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: Gaining Honor is Too Easy
I dont remember reading anything saying that it would increase over time. just by getting honors.
: Long bans should not be automatic
The big issue in the situation you present is that player B is still breaking a rule thus deserved the ban. Saying racist and vulgar things are still against the rules regardless of if you provoked or not.
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Adormas (NA)
: Improving the role of Supports: suggestion - say goodbye to sightstone
You see I think kinda the opposite. I think they should make 2 or 3 items that build out of sight stone. Sort of like the support items but on a stronger scale.
: Are You Even Listening To The Players Or Babysitting The Toxic?
In the second one someone said they should ban anyone with under a 50% win rate. Which is, you know statistically impossible.
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: *Sips out of Dota 2 mug* "O heavens dear, you must actually want a game that works." *Takes another sip of Riot fan tears* You must want a ban system that works too and doesn't ban everyone that types in chat. " *Takes out fleece made from the sheep customers Riot has groomed and starts to knit* Shame that this community licks that riot bootty ,but you go on now and you play nice with them little kids. Don't talk back to em or you'll be banned after they call you a f-a-ggot. Don't try to hold em accountable they'll call you toxic. That's why I just troll on these message boards but go on now have a great day but you gots to learn. You can't expect much from Riot it took em a whole season just to get a new client from what I heard. *Finish the tears and hold up a shirt that says obey riot or else* - I think this'll fit ya just perfect Now you run along Hun and when you grow up you can come over to my house and learn to speak Russian while playing a real game. *Starts pouring a new cup of hot tears* maybe a bunch of y'all leave and Riot learn to change some things, maybe you stop calling people toxic and negative when they have a legetimate complaint you might actually get what you want. But that's just an old fool's thoughts on da matter, don't pay me no mind *Rocks in a rockingchair made out of unread BBB complaints*
Iron Wu (NA)
: Advice and Questions for Ranked. (New Player)
Im certainly no expert but this is what Id say 1) Id reccomend learning two roles + support (Ive never seen someone auto filled to a not support role) 2) AT LEAST 4 so the enemy team cant completly ban you out
Talisid (NA)
: What do you want to see in a Warwick rework?
I had a neat idea with his scent mechanic what if instead of a speed boost on low hp enemy, It showed you the last person to clear a jungle camp and how long its been since they've cleared it.
nep2une (NA)
: Nerf Veigar, his ultimate does 10 trillion damage if you let him farm 13,333,333,332,900 CS with Q.
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: it has a decent cd so lay around the openings
Early on yeah but if he maxes it and builds cdr its up almost all the time.
: Assert your dominance over him. Play like a cocky, arrogant guy who denies almost all CS
The issue with that is im never the one who lanes against him.
: abuse early game then he turns into a caster minion
I do but it doesnt seem to matter he can still just build CDR and gets the huge stun every 3 seconds that and I can only roam up so many times as suppp.
: learn 2 dodge
The issue isnt dodging. Its pretty easy to dodge the issue is how long it lasts and basically makes it so you can retreat or go in, Or really do anything.
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: More refunds??? Riot, pleeeeeease!
Dang wheres the rune mixer when you need it.
: Diamond elo is the worst rank to ever play this game in
: no it just means you cant build IE/hurricane/boots and expect to be able to deal with them, you gotta change up your build/order is all.
And build what? Honestly I think thornmail is fine its a situational item not one that should be built every game.
Tarkonn (NA)
: Ranked: please add paywall and disallow people under 40% wins
> [{quoted}](name=Tarkonn,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=HEVhlage,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-24T10:30:47.971+0000) > > This will cut down on the trolls, it will cut down on the elo boosters, and what it would especially cut down on are people smurfing up toon after toon after toon. Added bonus, you get more revenue because of a paywall! No It wont.
: Buy sightstone you inbred gorilla
As important as wards are, 100% the reason you lost?
: Would Thornmail be a viable item if it completely stopped Life Steal from being applied to the user?
: This one is planned. I agree, being able to respawn the camps on command would be super helpful for Jungle practice.
I think Save states would also be very effective in this regard. especially on a champ like nidalee where part of here clear is to throw a max range spear. So I can just press 1 hotkey instead of clicking (or however it will be done) to re-spawn the champ then walking away back into max spear range.
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
Jorien (NA)
: Because we all know Sunfire Cape is nothing like the cinderhulk jungle item............ ........... ...........
You know besides the +25% bonus health........................... .................... ....................
3tyson (NA)
: This works pretend to be a girl and most gamers will behave pretend to be a girl in all chat to get extra fed by enemy team
> [{quoted}](name=3tyson,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=RLYmmjkX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-03-17T07:07:26.181+0000) > > This works > pretend to be a girl and most gamers will behave > > pretend to be a girl in all chat to get extra fed by enemy team I like your strats XD
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: Riot Games Merch Store Beta Now Live
I would kill for a {{champion:76}} cougar plush.
: Riot Games Merch Store Beta Now Live
Wow this stuff is nice, and fairly priced to. Except dear god 85$ for a hoodie? nope nope nope{{summoner:4}}. still need cash for RP you know.
: Patch 4.19 notes
Ah i wish riot would take a breath between nerfing lucian{{item:3070}} {{champion:236}}
: Patch 4.18 notes
Lee's splash now seems to have the same problem as {{champion:67}} As a whole the splash is cool but the close up of just the face is derpy as heck
: Patch 4.17 notes
Was gonna try{{champion:91}}Not any more.
: Patch 4.13 notes
Rest in Piece Lucian, It would be one thing if the just removed the slow. It'd be another if it was just his cooldowns both were MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR overkill.
: League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
Notice how {{champion:111}} was the only one who got kills on the other team.
Preeti (NA)
: Big Plays: Big Flays
The difficulty of thresh is highly dependent on what rank you are, He is pretty easy to bring against bronze and silver players were there movements are a lot more predicable but in diamond players are a lot more spontaneous
: Building Better Onboarding: Intro Bots
Alright this wont help with the biggest problem for new players (Smurfs) but this is going to be nice for the new players.

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