: Yes I am capable of reading the news. You didn't answer any of my questions...
Maybe brush up on your reading comprehension. While it hasn't been stated how many points you'll need for everything, they did say that the pass will be available *for the entire duration of set 2*. They've also mentioned many times elsewhere that sets will last about 3-4 months at a time. Do the math.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 15
Good to see you Meddler! Hope you're doing well! What are your thoughts on Senna outside of bot lane? I've personally taken her top, and have heard of others taking her mid and jungle. While I'm not so sure about jungle Senna, she seems like a Quinn or Vayne style bully in top lane since she has a root and can play to her range.
VIadimir (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sinful Succubus,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=JeNbpv51,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2019-11-14T13:17:44.603+0000) > > i think you've forgotten the point of this post I cannot juSt "Stop typing" I don't have that kind of Self control RealiStically I think hiS idea iS the moSt likely to work for me unleSS Someone haS Some kind of pSychological advice
> I cannot juSt "Stop typing" I don't have that kind of Self control How do you know if you don't try? If you admit defeat so easily, it's a wonder you ever learn anything or grow at all. Remember all the things you've learned how to do in your life, then remember that before you got good at any of those things, you never even tried them. Self improvement works the exact same way. You figure out what you WANT to do, then actively work on doing it. YOU have to take the first steps. Telling yourself "that's just the way I am" is a cop out, and a poor excuse. Catch yourself when you start arguing, and tell yourself it's a waste of time spitting words at complete strangers you will likely never interact with ever again (because it IS a waste of time). Catch yourself when you start getting angry, and tell yourself it's just one game out of hundreds (or thousands) of games of LoL you will play. One game. It's not worth the emotional outburst, nor the ban. Self control is learned, like any other skill. You teach it to yourself every day by being AWARE of yourself. Being aware lets YOU control how you react. Otherwise, you might as well be a wild animal... but even wild animals have some self control.
: Melee units will, on rare occasions, completely immobilize themselves even when there is clear pathing to enemy units on the map. Pay attention yourself.
So, I've seen people continue to complain about this, even when the unit in question has been disarmed or stunned. If either of those things happen, the unit won't move until they are able to attack normally. I've yet to see a melee unit just stop pathing when they aren't disabled in some way. I know sometimes the disable particles can be hard to see, but I'm willing to bet that's what people are mistaking for a "bug." Of course, I could be wrong. I'd love to see video proof of it otherwise.
: Yeah, but they could remove part of that "good into most team comp power" instead of the niche part. Say, the disarm on her R, or the duration of her stun, or something like that which is always good.
The disarm on her ult was also removed a while back. It's not any one mechanic, really. Irelia has very reliable strong damage, a active damage reduction, decent mobility, an AoE stun, and an AoE slow. Both of those CC effects are skillshot based and therefore aren't out of line, but she's on the edge of being overloaded with mechanics, and adding a shield-shred back would likely be pushing her over that edge. Before they removed both the disarm and the shield-shred, she was just doing everything and not being bad at anything. I'd argue that removing some of her CC to trade for shield-shred would be taking away TOO much from her. While her Q lets her dance in and around battle, she needs her stun, and her ult, to catch people proper. Removing her mobility kills her "blade dancer" feel, and her damage reduction is just a tool to help her survive engagements she was otherwise overwhelmed in... when used correctly. tl;dr: She's strong, but not out of line. Adding more to her kit would overload her, swapping anything for shield-shred would leave her too weak.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 6
Good morning, Meddler! I hope you are doing well! I'd like to know your current thoughts on the crit item update from 9.3, if you think the changes are still holding up well, and how you think ADCs in general are performing. Also curious whether you think Ezreal is on the strong side (or not) since the update. Thank you for your time and hard work!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 21
> Whether to gate when the true damage conversion turns on, or at what rate the conversion happens. We've been trying mechanics like 'Build X AD and Y HP' to activate the conversion, or a scaling ratio on the conversion based off your AD/HP. Maybe have the true damage scale from bonus HP? Something like... "Converts (2% Bonus HP)% of your damage into True Damage" (would need tweaking obviously) This would discourage marksmen from abusing the rune too heavily as they typically don't build much bonus HP, if any at all... and if they did it would be less effective overall. Also, instead of giving bonus AD on proc, would it be harmful to have this rune give adaptive damage?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
> Our next target after that's likely to be redoing the VO for a champ whose voice over is pretty lacking relative to their other elements. OK.
