: RANKED: The Silver 5 and Bronze Curse that cannot be broken.
Also, you can say that KDA is a measure of skill, because feeding in the top lane, for example 4 deaths and no kills after 12 minutes, is unacceptable. It means you are playing too agresssively, not paying attention to any wards you may or may not be throwing down, or paying attention to MIAS. Top lane is very delicate, and if you feed that lane, usually the game is over, because now you have a super powerful gank machine, who controls the game.
: RANKED: The Silver 5 and Bronze Curse that cannot be broken.
Thank you for the replies everyone. @RuGu2 I guess that does show something. There is a lack of wards in my games, Maybe i focus on my build too much, and make that fatal mistake like other silvers and bronzes? @JJI744 my inconsistencies in CS as Lucian are usually fueled by a lack of warding from my support or poor playing by my support. If I don't get a fair chance in lane, because of poor decisions by my support, then getting good CS is damn hard. The concept of last hitting is simple, but you cannot control your last hits when your support damages creeps, or engages at the worst times possible. Is it so hard to let THEM push?
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: I think the system needs to be changed, but for different reasons. I don't like the dual LP/MMR system as they kind of conflict with each other. I feel in your case, though, the sad truth is you might actually belong where you are. You might have some knowledge and awareness that warrants you to be a higher level, but until you yourself can achieve this, there isn't much you can do. Also its a bad way to gauge your "place" at the end of the season, thats when the trolls come out to play. These people do deserve to be punished, but that isn't the point or topic of this thread.
I agree with you. I do have some things to work on but to a point I do not feel I deserve being in the pit I am in. All I want is a chance to move out of the tier I am in, and get matched with better players, who take the game more seriously. You may be right about the end of the season thing. Given this is my first season I do not have the experience of other seasons to agree with this. Maybe at the beginning of Season 5 I will have more luck. I just want an honest chance, and not to to be thrown right back where I started after winning 3 games straight. It's hard work!
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: Match history is bugged. Cannot view
I got the same problem. Wonder what's going on.
: Riot Servers Disconnected me, Can't play anything at all....
Problem was fixed, I can now join Queues again, but these server issues need to be fixed. This is a competitive game and stability is paramount.
: This game has just been horrible for the past few weeks. Honestly, I have lost multiple games because of DC'ed team members -and have probably won my share of them too. I'm lucky if I get a loss prevented for them 50% of the time. I'm terrified to even try a ranked game because of the crap shoot the servers have become. Maybe spend less resources on balance patches and fixing your new champs and ensure the game is playable first. Seriously take a note from Valve and how DotA runs for them. They have significantly less man power than you guys do -they also actually let their community contribute to the game in a meaningful way, not the point though-, but their client and server are incredibly reliable. You guys have a great product in LoL but the quality of it has been questionable at best the last month; and if not fixed I think you'll see your player base begin to dwindle quickly.
The server issues are becoming pervasive. Just now I had a massive DC issue, where everyone was DC'ing the entire game, and I am banned from playing normal games because I was stuck in a game that ended. My only option was to end the game from Task Manager. Now I have a ban as a result. This is unfair for players who follow the summoners code.
: Riot Servers Disconnected me, Can't play anything at all....
Update: Just got the RIOT notification about Ranked being temporarily disabled for investigations into issues affecting gameplay. However this does not help my ban on Normal games.
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