: {{champion:11}} is aggravating to play against If he manages to pick up even a few kills the game is automatically over unless you drafted a comp to exclusively counter him You didn't? Enjoy losing to this worse player rightclicking you to death and being untargetable half the time I swear the counterplay on {{champion:11}} is that his playerbase is full of idiots that will suicide, if anyone with a brain plays him you likely lost from champ select
Yi gets 3 kills, able to 1v5 rest of game. Actually annoying how busted that champion is. Not to mention hes so brain dead, anyone that puts 50+ games on him will be able to rank up easily, the only problem is hes boring so most wont put the time into doing that.
: Ranked climbing is actually impossible when LP Loss is 20+ due to feeding teammates
*wins top lane* *looks at my bot lane to see how they doing* *Bot lane is 3/21* *OOF*
Mc Raton (NA)
: I can't wait to see a different champion pool other than..
notice how almost all these champions have some sort of knockup/stun/escape? Gotta stack that tenacity now, trust me. People able to burst others in seconds whether theyre fed or not, and having a stun makes it even easier than ever. Actually pathetic how bad this game is getting
Sasogwa (EUW)
: Am I just completely out of my time or is the game becoming ridiculous?
Like a Rioter told me in-game, "Oh my bad, didn't realize you have a Masters Degree in game developing." Riot has a masters in game developing, yet doesnt even know how to balance their own game. Actually sad lmao.
Dukues (NA)
: Riot Balance & Design teams have cured my addiction
I quit and went to Rust a couple months back. Made a group of friends on the server and am now more addicted to Rust than I was with League. I cam back a few days ago to try out League again to see if anything changed at all. Played one game, went 18/3/7 and was 17/0 at 32 minutes, was unable to end early due to team not wanting to group, lose game because solo carrying is impossible if your team doesnt cooperate. Also was unable to 1v1 a Jax when I was 17/0/3 while he was 7/4. Not only did all that bs happen but we also got a team mate who afked at level 4 because he died 1v2. Typical League, until Riot makes it to where I can carry games out when im doing really well, then I wont be coming back.
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FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: Everytime a mod makes a post
Lets leave it that way too
Rioter Comments
d00mface (EUW)
: What champs would you like to see interact with one another that haven't?
: In your opinion, what was the patch or group of patches that started League going downhill and why?
Stacona (NA)
: The Burst Age for League of Legends Straight Up is NOT fun to play in!
I have been trying to find how to play the game better now for the past year now, beens I was D1 in Season 7, but struggled in Season 8 in Plat 1-D5 elo. The main problem is champions that have a stun/taunt/knockup on their account. Beens burst is so high, everyone is able to kill you in 2 seconds pretty easily. And them having some type of CC in their kit like Jax, Irelia, Aatrox, etc, allows them to win 1v1s against you all the time. Because by the time their cc is up, youre practically dead. So to counter this, I take Legend: Tanacity (30% Tenacity), Unflinching (20%-50% Tenacity), Mercury Treads (30% Tenacity), Elixer of Iron (25% Tenacity), Steraks (30% Tenacity), and Mercurial Scimitar. It stops you from getting bursted so fast, and allows you to carry a lot easier. You win lane, you can win game essentially. No more bs where bot lane goes 2/17 while youre 11/0 struggling to carry.
: So the king of item abuse gets a new item to abuse
{{item:3812}} {{item:3146}} {{item:2140}} Ravenous Hunter Thats like 60% of damage that goes to healing lmao. Jax gonna be impossible to kill if hes on you.
: Agree with most of what you said but ezreal and nunu aren't as problematic as the others. Especially nunu. He feels more like a for fun champion than anything.
