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AhmCha (NA)
: Let's make some League puns!!!
Did you hear about the time the Solari went skateboarding? It was radical.
: Overwatch
The preferred board for OW is r/Overwatch
Surge06 (EUW)
: I have no conceivable way of relating this to League
: The face behind the Metal (late 40K Upvote thread)
What kind of gecko? I have a crested.
Arakadia (NA)
: Currently Yasuo is balanced (I think) but trades nothing for his mobility really
Windwall, Sweeping Blade, and a stacked Q should cost flow, whereas landing an unstacked Q or ult should grant additional flow. That way, you have to make a meaningful decision about how you want to fight: do you want a shield, utility, or mobility?
: I hate leagues state but it's hard to quit the game.
I picked up Overwatch and it's awesome. I hope for the day that League returns to its former glory, but until then, Overwatch is amazing.
: Arclight Karma - Come on, let Karma have a really cool skin
Meep Man (NA)
: Can Nashor's Tooth Be Nashor's Tooth?
: You forgot one. People who main nothing. They are the ones who are really into overwatch but don't want to/can't spend $60. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: who else quit league or at least barely plays it anymore
Me. The only reason I've played at all over the past week because I was so bored waiting for Overwatch.
: > [{quoted}](name=Teslablade,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=GGYEUcJc,comment-id=0028,timestamp=2016-05-10T21:13:19.011+0000) > > It'~~i~~s said a blind crone with purple eyes lives in the Shuriman wastes. A _meager_ sheepskin tent ~~is all that~~ separates her from the desert sun's maddening rays. If the ~~tales of~~ caravan drivers are to be believed, for ~~an~~ Icathian coin, she will tell ~~you~~ of the Void, its immortal Prophet, and how Shurima ~~came to~~ f~~a~~ell... > ________________________________________ > > I was aiming to portray the overarching presence of the Void in League lore. I realize this is slightly above the limit, but I cut it down all I could. > I eagerly await your thoughts. Well, Teslablade, you know you're over the word count so you're not eligible for the competition, but I'll give some feedback nonetheless (as it seems that's what you were looking for). First - points for using a word I'm unfamiliar with! I love learning new words and "mommet" (or "mammet") is one that was new to me! Thank you :D Next, I am loving the three layer deep narrative you have here - first starting with the author setting up the deal that the crone is known for, then going to the story of Ezreal in the desert finding that selfsame crone, and then a vision of a third character, the ancient girl Alina, and her internal thoughts and then LASTLY she too has a vision showing yet another location and time. Maybe that's four layer deep. It's very circles within circles, but it never gets out of hand, never gets labyrinthine. I would warn you about your use of adjectives. A lot of writing advice revolves around being sparing with adjectives whenever you can, and you've got a serious love for them here :) Most things are purple/violet or some variation thereof, and generally every noun is accompanied by its brother adjective. I know you wanted to convey the insidious and contagious nature of the Void's influence, so I can understand the temptation - and the Void definitely likes to lend itself to more Lovecraftian prose (my word, the adjectives!!) so it could have been a stylistic decision on your part. Lastly, I do believe you could have trimmed down to under the 500 word limit, if you'd been a bit more brutal with the editors pen. I gutted your opening paragraph above (not particularly skillfully) and trimmed 9 words. The sentence around Ezreal where he talks of the trader's directions not being on the map could likely have been done in one, and his surname isn't necessary either - you can be sure your readers here know which Ezreal you're referring to :) Kill your darlings, Teslablade.
Thanks for the reply. I tend to overuse adjectives often, but in this case I was trying to replicate a Lovecraftian style.
: [fan fic micro-competition] The Last Shuriman Sunset
It is said a blind crone with purple eyes lives in the Shuriman wastes. A sheepskin tent is all that seperates her from the desert sun's maddening rays. If the tales of caravan drivers are to be believed, for an Icathian coin, she will tell you of the Void, its immortal Prophet, and how Shurima came to fall. __________________________________________ Ezreal Hanelod had heard of her while seeking accounts of Shurima's fall. A trader directed him towards bluffs of purple stone beyond the dunes. Ezreal couldn't find any mention of the area on the trader's parchment. He thanked him and began on his way towards the sea of shifting bluffs. "Who needs a map?" He muttered to reassure himself. After three days, Ezreal was wandering in a dehydrated stupor. Stumbling across the jagged, mauve rocks, he reached the sheepskin tent, though he couldn't say how. Relieved, the Piltovian slipped inside and cleared his throat. A shriveled woman held out a taloned hand with purple veins. Ezreal reached into his pack, plucked out an octangular Icathian talent, and placed it gingerly in her hand. Without preface, the crone lunged forward and pressed her thumb to Ezreal's head. Purple fog shrouded his vision and he slipped into a malefic vision. ____________________________________________________ _"K'az z'zrutai, maleh rekhuko. Ka'ezu maleh, vok krehn'tu, urud Cho'gath.'_ Alina struggled not to look up at the unblinking violet-within-violet eyes that gazed at her from behind a behooded sneer. _"Urud Cho'gath, melakh El'vekteh, k'az z'zrutai."