: A small reward for guessing
hey thanks... I hope i get more upvotes but maybe one day who knows
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Po po434 (NA)
: Tier 2 team looking jungler
: looking for jungler gold+
: Need 1 more for Clash
i sent a friend request on league
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: Upcoming Event Finder Tool Changes
I honestly just started playing these tournaments recently, I think they are fun and competitive. It would be great if this was advertise a lot more or there were live events in my area to possibly join, but this is the closest i can get to a tournament and win the ryze skin for winning the tournament while making new friends to play with. I think taking it down will not do any good for anyone. I think leaving it up for us to keep playing until you start promoting it more because this way there is a small consistent fan base of people that already use this feature and there are already some companies who start tournaments consistently. Just let us have our fun we are not hurting anyone, and use your feature until you guys find a way to make this a more usable feature.
Cloudset (NA)
: LF For a Jungler/Support main. Plat 5 +
i am ap plat that loves playing jg and support
: NEED SUPPORT FOR R5s Right now!!
: Getting a team together
mainly jg or supp im down for rank 5 right now/ today
: Will Windows 10 and League of Legends be Friends?
I got passed the black screen, :D I launched the league of legends app through my "Nvdia Geforce Experience" I updated my driver and open it through the nvdia app and it updated the league launcher and that was it, it worked for me
: [NA][SS][Ranked 5s][LF Gold-Plat Mid Lane or Jungle Main]
i am a gold 3 jungler age 23 teamspeak, razer comm, vent, curse elise, vi, pantheon
: Team Astral Gaming/Looking for a Starter Support/ High Silver- Low Gold preferred! :D
age 23 gold 3 curse, teamspeak vent skype razer comm top 3 champions: thresh, nami, morgana I am dedicated weekends and late night weekdays
: Need people for ranked team for wins before season reset
IGN: test subject 001 Age:23 Rank: gold 5 Main Role: jungle or support Champs: amumu. vi. wukong. nautilis, (support thresh, nami, braum) Strengths: warding, and Weaknesses: tunnel vision every once in a while Shotcalling Experience: N/A Something about you: I love basketball Availability: a lot of free time during weekends weekdays not so much
Gxb Echo (NA)
: Building a Ranked 5v5 team
I am in gold 5 was gold 4 but lost recently and in game name is "test subject 001" i main support and jungle

Test Subject 001

Level 330 (NA)
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