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: Well yeah, until recent seasons fights lasted longer then the 6 seconds provided. This is to adapt to the fights that are now much, much shorter.
First off that’s a horrible reason If that’s the case then damage creep should be looked at not enchanters. Second, what does this have to do with her shield being 100% up?
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Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Thę Weeknd XO,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=U1scuVs0,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-05T00:11:14.439+0000) > > {{champion:25}} The difference is, Morgana and Shen have some "skill expression" to their shield usage. {{champion:25}}: I need to predict the engage and shield my team mate. {{champion:98}}: My shield scales with targets missing hp. I have to wait for my team mate to be low. {{champion:40}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:61}}: OH NO TEAM MATE TOOK DAMAGE, E. TEAM MATE TOOK DAMAGE AGAIN 6 SECONDS LATER. E. I also overload the shield recipient with on hit steroids, AD, Armor and MR or Movement Speed. There's a lot more skill expression in using a Morgana shield vs using a Janna shield.
5 seconds at rank one is ridiculous though, maybe late game that’s fine but change it early.
: well, morgana has actually a high cd so already a low uptime unlike the other shield champs, meaning she already has to be carefull with when and on whom to use it in a teamfight. Lulu has 10(6) sec CD at all ranks, morgana has 15(9) CD at max rank
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: Since when do we get 2 free wins for rank up promos???
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Ralanr (NA)
: What do you start and max first on Pyke?
I maxed Q for more play making potential with his hook, though I see your idea behind maxing E.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: boards are a bunch of mage mains if they see a change happening to ad champion --->buff if they see a change to mages --->nerfs they claim that assassins were broken when MSI was dominated by zoe ryze vladimir taliyah just lul
What’s played in pro play isn’t what reflects solo queue and vice versa
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mosaickle (OCE)
: Why is Pyke's ultimate called 'Death from Below' when he stabs the area from above??
Because his target it below while he comes from above. The ultimate is also an execution so death does come from below.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Hotfix Ezreal and Kai sa RIGHT FUCKING NOW
I agree but you also need to understand it’s currently 5am pacific, highly doubtful anyone is in the office.
: Bada-bing Bada-boom {{item:3340}} Problem solved.
Never heard of this in my entire life.
Toppien (NA)
: im tired and sick of zed
: "X champion beat me, they must be OP."
But good sir, I was playing this role called “middle laner” when all of a sudden a wild AD Taric appears out of nowhere stuns me and then bitch slaps me to death? What is this nonsense Riot? This is a blasphemy and should be nerfed to the ground, such a terrible gameplay and this company is also terrible. What is the balance team getting paid for?
: Are we going to keep pretending that Ezreal is fine?
50%? Guess you weren’t around when armour pen Lucian was running havoc In the bot lane.
RooX56 (EUW)
: Can someone create me a Korean account for me to play on for free
If you’re moving to Korea just create your own, you need a SSN in order to play in Korea and I doubt some random guy will give his up for you.
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: "Quitting League" posts becoming more frequent, I thought Boards was the "Vocal Minority..."
The boards are a vocal monitoring how many ones are people going to try to argue this nonsense? Some people don’t even use the boards and use alternative things or heck nothing at all. We can even make this comparison to Reddit, an average Reddit thread will get around 3k upvotes if it’s really good or 1k if it’s decent. Meanwhile on the boards it’s only about what 40 - 80 depending, 100+ if it’s good things. Meanwhile most of these”I quit” thread only garner like 40 upvotes unless it’s the bandwagon FOTM topic “I’m quitting because x, look at the boards they even don’t like it” Complete nonsense, when you have a smaller group of people the influence of ones idea spreading and people believing it’s truth (even if it’s wrong) are higher as apposed to if you did this with say 50k people.
: Im moving on, this game is in the toilet.
: Clash just got canceled.
That’s pretty much how I read all those complaint comments, it’s actually pathetic lol
: Rate my GP!
