: Hey Riot, don't let Kalista become the S3 Kassadin in Season 8
: I never see these champions being played anymore
Trundle is a top tier top laner rn and I see him very often.
: WTF nunu does in this game exactly?
He take ghost cleanse and run it down mid.
: I wish I could last more than 2 secs in a teamfight.
: His E ain't clearing anything that fast without Voidlings to help. Kill the Voidlings and you force him to use more spells and mana to clear the wave. His 'uninteractive' laning phase is brought about by being rather crap pre-6/Lost Chapter and his low mobility. Obviously he's not going to want to trade when he's going to loose the trade and fuck over his own mana pool in the process. Malz is evil, but he's a necessary evil. A big middle finger to mobility creep.
The problem with a mobility creep counter is that he fuck over immobile champions even harder.
: you can see the player that's gonna troll just by his name
: I personally think Veigar is a braindead champion.
Ummm you are telling me Bronze 5 Veigar players can actually last hit......
: I do not understand why GLP isn't purchased more often on mid lane Zilean
tieger05 (OCE)
: "Zoe has too many dashes!! Nerf!"
The whole purpose of a teaser is to leave a strong impression, aka making champions look op.
: Pro play is notoriously cookie cutter with teams afraid to branch out from the toolbox 20 (30 since 5 bans) despite very obvious counters existing in game. I fully expected Velkoz to trend hard in this tank meta, given that the true damage tank deconstructionist beam is very easy to get intense value out of on the tanky dive lineups we're currently seeing, while Vel himself is safe enough position wise to avoid being the engage target while still being able to land it.
VelKoz can't roam safely and has very poor self-peel, he can't snowball botlane effectively or deal with divers.
Rioter Comments
: When you get a silver 2 player with a 30% winrate in your gold 2 game
Duo mmr penalty fucks matchmaking, a silver and a low gold player duoing can get them into plat games, ruining the game for the other 3 unlucky player.
: Does Evelynn Go Gunblade?
No, go protobelt instead.
: Download speed is terrible in LoL Client. Any Solution?
The estimate time is meaningless, just wait.
: Riot might start publishing there data on champions
Nhifu (NA)
: Why do people suck in flex queue?
Don't ttake Flex too seriously, it's basically normal draft. If you seriously try hard in flex you are asking for depression.
zecastar (NA)
: Why is Corki's Diamond+ Winrate ~46.5%
He's a very feast or femine champion. His itemization is expansive and he has no real penetration item that fits him well. If he is against an even or ahead tank who stacks MR then he can't do much. But the design of attackspeed scaling magic damage crit is just so fundamentally ridiculous that it's either broken ir useless.
: Who has the most sustained damage in the game over 5 seconds?
Kog with hurricane rageblade etc hitting 3 dummies will do the most effective health damage in the given period of time.
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Wuq (NA)
: Normal Draft includes Solos. Flex commonly doesn't.
It actually does, especially in end of season when everyone tries to get their victorious Graves chroma. This queue is a next level of joke it is very easy to get gold.
Grab (NA)
: When a player resorts to ad hominem to win an argument.
The truth is, balance team come up with ideas, playtest team play and give feedbacks, but at the end it's the higher up that decides what goes through. Rito doesn't want the game to becompletely balanced, they want rotating meta to keep the game fresh.
Wuq (NA)
: Tired of People Flaming?
Flex queue is basically normal draft.
: Problem with my Player move click
You might be able to change it in in game setting, if not then you can jist edit the config file in your league folder to change your kwybinds. For specific details just google, there are quite a few reddit.posts about keybinding.
Rioter Comments
: Yes they did ask for broken support items, back when Redemption was strong people here actually said that the item was fine and Ardent Censer/Knight's Vow were simply underpowered. Also what tank nerfs lul. I don't think swapping the OP tanks qualifies as "tank nerfs".
No one said Redemption locket was ok, all tank items were nerf(lower resistance for more hp, which is mathematically much.weaker) to the point where their main build contains support items such as knights vow and locket.
: The most generic thing just happened to me
: Are players really surprised by ADC dominance when people begged riot to nerf mages and assassins?
People asked for mage and assassin nerfs but they didn't ask for broken support iteem, adc item buff and tank nerfs.
: It's funny because a semi tanky Diana can can burst a bunch of squishes in on go, or even a gragas can destroy a team with basically no ap items. Galio only has his Q as any real damage while everything else doesn't actually do much, but they have to nerf it anyways
>an ap gratis can destroy a team with basically no ap items. Let's ignore the spelling, but how is AP X called AP X without AP item?
: I don’t get the post, are you saying if both members of the team together equal two fully functional members? Lately I’ve been only queueing with other carries, one of us taking top, mid, or adc - and sometimes I’ll take support but NEVER with my duos in the same lane as me if we can choose it. What this does for us? It enables us to control most of the map that the chaotic mess solo queue puts together, we tend to shun people carrying us and instead rely more on each other. Note. The lane we don’t control always loses :D
The point is if both of you only perform at the individual level on your individual mmr when you duo, you kinda fucked up your team and yourself, as everyone else will be higher elo due to duo punishment.
Kloqdq (NA)
: I ain't saying they deserve a ton of blame but PBE players should have at least mentioned something. Like even if your bronze the scaling and numbers in game just don't seem right for something like Galio no matter what. When it's something extreme, then I think they should be put under the bus a little. Not as much as the whole team and play testers, but maybe a leg.
