: Looking For team 3vs3
I’ll add you tomorrow, I am in bed but we can discuss this further.
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: D1 Jungle Smurf LF Smurf Duo Unranked
I am plat 5 smurfing if you want to play
Wait, you are asking for plat yet you're not plat? It just seems weird mate.
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lil koda (NA)
: Plat 2 ADC looking for plat 3-1 support too duo with, coms with be nice.
: Looking for a support!
Your friends list is full
Ýuri (NA)
: Silver support main looking for either a duo partner, or a mentor.
Ill add you on my smurf, it needs a few levels and by the time I get it to 30, you should have learned a thing or 2
ˉJaeˉ (NA)
: Mid/JG smurfing in silver/gold. Carrying anyone for fun.
I added you on my fresh level 30 account I just got to 30
Wakez (NA)
: Gold Team looking for starting Jungler
Beware they might add you, put you in a lane that you aren't good with, told youll get a jungle try out. then after 2 games they kick you from the discord and unfriend you without saying anything.
: LF support duo. Diamond or plat smurf account.
imma be honest, im lowkey hardstuck plat 5 atm. support/jg main. if you want to see how it goes, ill be more than willing to try. some reason this season i just cant climb as well as last year.
: Lvl Account
sent you a friend request
5Hour (NA)
: norms and chill?
well I sent a friend request
: LF jungler to be our 5th. Silver/Gold
Their top laner doesn't understand the game and that's ok but when they flame me for their mistakes its not enjoyable. especially when I ganked and helped them quite a few times. So if you want to get flamed feel free to play with these kids. Unfortunate that the rest played well but 1 apple can ruin the bunch. good luck yall, thanks for removing when I said I didn't want to play with the top, save me a few mouse clicks I guess instead of talking it out or something.
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: Plat mid laner LF duo
if you happen to be in a game when he adds you, he will expect you to leave the game to play with him. I dont think he understands, he accepted me and was like you expect me to wait for you? And I was like I am in game atm.... He then just removed me. So there's that for yall.
Neuton (NA)
: <PLAT> AD Main looking for solid duo partner
He will just tilt one game when he does bad early game then remove you after the game. Doesn't bother me just think its cute how petty people can get when they lose and they do poorly but look to find someone to blame. See ya kid, good luck on finding someone to carry you.
XCells (NA)
: P3 ADC Looking For Duo
I sent you a request fam
: LF All ARAM team or players.
I sent a friend request bud
Renzilla (NA)
: lf duo around silver with discord
I added you on my main, I have a smurf in silver. We can play if you want.
: Looking for silver SUPPORT main (Please read topic)
Summoner name - DesUberNiis Age - 26 Current rank - This account is Silver Highest Rank Achieved - Main Plat Top 4 Support champions - Morgana, Thresh, Brand, Karma Any experience in a ranked team setting? - A lot of teams over the years How vocal are you during a match? ( are you a shot-calling type or a just conveying information type) - Very Schotcaller, but can b quite What is your availability - Whenever the Navy doesn't make me work Any Information you'd like to add about yourself - Nope Any questions you have (I'll be sure to address them if I contact you) - Not really
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LoceDie (NA)
: P1 Jungle Smurf - Looking for a Lulu player to duo queue with for Master Yi / Lulu Top strategy
Yeds (NA)
: LF coaching to get out of bronze and improve overall
I added you fam, I can help you out a bit.
: Can someone help me please?!
Except I wasn't tho, but take it as you want.
: Can someone help me please?!
Even if you just say that yalls team isnt doing well, its toxic. So hes just looking for a free boost. Not the best player but it is expected. Gl in your games fam. Also what you said to me after the game was one of the most toxic things ive heard in a while, so I feel I can say that you sir are a hypocrite. lol
Dad Rock (NA)
: Join my game, im leveling a new account and ill coach you during it
> [{quoted}](name=Dad Rock,realm=NA,application-id=qNbk5bu1,discussion-id=pN5KnZ6t,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-15T20:53:52.908+0000) > > Join my game, im leveling a new account and ill coach you during it Id be more than happy to play with you and learn roles im weak at better, just practice them
GenekD (NA)
: LF Coach/Duo Silver 3
I can help you out of you want, I have a silver 3 account, i can coach you and help you. I also tweeted at you.
: smurfing on my silver account duo anyone
xDannyxo (NA)
: LF Adc Duo
I added you on my smurf but you didnt add me and I kinda waited an hour. well fam good luck
Adameek (NA)
: Looking for calm duo to play with on Silver 3 account, was plat 3 few seasons back
Nothing? I shall declare this day, a victory against those who seek free boosting on these forums. Good day my fellow players, good day and carry on.
Adameek (NA)
: Looking for calm duo to play with on Silver 3 account, was plat 3 few seasons back
1-4 kog, 1-3 kog, 3-7 vayne, 2-4 vayne, 0-7 yi LOL. Some plat player in silver 3, I'd buy it since im just an idiot. Good luck finding a booster fam.
