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: Not until we get the original Dunk Master Dunk Master Yi
Or the obvious alternative, Dunkmaster Illaoi.
: > [{quoted}](name=Captain Zyrin,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=IExAH0QL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-17T01:09:08.597+0000) > > His ult really brings out the Team fighting boost Yeah lol; figured the ulti should capture the thematic as much as possible. I might mess with the effects it gives allies, though. That healing is pretty big, now that I look at this.
It'd probably be fine if this was a rework into more strictly a support role. As it is, seems overpowered. From what I understand, Riot intends Aatrox to be the biggest stand alone gameplay-only update they've done. I'd say ditch everything except his general theme and lore and start over (even the toggle, which everyone who posts Aatrox reworks seems to keep some variant of for some reason).
: Here a very very fast list of suggestions Passive - Bleed portion is nice. Set it to the same duration per rank and just increase ad ratio I like the snare portion, but I feel like word wise, it should say traps versus snares. And that be reset on some gating mechanic, such as him being in combat. Q - make the knives travel at different speeds, increasing in speed each throw. That would help make it feel different from Tayliahs q. W - all good by me. E - i would say the stun happens after some gate, either being hit or wall running for at least 1 second. Otherwise, all cool. And the CD of this ability will determine the playstyle and influence on his theme of this champ, so be careful, like talon and his wall jumping. R - can be improved by adding a 1 second taunt if the target recently attacked you. I mean, it is blind fury. They should blindly attack you. This can be balanced by removing the increased attack range
All good suggestions, will work them into an original post edit. E would probably be on a medium-long cd, thought about successfully applying the passive bleed effect reducing its cooldown.
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: He's not an alien from space, he's from another dimension like the void
Never ruled out that he's both. The lore's vague, so he's a space rock to me until they rework him into a cohesive part of Runeterra. Probably not difficult considering the name of the planet.
: Pretty in-depth and I know that units are measurements in League but how far exactly is 1 unit?
Since most melee champions have an auto range of 175, 1 unit is probably between 5 and 8 nostril hairs-widths.
: New Vastayan Champion
I think it'd be more interesting to explore some of the other Vastayan offshoots rather than retreading ground in the bipedal feline domains. There's some cool ideas shown in the taxonomy of the vastaya: Rhinobears, 'Reptilian Butterflies,' Makara; why not try to make a champion out of one of those? As for the kit, The passive is 1) a little boring, 2) is a little lax with positioning for the reward (1000 range), and 3) will, in concert with your **_two _** trap abilities, encourage enemeis to do nothing but turtle and farm bot. You can have up to eight active traps between your two trap abilities. Alone, either trap type seems fine, but together it's way too much. I'd keep your E trap and give it some more interaction with you, your abilities, or your allies. Also, when factoring in how many of them you can put out, the AD attached to it, and the cooldown involved for your Q, you essentially have a better form of Viktor's _**upgraded **_ W. That's some shit without adequate power being taken out elsewhere. The W and R are fine, but on top of everything else they make Charr way too powerful and gives him too much sustain and peel for his laning partner.
: We can have an alien
Malphite is an alien. Done (until whatever VGU lore full body scrub Malph gets).
YeeSquad (NA)
: Wralan - The Hidden Pilot
The most interesting part of this kit is probably the R, but it's really not terribly different from a nerfed TF ult. Interaction with aerial drones is something that I've seen at least twice before now, and it always seems very gimmicky.
: very unique for a support. It seems like all of his support aside from ult focuses on enemy movement. I'd either class him as unique or diver hybrid warden for that ult. I like that he'd be an ad support since they are rare and also that he'd be basically a fighter support since they are also quite rare in todays support meta of controllers/wardens. P: energy resource + speed boost passive, not world changing but not bad either q: primary engage/disengage skill good for peeling with potential good for catching, if this skill+trap is easy to proc the stun with a moderate range then Klaws will definitely be a catcher as his primary subclass. w: not a bad skill, depending on range and stun duration it could also cause catching to be the primary subclass. Whats the point/significance of the bounce? if none exists then maybe remove it. It would also be nice if you could pick up traps so you could better control which ones get removed if youre at the cap and want to place another. e: good skill primarily for movement but the added utility of trap rearming and enemy cc help to bolster its supp effectiveness r: not bad, solid defensive ult good for supporting. Since your ally is left defenceless until you arrive i think you should also provide a moderate knock back to enemies in an aoe upon arrival or perhaps give the targeted ally a major speed boost. comparing to galios ult which gives a 50% damage reduction plus a knockup and magic damage, only ending with a heal is relatively lackluster. Also, instead of fears it should proc knocks since fears dont fit thematically and knocks do.