They did but Rito doesn't look at PBE for feedbacks.
Kloqdq (NA)
: There is the balance team, the play testers, the leads of balance team, and pbe players. Depsite what anyone wants to say there is a lot of people to blame for not putting out that maybe this could have been an issue.
LUL you can't blame PBE for balance changes, it's not for balance testing but bug testing.
: You're either not reading what I am writing, or are incapable of understanding english or mathematics. > "Having 1k hp 100 armor and 10% DR is significantly better than 1k hp 50 armor and 10% DR, for example. Your statement implies they would be identical. > > 2200pEHP vs 1650pEHP. That armor is worth 550pEHP at the end, or exactly 1/3 of their total surviability in the later example." Maybe you'll actually bother to read this.
>Having 1k hp 100 armor and 10% DR is significantly better than 1k hp 50 armor and 10% DR You are literally just saying having double the armor makes you tankier.
: Is it possible for a League of Legends where all champions have an actual place in the meta?
Rito has a hard on for adc, as long as adc exist in the game(which is like the smallest pool of champion out of any role) the meta will only be revolving around adc.
: I mean riot only cares if they have fun not the other 3 players
I think losing and feeding isn't fun, but the longer I play the more I question if this is true for some people. These people get joy from watching allies suffer, like, they need help IRL.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: I Dont see why Ekko is allowed to jungle but Camille is not
You can make the same arguement for a ton of other champions, Camille doesn't even have the worst clear.
: Here is the point of contention: > "DMG reduction scales with hp ***not resistance*** [emphasis mine]" Damage reduction scales with HP ***AND*** resistances. Its not only that having more resists make you tankier, but also more resists make each point of DR worth exponentially more, on top of the effect of hp scaling DR. Having 1k hp 100 armor and 10% DR is significantly better than 1k hp 50 armor and 10% DR, for example. Your statement implies they would be identical. 2200pEHP vs 1650pEHP. That armor is worth 550pEHP at the end, or exactly 1/3 of their total surviability in the later example.
Resistance and dmg reduction scale with hp not each other lol. The arguement you are trying to make is basically "have more stat make you stronger", obviously the one with resistance AS WELL AS dmg reduction is gonna be stronger than the one with just dmg reduction.
Rioter Comments
: It still scales multiplicatively with resists though. It's not additive (which would be broken) but it does still scale off one another. I mean, FFS do people still not know the damage formulas? Say you had 33.33% damage reduction and 200 arrmor, then took a hit for 1k physical damage Damage reduction from resists follows the formula: Damage Resistance = resist / ( 100 + resist ) E.g. you have 66.67% damage reduction at 200 armor/MR as 200 / (200+100) = 200/300 = .67 So your damage reduction from armor alone would make the hit 333 instead of 1k. Your damage reduction from DR% alone would make the hit 667 instead of 1k. However, you'll be hit for neither 667, 333, or 0 damage if you have both. You have 1k damage coming in, but your armor reduces this by 66.67% resulting in only 333 damage, which is reduced by your DR now to 223.11 damage. Ultimately you're reducing neither 33%, nor 67% but ~77.7% of incoming physical damage http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:ClariS/Escalating_Return:_Damage_Reduction A half-decade old post on the topic, but the formulas are the same still.
The replyI was replying to said that dmg reduction is useless without defensive stats, but in fact dmg reduction is basically free resistances on its own, I was just pointing out the reply was wrong, not saying having more resistance doesn't make u tankier lul.
Aleccat (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Deckowner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rlTrNFJi,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-10-25T14:28:26.190+0000) > > Everyone is already getting less mr with new rune changes in PBE. Everyone's also getting less armor. What's your point?
The point is we didn't need to buff lethality or Mpen.
: The overlooked success of Season 7
The plants are a failure, they were just overshadowed by the bigger failures.
Jbels (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Deckowner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fvwj8isG,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-25T13:38:17.382+0000) > > DMG reduction scales with hp not resistance, it's basically better version of armor of mr that can't be penetrated. HP is a defensive stat.
hp is a universal stat similar to movementspeed.
: I think one of the problems of towers is, they seam to scale with your teams level. I am not sure if this is the case, but it feels like it. That means when you are behind, towers seem to do less an less. This should be changed
Rorek (NA)
: Will Haunting Guise get more M.Pen
Everyone is already getting less mr with new rune changes in PBE.
: Galio's changes aren't meant to be a "buff" but rather a shift in playstyle
It's so easy to nerf him as tank, just make his Q do reduced damage to minions OR nerf his W damage reduction %/duration, these are the broken parts of the kit. Rito just can't simply.fix a problem, instead they create more problem by doing extra stuff.
Jbels (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eedat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fvwj8isG,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-10-25T13:21:56.087+0000) > > are you aware of the insane amount of damage reduction he gets? Are you aware of how worthless damage reduction is without defensive stats?
DMG reduction scales with hp not resistance, it's basically better version of armor of mr that can't be penetrated.
Vith (NA)
: Why does Hec feel so much weaker now?
ADC is broken so ba nature all divers sucks ass that's it.
: PSA: After patch 7.21 hits, invade Sejuani every single game - guaranteed kill.
Rito should just revert her, old Srj wasn't broken and didn't feel like bullshit, new Sej is just an abomination.
: Why do these adc's feel the need to last hit the wards....
If u are the one with sweeper you should actually let your teammate last hit it, because u get the gold.either way. If it's control ward then it's kinda fucked up.
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