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Azadethe (NA)
: Can we get a rework of "Frostbutt" Irelia's Splashart, and get the art they want as Evelynn Skin?
Eedat (NA)
: One of the most elaborate shit posts I've seen. First, you go on and on and on about these "design philosophies", then ***you never go over a single one? Literally not ONE***. What are these sacred philosophies you build up so much? Second, instead of these sacred philosophies that you build up so much, we get a few really shitty examples. Point to me where all these champs has to be nerfed after they changed triforce. Go ahead. I'll wait. Come on now. > Rylai's was an item that enabled certain champions to function with it's passive No it wasn't? It was an item that every ap champ was building because of the raw stats. The slow was completely irrelevant. It was about as relevant as GW was on Morello. Nobody gave a damn about it, they just wanted their stat stick. The only champs that cared about the slow ***still use it***. So where are these philosophies? All we got were two awful examples with even worse explanations. Also, why are you implying the game didn't have gross imbalances in the past?
Rylais was like built on only like 4 champions until they fucked with it and gave it mire stat and then everyone built it.
: {{champion:157}} : A champ meant to be a high skill, high elo pick. Ends up a low elo stomper that gets stomped back by smart and high elo players.
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: If you're buffing Kai'Sa, buff her AP
The only buff Kai'Sa needs is a buff to the skill of her player base.
: Completely disagree, shes just not good right now. 40% winrate says it all. Yes, shes a new champ and her winrate won't be optimal, but 40% is just too low. Shes an extremely poorly designed champion, because she also has the 'Old Quinn problem' where her ult makes her dive into a fight with a tiny shield and no escape. She might be OK in very high elo (although a lot of high elo players have very publicly said shes shit), but designing a champion specifically for high level play is just poor decision making on Riot's part. {{sticker:draven-pose}}
Right now there are plenty of players who are extremely inexperience with the champion, and building her very poorly (for example those who evolve all 3 abilities). Her win rate is not really a good indication of her power. Zoe back when she was first release and was completely broken had similar win rate. If Rito overbuff this champion she will end up like Ornn.
: I can't figure out how to get out of silver...
Try dark harvest on Kayn. it's very decent.
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CoffeeMug (EUNE)
: What's your opinion on reverted Rengo?
Both versions are linear toxic designs, he need a real rework.
: We'd need to be careful on that. If the enemy is beating on them, the game is frequently already over regardless of how powerful they are, so it runs the risk of teams just sitting there longer in hopeless defenses. I say this as someone that prefers not to surrender and finds those epic base defenses really satisfying, but I don't think that's a universal sentiment.
Personally I find the issue with nexus tower is how a full hp tiwer can die to one spuer creep wave.
: This needs to STOP.
I suspect this to be aconnection issue, your local client received the command to change your rune page, but server did not receive it, so when match start the server sends info to your computer making your client adjust.
: "Hey, does first pick have Kai'Sa? I'd feel more comfortable if you did, because you're last pick, and there's no way you're going to get her. I don't feel comfortable with letting the enemy have her so I'm going to ban her, sorry." If enemy banned her as well: "See? It didn't matter." If enemy didn't ban her: "See? They were intending to play her. Right call." I've explained it this way in every game and they have been very cool about it. You can't just go "lol banning ur pick %%%." And expect them to be okay. And if theyr'e first pick, definitely let them have it. That's your teammate, bruh. Your ally for the next 20-40 minutes. You should have their backs.
Trying to reason with people who want to first time Xayah in ranked lul.
Potentia (EUW)
: Reward should be a charm, moving towards enemies thats fine. Whats not cool is that cassios own kit/runes work against her. It has nothing to do with prediction or ahri at all in fact. Just a champions kit is supposed to work with them, not against them.
: Brand is currently considered a subpar midlaner and a top tier Support.
Rito kept buffing his base damage while not giving him waveclear, so he will always end up support because he won't need to care about wave management and can poke people with.his high base damage.
: You ever look up an ARAM player and see an odd amount of games on Ziggs, Sona, Xerath etc.?
The problem with opening all championin ARAM is ARAM only players will not ever need to buy chamoipion, therefore less likely to buy skins, which leads to a loss of income for Rito.
: No, I just didn't find it funny, rather stupid.
Then say "this joke is overused and not funny anymore" instead of acting like you didn't get the joke.
Yenn (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Deckowner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=P5TmLGmW,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2018-03-06T22:22:39.462+0000) > > Don't you think it's kind of your fault that you get hit by a charm while having 900 movementspeed? Yes, because I can move to side step a charm during the extremely long casting animation of my ult. Which is generally also what procs Phase Rush in team fights. Spoilers: I can't
So Ahri predicted/reacted to your ult and used her charm while you were casting, she played it well, and she probably had to face you withhe cast of charm and get stunned. Itwill simply unfair when Ahri attacked you at your weak point and don't get reward for it. The cast animation of Cassio R is one of theintended counterplay, you are basically asking for not getting punished when the enemy lands their cc on you.
Yenn (NA)
: Can we make Charm remove bonus movement speed for the duration?
Don't you think it's kind of your fault that you get hit by a charm while having 900 movementspeed?
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: So...what is the purpose of this Ultimate skin?
