: how do i key the solid color out?
Daraèn (EUW)
: This is so cool. Thank you alot I am learning programming with python in school right now and had nothing to do in my free time now i can make something for my favourite game. Thanks alot <3
G2 Phantøm (EUNE)
: So the tool looks absolutely amazing. Although, I do wonder if particle manager will be implanted (so you can disable just certain and not all). Also with creator suite it's nearly impossible to record a moving cine and a green screen (because the replay is always different for a tiny bit). Is this still the case with the new timeline? I would also like to know whether I will be able to disable just 1 champion and not all of them, and possibly even minions?
Green screen should be much easier because you can render out frame by frame so you don't get the jitter that used to exist. Currently it's all or nothing.
Zyebuss (EUNE)
: So... Is it gonna export it as .webm ?
There are several different options to render out. One of them is webm
: can you make the background transparent and take a picture in png?
You can't do transparent but you can do a solid color and then key it out.
: I'm really hyped for this feature to make cinematics for my montages! I only have a few questions, in Creatorsuite Spotlight you could add things like fog, set a different sky and add blur. Will those features be implemented to this editor aswell?
: PBE: League Director and the Replay API (new content creation tools)
Also, One of the Gameplay Capture Artist on our team made some simple tutorial videos, check them out if your interested in learning the basics of the tool: Feature Rundown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzqydcrw89A&amp;feature=youtu.be Example Shot Walk through: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuHLaDRReRU&amp;feature=youtu.be
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Novalas (NA)
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.2
When are you guys gonna buff Ekko again? Like, come on, 10% attack speed? Are you kidding me? Also has there been any consideration about bringing back DFG? DFG was imo the best item ever to grace league and it's a shame that there hasn't been any discussion to bring it back? {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: Are there any plans to make off-meta rune picks like Lethal Tempo Azir viable via adaptive starting stats for precision? I know 18% attack speed is good on him to but I'd also like to be able to take starting AP if I play something like Press The Attack Kennen, or Lethal Tempo Azir.
I think this is the biggest miss with the current system. Not being able to customize your stats removes a lot of the creativity for players to play the game they want. It's not something that is actively being worked on; however, it is a known issue.
Penns (EUW)
: Can someone answer my question? https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/0UPpnTEU-riot-please-someone-tell-me-what-good-the-fizz-rework-did :]
I've discussed Fizz and my thoughts on him in a previous patch chat. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/qx3Zh25H-patch-chat-with-the-playtest-team-718?comment=000a000000000000
: Hello! Now that Preseason is well under way I was just wondering how does Riot feel Syndra is performing? I'm not sure whether Syndra needs buffs but I am certain that Syndra needs bug fixes and a lot of them. Also, how does Riot feel Electrocute is doing? The damage feels a little on the high side.
I believe the opinion right now is that syndra is struggling a bit and may need some love. As for electrocute I don't believe it is too far off, may just be too strong on a few AD champions. Will probably continue to monitor and wait and see if it's actually a problem because as of right now data does not suggest it is.
: Do you think there is a possibility that the stats from choosing your tree (attack speed with Precision, for example) could become more flexible? I feel that there are quite a few champions who would really like to spec into certain keystones, but have a hard time justifying doing so because they get a suboptimal stat from their tree choice. Take Jhin for example. From what I've tried with him, Fleet Footwork is a pretty good keystone, but since he doesn't get a lot of use out of attack speed it feels like that bonus is somewhat wasted. He'd much rather get flat AD from Sorcery or Domination, but none of the keystones really stand out for him there. I suppose there will always be some losers with the new system and some champs who don't have as many options as others. In general though I think giving players more choice about what stat bonuses they want (and keeping that separate from what runes they want) would be a step towards creating better diversity.
My personal opinion is that binding stats to a specific tree is a big mistake. I believe it kills players ability to customize and find weird things that they enjoy playing and forces us into choosing what is "allowed" to be played. I would want a system where we have normal runes and then you get an additional 2 runes regardless of the trees you choose that allows you to pick 2 stats of lets say 5. This is all just my opinion and clearly not what we went with for various reasons.
: Hey, Diamond 3 ekko main here, what are your thoughts on him? Any chance he gets some attack speed/ap to compensate for losing out on rune stats?
Hey there, I am the resident Ekko main in the team. I think Ekko is pretty bad right now because he doesn't love Electrocute and he got particularily hurt by not being able to spec certain stats (enough AP to 1 shot the wave with 2 qs, AS reds, etc). Also expect jungle Ekko to struggle because he does not have access to AS for the early clear.
Novalas (NA)
: 1. Yes. I won the 1v1. 2. Yep, he's the newest addition. 3. Hjarta destroyed it in a fit of rage.