Not a GP expert but here's something I've noticed. - Good trading early on, able to abuse your range advantage over Wukong which led to a CS lead. - Forced an early back on Wukong and forced TP, good job. - Look to position more aggressively or zone with your barrels when Wukong wastes his dash/clone, this can lead to denying a few minions. - When your lane is slow pushing out don't be afraid to jock for aggresive positoning. - When you have minion wave advatange and Wukong goes for a trade run between the minions. Minion damage hurts a lot early on and can also lead to creep block. Wukong fighiting in such a big wave is a lost trade for him. - 5:48 perfect example of Wukong losing a trade due to minion advtange. - 7:00 you did a pretty good job staying with your minions during this trade. - Always be aware of Rengar passive, could've gotten the kill without your flash being blown. - 9:07 not a good area to back, always try to back in your jungle area. Thankfully you lived. - 9:45 silly death, Anivia had enough mana and health to finish that off. If you're participating in a fight while low always use your ranged advantage unless he was one auto away from death. - 10:55 Nice kill, but always be weary of the idea of face checking brushes there could have been a jungler there. Best case scenario use your barrels to check. - 12:18 Good escape, but always try to get the last hit on barrel for the extra move speed. - When you or your bot lane acquire first turret, switch lanes. Especially when you are so far ahead, you play on the bottom side of the map so when baron spawns enemies either gank you and your team barons or they baron and you get their base. - 14:46 always shove in the wave and leave, no reason to over extend with your turret and allies so far away. You lived though. - 18:42 once again no real reason to stick around here, no allies. - 20:55 Idea wasn't bad, but if you had W the Thresh hook sooner the and got to MF faster maybe that would've been the difference maker. - 21:49 Not sure why you backed off a 3v5 seige. - 22:33 Not sure if you noticed the plant vision got you? Always TP from fog. I also don't recommend wasting TP to go to one side lane to another just for gold and saving a tier one 22 mins in. - 23:24 Good catch here, as mentioned earlier don't be that guy all the way mid without allies or a turret a few steps back protecting you. This also should have been a Baron attempt/bait. - 23:56 Thresh died for free, baron. - 24:21 Flash? - 24:36 Nice Q - 25:05 Nice huge wave and team was fighting bot, you should've taken advatange of split pushing. No reason to base. - 26:00 Pretty huge wave top, another example of taking advantage of what you had if you had comitted. - 27:28 Another opportunity to take advantage of a side lane with your lead but didn't. Though you had picked up some nice free kills so that wasn't too bad. - 29:03 MF was clearing mid, starting baron could've been an option. - 29:45 Good catch, don't be that guy. - 29:55 Nvm you became that guy, good thing you had flash - 31:13 This was unnecessary, you should've continued pushing bot but it worked out. In this case your team should've also been either top or baron baiting. Overall performance wasn't bad, you assisted with your ultimate when necessary and picked up free kills when they were there and didn't have any silly mistakes though you did have some silly mis-steps. Performance: 8/10 Micro/Macro: 4/10 Can use a lot of work.
: Those champs can easily build health. lol
Build paths that include health with be diverting away from the more up front damage they need.
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: I hit Challenger 1tricking zed and here's my thoughts on how to balance him
While I usually expect a main to be bias the changes aren’t too bad. But, Zed is doing fine right now and is already at a pretty marginal ban rate of 30% because people don’t enjoy playing against him any buffs to him at this point is just playing with fire.
Luralin (NA)
: I just ate pizza
Lost R (NA)
: And who determines this tier stuff?
An intellect sent from above to share his knowledge with the masses.
: Lol the fuck happened here.
Urgot flipper you mid E. The animation looked clunky but either way you ended up in the spot you were suppose to.
: They've always done this {{champion:245}} {{item:3022}} <--- Riot games: NOPE **NERF** {{champion:72}} {{item:3089}} <-- Riot: NOPE **NERF** {{champion:3}} Oh hey gu- <--- Riot: OH HELL NO **Lowered ap ratio for galio** {{champion:3}} ... Gee thanks
: I am a Diamond 2 player that made a smurf to play in Silver
Ernie (NA)
: Reddit is curiously silent about the jungle changes
Quiet? You clearly haven’t checked it out when the patch went live that day.
: Fun thing to do if you're bored
Theorex (NA)
: Can I ask why the secondary runes are still dumb?
Yeah almost halfway through the season and I still sometimes misclick and switch out a secondary rune I wasn’t suppose to.
SirPurrr (NA)
: Op.GG and Loss Prevented
Nope, OP.GG counts it as a loss.
: {{champion:427}}?
Redemption and Locket were OP, not him. He’s irrelevant now with trash tier itemization.
: {{champion:141}} ?
Pressing two buttons and deleting people isn’t fun to play against at all.
: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." Design is hard. Balance is hard. Crunch is hard. Designers are signing up for a hard job. It usually takes 2-3 passes at a champion post release to make them a truly great addition to League. Instead of accepting that and releasing fewer, better champions we are still getting too many half baked releases.
