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: I severely dislike the new ranked system
Quitting because of this new ranked system. God it is annoying to deal with. If it delivered on more balanced games, I might be okay with it, but at the very least, it has resulted in no better levels of matchmaking then before. It subjectively feels terrible seeing your Bronze 1 Mid paired up against Gold 3 Mid, rank splashing feels terrible because it can demote your other ranks, so if you are training up other positions, you might screw over your main rank. It messes with strategy since you can't do lane swaps anymore without being warned and later dropped an entire rank for doing it too much. All this contributes to a system that FEELS absolutely terrible to play in, and the matchmaking isn't any better to make up for this. It doesn't help that it is a chore to micromanage 5 ranks. 1 was tough enough, but at least since it is only 1, you feel invested. Now I don't give a hoot about any of them, and have lost all drive.


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