Vseslavr (NA)
: it says patches. I am already on 8.5 and 8.6 is not out yet. Did you have to download 12GB around this time? If everyone is facing this then I have no issues...but even the complete game client is about 8GB.
: Client downloading 12GB outta nowhere?
: toplane is a joke
In no world is a 6 item late game tank doing more damage than those who built glass cannnon. Keep your bias opinions to yourself. As a matter of fact looking at your match history all the tanks you played against or with most of them did less damage than their carries.
DeusVult (NA)
: wasnt lethality buffed around the same time? Which made many high level players start building lethality on him as opposed to getting tear, since it smoothed his mid game
Juice (EUNE)
: Ok Riot, you win
Only a matter of time before you blame your solo laners for your loss.
Anatera (NA)
: Seriously though Riot, could you make the game a LITTLE less snowbally?
Not likely, since S6 they’ve just been looking to add more and more ways to snowball the game.
: Riot continues to ignore Muramana when the only champ who uses it is EZ.....
D3m37r1 (NA)
: > {{champion:126}} no longer mana gated. > Since when? edit: why all the downvotes? I was just asking a question.
Patch 6.17 E - Thundering Blow COST : [40/50/60/70/80/90 mana] ⇒ 40 mana at all ranks That's when most Jayce players stopped building tear
: On the other hand Bot-lane is a gank fiesta, too often determined by outside influences
The irony that people complain about bot lane feeding yet they're stilling willing to come five man fiesta bot lane.
: Addicted to league? Servers are down? here's what you can do!
Watching VODs in your free time is probably the best thing you can do.
SephAgro (NA)
: I don't think introducing an ammunition bar on ADCs would make them all the same. Are mages with mana bars all the same?
Mana is a resource. Mages have different play styles to make them valuable in their own way while most ADCs are generic.
: This idea that the game is nothing but button mashing and reflexes now is a blatant lie
If i get deleted by a champion my first instincts is damage creep which players have been asking for to be toned down for awhile now, not any of the above you listed.
Juice (EUNE)
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3A2vctKFZ30 Nothing matters in this game anymore except what champion you picked. Here you can see a 1-8 Swain who fed his ass all laning phase winning a duel against a 13-3-6 pantheon who busted his ass to get himself and his team ahead. The feeder still gets to be on top. Congrats Riot. SKILL EXPRESSION IS GONE LANING PHASE IS USELESS EVERYONE GETS A TURN!
That's just Swain who they'll probably nerf soon likely, had one go 3/15 in one of my games yet still face tanked a team while doing reasonable damage.
: It's funny how toxic Janna's kit is.
: Who's the most OP champion right now?
SephAgro (NA)
: Why Aren't Reload Mechanics More Common
If they made every single champion the same that would be boring wouldn't it? They would also be criticized heavily for not having any original ideas, there are other ways to balance out ADCs without the use of a reload mechanic.
: @Riot make beefy champs unable to buy lethality items
: Never really thought about it before, but... Why does armor scale?
: As a bard main I say he is fine.
So if I post a video of two autos and a Q, ignite 100-0 an ADC as Bard how would you justify that?
Rioter Comments
: "tips from vayne mains"
If you’re bot lane plays like shit against Vayne that’s not your problem, that’s your bot lanes problem.
: All of those are valid points but the one silver lining in this, and probably the reason they haven’t nerfed Lulu in awhile, is because her kit is extremely reliant on her team taking advantage of the utility she brings. Example- her shield is strong mid-late game no doubt, but if she puts it on someone who just blindly charges in than it is a waste. Same can be said with her W; if the adc doesn’t take advantage of the attack speed boost it gives than Lulu would have wasted an invaluable skill on a lengthy cd timer. Same when using it on the enemy- she can’t use t on the wrong target or it will completely change the outcome of a team fight. I am a Lulu main so I would prefer she not get anymore nerfs but I DO understand how potentially broken she can be if she has capable teammates around her.
The counterplay to shields is their down time. Even Riot has state this.
Rioter Comments
: Everyone needs to calm down and relax.
Most of these former pros are guys that have played and practiced the game almost as if it always a religious lifestyle to them. Most have have probably played up to 12 hours per day studying and playing the game during their professional careers and most of them had turned into a full time streamer after that streaming a considerable amount everyday. The earlier seasons of League was probably some of the most glitchiest in terms of bugs you can exploit and some off the charts balance like Evelyn, LeBlanc, AP Yi, AP Tristana, Juggernaut update etc. All of those things sound pretty anti-fun and would make people instantly quit but after eight years why quit now? Well there’s a list of reason but all these would vary depending on person, but overall this list isn’t something that should be ignored. One thing that has crept up though is lack of urgency from the balance team and the “Bring back Morello” uptrend, sure you can argue they have been actively engaging with the community but only *as of late*.
: > [{quoted}](name=Thę Weeknd XO,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hvqW0Oj5,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2018-03-12T18:59:45.351+0000) > > Yes crit builds are hyper carry builds, shocking right? Caitlyn isn’t a hyper carry though? Even if she builds crit damage? Twitch is a hyper carry because of the attack speed steroid on his Q and his AoE damage on ult. Come late game, he’s your number one priority. Tristana is a hyper carry because of the attack speed steroid on her Q and mixed damage, as well as nigh unmatched slipperiness in teamfights. Come late game, she becomes your number one target. Xayah is a hyper carry because of the attack speed steroid on her W as well as her AoE damage feather darts sending them out and pulling them back in. Come late game, she’s your main target. Vayne; AD and Movement Speed steroid on her passive and ult. Percent Max Health true damage on her W passive, AD on her Q. Ultra slippery and probably the best late game duelist in the game bar maybe Jax. Killing her is of the upmost importance. Kog’Maw. Attack speed. Resistance shred. Mixed damage, percent health magic damage. You leave him alone he’s going to mow you down. In contrast, Caitlyn doesn’t have percent health damage. She has no AS steroids even compared to non-hyper carry ADCs like Draven. No real AoE threat. Her job is to make the lane hell for the enemy AD with her superior range and poke, and late game, it’s sieging and defending. She’s not a real damage threat compared to the rest of the roster outside of lane. I’ll definitely ignore her if there’s a more pressing issue like a Riven on my squishies or a Syndra looming over my ADC.