P: Wanted to bake most of his playstyle into his active abilities, so I used the passive as a means to make him sticky when he needed to be or give him a little extra disengage if he overextends. Q: This is a skill that might take a little practice to get good at using; at the moment, I think of the skill + trap combo a little like Syndra's Q + W combo, albeit with a wider hit-box. Definitely think that he'd be a potent catcher in the right hands, especially with good E usage on top of the W + Q combo. W: The traps are meant to do different things depending on if you hit someone directly with them, Q them into someone, or if they step on an activated stationary trap. The bounce is really a leftover from a previous idea I had for this ability, whereby the quick snare is appended regardless of whether it hits an opponent on the initial throw or on the bounce but with hitting on the bounce also dealing damage. As it is, it's just a skillful way of extending where your trap lands (it would be a medium-long vector cast), but I still like the idea of using the W for conditional poking. That's especially true given that Klaws lacks any poke otherwise. Picking them up's not a bad idea, maybe with a right-click 2s channel or something to that effect. Don't want to make it too fast so that there's some counterplay for an enemy laner to exploit. R: I had thought that about the fearing as well. Changing the movement-based fears into a knock-aside similar to Draven's E is probably healthier and fits better. Deciding what Klaws did on arrival has been slightly difficult. He's not overly squishy, but he's also not a true tank by any means (so taunts on shields on taunts are probably not the best fit). Many players would use this ult pro-actively to capitalize on Klaws' roaming potential to coordinate a gank, so either giving the target ally something more to work with until he arrives or give his on-arrival effect a major impact is probably the way to go. How about this: **R: Reckless Heroism** -> You begin charging at an ally at long distance, expending energy as you gain speed and knocking aside and stunning (0.5s) enemies that you collide with on the way. X% (based on rank) of damage taken by your ally is transferred to you, with each energy expended while on transit to your ally refunding X% (% MR %Armor) of your health lost from this effect. Upon arrival, you knock back all enemies at 400 range or less to a distance equaling the max distance of your Q and stun them for 1s. If your target dies before you reach them or if you recast this ability, you stop short and this ability goes on a slightly reduced cooldown. Any Claw Traps passed over also immediately get reset. The % instead of raw damage would make this more effective even if you were attempting to save a beefier top-laner or jungler (raw damage might end up killing you easily depending on how you build).
kayyyyyn (NA)
: champion concepts
Looks like he'd fit into comps that Ivern would, being more of a support jungler. I like that a lot, would be nice to see more junglers like this.
: [Champion Concept] Rha'Zul -- The Tortured Soul (Revised)
Like the kit concept, think the lore is the standard moody, dark stuff we see here all of the time. Looks like a fun jungler to me, but it looks like he'd have a metric fuckton of movement on top of heals, shields, and damage. Not sure that these ratios or the shear number of mitigation options he'd have would feel entirely fair when taken together.
Hatta (NA)
: Minion Champ?
Having that much pushing and freezing power would be vastly overpowered for split-push heavy compositions without significant accessory drawbacks. Preferable would be something like the unhealthy pushing power that we know, like Malzahar or Yorick. If you wanted to design another champion with temporary, weak minions, that could be fun. Otherwise, I'd say hell to the no.
: enchanter hybrid warden new support champion hextech crafter: Oric
The kit is promising but way too safe (You're outside of all adc auto-attack ranges except Caitlyn headshot) while curiously requiring that he get hit to build more matter (or land his one damaging ability). Your secondary resource is essentially rage, so why not just allow the building of 'matter' through auto-attacks as well and adjust your cooldowns/costs on abilities accordingly? For the ult, you could maybe save a bit of time by explaining that it's essentially a hulked-out version of Maokai's old ult, with several layers of perhaps unnecessary complexity slathered on top. For me, the most interesting thing for this kit is the Q, since we don't have a lot of abilities with dissimilar effects when cast on enemies vs. allies, so I would say that I would personally prefer more emphasis on this give and take in the kit overall. As for the lore, it leaves me wanting less on account of it being a cookie-cutter example of what Riot used to do, which is plop some unknown entity in the middle of the world that does some cool thing. Why does he do the cool thing? What are his actual motivations? If you don't know this, just leave the lore barebones. The kit's more important anyways, in my opinion. Also, do we really need another thin, young, white dude in league? This kit could belong to a non-human character easily, perhaps a constructed mech of some sort or a Yordle? If it's got to be a white dude, do the right thing and make 'em a ginger.