Yeah Ezreal, Swain, and Nunu arent a problem at the moment. Theyre either good or bad, not really an inbetween
: 1) True tbh 2)Nunu, Pyke, Ez and Swain weren't broken (except before ez rework, he was OP), Nunu, Aatrox, Kaisa, Ez and Swain don't have huge mobility, Nunu, Aatrox, Pyke, Ez and swain don't deal huge dmg 3) Agree 4)Cs IS crucial, if u wanna prove otherwise, play a game as any role without support item and cs, then play a game with perfect cs (don't think you or I can do it tbh) and you'll see the difference.
It is good to get, but its not viable. You're going to damage either way. I can get over 10 cs/m every game, but it wont win the game compared to stomping lane
: Ezreal? Overloaded? What?
>The only one that doesn't is Ezreal, who didn't really receive that much of a rework anyways except for his W. I meant to add that ezreal isnt that big of a deal right now. But he still ties into the hes either good or trash tier.
Aionius (NA)
: Is one tricking a good learning method to advance further knowledge?
Dont one trick, especially now. I have over 4k games on nothing but Jayce, and thats it. In the previous seasons I would agree for one tricking, but now, being a one trick is too risky. Riot isnt balancing the game for every champion to have the same carry potential. Honest truth is you need to pick 5 champions, and learn those 5 champions. Play 100 games of Jayce, 100 games of Shen, 100 games of Gragas, 100 games of Gnar, 100 games of Irelia, then 100 games of heimerdinger. The point of these 5 champions, is to pick entirely different type of playstyles so you have a clue for future metas. Jayce is good in early-mid game carrying metas, like Season 6/7. Shen is good in tank metas. Gragas is good in metas where team fights matters. Gnar is good against tanks. Irelia is good in snowball metas (current). So pick the lane youre going to play, pick the 5 champions that have different meta playstyles, and play 100 games in a row on each champion. Then this way, when you go to play a different tank, youd have more of an idea on how to play them. Instead of picking 5 assassins that will for one only be good in burst metas, and you'll only know how to play like an assassin. Thats my honest advice to you.
: BIG NEWS: Tumblr confirmed they are banning all adult content permanently
Rioter Comments
: Ranged top laners are absolutely stupid this patch
Not just ranged champions, its any champion that has a knockup/stun/snare/taunt in their kit. Because everyone is able to deal 1000 damage in 2 seconds or less, and having one of the cc types I listed allows you to deal damage while the enemy cant. This allows you to win team fights almost every time. Champions that are good this season and season 8: {{champion:266}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:63}}{{champion:164}} {{champion:122}}{{champion:245}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} Almost all these champions have some type of CC along with the ability to assassinate you. If they're not assassinating you, then they're either high with mobility or insanely tanky.
: Can jayce be played bot lane as the carry?
I have over 4k games on Jayce. I actually had an account dedicated to Jayce ADC last season and got it to D5. Last season it was playable, youd play safe, get dirk, then harass/all in. Right now Jayce ADC isnt that good because support and adc are bot lane, support does big damage along with ADC. So Jayce just dies too fast when he goes in to fight.
: Rush Cloth Armor, +10 armor runes, lvl 4 Zed poke combos me for 60% of my HP
How mostly everyone feels playing Season 9 right now: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ScientificBouncyFlyingfish-max-1mb.gif
: I'd hope that's not the case here. My comment was made in hopes of preventing that from becoming an issue in the future.
Its already an issue today, thats why your comment got banned lol. Mods didnt like what you said, so they banned you for a day and removed your comment. Itd be the same if you said "egirls that stream are mostly thots", if a mod sees that they will ban you.
: Alright...so this is somehow punishable now?
Someone doesn't like what you say = ban. Riot and Mods dont seem to understand that this creates more of a toxic community.
: The Year is 2023
And thats why I quit playing this game. If they dont turn back to the way it was before season 8, then this game without a doubt will die in EU/NA. Now it's just time to wait for a new MOBA to take over.