Why does it matter what’s classified as a hyper carry anymore? The amount of absurd damage you get from a three item power spike (IE, RFC, Shiv) anyone who can build crit can easily become a scaling hyper carry with ease. Also how is she not a real damage threat? A late game head shot can ramp up to 1k damage on tanks. As a matter of fact her win rate simply goes up as the game time goes, http://na.op.gg/champion/caitlyn/statistics/adc .
: ***
Sounds like a fair point to me ecks dee
: i literally told you that her E costs 1/3 of her mana bar you think she can keep doing it against you? also you can very easily dodge her E with draven bonus movement speed
She doesn't, she already out-range him and can poke from afar. Draven tries to dodge her E she can place traps on his proceeding axes rendering him useless. http://champion.gg/matchup/Caitlyn/Draven/ADC?league=
: So after 5 months of being dishonorable I finnally hit level 1
: 1. Pick Draven 2. Axe her every time she walks up using your W 3. Destroy her He's Diamond 1 he knows what he is talking about
1. I don’t main AD 2. She has an E with a free head shot and slow 3. Have fun when places a trap on your telegraphed axes
: Win rate is a good indication of how well a champion is performing, Cait does her job well. She bullies lane and then gets outscaled by every other ADC
Win rate with a large play rate isn’t so, typically a larger play rate the numbers will go down because those who are playing her may not be mains or have basic grasp of her. She bullies people in lane and gets outscaled? How so? A head shot with three items can ramp up to 800 damage in one AA, she also gets RFC for extra range and stepping on a single well placed trap can chunk you for half your health or a head shot E combo is enough to kill you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Thę Weeknd XO,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hvqW0Oj5,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-03-12T15:43:39.595+0000) > > Zoe kit was to one shot people with Q does it make it balanced? > > Caitlyn is suppose to be a long range hyper carry, no hyper carry is suppose to be as lane dominant as she is. Twitch for example can’t shove a wave as often as she does. -> Caitlyn -> “hyper carry” What?
Yes crit builds are hyper carry builds, shocking right?
: She is sitting at a 49 percent win rate so idk what the issue is
Because win rate is a reflection of a champions strength? Also her play rate is rising with her win rate that’s suppose to be the opposite spectrum.
: gap closer? you're an adc, why the fuck do you need a gapcloser pick draven literally press W again once she comes back to poke her with Q and then fight her by reseting W again i gave you an advice, that's how you play against cait making her using E in lane is literally a win because she will have 1/3 of her mana gone which is a lot of Q that are gone which means less waveclearing and poke
You wrote that statement without any context of perspective. Also she can do it to anyone...
: her E costs 1/3 of her mana bar in early game and has 18 sec cd draven on the other hand has no downtime in his agression as long as he knows how to catchs his axes cait is super vulnerable to all ins, you just don't see it because only experienced players know it and all in her if you pick thresh/blitz/ali/leo she's done for unless you let her siege you under tower
And her E also has a slow good luck getting on to her again if you don't have a secondary gap closer and walking through her minefield. Even Leo you have to do nothing pre 6 before you can stick to her.
: it's called having 450 base hp
: On no planet is Caitlyn a hyper carry. She is a lane bully that is a counter to actual hyper carries who need to scale. Vayne, Twitch, Xayah, etc Nerf her and those 3 become the only picked ADC's
Any ADC will scale the best with a crit build because crit builds scale the hardest and the best, then you give a champion like Caitlyn zero interactions in lane what do you expect will happen?
: Thats the entire point of her kit though
Zoe kit was to one shot people with Q does it make it balanced? Caitlyn is suppose to be a long range hyper carry, no hyper carry is suppose to be as lane dominant as she is. Twitch for example can’t shove a wave as often as she does.
DereC4 (NA)
: Kai sa 6300 be?
One week from release, which will be Thursday.
InTheory (EUW)
: I think you missunderstand "outranging a turret".
775 - 650 = 125 125 is pretty much irrelevant.
Rioter Comments
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Hópe (NA)
: Minor mistype on patch notes
Wuq (NA)
: Riot Provides Another Option For Non-ADCs to Quickly Kill Towers
Because a 700 range minion that is immune to magic damage while sieging turrets in 6 hits wasn’t what we’re talking about.
Rioter Comments
Douggie (NA)
: I was S4 Diamond. I've got myself demoted to S3.
There’s no way a Diamond player can decay all the way to a silver unless - Boosted - Account was given to another person claiming their “rank” - You stopped caring - You’re not playing as good as you once were
: The state of these boards are becoming concerning...
Most people who quit return down the line anyways, I always bookmark those threads and after a few weeks or month I’d say at least 8/10 those people who quit were actually bluffing and didn’t quit, feel free to even google some of those older “I quit” threads and see how many and still active to this date.
: Fix the "If my bot lane loses, then we auto lose" issue.
Yeah, I have the same issue with mid and top, see how this bias works?
: Is the tank meta still around or is it just me?
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