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Tesladin (EUW)
: I actually dont push mid when theres a faint oppurtunity because getting ganked by jungler is a bigger risk. Your issue sounds like something only Iron would do.
You'd be surprised. I can't go a game without someone randomly showing up to clear the wave then leave
nelogis (EUW)
: > When do people start fighting in **-->Aram<--**? > > Ah yeah right minute 2 Are you deliberately trying to twist my words or is english just not your mother language?
I just don't think we agree with where the game is at right now. It's entirely possible we just play different styles and against different people, and that we're both right.
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nelogis (EUW)
: Yeah I forgot you start the game in Aram lvl 18 and full inventory with elixiers my bad --> the drake gets worse the longer the game goes on <-- For like the third time now When do people start fighting in Aram? Ah yeah right minute 2 Minute 2 is not late game
As I said, the game is what you make it. If you start fighting at lvl 2, it's gonna be a fast game either way.
nelogis (EUW)
: > If your games are short its because the players in it are prioritizing kills and ignoring things like ocean drag lol The games are short because Riot wants them to be, has nothing to do with me or my playstyle. > The game is what you make it. If you play safe and focus on the long game, things like ocean drag start to sound better. No it does not sound better, Ocean drake gets worse the longer the game goes on. You don't need regen if you are either full Resources or dead. Unless you are playing against/as a poke comp but I already mentioned that. > Turrets are way harder to take now than they've ever been. Junglers get level 3 later than solo lanes. Games don't end early with teamwork. Doesn't make Ocean any better, if anything it makes it worse because Ocean is best for short games. In late game you have 1 deciding teamfight, in that teamfight you fight till death and if you don't then that means you either won the game or you are retreating to base since the fight was lost. Having regen there is about as useless as it can be.
Have you ever played ARAM? You ever see someone get Warmogs there? Not all teamfights end in death
Elohaven (NA)
: There's no point in playing ADC until Gold II
Pretty sure this is true for every role lol
nelogis (EUW)
: By the time you have a noticeable regen the laning phase is over anyway and as soon as the laning phase is over this drake is at the best (against poke comps) just barely good. And games don't last long enough for an elder to spawn So no, Ocean drake is the last drake you want to fight over, just get a tower somewhere else while the enemy is doing it.
If your games are short its because the players in it are prioritizing kills and ignoring things like ocean drag lol The game is what you make it. If you play safe and focus on the long game, things like ocean drag start to sound better. Turrets are way harder to take now than they've ever been. Junglers get level 3 later than solo lanes. Games don't end early with teamwork.
Yenn (NA)
: Ocean Dragon should just be completely removed tbh, it's literally game breaking against any champion that can't 100 to 0.
Not to mention an early one basically wins lane for you
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: The unwritten rule of League of Legends if you're a jungler...
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: With people becoming more and more familiar with Sylas, we need to talk about AP Bruiser Itemization
{{item:3027}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3102}} / {{item:3157}} + boots of choice But yeah, I'd love a new item for mages instead of more ad items
: nah its fuckking riot bruh they dont know how to match up properly im in a 5 losing streak atm and either have afk trolls or just r%%%%%s that belong in normz fuck riot
idk man you ever think that your negativity causes afks and trolls? I know I don't play my best when I have some ragebaby screaming every single time someone makes a mistake
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: every game is a shutout!
It's because no one knows how to play safe. Especially bot lane
rockson (NA)
: wait you go through promos for every role???
Yeah. Honestly it already feels like a waste of time whenever I get my offrole because it's a lower rank. I like the concept, but 6 LP gain for your main role for a win on an off role + going through promos in multiple roles is definitely not worth my time.
: Why are Galio changes always such massive swings in power?
Because he's arguably the only tank champion made for mid lane and it's oppressive af. Can't think of a single standard mid lane pick that can go toe to toe with that big asshat
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: In the damage meta...
The counter is playing safe, warding out, and being better than your opponent.
Krynnˉ (NA)
: Depends on the champion, it's good for champions like Yi and Jax or pretty much any ADC champion.
Yeah, but like attackspeed is a late game stat, and 9% isn't going to impact the late game. 10 AD on the other hand is a pretty good amount early game no matter who you are
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Stacona (NA)
: The Burst Age for League of Legends Straight Up is NOT fun to play in!