: You don't see the truth in it though? Boards is 90% negativity. It sucks for the 10% of players that make it a great community, (concepts and creations, general discussion specifically) but the hate threads, empty complaints, and toxic hostility are undeniable. Rioters don't even come around anymore to shitpost since Cactopus left :(
The boards is mostly hate threads now because Riot doesn't actually address the problems. People say: "Ardent Censor OP, Riot please nerf", *Riot nerfs 6 months later*. "Akali's shroud is really abusive and needs gutting", *Riot doesn't touch shroud*. "Starting damage stats are way too high, nerf starting damage stats", *Riot does no starting damage nerfs* "Mages don't have a real keystone" *Riot makes no real keystone* And the list goes on and on about how Riot just completely ignores feedback. This has gotten to the point where the boards already know Riot is not going to listen to feedback, so in return they don't bother saying "Fix X", but instead say "Riot's team is a joke". Honestly, I don't disagree with the boards either. Imagine you're playing a game of League Ranked, and your adc is overextending constantly without vision, dying all the time. You tell the adc to stop overextending, but they dont listen, thus the adc ends up ruining the game for all 4 of your team mates because they wont listen. Which in return, turns you into a rather toxic player because all they had to do was listen.
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KluPL (NA)
: A team of mine is making a new game based off League of Legends (MOBA)
Will there be esports championships. thats the main reason i play league because i want to go to the lcs someday
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Hügö (EUW)
: > nobody around plays anything that takes actual skill Define what takes skill for you.
Thats the thing now tho, nothing takes skill. Skill used to be last hitting perfect cs, harassing in lane, and landing skill shots. Now its, hit enemy, hit enemy, roam, hit enemy. CS doesnt even matter now, a 1/10 Yasuo (A champion that used to take skill) can just land 1 q and r and almost kill anyone, a zed that takes skill just presses R and q and youre either dead or at 5% health. Nothing takes skill in todays league, thats why this game is going down the drain/
: {{champion:11}} One button wondertrash on Q. {{champion:157}} Overtuned to sell skins. {{champion:103}} Overtuned to sell skins in korea. {{champion:238}} Overtuned because of one Faker play at a past worlds. {{champion:39}} Zip. Zip zip zip zip zip. {{champion:29}} I was hiding! Right click, right click, right click. Dead. {{champion:84}} Press W to hide from towers {{summoner:14}} + Electrocute, better nerf {{summoner:12}} They hate the changes we made? We're losing money? Lets make jokes about it. "Dealing tons of damage" *flex* "These towers are made of paper, you're not supposed to lean on it".
: I've given it long enough: I don't understand the hate for Akali
* Be Akali * Be 2/6 * Get engaged on by 10/2 enemy * Press W * Hide in W for 14 seconds * Team mates come to save you * 3v1 the enemy 10/2 #Skill
Rioter Comments
: These Ornn Buffs Just Show How Much of a Joke The Balance Team Is
Lmfao, thats Rito for you. Ornn getting a new skin soon, better buff!
Celiorap (NA)
: Akali Still Not Getting Nerfed
Look at all the butthurt akali abusers downvoting lmao. Admit your champion needs nerfing
: "Because you can at least flash away from cc or dodge it most the time. You cant avoid long range mobility." That's the most moronic statement i ever heard in this board. I'm pretty sure you play almost only ranged champions, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Checked your history, are you really complaining about melees mobility as a Jayce main ? How delusionnal are you ?
Idk if its because English isnt your first language, but it took me a while to actually try and figure out what the point of this comment was lol.
: Good thing. You had two seasons of jayce being busted af to abuse some freelo. Now time is over. It's beyond me how jayce players have the guts to complain. The only champion in the game that wins every lane by default for picking jayce and snowballing into never really falling off. The moment jayce gets some counterplay added we can think about nerfing resolve and other anti bully mechanics. Like forcing him to build tear again. Remove his passive melee armor/mr. There are several ways to do that. NERF MINION DAMAGE HAAHHAAHAHAHA Do you think we enjoy getting auto'd to death with no counterplay? I'm done. Holy shit.