Adameek (NA)
: Looking for calm duo to play with on Silver 3 account, was plat 3 few seasons back
Looking for a calm duo, maybe because you are so toxic? XD I mean you say silver 3 but your past games, doesn't look like you hard carried. more like kinda got carried.
Adameek (NA)
: Looking for calm duo to play with on Silver 3 account, was plat 3 few seasons back
I dont need you to carry me, I do fine myself but I was just wondering why you said you were plat when Op.gg says otherwise. Why lie man?
Adameek (NA)
: Looking for calm duo to play with on Silver 3 account, was plat 3 few seasons back
weird, only shows season 7 and there you were gold. mine shows all the season since ive been playing rank. so what is that about?
Renzilla (NA)
: LF Bronze Duo or Norms w. Discord
I mean I have a smurf down there if you want to duo with me.
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: LF support to grind to plat with
He's just looking for someone to flame and someone to boost him. Good luck fam.
Venomyth (NA)
: Bronze 1 ADC/Supp looking for a duo bot lane
Hes just looking for someone to tell how to play, when he makes mistakes its never his fault.
: Bronze Team
I added ya fam on my smurf
: Please help me get out of elo hell
add my main and my smurf, main Th3B3ar, smurf DesUberNiis
Th3B3ar (NA)
: Plat last season, Gold 5 this season.
No, I totally understand that, but I hit gold 5 and I just can't hard carry. I'm not tilted but just feeling down on myself because I should be. I haven't had a few past games because I feel like I'm trying to hard.
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: P3 top LF P3-P1 duo pref jg but any role, my main is P1
I am currently plat 5. Been up to plat 3 but went on tilted a few months ago. Jungle main. Add me if you want to play a game or two.
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Vasinto (NA)
: Looking for a discord group or community.
Hey there, My name is Th3B3ar. Nice to meet you! I am here to recruit the most amazing people out there, and as a matter of fact, it happens to be you! This is no ordinary clan. DI is an old clan that promotes loyalty and friendship. We participate in many events between clans, which makes us one of the most know clan in NA! We have an extraordinary well organized community that will satisfy greatly all of you that are looking for something more then a casual group. Now, here are some characteristics that define us: Clan wide: -We don't only play League! Damage Incorporated is a Multi-Gaming Clan! We have one Division for each main game we have, except for Dota and League, for which we have 2 and 3 divisions because there are too many players. Those games are: Overwatch, Rocket League, Stronghold Kingdoms, Rust, CSGO, ARK Survival Evolved, PUBG, Civilisation VI, Pokemon, Atlas Reactor, -We use TeamSpeak 3, because we are too big to use Skype or Curse. The address is: ts.dmg-inc.com -We have also some events for adults (calm down boys, nothing sexual ;) such as Poker nights and more! -We have a very friendly community! One of our favorite things are new faces! -We are at the moment around 1000 members in the whole clan! -We have every rank from Bronze to Diamond! Division wide: I am a member for an elite team in 11, DI-XI, which is the second League of Legends Division. We are currently climbing our way to the top as the best Division in the clan. If you join us, you will be apart of this great trip to success. -We have currently 2 competitive teams and 2 casual Team -A Large variety of different events that rotates every month ATTENTION: To all top tier players (Diamond +) that are looking to coach for lower elos, we are looking for coaches for teams and coaches for casual players. We will not pay you btw, we are simply looking for people that want to share their knowledge. BUT: Diamond IV and up are considered Elite Members. Elite Members have different requierements then Regular members. They have less Community expectations, and more In-game focused objectives. TO ANY PLAYER IN THAT RANGE OF RANK LOOKING TO CREATE A TEAM. A PLACE IS OPENED TO YOU. WE OFFER YOU TO PLAY AS A TEAM FOR THE GLORY OF A CLAN. BY JOINING, YOU WILL HAVE MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO MAKE CLAN VS CLAN TOURNAMENTS, AND GET A SHOT AT BEING NOTICED FOR NATIONAL COMPETITION All of the following requirements for initiation and community activity do not apply to Elite Members Now, since we are a very organized Clan, we do have some expectations and requirements: Clan requirements: -You need to be connected on the website at least once every three days, even if it's for a second. But for real, why do that, there are so many fun and interesting subjects in the forums that you can stay on really often! Myself, I am on everyday at least for 20 minutes every hour, but dont take me as an example, I am pretty extreme. -You must be in TeamSpeak while in-game in League of Legends. It is absolutely necessary. I know, it might look like it sucks, but its nothing hard really. If you arent able to fullfill those requirements, dont try to join us, they are obligatory There we go! Here is a link to our official Website: http://forum.dmg-inc.com/ If you wish to join us, contact me directly and we can talk about it ^_^! My IGN: Th3B3ar My commander IGN: Harry Pickles Hope to see you soon!
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