: > If you've ever experienced these things, you of all people should know... sometimes your power will go out and come back on. Originally from MN. Can confirm, never lost internet from snow. My hair used to also freeze completely solid while waiting for the bus. I've had eyelashes snap off. I know places that aren't used to snow can have issues. If you suspect internet issues, try out the hextech repair tool: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool If you are having issues, I'd suggest not playing until they are resolved. I can however see that in the first AFK, you were upset at your team and said you were going to afk. You also wished that someone on your team would end up in the hospital. Those 3 games looked like a roller coaster of tilt. When that happens, even without internet problems, take some time off. No point in playing a game that is supposed to be fun if you're just getting angry about it. Having internet issues on top of that is going to most certainly create a frustrating experience for you, others, and you will additionally have to do with penalties that result.
MN, eh? Where at? I just moved to the Fargo/Moorhead area (on the MN side :D) early this year and I'm having fun experiencing my first Frozen North Winter™! Of course it's not my first winter of ice and snow, but I have never lived this far north before. The wind is madness. D:
Meddler (NA)
: It's been a mainly good week, LA fires excepted (evacuation zone border's only a mile or two from my house). Mid assassins in pro have been in a fairly rough spot, with the occasional exception. We should work on that next year, can't offer anything more concrete yet though.
Oof. Fires are no joke. I hope the winds stay in your favor, good sir.
La Bello (NA)
: I actually want the inverse. completely REMOVE (or rework) Deathcap while adjusting the AP gains on nearly all Items. Deathcap just being a free AP steroid is so cancerous in so many different ways -Literally everyone who builds AP wants one and a Item built on literally everybody is not a well designed item. Its a overpowered Item. -Deathcap snuffs build Diversity as nearly every build will try to fit in along with to a much lesser extent Void Staff meaning 3 Item slots are down the drain in any given game making it that much harder to express yourself or build items you actually enjoy playing with. -the Item has NO direction or specific appeal to a certain class of mages. At least Bruisers/juggernauts dont build {{item:3031}} but literally EVERY AP champion wants a deathcap. -building up to it/cost is so ridiculous its nerve wracking. so yeah fuck this item. I hope Riot completely reworks it or removes it from game outright. If come the AP update this guy is still with us im gonna be pretty disappointed. Fuck Deathcap. I think even DFG was healthier for the game than this thing.
Imagine if Deathcap, instead of giving +% AP, gave us the burn of DFT. Maybe like: + 100 AP Unique: Spells burn their target for (0.15 AP) every second for 2 seconds. Would need to change the build path a little, but it would solve the lack of burn damage that several champs have been missing since the new Runes, and not EVERY AP champ would want/need to build it.
: OP isn't talking about that, though. Look at his post. He thinks he's supposed to be getting skin shards from leveling up. You guys really can't just take one line out of context and take something totally different from it like that.
Maybe he shouldn't have used that statement there, as it's easy to pull it out of context... but I don't believe he meant it as "You promised us skins from leveling and you aren't delivering." Echoing what many others have already said elsewhere in this thread, including the OP himself: He's pointing out that under the current systems (CURRENT, not systems you did or did not promise), there is no substantial increase in the number of skins shards we can earn... but there IS a substantial reduction of Orange Essence. There's a disconnect there. Our income of skin shards hasn't really increased (yet), but their value dropped significantly. It's not misinformation to point out current facts. Nobody is saying you guys promised us skins for leveling. We are, however, asking why such a sweeping change was made to support limited-time event rewards increases. So really, the heart of OP's post was "Why was that change made? Why was it so incredibly important to make skin shards worth so much less?" The only explanation we've been given was "to support better rewards from events" but I don't think that's good enough. I'm pretty sure a large portion of the community feels the same way. Since events are so spread out, the entire change feels like one giant nerf... and it makes events that much more mandatory in order to get the most value out of our Orange Essence.