Op does have some legitimate arguments about Jayce needing some love in this season. And I 100% agree with him on the Dorans Shield and resolve tree being busted. No need to be an ass on the boards kiddo. You just make yourself look like a clown.
: Does This Honestly Deserve A Perma-Ban?
Submit a Support Ticket, theyll help you
: What Do You Find In Common In These Photos?
Just start maining ADC, no roles matter except ADC. Riot seems to not give a fuck either considering its been like this for months now and everyone has been complaining about it.
: Loving This Adc Meta Riot!
: The Reason You Dont Rank Up From Each Elo:
: Why Does Riot Not Respond To Big Posts?
Because the Rioters here don't care what is or isnt broken from the players perspective. You can be 100% right about a champion being broken, and Riot will not do anything about it until Pro Players start complaining about it. Just look at Pantheon, Zac, Anivia, Draven, Ahri, Tryndamere, Deaths Dance, Morellonomicon, etc.. People complained about them, and Riot still has yet to do anything about them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Tantram,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8FBQvz7A,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-05-22T22:56:59.156+0000) > > The title of this post is wildly inaccurate. > > This is your 4th penalty. You escalated through the entire schedule: > 10-game CR > 25-game CR > 14-day ban (where you were told the next would be a pema) > Perma-ban > > Only 3 chat logs are given in reform cards, but the system also tracks all of your recent notable negative games. 25% of your games are considered toxic, and could potentially result in a penalty. > > I see in a later post on this thread you say you never had a 14-day ban. You did. Thanks for checking in, Tantram. I can rest easy now. To the OP? Please don't falsify information. Riot CAN check. Appreciate the update, Tantram. :)
>To the OP? Please don't falsify information. Riot CAN check. Grats, those punishments were probably from like last year. Because I didnt play on this account for months, then when I came back my first penalty was a perma ban. I was told warnings and what not reset after about 6 months.
: > My Account Just Got Perma-Banned Without 1 Warning The title of this post is wildly inaccurate. This is your 4th penalty. You escalated through the entire schedule: 10-game CR 25-game CR 14-day ban (where you were told the next would be a pema) Perma-ban Only 3 chat logs are given in reform cards, but the system also tracks all of your recent notable negative games. 25% of your games are considered toxic, and could potentially result in a penalty. I see in a later post on this thread you say you never had a 14-day ban. You did.
Can you tell me how long ago those chat restrictions/14 day bans were? Because I dont remember ever getting a chat restriction on this account.
: Well you get 30 seconds from the quadra to the penta. But if an enemy respawns in that time its knocked down to ten seconds. Without watching the replay myself its hard for me to judge if you just missed the cut off or not though.
Nobody respawned, but i did have to run from the middle of the map to their base to kill zed. So odds are the 30 seconds ran out. Thanks for the information
: 10 second for double to triple and another 10 for quadra. 30 from quadra to penta but if an enemy respawns it shortens the time. Also popping ga isnt a kill you need to actually kill him to get the penta.
I did kill him, im saying his ga wasted some of my time. So i wasnt sure if the timer still was available after damaging an enemy
Lugg (NA)
: LoL ESports is going to die quickly unless something is done
You cant just scramble a team because your country's team isnt winning lol. Hell, in the Olympics im sure people get sick of the same old U.S. and Russia winning all the medals dont they? Theyre not just gonna kick Michael Phelps to the sledding team because hes too good at swimming.
Rioter Comments
: I understand that you acknowledge there is toxicity in your chat. I see the toxicity, but I don't see anything worth skipping punishment tiers. I'd suggest opening a support ticket.
: try changing your name to something that promotes team play rather than creates prejudice against you.....seriously...how can you be that dense? But oh yeah, you chat too much, bottom line so they probably reported the *f* out of you.
My name is The Aggressor, how is that bad?
: Understanding How to play Riven
How to play riven 101 Go e first use e to farm farm safe till level 6 back and buy items tp top all in ggez
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