item:3048}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3027}} gives more ap ;)
: Jhin, the Six Million Gold Piece Man
Dont forget. {{champion:114}} 's outfit
: If there was one champion you could use to carry?
Shahamut (NA)
: {{champion:8}} and {{champion:41}} Im a top lane main if that matters.
I played vlad a fair amount in the past and l can say that early levels is when he's weakest, most champions if not all have a stronger level 1-7. Take advantage of this and try to get a kill early on. Try not to push too far either or he will probably just hug tower and heal anything you throw at him. Also riven destroys him. Some mages can also be brought top to counter him like swain who outdamages him and can usually get a kill early game since pool doesn't stop his DoTs, same with other DoT mages like Brand and Malz work great against him (two of my most hated matchups as vlad) Also if you're AD get executioner's calling, if you're ap morello's may or may not be worth it, if he's fed though it might be useful picking it up and the CDR and mana regen definitely help harassing him.
: You need more ram I have 3tb and I get no bad sguff
Shit did you download all that wam?
: Casseiopiea's doesn't need buffs, many of the people that think she's in a bad spot right now are people that belong to that 95% of players that cause her winrate to plummet to tartarus, no offense here but be sure just like azir, ryze and other mages that share that caster/markman style Cassiopeia is a very hard champion And what that means is that there are guys out there using her on her full potential and they do get pretty high winrates with her. You can do so many things to stretch Cassiopeia to her full potential many things are obvious like improving your positioning or getting used to her slaggish aa animation for optimal farming but there also many little tricks that only few know, one of them is the E auto attack cancellation this auto attack cancellation is so powerful that given you time it right you can get the E missile to overlap the auto attack animation as they fly towards the enemy, this can be used for better farming or to achieve one of the highest level 2 ranged point and click damage. What I think riot should do with cassi is what the plan on doing with azir, and that is making him easier and more beginner friendly.
nobody is asking for buffs, they just want her how they used to be because they don't find her fun.
: Executioner's Calling and Mortal Reminder
My thoughts exactly... I thought they didn't want it to be as good as before... Now it gives great stats AND a better GW passive.
: Vayne has "short range" because she has no abilities which allow her to affect enemies outside of her autoattack range. {{champion:22}} WR {{champion:42}} QR {{champion:51}} QR {{champion:119}} ER {{champion:81}} QWR {{champion:104}} QR {{champion:222}} WR {{champion:429}} Q {{champion:96}} QER {{champion:236}} QWR (Targeting a minion) {{champion:21}} QR (Bounce Q off a minion) {{champion:133}} Q {{champion:15}} QW {{champion:6}} QE {{champion:110}} QER {{champion:18}} and {{champion:29}} are the only other ADCs who can't affect enemies outside of their autoattack range and both have abilities which can extend their autoattack range significantly.
The funny thing is if we were to nerf her range to 525 she would be considered a long range adc because her condemn has 550 range. Thats whats dumb about that argument.
: > [{quoted}](name=Keevalroy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gFWI9vHz,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-09-26T21:53:01.567+0000) > > They could try to fix it, but why risk harming the fragile stability of the pro scene meta right before Worlds? Gotta keep those player-focused priorities straight right? > > seeing someone who is immune to cc in lcs would make me out of my mind
: zileans the best scaling support only contested by blitzcrank His q needs work its not good but its not trash either his passive is really bad but his e and r are immensely powerful with the right team
: Ward upgrade isn't worth it...
Its always useless because it doesn't give damage. Duh.
: "Darius doesn't even have low AS either" What. Have you even played post-rework Darius? He starts off with 0.625, which scales up to a whopping .73 at level 18. That's fucking low if you ask me.
lol yeah, I occasionally buy bork on him (the active, the attackspeed & lifesteal is really nice) and it only puts him up to 1.0 attack speed around level 18 xD
9001 (NA)
: Who Do You Main And Why?
tbh I really enjoy the juggernauts (dont hate me ;_;), even before the updates I loved all of them (except skarner) {{champion:82}} is my favorite and was the 1st champion I bought when I started playing. I just love being a hulking suit of armor who can be tanky and still deal damage.
: Why does Garen & Darius differs so much?
Meddler (NA)
: The intent with the E buff is to add some more power to Ezreal's kit in a way that encourages some risk taking to take full advantage of it (using E more offensively at times, rather than almost always sitting on it as an escape). That does still leave AD Ezreal's W feeling pretty underwhelming, our primary focus for 5.18 though is balance (Worlds patch), rather than addressing other issues like satisfaction.
