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: Please deleteADC,they are already losing their purpose in the game while you guys are buffing top laner and assassins for years. Really tired to be a bot player.
Yes, top lane and assassins have been buffed a lot but let's not forget during a good part of season 7 the entire game was decided purely by bot lane during the damn Ardent Censer meta. Your role is fine. You have a number of options which are: Learn a new champion that's in the meta. Practice your current main and get better with them. Learn an assassin or top laner if you feel like ADC is so useless right now. It's rather funny to me how much ADC players complain all the time and have only had actual ground to do so when crit items were changed to actually required you to scale instead of your one item powerspike when your role was actually terrible. Even then there were still plenty of ADCs that had success in that meta. Expand your champion pool or just stop complaining already.
: Actually, yes. Being a heavy cc engage meat shield is fun af. Not everyone wants to play yasuo/riven and try to out flashy-play the enemy team. As a support main, I love playing Leona or Maokai... exactly what you seem to think is boring. But trust me, when you are playing riven, don't you love it when you have a front line cc-tank that can pull off a 3-5 man root/stun? Makes your job a bit easier. But for cc-tank players, true damage from any source (Conqueror included) is seriously not fun. I love diving for CC. But I also like being able to withdraw from the fight with a bit of health once my CC abilities are expended. Any reduction in the amount of true damage makes the game more enjoyable for me. And BTW, when the introduced conqueror with true damage - that was the exact time that tanks started leaving the meta.
I'm not a Riven or Yasuo player myself mainly playing Darius and Yorick which I like for my own reasons. I do get the frustration of true damage from the keystone at launch, but it can't be said that's the reason for tanks still not being favored at this point in time. Yeah, when the keystone had the four second timer into instant AD and true damage converting at 20% then yes, at that point it was, however, it's now at a mere 8% after 5 attacks/damaging abilities, with the AD it gives getting nerfed as well, it isn't the reason anymore and it more up to the champions themselves lacking something, or it could be down to the fact games go so quickly and are exceedingly snowball focused a lot of the time, which tanks can't get rolling very well from the top lane a good deal of the time. And hey, if you like Maokai and Leona then great for you, everyone has different tastes but if they're trying to put more blame on a reason it's not when Ryze can melt away half your health bar with only four abilities in quick succession then run away without you being able to do anything to him in return as an example, they need to be looking at other reasons as to why tanks are suffering in general rather than pin all the blame on a keystone that only deals about 500-2000 true damage in an average current game. Edit after deletion: And the damage that would have been mitigated as well is something to take into account, and is lower than the true damage dealt as well. Anything outside of the "True damage that would have been mitigated" is damage you would have gotten with just the adaptive stat part of the keystone.
: Finally someone who realizes that Mages are OP vs tanks. Need more MR items Riot.
Another issue is just the fact Tanks are exceedingly boring to play a good chuck of the time. Your pattern is farm lane, maybe solo kill opponent but unlikely, get kills potentially from ganks, then mid-game rolls around and you're just basically a CC engage meat shield that does nothing else which becomes all you do, over and over, for the rest of the game. Is that actually fun to do? You most of the time don't have the wave clear nor the damage to splitpush and with tank items you can't carry which is what everyone wants to do. Conqueror has had nothing to do with the decline of tanks since the changes. And given in a general game the true damage the runestone does is usually only comparable at best to things like PtA's bonus damage, Electrocute's bonus damage, etc, because while some champions can stack it in only a couple seconds (Riven, Olaf) most take a bit more time for that to get rolling and by that point, a bruiser or juggernaut will most of the time beat a tank in the 1v1 slapfight even without Conqueror.

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