But for real the salt jar is destroyed and gone forever
Novalas (NA)
: Yessir. No one's stopping Endstep from commenting 800 times per patch chat. Or ThEntropist from shitposting.
: Wanted to get your opinions on you guys feel about the worlds meta at the moment
I'm bored of double tanks, enchanter + hyper carry. Seeing so many tanks makes me sad and I hope for more diversity as we go into the second week. Faker played Fizz*, so that was rad. Would love to see some Kayn in the jungle and some carries in the top lane. Doubt any teams will swap off of taking ardent supports.
: Couple of questions 1)I use TLD on Urgot rather than fervor, will the newer TLD rune still proc on his W,passive only? 2) Would it be possible to bring back support items in ARAMs 3) Would you encourage seeing diverse lane roles. So seeing something other than traditional marksmen support bot, mage assassin mid, tank top, etc. . if so what are some ideas to do this. 4) can we get something along the lines of control ward boots and more warding options. I always hate getting 5/6 items and not being able to place vision and I am no the support..
1) no, they need to be unique casts/spells/autos 2) I do not believe that is planned because of how powerful they were in ARAM 3) My understanding is that it's not something that we actively try to seek out/force but if it does happen and it's healthy we also don't have a problem leaving it 4) Unsure how the team feels about the current vision system. Personally I don't think i'd be happy in a world with more wards! Then again... I'm the assassin player...
: Ekko buffs when?
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.19
: I can state that I'm playing more assassins than ever after the changes. I enjoy Talon and Fizz's changes a lot, feels more skillful than "jump in, cycle all buttons", you have to wait for the appropriate opportunity. Then you get snowballed, throw fishes around and cycle buttons to kill. but you had to earn it.
Rad :D I'm glad you're enjoying the new system! Definitely didn't mean to speak for all assassin players there, mainly just giving my own opinion of the changes.
Penns (EUW)
: Hm.. unfortunate. Is E cooldown reduction (at max rank this time) back to 8 still not an option either, maybe along with nerfs to other stuff that isnt E damage (at least not to minions because he needs wave clear)? Because I feel like that alone could give him some more options and room to make plays until then. Also one more question: Do you guys think Fizz is fine design and/or balance wise atm?
I doubt a substantial E buff will ever get through in it's current state. There are a lot of concerns around the frustration around that ability.
Landorin (NA)
: Maybe this is a silly or even presumptuous question, but is there anything that mains of a champ like Fizz can do to get their voices heard in terms of advocating for changes? I think you've caught on to a reason a lot of Fizz mains were deeply unsatisfied with the rework, even almost 1 year out, but it's really disappointing to hear that there's no plans to fix the problems it caused. I know there are higher priorities to work on, especially when leading up to worlds, but it sucks when the champ you play is in a bad state and in the "will never revisit" bin just because they have a 50% winrate and aren't a problem child at the moment.
To be honest, I agree with you. I was a big Fizz player (well most assassins) and I really don't play him anymore (or most of the assassins in the rework) because I flat out feel we made the class less fun. We were so caught up on making them fair to play against that we broke the thing that made them... them. My hope is that one day we will revisit it, but a lot of people are happy with the state of assassins(mainly playing against wins) so I do not see it happening on the horizon. As for getting your voice heard, bringing up arguments on threads is usually your best bet. Things like Meddler's daily thoughts would be a good place to start. Sorry I can't be more helpful here.
Waydox (EUNE)
: As a Zac main, I'm concerned about the time you run out of colors for his chromas and skins (since, you know, he is basically one-colored), what are you going to do then? Is Icecream Zac ever gonna be a thing? {{item:3681}} {{champion:154}} {{item:3681}}
Then we start doing multiple colors... and THEN RAINBOW ZAC! (sherbert zac?)
Messaiga (NA)
: I thought the intended weakness this rework was supposed to give him was being closer to the fight so people can actually attempt to hit him with abilities? And also with that shorter range, he is more vulnerable to be dove upon. Could you elaborate more (preferably without a meme answer)?
Allowing people to jump through his ult hits on the goal of getting people more within his range. Is there a reason that it feels too far or makes him too vulnerable with his added effects?
Frozne (NA)
: why did you monsters remove azirs ult not blocking dashes, yet not increase the duration on it AND lower the travel speed of his e
cuz we added other stufs to comepsnate In actuality though it's about opening him up to be dove on (giving him a weakness) while also giving him power back to allow him to hopefully have a clearer play pattern.
: Ha, thanks for all the confirmations I hope to see him at worlds, but I highly doubt it. P.S (If you wanted to drop some hints on the upcoming eve rework your secrets will be safe with me.
Penns (EUW)
: No specific ideas, but more dps to make him not feel like an ult-oneshot bot, more reliability and skill expression would be fun. It would be ok for other champs but when I play the "Tidal Trickster" Id like to have a bit more tricks and combos to learn than "hit R - use all buttons without dodging anything with E because its also your main damage tool" (since you max it first).