: A few questions from a Dota 2 player about game balance
1. Burst anyone gets a powerspike lvl 3, because that's when they get all of their spells. The counterplay to that is to not be in range of him. Soraka is a backline support, she's supposed to be easy to kill if you can get to her. Lucian is a short range adc. What I'm getting at here is that he shouldn't be near enough to kill you. 2. The reason snowballing seems out of control is a player based issue mostly, teams refuse to group when the enemy assassin is fed. The counterplay to fed assassins is teamwork and grouping. 3. There are a plethora of items and champions that counter burst, but you've also got to dodge some damage. You can't get hit by a full burst mage combo and expect to live just 'cause ya built one defense item. 4. Game has been out a long time, people are better at closing games out. Can't always rely on the enemy making a mistake.
: Some thoughts on more dated female champions, from a girl
Oh my gosh that Syndra! Yes to everything said, make it happen pls
We still pretending that because a mage is in the support role that they dont do damage?
Leto GT (EUW)
: Unpopular opinion : Those changes aren't that bad.
Thank God there's at least one post that isnt whining
: It's been months Riot, why the actual fuck hasn't Irelia received a nerf yet????
Instead of banning her you could let her through and learn how to play against her. Here are some champions that do well against her: {{champion:103}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:25}}
: How do you play against Rengar top lane?
Shen, poppy, malz, Swain, champions that can survive his burst and punish him for the constant engages work best. Honestly if you dont directly counter it, it's usually not a lane you can win.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Bearded Bard,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qUc9kbNN,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-25T01:11:25.722+0000) > > Nothing is stopping anyone from playing marksmen other places, just like nothing is stopping people from playing different stuff bot lane. > > Do what you wanna do, anything can win if you&#x27;re good at the game. Oh really? You mean Riot nerfing every AD carry that goes mid isn't them stopping you from playing marksmen somewhere else. Careful, your bias is showing.
Just because it gets nerfed doesnt make it unplayable. I stand by what I said before, if you're good at it you can win with it.
: ability to have reduced chat? i really like the only 5 messages thing when im chat banned.
EsoEs (NA)
: About Marksmen and the Bot Lane
Nothing is stopping anyone from playing marksmen other places, just like nothing is stopping people from playing different stuff bot lane. Do what you wanna do, anything can win if you're good at the game.
: If marksmen are forced out of botlane without letting them go somewhere else then i and a good amount of people would quit this game.
: I think League has lost its main selling point.
Game becomes predictable when you think you've lost or won 10 minutes in. I think it's honestly easier than it's ever been to come back, but everyone gives up after first blood.
: Because {{item:3091}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3001}} also increase magic damage dealt And it's a bit disingenuous to list both last whisper upgrades as two seperate items when they're built mutually exclusively. Wit's End does the same job as Black Cleaver but also missing from your list for some reason.
Because wits end is a niche item for attack speed champs and this is a mage post
: As others said, you already have a protective item that's exclusive to AP users: Zhonya's Hourglass. Asking for more is just plain greedy.
AD has so many more defensive items
: Repeat after me...
Sounds like Poppy and Yasuo just got more annoying to lane against
: I always thought he was supposed to have a stagnant Attack Speed and only crit on the 4th auto, and that building crit chance converted into AD, while Auto Attack speed was turned into the bonus MS. Was there a change after release? Also, yes, I also do not like this, The Fast is supposed to be in U.R.F mode, not this mode.
Stormrazor and Hail of Blades were introduced, both of which give attack speed, which translates to movement speed for Jhin.
: "Stop dying", "play safe", "quit inting", "omfg quit feeding".
Hard to feel bad for top laners when they're chilling with 0-3 ward score 10 minutes into the game
: How was he any more fun to play against?
Didn't have a spellshield, didn't have mass minion creation.
: Xerath doesn't have spammable targeted spells nor DoTs nor mass hard CC. Cassio has always been pick/bacn worthy in LCS. I don't get why it's fine for Cassio to be on the verge of opness while every other mage that isn't Syndra or Orianna should just suck it up.