There have been tons of thread expressing why some champions maybe Op on release yet Riot still released them as they are. I never said design and balance was easy so maybe you should take that quote into consideration yourself.
: The F-ing New Guys at Riot are repeating mistakes from 7+ years ago.
Ever since season five Riot goal was to make every new champion as OP as possible, aside from Taliyah and Kled name me which one wasn’t a clusterfuck on release since Ekko.
: im predicting it now, that the steraks gage change is terrible
Acaim (EUNE)
: Is Pyke an actual support?
His ratios are beyond horrendous and he scales bad. Supports can have great things too, just because that’s your notion of what a support is doesn’t mean Riot isn’t allowed to think outside the box. Take Thresh for example a lot of people thought he was going to be a assassin based on his looks but that didn’t happen. He’s not going to be played anywhere else besides support because of how bad his ratios are.
: I don't want to quit League.
TL;DR for the lazy Intro: OP has a burning passion for the game and today he will be summarizing his issues with the game based on four points of summary. 1. A. Hates bug, more specifically the ones that make you can’t cancel empowered attacks such as Jhin 4th shot, Darius cripple. Not sure if it’s actually a bug but it’s annoying. B. Pathing, self explanatory we’ve all been creep blocked. C. Doesn’t like current cursor design, doesn’t feel accurate. 2. A. League feels too counter pick dependant if you’re not playing S tier champions every patch you are pretty much going to get cucked every single game because your champion has no use on this patch. Also Brand stealing his CS. B. “B-Liners” champions like Garen, Udyr, Warwick who just run at you and kill you and do nothing except that. Gameplay doesn’t feel satisfying when you just get ran at and mowed down. C. B-Liners v2. These champions don’t need to work hard to kill you. Examples given; Illaoi, she does too much damage in lane, ganking her is pointless and she doesn’t even need her ultimate to win 1v1s, she doesn’t have trouble gap closing like traditional juggernauts. Suggests tentacles scale off bonus AD Draven, chunks you too hard at early levels, it’s not kitable, and has high range and wins every trade in lane also tower dives easily. Suggest to reduce base damage and buff AD scaling. Karma, calls her a crack whore. Her poke is too oppressive and her R+Q radius is too big. Her kit is immune to bad trades D. Lux, Syndra, Veigar, Zoe, Annie, Zyra more B-Liners in his list of champions that do nothing, also “_"Guess you should have dodged that one skillshot for the 19th time that fight xD" Yeah, fuck off. While Karma is the worst, she's horrible for her own special reason; they're all just annoying and monotonous to play against, though._” 3. A. Matchmaking is horrible and forces you to go on large losing streaks. B. Silver elo is just so bad. C. Auto fill is bad for games health and people who have no grasp of the said role end up feeding. 4. A. Something about Rick and Morty in all honesty I have no idea what he was saying here but it was something to do with ranked. B. “Riot treats trolls the same way Democrats treat domestic terrorists. "Hehe, he's probably just having a bad game.” Trolls also go unpunished for long time like 0-250 Kench. C. He’s currently honour 0 and gets chat restricted for flaming his team but thinks he doesn’t deserve it.
: idk how that comment has -25 he isnt wrong lmfao most these people play norms for 8 hours a day thinking they know everything about this game. its truly disgusting
You figured it be common sense to not to overextend or make a proactive play when your jungler can’t respond, but that’s none of my business.
: Everyone's been getting you for hours. Your logic is bad and you should feel bad.
Good reasons btw, if you can’t hold a proper debate don’t even comment.
: Buddy your ranked winrate says differently
Had a couple of BGs, I was at a 66% Win rate earlier in the season anyways so idc
: Which according to your match history, you seem to do a lot
I’ve been messing around in normals having fun, if that was ranked then I’d take the game more serious.
: The state of jungle is terrible
Phase Rush is also getting buffs so have fun against Xin.
: Lol listen to this bronzie
Damn a board smurf who’s unranked, got me there bro.
Terozu (NA)
: Do you even know that champs like Kat and Leblanc exist?
LeBlanc is pretty much perma at this point and Kat isn’t a proficient diver unless you fed her.
Kharlon (NA)
: so instead he plays safe, possibly giving up CS if the enemy freezes by their turret, giving their mid an advantage to the point they can push/dive/kill you under turret.
There’s no way you’re getting dove at your tier two unless the entire map lost.
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