: Yeah, I think that the new system feeling different or worse is good feedback which we are watching carefully. But I'm also seeing this perception that the new system is giving you less currency - and that's not true. It's difficult to have a conversation about how the system feels when not everyone has the right facts.
I think you're absolutely right. Having all the facts is very important. However, let's not discount people's perception of earning less as them "not having the facts." I'd be willing to bet quite a few people have read at least one of Riot's explanations of the new system and that it gives you roughly the same, if not more, BE(IP) than the old system. I know that's truth, I did the math myself. Perception is tricky, though. Most players aren't seeing *any* increase in BE after playing several games. They have to hit that level to see any gains, and sometimes that can FEEL quite far away, especially if they go on a losing streak. Or only have time for a game or two a day (and maybe they lose both, losing the first win bonus.) In the old system, you would still get SOMETHING for your time, and you would see it immediately. In this system, those same lost games are way more painful because you come out of it with some "progress" but ultimately nothing tangible. You see a number go up but it's not the one you can spend on stuff. And that's not to say anything about the fact that in order to see any currency increase, you have to go through the additional steps of disenchanting the shards you don't want. As a long time player, that means pretty much every shard... but for a new player? Now they have to make choices about which to disenchant and which to keep, and it's been said MANY times how League already has information overload. With 138 champs currently, that's a lot of information to sift through before you start to settle on a choice. Maybe it's easier for some, but I bet there are plenty of people who are getting frustrated with the additional steps and choices you have to make. What if they disenchant a champ shard they eventually decide they wanted to play? Now they lost the chance at a cheaper champion (because the shard is a discount) and must spend more time and more levels to get what they want. Except those levels can feel slow at times. The old perception of "progress with every game" is now "progress every 6 to 12 games." That's the very definition of a GRIND. Do you see where we have multiple layers of feelings and perceptions all coming to a head?
: This is merely my personal opinion, but I'd really prefer if supports didn't have to buy Sightstone as a first rush. With the nerfs to Ardent Censer shipping this week, we'll likely see supports going back to getting Sightstone as their first item, but is that world really better? Firstly, it's an item that doesn't offer much excitement for the support - and yes their role is to multiply their adc, defend from ganks, peel etc, but is buying an item that grants more vision something that a support is super pumped to do? It's certainly valuable, but having sightstone be an early purchase also means we're likely to see less agro bot lane fights due to it being harder for a jungler gank, it being harder for the laners to use FoW to their advantage to scare you into thinking their jungler is there by playing more agro in the lane etc. If we were to somehow do away with sightstone, or at least make it so the support didn't need to buy it, we'd likely see satisfaction in the role increase across the board as players got to make more exciting decisions in the item system. That world is harder to solve for, as the continuous narrative of how do we best support supports goes on. I think this year was a pretty marked improvement, but there's still some issues that need to be ironed out. If a support is intended to multiply the adc, giving them more gold and powerful items means their adc will be that much stronger. There's more to figure out than I can go into here, but it's a constant discussion that we're having on how we can improve the situation. EDIT: Adding a small disclaimer to the bottom of this since it got cross posted to Reddit. My first sentence should have read as "didn't have to buy Sightstone as a first rush". A world where the support doesn't need to build it all because of other means to gaining vision is an exciting world. What if there were other ways of establishing vision that weren't based on an item purchase? Things like Zombie/Poro wards in runes reforged come to mind when I think about it, but maybe there's more that we could do. I certainly didn't intend this as an official stance on Sightstone and it's place in the game. This was just my personal opinion on something KempyreanPirate was curious about. Sorry for the confusion!
What about a summoner spell that places wards? You could even go the Smite/Jungle Item route and tie support specific items to that summoner spell so you could add a bit more power to them.
Meddler (NA)
: Agreed on need for risk on champs with assassination patterns like this. Think it's very likely that's part of the LB changes.
What if her chains rooted her? Would that add enough risk to her kit?