: In a "Group Bot" meta, we need a support with traps
Re-worked a kit idea I posted a few days ago. Feel free to take a look and comment:
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Drako125 (NA)
: I think this concept is fairly strong. I like the double cast system, and a Noxian support champion. I think his ultimate is really neat, but his w seems questionable. Does it make the allies autoattacks blind enemies, or his? Because if it blinds on their attacks, all I can think of his him putting it on a Yi, Udyr, or Jax and then a free penta.
Yeah, that was a bit of a concern. Might have to be more like "the first X number of instances of damage miss(based on rank)" or a straight up damage reduction ability instead. Or, something along the lines of the first enemy that attacks them gets blinded. That would still make it valuable for duo-lane, since it would often as not nullify some enemy adc damage.
This kit's too dependent on your Q to work correctly. So far, we haven't really had what could be strictly classical monsters such as vampires (with Vladimir being a very close analogue). How 'bout we change a few things up and make 'ol Valika into a Vastaya and reduce their dependence on one ability? Valika, the Vastayan Bloodstress Passive: Flight -> At the 6:00 minute mark, you gain the ability to passively ignore all terrain. Q-Blood Harvest: You channel a vector area cast (like Taric's E) dealing modest damage (based on AP), slowing opponents hit, and applying a debuff, Exsanguinated, for 4s. Dealing damage to exsanguinated enemies yields lifesteal equal to damage dealt. W-Red Mist: You sacrifice some health to project yourself forward into a quickly moving cloud of blood, damaging enemies that you pass over and becoming invulnerable to crowd control and damaging abilities (it's similar to Kennan's W). Lingering on a enemies causes the damage to tick up over time. You also have to use more health the longer you linger in this form, with a portion being refunded based on damage dealt. (damage to enemies based on AP and health required based on rank). E-Mesmerize: After a 0.5s windup you suppress all enemies champions in cone for 0.25/0.5/0.75/1/1.5s (based on rank). R- Dark Intent- You focus your gaze on a single enemy champion, marking them for death. Being marked yields true sight for Xs (based on rank) and increases critical attack damage against this champion to 200%. If you or an ally fell a marked enemy, you are healed by X% (based on AP) and gain X permanent attack damage (based on rank). Woowee. Happy New Year.
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: Possible Aatrox rework?
Think the Aatrox rework is already underway (think it's Swain, Irelia, and then Aatrox up next), and they've mentioned that his gameplay update will likely be their largest yet. The toggle W, E, and the Ult are almost definitely going to be slap-chopped and sprinkled in other places or gotten rid of entirely. The wings on his back aren't going anywhere (since it's not set to be a Visual Update), so they'll probably play up a flight aspect or else they'll just be a pair of banner-like flappy-doodles.
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Brunklebop (EUNE)
: Champion concept + art : Gammon, the wandering piper
Don't think that the kit really matches the image you provided well. A piper character like him would either be doing his piping to mess with enemies or be controlling the damage dealing monster in some way remotely, such as making him a true permanent pet-controlling champion. The pet could behave in response to his abilities, instead of just being the character, really (the piper is redundant in the kit). As it is, all of the abilities are based around just the mini Baron beast, and overall the image just makes me think of this: instead of a character I'd be excited to play. Here, try this: Your pet is a separate entity that can be alt-clicked to move around but otherwise has it's own rudimentary ai (like a better Daisy from Ivern or Tibbers from Annie, since it's a permanent pet). It can't die, but it can be hurt to the point where it has to retreat, in a way not unlike Skaarl runs away from Kled when they take too much damage. Passive: Loyalty -> Your pet immediately prioritizes its attacks on opponents that get within 300 units of you, gaining a scaling enrage that buffs its attack speed if you are attacked. Additionally, if your pet drops below a certain health level (with its stats being tied to a percent of your stats), it quickly retreats to you, providing you with an overshield (that has to be eaten through before getting to you) for a period of time until it is able to return (based on level, scaling). Q: Pipe Dream -> You play a dope beat (wide skillshot!) that, upon hitting allies (or your pet), will increase their movement speed. Hitting enemies with this will slow them briefly and allow your pet to put a stacking de-buff that (similar to Braum's passive) will put an afflicted enemy to sleep briefly. W: [Sludge Bomb was too much like a better version of Ziggs' w as is] ~~Scooby~~ _Mini-Baron_ Snack -> You throw a disgusting (or, depending on your