I think you're really getting off topic. If you want to have the W to have the grounding effect, make your own thread lol
: As Xerath, you shouldn't be letting them get close in the first place. Them closing the gap is their counterplay to your range.
Mate, they aren't getting close. You want specifics? I'm talking about when Rengar ults and I have a split second to react to where he is. I'm catching him max range stun, but his jump range isn't exactly short and it's way faster than my E, so while stunned the jump still goes off. I'm outplaying them, and I'm still punished for it. EDIT: I also think it's important to note that I am actively trying to keep them out of my range with the stun, so ya know, using it for its intended purpose. And I'm succeeding in doing that because I'm hitting the stun, but I'm punished because the ability itself is outdated. Hence this thread asking for a quality of life change.
: It's less area than Cassio's skill which applies it and has more delay. If it feels too powerful it can be limited to it's bullseye hit. I'm of the idea than any impairing CC (Stun, Root and Fear) should stop "momentum" and interrupt any dash.
All stuns? Idk about that. Knockups already stop dashes, but I think certain stuns should as well. Mostly single target skillshot stuns like Xerath's, Ahri's, Elise's, etc. If AoE or easy stuns stopped them it'd be too much. Also, Cassio's has limitations that Xerath's doesn't. It has a minimum cast range, so you can't use it while people are already on top of you, and the grounded effect only persists while you're in the poison, whereas Xerath's would have to persist for a time after getting hit by the W or it wouldn't make sense. The bullseye already does increased damage and slow, and is already a powerful ability. Adding grounding to it would be a straight up buff to a champion that is powerful enough. I think he just needs a quality of life buff for his E, because if Xerath was made nowadays, that's what the ability would do.
: Unpopular Opinion: Revert Malzahar
I agree 100%. Old Malz was more fun to play as and to play against.
: Make his W apply Grounded effect and I'm happy.
Nah that's way too good an effect for how easy it is to hit. Only change I need is E should stop dashes and apply stun correctly. Because I'm damn near positive that when I catch these Rengars at the beginning of their dash it's applying the .75 stun instead of the max range stun like it should be.
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: Smurfing it's a cowardly act. Change my mind.
I agree that it is annoying and maybe even morally questionable, but there is purpose to it. Smurfs give players the opportunity to play with or against someone that's truly better than them. They can choose to learn from the experience or they can complain that it's not fair. Also shows players that it's possible to climb through anything if you're good at the game.
Rouwhorst (EUW)
: AP fighters {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Name a few
{{champion:245}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:50}} I'd say these could be AP fighters.
: Unpopular Popular Opinion: One of riot's being mistakes was reworking Guardian's Angel
Unpopular opinion: GA should not exist, or at the very least the cooldown should stack with deaths. Got 3 minutes left til it's off cd and you die? That cd is now paused for your death timer.
Anu3isII (EUNE)
: His main point is that most champions who build only AD or AP already have a lot of choices. By adding Hybrid Ratios, you are not only opening up build paths for the other type of Stats, but you also make weird Hybrid builds viable. Take Corki as an example. His build paths can be some combinations of the most unexpected things. He used to build Sorcerer Shoes and Void Staff alongside Trinity Force, Infinity Edge and, sometimes, BotRK. If he wanted more Magic Damage, he could pick old Luden's or old Liandry's, heck, even Gunblade if he was ahead. If he faced unfavourable match-ups, he would simply counterbuild them. Facing a mage? Hexdrinker. AD assassin? Zhonya's is a pretty good option, maybe even an GA if I want to be annoying. The thing is that it isn't as easy as it seems, there are lots of variables. I like the idea of opening up build paths, but it has to be done carefully and with the right champions. Even Riot stated that they sometimes decide to limit build paths in order to make a champion healthy (I think they said about Ekko that they made him scale only with AP because they thought AD items would cover his weaknesses).
Yeah pretty much that. On top of that, off build variations tend to be cheesy and really boring to play against. AP Yi, AP Trist, AP xin, and AP GP come to mind. All that aside, it does annoy me that they've gotten rid of the better off builds for champions like AD nidalee, AP maokai, AP ezreal (Not entirely ruined, but just not worth playing compared to AD), AD Eve, AP Shyv, etc
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