I think one of the main things I learned after working on Fizz is the importance of having several different combos you can do on assassins. If he ever comes up again I will probably stress this as a big point. Him feeling very binary makes him easier to play against however, it means he does not feel very smart or tricky which takes away from the fantasy. I would love to work with a designer on him again, but currently I doubt we will take anything major up soon.
: Well, current estimates have a pretty generous timeframe - sometime around 2 to 3 billion years from now, the sun will expand (and get more luminous) and Earth will be too hot to sustain liquid water. Maybe at that point we'll have figured out how to live in a world that hot, but maybe not. I'd say either way the world will cease to exist at that point, at least as we know it right now. Earth would be a pretty different place with no oceans.
Penns (EUW)
: When will that fizz rework or revert drop? {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Nothing planned right now. Got any ideas?
: Kind of off-topic as it doesn't directly relate to the patch, but is Urgot enabled for worlds?
Fızz (EUW)
: @ThEntropist i know you play Fizz, and use to talk a lot on /r/Fizzmains Any plans for Fizz to lower his huge banrate but at the same time not nerfing him?
Ban rates usually take a while to come down even after changes. We pretty recently changed Fizz which dropped his top lane a lot (Bruiser fizz) and also lowered the mid power (much less than top) so I think we'd probably give it a couple more patches to see if those have an affect before making anymore changes.
Monotachi (OCE)
: According to https://na.op.gg/champion/rakan/statistics/support, Rakan has a ~45% winrate, yet the changes to him this patch are an overall nerf. His laning phase is his weakest, yet lost 80 base shield in-exchange for +100 range on Q and 20 base damage at max rank of W. The patch note explanation also implied Rakan is not supposed to max E first, but I don't see why not? It is simply the most efficient route to max out first: * Q heal scales with level, so it's a one-point wonder * His W knock duration doesn't scale with level as well, so there's also no reason to max this out as well. * With support income, he's not going to deal amazing damage, so going for a 'damaging' playstyle just not going to work out (supports above point of not maxing W). * He is also an all-in support, so the increase in Q range doesn't help since you use this after knocking up enemies with W. His Q is not meant to be a poke spell (something the designer intended on purpose). Given the patch notes explanation, does the designer/live balance team feel like players are not using Rakan 'properly' as the designer would of liked? Why is this? Does Rakan simply not have the numbers to entice players to go a more high-risk-high-reward playstyle?
So this is a two parter: 1) I do not feel that these changes are actually a long term nerf to the character. I (and others) expect his win-rate to initially drop however once people re-learn skill orders I actually expect his win-rate to increase long term(I think it's pretty easy to overlook the extra Q range, it's quite a bit of power in lane). 2) When developing the character he was designed as a go in and put yourself at risk, but have the mobility to outplay. When he maxes shield first he tends to sit back in lane and use his very high shield values to just buff up his carry. I personally feel this is a much less interesting version of Rakan and would much prefer him move up and interact in his lanes. Goal here is to incentive the W max to give him more free mobility, increased cc, and increased damage(all in/trade potential). He is definitely on our radar though. His win-rate with 30ish games played is in a very decent spot, so once people learn him he is still quite powerful, but if he drops too much from this and stays down I would be very surprised if he isn't given more to compensate.
: Xayah or Rakan, which one did you have more fun testing?
Rakan by far is the coolest champion I've worked on it a looooong time. I love him. I can't wait till he comes out on live and I finally get to play him more.
: Hi, in the name of every single Yorick main when will u release a new Yorick skin? You guys only release only one skin on more than 5 years, while champs like tf or teemo got at least more than 9 skins...{{item:3070}} {{champion:83}} {{item:3070}}
We are not the people who choose which champions get skins. Sorry T_T
: This was an amazing patch guys. I thank god that the LCS issues nearly perfectly matched solo queue issues, and as a result Solo Queue accidently got balanced! Backhanded compliments aside I really loved this patch, save perhaps no {{champion:55}} nerfs.
We don't really choose the changes or decide what to work on, so your approval should go to the Live Gameplay team which does all the balance. Happy you are happy though :D
Bluesz (NA)
: Hey! i played with you twice yesterday :D nice to see you here , hope you untilted and have a nice day
: Is this only 'popped' honeyfruit on the ground? I didn't quite get that patch note, or had the chance to test.
: How do you feel about increasing damage creep over the past few seasons? (Not power creeps where new champions suppresses the old one, but damage has been increasing too much over the past few seasons.) In the past few seasons, teamfight and the games took longer to finish. Now this season, fights last too shortly and games are decided predetermine. In season 3-4, most champions cannot 100-0 someone in a full combo rotation. Now most champion can 100-0 someone over just 2 items.