Its purpose is to make RIto a bunch of money which keeps the game F2P.
: they aren't assassins except twitch
: Playing against ekko is rage inducing.
: How League of Legends broke me as a player and individual
Quit before it's too late if the game is hurting you.
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Czeslaw (NA)
: Should A Champion Be Nerfed For Being Annoying?
Why do you first think about "nerf" instead of "change"? If a champion has some mechanic that makes it disgusting for the opponents to play against, you can nerf the numbers of that champion to the point where the champion is useless, but the annoying factor won't be changed. For example, {{champion:157}} 's windwall is a huge "fuck you" to mages with projectiles, you can nerf his base stats and ability scalings to the point where he's a melee minion. but his windwall will still be a middle finger to the opponent's face. Instead of straight nerfs, changes that reduce the oppressiveness of mechanics or introduce counterplay to said mechanics will help a lot more.
: So if Tracker's Knife was removed for being mandatory in Pro Play...
{{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} is mandatory in every fucking game why not remove those? /s
: So do you think police should ignore every other crime until they catch said killers?
Why not both? You are making false logic here, police has limited resource and catching people takes a lot of resource, catching people who are toxic and inting takes just a script.
GigglesO (NA)
: Just got told I was trash because...
tbf{{champion:82}} with Rylais and Liandry is quite broken rn
Barkley (NA)
: If you're the guy who votes "no" on a remake
>I sincerely hope you step on a lego. wow that is a bit too much
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: Brand support does way too much damage
Damage dealt is a shit stat. I can be Teemo top against a Maokai and I can easily have highest dmg dealt while being 0/0/0 in a 30 minute game.
: I really don't understand how Zac doesn't have a 55%+ win rate.
Udyr is a very strong early gamechampion, you should be able to abuse Zac's garbage early game with constant invades. He gets low in his first clear and he can't 1v1 at all.
Doozku (NA)
: GP needs to stop being a lane bully
Just nerf his gold income and his barrel movementspeed
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: I thought the question mark was there for a while? Or it's something different?
Wolfeur (EUW)
: Tristana has had her self-peel for 9 years
But she didn't kill you with 2 autos for 9 years.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Another game, another khazix ganking top lane at 2:40 w/ doubles and full health lvl 3
It's almost like pressing the number 4 key at 2:40ish usually prevents any of these from happening.
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ChuShoe (NA)
: Even went through nullifying orb lol. Wow.
: I really wish Kleptomancy didn't Drop gold bags.
saltran (EUW)
: Twicht nerfs on the PBE
40 base dmg nerf to late game twitch is totally meaningless lmao
: Assuming full kit unload. - {{champion:142}} 987.5 + 2.7 (1 passive proc, no W) - 14 bubble - 925 range (bubble cast + AoE) - {{champion:99}} 1970 + 8.25AP (4 passive procs) - 50 ult CD (25 with refund) - 1175 range (Binding and slow cast + AoE) - {{champion:101}} 2110 + 4.25AP (land all 5 of ult) - 100 ult CD - 1050 range (stun) - {{champion:115}} 2045 + 5.1AP (all mines and 3 passive procs) - 90 ult CD - 900 range (Minefield) - {{champion:143}} 3982 + 6.0AP (7 seconds un-enraged plant damage)) - 110 ult CD - ~850 range (Estimated ult cast + AoE) Zoe's 2 skill combo (3 counting ult) does about half as much damage as a full unload from other artillery mages (Zyra is weird). And she does it: 1.78 times per lux unload (with refund) 3.57 times oer lux unload (without refund) 6.42 times per Ziggs unload. 7.14 times per Xerath unload. 7.85 times per Zyra ult. This is where I have a problem with artillery mage comparison. She can unload faster and more often for significantly more DPS than an artillery mage can put out. She's on the low end of their range spectrum but leans significantly more towards burst mage.
Your numbers are incorrect and your assumptions are unrealistic.
: Dude it's like a Xerath stun. There are so many set up abilities in league that allow you to punish, why complain about Zoe's? I could make the same argument and say OMG Blitzcrank has SO many hooks! Just side-step you say? But he hooks every 10 seconds wow I can't dodge that many I'm only human! His hooks set up a kill and go into a knock up and then into a silence! OMG. WHERE IS THE COUNTER PLAY? /s really. Zoe is just another champion that you need to learn to play around.
Blitz can only dream to have his Q cost basically no mana and has little to no cd.
: If you die to a tank, you got outplayed.
: Is anyone else getting aggravated at matchmaking lately?
This is still early season, matchmaking is not going to be good when you have lower ranked player who already climbed to their original elo, facing much higher elo players who are just doing their placements.
Subdue (NA)
: "Games are over too fast!"
Kind of sick of these people who talk about the whole board/reddit as one person, and not recognize how it's a community consist of individuals with different opinions.
Terozu (NA)
Damn that actually sounds quite cute.
BoianV (EUNE)
: Increase his fucking stealth radius! It is simply UNFAIR for a champion with 850 units of range (950 if you want to count his W) to have a 700 unit stealth detection radius. I'm pretty sure Evelynn, who is a melee champion, has a larger stealth detection radius than him (and gets revealed by incoming damage).
Rengar cries in shame when he sees Twitch Q.
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