Meddler (NA)
: Aurelion Sol's already really strong. I agree those changes would make him feel better, they'd also add noticeable power though, while significantly reducing a needed weakness (often struggles if jumped on). Wouldn't want to make those changes without significant adjustments elsewhere too as a result.
Have you tried a shorter duration stun when it's popped immediately? Like, Q starts at a .25 second stun then gains full duration as it flies. I feel like if he had a mini-stun up front it would at least give him a CHANCE to fight back. He has only his ult once somebody is on top of him, and sometimes having a champ dive on top of him makes his ult harder to hit. Also it's very frustrating when "dive the Sol" becomes the game his opponents play.
: Update on Preseason Ranked
I placed Silver 1 off 7-3, which was fine. Played my new placement match, dropped to Silver 4, despite a 60% win rate. Okay, but... My friend got placed at Bronze 3 from his initial 10 (4-6). Was never Bronze before, but climbed back up to Silver 4. His one placement put him back to Bronze 3. That probably feels bad. I'm understand that some people had to be pulled down to fix, but it seems like all you did was push EVERYBODY down again. Maybe I'm wrong. Regardless, it feels pretty awful to climb a bit then get thrown backwards pretty hard. I don't know about you, but it feels pretty bad when 20+ games literally mean nothing.
: Some thoughts on Support
Riot, an idea for Supports and sightstone: * Remove the blue trinket * Add a summoner spell that mirrors the blue trinket, but maybe with charges (like smite) * Change pure support items to require the new summoner spell. Maybe have those items buff the spell (add charges, +ward duration/health/range, etc) to allow scaling and "power spikes" in vision. This would allow you to play up the support role as masters of vision control, allowing them to always contribute and feel useful on top of their already defined unique strengths and kit. It would also allow you to gear itemization towards supports without fear of another role dipping into it. Leaving sightstone in the game would be fine, as junglers or other champs could pick it up if the team needs more vision. Else, you could just remove it as well and push the power of it into the new summoner ward spell.
: The challenge, and it's something we're really trying to understand now, is what players mean by sandbox. Some way to practice last hitting or even try out a new champion seems consistent with League. An editor where you try to come up with your own URF mode is something we're less excited about, but that's why we really want to understand the player need here.
This is one time I could honestly say "Look to your competitors." Heroes of the Storm has a "TRY" button for their heroes, which dumps you into a one-lane map, with dummy AI and lanes that constantly spawn, plus a few extra buttons to reset the towers/lane, reset levels, gain levels, etc. Even as simple as that is, it still gives players a play to freely practice mechanics, and FULLY explore a champion on demand. Sure, it doesn't cover things like roaming, or ganking... but I'm pretty sure people just want to be able to practice their combos or last hitting in a stress-free, easily reset-able environment.
Reav3 (NA)
I always thought the Black Mist was an enabler of the undead, granting them more power and allowing them to enter the lands of the living by following it... New Yorick's cape is made of Black Mist, allowing undead to follow where it (and Yorick) go... If he's also being framed as against dark forces like Morde... then it may be safe to say he's using the cloak/cape to command/control the undead, and use them as a weapon against darker forces. !!!
: We have some of our own ideas on how to "break the meta" that coalesces around each mode, but are interested in hearing from you guys too. The most frequent suggestions I see include: -- More bans -- Perma-ban X champs -- Make random champ select Any others?
...random bans? Or pseudo-random? Daily? Weekly? Per Game? It wouldn't just shake up the meta, it would shake up every game. It wouldn't have to be a large number, and the champ pool is large enough to support a handful of bans on top of player bans. I suspect, though, that players will want an alternate queue that has no bans so they can still play their favorite champion whenever they want.
Meddler (NA)
: State of the Season: Mid-Season followup
> We’ll also be investigating some form of universal ‘this champion is invulnerable and won’t take damage at present’ visual language at some point to make it easier to tell at a glance who’s currently immune to damage (Taric ult, Trynd ult, Kindred ult etc). Why not just make the health bars of the invuln champions turn Zhonya's Gold? Maybe even make them shimmer with the same particles? Just seems like the simplest and most readable way to show an enemy (or ally) is immune through all the gameplay clutter.
