Fargo79 (NA)
: Does it really matter if they are boosted?? their MMR will catch up with them... so their friend boosts them to gold 5 or plat 5.. they play solo and the get shit on and drop ranks anyways... most just want the end of season rewards...
Well if he/she was in your game would you like to lose? no right? everyone doesn't like to lose elo.
: There is this guy/girl who is getting elo boosted by his/her friend. I think is unfair because most of the players out there work really hard to climb the elo. I want a clean gaming environment to play in not with boosted animals. that was your OP that is what i based my comment off of no where in that post you stated how they are being boosted... if they were duo with someone or someone was playing on their account im sorry if you cant realize you did not address that fact at all GDFI
You sound so smart, why don't you find a solution then? ill be waiting Mr.SmartyPants.
: your discussion dont explain how they are boosting im sorry if you cant realize that from your statement...
Im sorry if you cant understand how to look at the comments on a discussion. all you have to do is scroll down. :) {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: so they are duo queue and you say its elo boosting?
it is not duo queue. you'd understand if you re-read my discussion.
Fargo79 (NA)
: im sorry but how can u prove this is a boosting?? how do u know this person wasnt just playing better?? or maybe someone bought the account?? u cant prove its boosting unless the person is streaming it and states "im boosting this bronze player" or u r sittign in the room with them.. other then that its all speculation..
For his status it says its his friend. and the last time i checked he doesn't play adc. and how does a rank 3 vayne go to rank 6 in 1 day?
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