They should just delete shaco.
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: Alt Tab problem
You create a ticket? I am having the same issue.
: Can someone explain what the big scuttler change is?
Highest exp mob and second highest gold mob, and nerfed exp rates of all jungle mobs to scale with level. That means junglers are going to be behind in level early game, what I have seen, jungle catches up in level at around 7-10.
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: i feel you, but you just have to know in soloque that some tammates just never understand, #I CANT BE A MEAT SHEILD FOR A BACKLINE THAT DOESN'T DO DAMAGE# having kills can be ok, but when you take them, always always always look for a fight, that way your allies can also get ahead (because again, its pointless to defend a backline that isn't on par with you). plus, as a tank jungler you should have more assists then kills, being that you aren't like assassin junglers, you rely on locking down the target long enough for a laner to deal fatal damage. therefore anyone harassing you for not having kills is flat out wrong.
Forgot to add, had a person on my team and the enemy team argue that a 20/0/0 tank and 0/0/20 adc is better than a 20/0/0 adc and 0/0/20 tank.
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: League Servers crashed?
: Auto fill in ranked?
We all wish but they won't ever do it because the game is dying.
: Can you tell me how to get out of silver?
You have only played 13 games this season. Comeback when you play 100+ games and you are still in silver.
: Actually try out the mute feature. Start with mute all, then when youre ready go in unmuted, and mute people who arent worthy of talking to. Youre seeking approval by wanting to be recognized tho. Youll get honors when you go 15/2/10 bro. Good luck on the rift.
Nah never recognized. Like just had a 6/3/21 maokai jg game, peeled for the adc, had so much cc and no honors. Every lane was losing but we managed to group and win because we had so much peel from me and our Rakan. It's whatever though, but I can say one thing one game and lose an honor level.
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: Clash NA beta - What’s changing? Your feedback in action!
I'd like to see an option that would let you opt into a 8 team bracket on Friday and it's best 2 out of 3, and you play 2-3 games Friday - Sunday.
mew28 (NA)
: I mean we kidna have that we got the ask riots.
> [{quoted}](name=mew28,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zVzP189y,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-16T16:14:51.777+0000) > > I mean we kidna have that we got the ask riots. Thanks for telling me, I did not know about that. I did take a look at it, but it doesn't seem like it gives the same outcome from live Q&As. Most Q&As end up being about QOL and game integrity, and what I am seeing from that is mostly game development and lore.
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: Stop it, its already dead! (Sejuani)
I wish they would revert her ult but keep the other changes.
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