Rioter Comments
: Heyo, Remember, it's still a chance based system for key drops. As long as it's a matchmade game, and you win, you have a chance to pick up a key. Playing with friends and doing the same has greater chances iirc. Check out here to make sure I'm not remembering incorrectly! http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/2016-season-update/champion-mastery.html
I dunno, it feels a bit long since I've gotten a key. Like, over two weeks. I play pretty much daily, I should have seen something by now. =\
Meddler (NA)
: DoTs do on average feel worse because their power's harder to track. In a lot of single player games that's easily solved by just making a DoT incredibly strong if you need it to feel satisfying - doesn't matter if it's somewhat overpowered if it feels right relative to other direct damage abilities. In a competitive multiplayer setting like LoL that's not an appropriate option though, given the need to value ability balance really highly.
I'd also argue that DoTs scale WORSE than their direct-damage cousins because of late game regen scaling. Since DoTs require time to do their full damage, regeneration will make the full damage seem lower.
: when i start to 'lag' my screen color gets screwed up
...How has nobody noticed this is something of a troll post? What happens in the game to turn your screen grey? Dying. What do most people blame their deaths on? Lag. I mean, it's either a joke post or I'm just conditioned to expect somebody is trolling at all times.
Froxty (NA)
: {{summoner:14}}{{summoner:14}}{{summoner:14}}{{summoner:14}}{{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}}{{item:3751}}{{item:3751}}{{item:3751}}{{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}}{{item:3751}}{{champion:17}}{{item:3751}}{{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}}{{item:3751}}{{item:3751}}{{item:3751}}{{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}}{{summoner:14}}{{summoner:14}}{{summoner:14}}{{summoner:14}}
The rare Full Power™ Teemo, as seen before he obliterates the rift. None survive his wrath.
RiotNoyz (NA)
: Points will be...pooled...together from all regions ;) I'll see myself out...
Sounds like some sort of... festive get-together. A gathering, perhaps...
Aradehk (NA)
: "Him"?
"Him" was referring to Rumble, since I was comparing his Super Galaxy skin to Lux's upcoming skin. =)
Utora (NA)
: An all new VO package would bump this skin up into other RP pricing tiers. I'm not on the skins team so I can only give my account of what I know. Skins team has a planned schedule of how many skins to release in each of the RP pricing tiers and usually can't stray from that schedule. Adding an entire VO package greatly increase the scope and development time of a skin and thus increases the RP cost. So the TL;DR it was determined from the beginning that this Lux skin would be in a particular RP range. Does that make sense?
It makes sense, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. =P I just wanted to voice my hopes that this skin could have gone the extra mile. Honestly, the extra price and dev time don't bother me. I would happily wait and pay more to see this skin at it's full potential. ...but even if it doesn't happen, I'm still happy Lux is getting such an amazing skin. =)
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: You’re cordially invited to a soirée!
Mirross (NA)
: Champion Mastery Q&A
I have a question about the grades at the end of each game: I know you mentioned that your grades are "for your eyes only," but is it possible to have this information show up on your match history (maybe in a way that only shows up when logged in and looking at your own games?) I ask because I love the idea of getting graded on performance each game, but I want to use it as a self-improvement tool. I want to be able to go back and look at past games (games I've played once this releases, of course) and compare my grades to recent games. That way, I can try to identify where I need more improvement. =)
: I agree that one of the reasons Poacher's Knife fails because it doesn't do anything if your opponents take appropriate steps to stop your counterjungling. We're working on an update to that item (no details yet). One of the goals is definitely ensuring that it's a valuable item even if you don't get a chance to steal camps, and ideally there'll be some fringe cases where it's the ideal jungle item for you even if you don't plan to invade. I would like it to include at least a soft push towards counterjungling on that item, but certainly not the current version where you get nothing if you don't counterjungle. As far as trying to make junglers into just one role, that is absolutely contrary to our goals. I realize that that's how the current jungle feels, but that's one of the big reasons we feel compelled to act - it's a problem to be fixed.