perspective, delicious) pile of rotten meat on the ground. Enemies that step on it destroy the snack get briefly feared. If your pet runs over it, it gains some health back and an attack damage steroid. E: Tactical slide [charges up like Vel'Koz's W] -> You slide in a given vector direction. If you bump into your pet, you can pick him up and toss 'im. Deals true damage to enemies hit (based on level, %AD). R: Growth Hormone -> You dash excitedly at your pet and inject them with a solution that causes them to hulk into a Behemoth on which you ride into battle (lasts up to a given number of seconds and such), controlling their abilities: Passive: Ichor Armor -> Attacks on your creature cause pustules to burst poison that trails behind it as it moves; Your health is also partially tied to your monster (if it falls, you're going to be very low on health while running away, and there's no overshield protecting you). Q: Ravage -> Sweeps its Claws/Mandibles in front of it, throwing enemies back to the extremes of it autoattack range. W: Chomp -> take a bite out a nearby minion or champion, gaininig a percent of the damage back as health. E: Tactless charge -> You charge a large distance forward, pushing enemies with you and damaging them more the further you travel with them. R: Last Stand -> Your pet roots itself in the ground and flings you off behind it, with you personally getting a minor movement speed buff. It begins wildly auto-attacking anything in front of it like a turret. At the end of a given amount of time based on rank or level, your pet 'expires' and has to retreat to you [no overshield, but you'll have cover fire to escape]. And that's it. Don't know if you like any of it or whatnot. The piper aspect is still shady at best. Best!
: The thing is his name is Dr. Mundo though. He is a doctor that it states in his lore, death and pain is curing and healing.
His old lore made him out to be a doctor, his new lore makes him out to be someone that thinks that he's healing others by hurting them: . I think I'd like to see him updated mechanically, but I like him in his current role fairly well. If anything would fit his lore, it'd be to rework and balance him into wandering behemoth jungler.
Bultz (NA)
: All I want is a hardcore brawler for a champion.
Passive: You move at supersonic speed to the first enemy right clicked Q: Flurry of Punches Send out a series of lightning-fast punches that slows the opponent and makes them contemplate how little their skills have improved since your last confrontation. W: Mega Lightning Heel Drop You slam your heel down on their head so hard that they're simultaneously stunned, knocked up, and suppressed. Afterwards, they get drowsy and have a sit down for some sleep. Probably a concussion, and you feel bad. E: AAaaaaaaAAAaaaaa!! You get really mad. R: AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!1 You channel a spirit bomb for 30 minutes and then either a) recast R to chicken out and go have a beer with Baron or b) allow it to explode, shutting the server down for a few seconds.
: seems like she's a bit too reliant on the laning items (minions on passive, bushes on w) so that's nice in the laning phase but what about teamfights? I dunno, stats passives have always been a tossup. as for her ult it seems like an interesting ability until you realise you can just ult the engaging tank and then the teamfight is a 1v9. I don't know what "susceptible to" means but hopefully it's not a total negation/redirect. interesting idea
Point taken about the stats passive. I gave thought to giving Penelope an empowered version of the passive AP auto-attack damage from her W there instead, with picking up flowers giving her next auto a high AP ratio attached to it and massively increasing its range. Might actually make being poked by her feel more fair for both sides, since she would have to pick something up to get the buff (and is thereby able to have her positioning countered by her opponents) and she would simultaneously feel a little safer while trying to poke since there would be added attack range to utilize.
Terakali (NA)
: He/she means that CC can be applied to the enemy as though they were on their team. Basically, enemy CC's hit them, but don't deal damage.
Initially, I was thinking that the ult _could_ allow an enemy hit by it to be the target of damage from their team as well as cc, perhaps with a % of the damage being applied instead of the whole. Might be a more interesting option (and more balanced; as it is the R would probably just lead to engage tanks doing their job well and always dying because of it) to do something even more disruptive and completely reverse **everything** for the character hit. Like, for a few seconds they are indistinguishable from a member of your team, immune to your team's damage and cc (and unable to damage and cc you) and susceptible to their own team's damage and cc.
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NickiPicki (EUNE)
Don't hate the idea, but we already have a Winter/Snowdown theme from Gangplank in the form of his Toy Soldier skin.


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