I actually feel the opposite. To me games have felt tankier and less bursty from when I started in season 3. I miss the days of DFG katarina or LB one shotting people. So personally I'm not feeling this damage creep the same way you are explaining it. **Edit:** Want to throw in that I am the assassin player on the team. My views here are not all of my teammates, I would actually be surprised if they did not disagree with me. They are just my thoughts as a player of the game.
LuIu (EUW)
: Do you think Lulu will soon get buffs that will actually make her a viable support again? (instead of these last two little buffs that barely change things)
She's already quite viable as a support. http://champion.gg/champion/Lulu These buffs should definitely make her good enough to take in the support role. So will she likely get more buffs? I sure hope not.
: Why does scuttle eat honeyfruit now? How do you expect this to affect gameplay?
Cause they are hungry too. How will it affect game play? probably not at all.
XDman2014 (EUW)
: Hello Riot, I saw in the patch notes Twitch is getting a nerf to allow lane bully adc's to better do their thing. Here's my question: Why don't you buff Draven, Lucian and Miss Fortune? Especially Draven is moderate at best considering how risky his kit is. Love to hear from you!
Draven and Lucian are currently getting looked at for buffs. So we are also looking to see if those guys need a bump
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaoqOCJWQ7g Don't you think Kennen deserved to die there? I pretty much did all i could. It wasn't the best decision in this teamfight but i decided to Finish off Kennen that **used Zhonya **and had about **20% hp**. And even if i died i will be satisfied that I was able to finish him off. Even if i was behind I still was suppose to be able to do that I think Yi needs kit update to be more burstier for a champion who is no suppose to have CC. This is just ridiculous. No CC, No burst? Champions suppose to have either CC or Burst on top of that Yi is a Slayer. His job is to kill his opponents right? With not Burst abilities? I think his damage should scale with target missing health because he is designed to finish off opponents that are careless about how much damage they can take. Then Yi would see another opponent at low health and finish that opponent as well If Wuju Style and Double Strike Swap places he would get that burst that he lacks even without CC. Would deal more constant damage and will give clear indication on how much damage he would do In [my vision](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Slashingstrike/Master_Yi_Concept_by_SlashingStrike) this would fix most of Yi's Problems while preserving his entire kit
> Don't you think Kennen deserved to die there? Nope you didn't crit. >I think Yi needs kit update to be more burstier I don't think a high sustained damage dealer needs to be bursty, they also don't need to have cc. If he is allowed to auto constantly he will kill everybody, if he gets peeled (like he did in the video) then he won't do well. Yi is probably on the weak side right now, but this video is not proof of it.
Ryujake (EUW)
: When is Camille gonna be released?
Kei143 (NA)
: what do you think of the new client so far? and are you guys actually involved in the improvement of it? funny testing iterations with shyvanna? maybe even for alistar cos I missed the patch 6.22 patch playtest team chat.
I can do the Shyvana one. Best part was when her dragon form E had an absurd AP ratio on it so I went full AP, ulted AWAY from the enemies, and then just shot long range fireballs(also had a way shorter cd in dragon form) from range. At one point I actually completely one shot people with just a fireball... was really fun.
aCup of Tea (EUNE)
: One more question from me, how did the shyvana's passive testing was progressing? I saw some variation on it on PBR initially which didn't make it to live servers. Was it too strong/random? Thank you :-).
I really liked the idea of the other shyvana passives where they were more unique per dragon taken. However, it was just a time and also resource issue. Would have taken a while to find something that would be balanced and also something we would be happy with long term. Also if you have to get particle support for changes(which would be needed), it can add a lot of complexity to a project. Just wasn't in scope for this project.
: Isn't Deathfire Grasp pretty bad on Singed... since Singed usually don't build much AP or AD and it has a rather low base damage
According to Champion.gg(http://champion.gg/champion/Singed) it is the most common as well as the highest winrate. Also checked a bunch of pros on Probuilds.net and they also all seem to take Deathfire. So even though I'm not a singed main, it does seem like it is the best keystone to take.
: Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback.
I think choice is still there. the problem is that, as with any system like this, a certain one will be optimal and so that is really what needs to be balanced around. I think the system only starts really being a problem if a champion doesn't have ANY to feel good about(galio before the changes). Choice is good, but I don't think it is necessary for success of the system.
: What it the reasoning behind making a champ with a high skill floor and skill ceiling Eg. Katarina rework. Will this not cause a major balancing problem between majority low elo and high elo play?
I think having champions with different learning curves is way better than every champion being exactly the same in terms of skill. It may introduce a few balance questions, like will that mean they are either broken for high level players or unplayable for low level players, but having to work through those is a better cost than every champion being volibear and being able to master him in 3 games.
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