IMO, what kills Poacher's Knife, and honestly, counter-jungling as a whole, is vision control. Wards. Have you guys considered turning Poacher's Knife into something of an anti-ward device? Like, give it charges that build up over time, and once a charge has built up, have it function like the Raptor smite buff: It procs near an enemy ward, disabling and revealing it. Maybe to separate it from the raptor buff, you could change the functionality a little. Instead of giving you a mini-oracles for wards, it simply disables the first ward you run into and ONLY that ward. Then give the thing a max of two charges. I think it would go a long way to help junglers choose something else to be diverse with. You could easily opt for chilling smite and the gank power you get with it, or opt for superior vision control which would allow you to not only counter jungle, but setup picks outside of lanes for your team. I don't think an effect like that would be too OP, either, considering the recent yellow trinket upgrade buff that acts like a mini-sightstone. Wards are important, but so is effective counter-warding and dewarding.
: Intended :D http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-53-notes "Baron Nashor He's like a piece of terrain. A big, fat, purple piece of terrain you can't move through. WALL OF NASHOR Baron Nashor now cannot be walked through even with effects like Ghost or Fizz's Nimble Fighter, which grant this ability"
But... that patch hasn't dropped yet...? o_O
Meddler (NA)
: That should be fixed in either the next patch or the one after that, very much an unintended bug.
Was Miss Fortune's passive being disabled through shields a stealth fix? Before 5.1, shields from allies or Bloodthirster would prevent her passive from going on CD as long as the shield took the damage and not her actual hp. Now *any* damage or ability, regardless of shields, will break it. It's an annoyance, and I can live with it... but there was no mention of a fix or change anywhere in the patch notes. Please help? =)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zyconz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ai771PvU,comment-id=005a00000000,timestamp=2015-01-24T00:54:30.460+0000) > > Well no offence, but you are the only rioter i have seen post ever since the reset and personally i don't agree with that. I'm happy you are posting but where are the balance teams. I'd like to see if this is a mistake or just a new system that you are trying. I'll do my best to check in with the guys on the rankings squad. See if I can get any insights or toss this thread their way. I'm still reading through all your comments regardless as well — even if I can't make a measured difference I want your frustrations to be heard.
If I may, Sweet... I think a LARGE majority of the frustrations held with the placement/ranking system is a horrid lack of transparency. Nobody knows exactly how things work with MMR or placements, and thus everybody is left to guess. Problem is, even our own "data" we can share with one another (win/loss record, streaks, etc) is massively inconsistent. Also, when you guys make a post with this included: > "Challenger players could lose all ten games and end up in Silver during the 2014 placements, while Bronze players could go on lucky winning sprees and end up in Plat before getting their butts kicked repeatedly until they fell a few tiers. Neither of these are good experiences, so while this year’s placements are still important, they won’t cause established players to swing as far up or down because of good or bad luck." [source](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/competitive/get-ready-2015-ranked-season) And there are still people who were in plat slamming into bronze... it tends to breach trust a bit. We appreciate you trying to look out for our play experience, but I'm sure you can see how something like that can come off as misleading. The best solution to any frustration is clear communication, and I don't understand why the players don't deserve that kind of clarity.
: Welcome to the 2015 Ranked Season [Share your Placements]
Went 5-5 on my placements. (2 losses, 2 wins, loss, 2 wins, loss, win, loss) I ended season 4 at Gold IV, right before the reset. I placed Silver 3. Riot, I don't understand how your MMR works at all.
St0rmln (NA)
: What pairs in bot lane have the highest synergy.
{{champion:21}} Miss Fortune {{champion:412}} Thresh Dem Ults.
: MissFortune's Ultimate only scales off of AP now??!!
Miss Fortune's ult scales off AD in the form of Impure Shots stacking. To my knowledge, the ult's own damage has always scaled from AP.
Rioter Comments
Tamat (NA)
: I've come back to win games that were over more times than I can count on both hands. I remember there was a game that I played recently, where I had given up. I was still playing and participating, but I wasn't giving it everything I had, and was voting to surrender as often as I could. It was like 45 minutes in, all three of our Inhibs were down, we had a 15k gold disadvantage, and mid pushed up to their inhib tower. Coming back to win seemed pretty impossible. The enemy team made a huge mistake engaging Baron with 4 people up, and without clearing wards. We saw what they were doing and rushed over. We stole Baron, insta-gibbed the carry, and then got the ace with only one death. We rushed mid tower and finished off the Nexus before they had everyone back up. All of this happened in just over a minute, it was insane. I stared at my computer with my jaw on the floor for like 5 minutes before I did a victory dance. It was an incredible reminder to **never give up**.