_ She finished her prayer to the Devourer and unstoppered a Voidstone phial resting before her. Alina poured the foul-smelling, iridescent fluid onto the tarnished Shuriman amulet that lay on the obsidian floor. The miniature Sundisc made a poor mommet for an entire empire, but she was determined not to fail. As the Prophet's most adept acolyte, fate ordained she exact his will. Only after the golden pendant glowed with a mauve sheen did she break concentration, looking up at the Prophet. "The seeds have been sown. You did well." His voice was sand on steel. "It was inevitable," Alina replied in customary thanks. "The Eye, the Mouth, and the Hand are closer to arrival thanks to you, my voidling." Alina smiled slightly and excused herself to a nearby antechamber. She collapsed on a mound of cushions and stared at the labyrinthine etchings on the wine-dark walls. Sighing, she turned her Eye Soonward and saw what will come to pass. _The great Sundisc shimmers purple ever-so-slightly as the emperor who Alina knows only as a boy takes his place beneath it. As the slave who serves as the Falcon's advisor is called up to embrace him, Alina saw the Corruption she planted glint in his eyes, threading though bulging veins in his hands. As Shurima's center falls, the tide of sand cascades to a mud hut on the outskirts of one of Shurima's worst slums, populated by foreigners, prostitutes, and slaves. The golden surge rips through the sackcloth door and surrounds a sun-browned, bearded man. _ Alina watched rapt as the father who beat and violated her _is reduced to a red mist amongst the torrent._ _______________________________________ She closed her Eye and grinned. ________________________________________ I was aiming to portray the overarching presence of the Void in League lore. I realize this is slightly above the limit, but I cut it down all I could. I eagerly await your thoughts.
Zacster (NA)
: I Feel Bad for Malzahar Mains
I just quit after the rework.
nep2une (NA)
: Malzahar has a 57.79% winrate and 90.65% banrate.
Long-time Malzahar player here: I definitely wanted the rework, but all of his oppresive aspects have been amplified. I have now quit League.
: Shurima Story Q&A [COMPLETE]
What's going on with Icathia and Malzahar's cult during the period after the Ressurection. Are the Ascended going to have a smackdown against the hordes of the Void?
: > [{quoted}](name=RaptorKarr,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=XIun2QgA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-01T18:39:57.249+0000) > > ESRB doesn't exist in China Honestly, China doesn't have google either, so, that's not saying much.
Smoking isn't really taboo in China
: You know one thing that got removed and I miss, because it was hilarious?
: my headstone when I die is going to say "ggwp"
Ralanr (NA)
: Universal language.
Ionia is isolated with little outside influence. Even if there was a shared language on Valoran, Ionia would be unlikely to speak it.
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Flaherty (NA)
: Looks like she's an earth mage that makes earth wings, idk how you see a scarf in that picture
Actually zoom in. It is very clearly cloth.
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: Rydick - The Metal Scavenger
: Stuck In Non-Existent Game
Task manager->close client->relaunch. Worked for me.
: > [{quoted}](name=FACE THE WlND,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=Vvb9XWdE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-27T23:51:16.795+0000) > > Hahah he's an elf. A dwarf
: Rotating Game Mode update / brain dump
Black Market Brawlers incoming?
: You will upvote this post, and send it to the front page
: What is the most hated champ
Talon and Fizz tilt me more than any other champs.
: There's one change Riot could make to make Dynamic Queue WAY better.
: A Nuanced Look at Dragons, Randomness, and Competitiveness
For those of you who don't know, this guy is like the Boxbox or Trick2g of Malzahar.
: >says god bless in English and Arabic >not in Hebrew FeelsBadMan, השם יברך
Hashem baruch? You have it backwards.
Bultz (NA)
: Malzahar skin
I want Forsaken Malzahar. He has a lightsaber instead of a dagger and droidlings replace his voidlings. Nether grasp has him using Force lightning.
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Reav3 (NA)
: Yeah the runes thing is more of a Ryze thing and with Malz being a "Void" mage we wanted to push him more towards "Void" colors and design. He gained a new pattern on his scarf as well as the new void symbol on his head.
Any chance of a VU for Shadow Prince?
Parceval (NA)
: Elemental Dragons: A R9K Concern
Your idea for Earth is great.
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: Subclasses for every champion
Jayce's primary should be marksman.
Veruka (NA)
: Sexism?
Andomals (NA)
: Trying to hit a mobile champ like...
: Sorry but never read it. Looks like a decentish book though from my 30 second google search.
Really? 'Lanre' is a pretty important name in the book that I have never seen elsewhere. Also, they are REALLY good books.
: Incrin, The Lanre Whisperer
Obvious Kingkiller reference is obvious.
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Eyesack (NA)
: What is a healthy example of an assassin?
Squishy, low ability/auto range, low base damage, high scalings, conditional or no hard cc.
Horvic13 (NA)
: Meow'zahar needs to be a thing.
I want Forsaken Malzahar with a lightsaber instead of a dagger and summons droidlings.
Reav3 (NA)
: Yes! Temporarily though.
: New Rammus Splash
Reav3 (NA)
: It will be the same.
Will it be back up for sale with the re-release?
Bellows (NA)
: Can we PLEASE get a sexy new VU for fiddlesticks?
Some champions need it more. Jax, Mord, and Panth have terrible models.
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