I feel like it makes it more of a noob trap though, causing ezreal players to jump into the middle of the team isn't something to condone.
: Or you can use my calculated algorithm and always ban fizz vayne and riven.
Cardmant (EUW)
: []( NOT my build order, I got mercs and then tri
Why hydra? After triforce get full tank and eventually get a botrk.
: Taric is a terrible champion
Taric is a great lane bully, and one of the best healers in the game rivaled only by Soraka, he might not be as good of a lategame support but he is great early game and his heal remains relevant throughout the game.
Fargo79 (NA)
: How do i deal with the NEW MORDE bot lane?
For supports Morgana is probably one of the best vs him imo, the snare and hard cc makes it easy to kite him if you're good. Do not pick heavy engage melee supports vs him because he likes to get in range to Q, I'l say Blitz is the worst support against him. Thresh and Alistar however can peel as well as engage so I'd say they are both pretty good vs him as well. For adcs I'd say Draven, his slow and speed boost can kite Morde for awhile. Despite how good Ashe sounds idk how well she actually is, sure she has permaslow and can kite him very well, but she lacks mobility so if he does manage to get on top of you you're going to die. I guess Ashe is basically a skill matchup that depends highly on your positioning and kiting abilities. Vayne + Jinx can also preform pretty well vs him (but they preform well against everyone so...)
Laraso (NA)
: Midlane Mordekaiser
If you thought his w was useless before then you are horribly wrong, the defensive steroids and ability to safely farm by w'ing a minion was invaluable for rough matchups. And when mordekaiser was picked in the lcs back in season 4 they maxed w on him. It may not seem incredibly useful but it definitely was.
Trebbi (EUW)
: Honestly, she is the Garen of the supports and we know how much people love the new Garen.
how is she anything like a garen of supports. Garen is actually strong and doesnt need to build full damage to be useful.
: Hey MaliciousMetal, Mordekaiser definitely isn't performing in solo lanes to the level we expected. Some of this is players adjusting to his new playstyle, which favors his jungler playing closer to his lane (strong 2v2 counterganks and Morde doesn't lose experience). Some of this is adjustment to his new build paths (I'm pretty convinced that Gunblade rush isn't nearly as optimal as it is common). However, a lot of it is that _Morde is just much weaker in a solo lane than I expected_. We are beginning to test some alternate paradigms for his W that include self-castability to hopefully give him a substantial boost in solo lanes. Look for changes here in 5.18. That being said, Morde is not likely to return to the "immovable object" capable of permanently keeping a shield large enough to slough off entire trades. To the extent that is what you enjoyed about Morde solo lane, you're out of luck. He should retain great carry potential, amazing in-fightturn around capability, and best-in-class capability to completely turn around a game if gets the right ghost. As to Mordekaiser being unbalanceable, I don't think that live Mordekaiser demonstrates this. Many champions require teammate to bring them to peak effectiveness -- peelers such as Janna, engagers like Amumu, and fragile carries like Jinx are unlikely to win a game without ally support. Indeed, this is an important part of League -- champions should find their greatest success when properly paired and coordinated. Champions who lack synergistic strengths are generally relegated to isolation/split pushing. Unfortunately, solo pushing side lanes is a narrow space to occupy. Due to their agnosticism toward the other nine champs in the game, we tend to see one or two split pushers dominating the rest at any given moment in the meta. I think there's a balance to be struck when it comes to the W that current errs too heavily on the side of dependence, rather than synergy.
Glad to hear your considering changes to his w! I love solo kaiser, even if he wasn't how he was before.
: How is our MMR only 30 apart?
Both teams appear to be on equal footing, bronze is hardly any different from silver and its only one player.
Aamano (NA)
: Druid Karthus
I was thinking of a arclight karthus that would make him look like the pope xD
: Yi's ult actually doesn't make him ignore frozen heart. It only ignores movement speed slows not attack speed slows. Slows like wither or exhaust are stopped by his ult because they also slow movement speed, but frozen heart and randuins passive still work.
He's also immune to the attack speed slow for some reason as well.
: How exactly do you beat ADC Morde bot lane?
: Why not scrap Clarity and turn it into a support item made out of Tear
Swoofy (NA)
: Project Cluck?!
wtf is a cluck?
: > [{quoted}](name=Terff,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=k1PPAtFs,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-25T23:17:15.833+0000) > > He's pretty broken right now. broken how?
His villain mechanic plus the new items (dead mans plate and titanic hydra) make him a tanky menace who still is able to dish out incredible damage.
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