I've often wondered WHY the surrender button exists at all. It seems to me that since it's there, people will use it... often, and usually when they have plenty of chances to come back into a game. It's one thing to want to surrender when it's like, 3 - 41 and your team is horribly out-leveled and farmed... but I see people seriously trying to surrender after their team falls behind by less than 5 kills. It's insane to me that somebody would want to give up that easily. It's actually MORE frustrating to me as a player when the rest of my team quits when they aren't even that far behind. Losing a game because 4 people threw their hands in the air early is NOT fun. My logic is: You will lose 100% of the games you surrender. You should at least FIGHT for victory... what do you have to lose otherwise? Time? If you were winning or ahead, you'd be spending that time playing anyways. I like to imagine a game where the surrender button didn't exist. Would people stick with it in games they would have otherwise surrendered? Or would we see a spike in "im done afk at base" situations? I would like to think it'd be the former.
: For Eve, we saw an opportunity to create a skin for her before an update that wouldn't interfere too much with any then-current plans with her. This does not mean every potential champion update is in the same state and can be treated in the same way. The team felt it would be a win to create a skin at the chance we got, so we took it instead of passing it up. It may not have coincided with what was said in the past about skin plans, but I think it's much better to try and take things on a case-by-case basis rather than let a statement be the end all be all for the rest of eternity :) Do you play Zilean? Is there something in particular you would want to see for him? {{champion:26}}
Honestly, I've always envisioned you guys doing a Freljord skin for Zil. His spells could easily be translated to icy magic, and I think it'd be awesome to see him as some grand ice wizard of death. :D {{item:3110}} {{champion:26}}
DropFill (NA)
: > Also, because of the W passive stacks, it makes your subsequent auto-attacks (and Qs!) hit harder too. Her ult is a great way to soften teams up at the start of a fight. The problem is that if you have to stack your W first to ult, you will most likely get a strong damage on only one target. Her ult is pretty bad right now. The damage it does is far from good. The MAXIMUM amount of damage it does is , at rank 3, 1000 ( 160% ) plus 48% of your AD. If MF has like 400 of AD ( pretty rare but ok ), she will do to someone in melee range something like 1200 of physical damage. This is trash, seriously. And at rank 3, at lowers rank it is even worse.
Her ult applies/adds stacks of W as it damages it's opponents. You have to add that damage to your calculations. To quote the LoL wiki page: "Bullet Time will deal up to 198 / 210 / 216% AD bonus magic damage with no stacks of Impure Shots on the target, and with full stacks it increases to 288 / 336 / 384% AD bonus damage." and as ShadowStorm mentioned, her ult is an AoE, meaning for each additional champ hit, the damage output goes up.
DropFill (NA)
: > Her E is a core part of her kit, and part of what makes her good. > > If you don't know how to use E properly, you need more practice with MF. Her E is core? What you smoking dude? Her W and R are core part of her kit. Her passive is only good to not be that denied early game by coming faster to lane if she went to base , but a single minions stops it.
I'm going to respectfully disagree here. I play MF a lot. She has her pros and cons like any other ADC, but I don't think she's bad at all. Her passive allows her to chase, unless her opponent stops to turn around. It doesn't need to be at "full power" for it's value to be utilized. With correct play, and with use of her E, you can utilize her passive for more chase, or even escape. Her passive also allows her to rotate between lanes/objectives faster than any other ADC. Yes, a single minion stops it, but understanding how minions aggro champs is a core part to being a good playing in LoL. It's very possible to avoid getting touched if you play right. For later in the game, the new Bloodthirster's shield also gives her protection. While it holds, damage you take won't break your passive, which makes it a very strong item to build on her.
: Here are my thoughts on W: Miasma does very little damage, but it's far from weak. Firstly, a reliable poison applicator is just strong as it is, because of Twin Fang. But even aside from that, Miasma slows just as hard as Pillar of Ice (Trundle E, which is a pretttty strong ability) D: Obviously it doesn't create terrain, but in turn it, 1) does *some* damage, 2) has a *much* lower cooldown (particularly at rank 1), 3) lasts 1 second longer and 4) applies Poison. Ultimately, I think it's a pretty powerful ability, it just doesn't do much damage.
Honestly, her W is her most balanced and useful ability. It's the one ability I would say is perfect as is. I had a solution to the whole QEEEEEE problem, but I think it got lost in the thread (it was at the end of a reply chain.) Imagine if her Q and W (poisons) added debuff stacks to the opponent. On their own, these stacks do nothing, but they do build up. Maybe with like, a 5 second duration. At the end of 5 seconds, all stacks will fall off, but applying new stacks refreshes the duration. What do these stacks do? Imagine now that her E had a longer cooldown, but consumed those stacks for bonus damage. This would allow her to act as a poisoner from range, enticing people to keep an enemy champ poisoned up for long periods, then going in with E (with it's shorter range) for a burst of damage. The risk vs reward of this interaction might make her a lot more fun to play, as well as giving meaningful interaction between her and her opponent. If her opponent is good at dodging (or her player isn't skilled with landing Qs,) she won't be able to burst as high. Also, having to move in for the E burst would give her opponent a chance to counter-engage. The reason I suggest this is because as it stands, her moving in for E spam doesn't quite fit with the whole venom-y snake feel. Snakes don't rapid fire bite their victims, then bite once, HARD, and inject a ton of vemon in the process. Plus, this style of play fits with her passive. Instead of it feeling like something you are forced to do outside of her normal rotation of QEEEE, it flows naturally with building stacks on her enemy. You might not have to mess with the passive with this change. Just a suggestion that might make her kit feel better overall. Might be worth a try. =)
: How can there be a river floating in the air tho? (See: Top Lane Vista) LOL
I imagined a source near/in center lane, with the water flowing towards top and bottom and over/through the lanes, then spilling out over the edge. As ManWolfAxeBoss mentioned, they did add "sources" for the water in the form of small statues spewing the water near mid lane, so the cohesion is there... but the raised lanes make the river feel... less river-ish. I mean, it's a magic forest, it doesn't have to make COMPLETE sense. I was just hoping they'd have fixed the rivers being more like ponds as they are right now.
DropFill (NA)
: > DONT YOU DARE TOUCH MY RED HAIRED TWO PISTOLED WOMAN. If you really want to though, I would love an AD ration on (R) Bullet Time MF E is one of the MOST useless abilities in this game. I think only ezreal W beats that. Her R does close to no damage. Her Q damage also got butchered because of a mana cost buff.
Her E is a core part of her kit, and part of what makes her good. If you don't know how to use E properly, you need more practice with MF.
Scampy (NA)
: If you go ahead with that, and keep the passive, the 1 stack per poison tick might not work anymore. Maybe the DoTs give a stack of "toxic toxins" or whatever to enemy champs, that she can proc with E to gain as passive stacks and maybe do some sick deeps? Man, champ design is fun. You're in a cool line of work.
Man, you might be on to something! What if Q and W gave stacks to her opponents. Then her E could consume stacks (up to a cap, based on ability level? Ability power?) for extra damage... It would allow her to remain a "dance around and poison you" mage, but still give her the option to close in for big damage with E, playing on the "final strike of a snake" thing Riot is going for. That would open up a little counter play for those who want to engage on her. Her E couldn't have too short a cooldown anymore, though, but I believe it could be balanced to not be OP. Her passive would just be a bonus to that play style. Suddenly it wouldn't feel so demanding since her kit would be rewarding all by itself.
: The river does not run through the lanes because the lanes are a raised area. You can see this when sometimes you are unable to see full cast circles around the entrance to the rivers.
I was asking why they didn't take the opportunity while updating SR to lower the lanes where the river could cross. I understand, though, why they choose game-play clarity over a believable river, though. =)
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