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: Some people intentionally dodge a lot (losing LP in the process) to avoid promotions for the lulz of being a low rank despite their mmr. I have a bronze 3 account with gold or so mmr currently if I'm super bored, but doing all the dodging required to keep my LP low is kinda annoying.
Rito can easily just force you to promo if they want, but they don't give 2 fuck about the system.
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: Placed in s3 tips for gold?
Play safer in lane, roam.more, ward.
: Playing Darius in high elo is asking to lose, and this is how you fix it?
Huh? Garen mains aren't even crying and Garen is just a worse Darius.
: why games end so fast?
Turrets are piles of gold covered with thin air, the team with early advantage grabs these huge piles of gold and steamroll through the gamr.
Jharr (NA)
: A good arguement for being a support main
The autofill system is bullshit, I have been autofilled to mid before, it doesnH make sense.
: When are melees (that aren't hypermobile and/or CC bots) going to be allowed to enjoy league again?
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: Just played a game with a yi and kayle on my team
The new strat is instead of Yi you go Twitch.
Yenn (NA)
: One misplay at 3 minutes just snowballed into a loss. This is fucked up.
: I quit the game for 6 months hoping Riot's balancing team would eventually wake up and fix the game
: You don't spike at IE lol, you spike at IE zeal boots or 2 items with boots. I encourage you to actually test just how useful you are with just an IE, that item is shit alone.
Did you even read my reply? >that is actually not true,** with ardent censer **ADC spike at 1 item IE. With an {{item:3504}} support giving you way more than a {{item:3086}} worth of attackspeed, adc spike way earlier than before.
Klavier (NA)
: That's because ADCs need about 2 or 3 items to start be effective. Because Riot wants games to end quickly they reduced the price of adc items because adcs weren't able to finish their items to start to be as effective as other classes were with just 1 item.
that is actually not true, with ardent censer ADC spike at 1 item IE.
Chiken138 (EUW)
: These Adent Censer buffs are redicilous
Ardent is BS but OP is not really thinking properly. Supports rarely even get over lv15 in games, a buff to lv18 damage is basically meanibgless.
: What does the new mute emotes button do?
It's literally does nothing from what I have seen.
: Champions that ACTUALLY need a rework
Rito: nah we gotta get the 38th Ryse rework done first.
: Could Soraka's sweetspot ever come back?
>somewhat took some skill to hit Rito doesn't like that for enchanter supports, they want them to be braindead slave of adc.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Cait And The Bound To Fail PBE Changes.
They just need to realize you can't allow a champuon to be strong both early and late.
: Yasuo vs Maokai (lategame duel)
Maokai has one of the highest base attackspeed, building AS on him is actually not too bad.
bàn (NA)
: Yeah, but you have to grind to level 30 to unlock the rune slots. You won't be able to use their full potential until then
next season everything will be free at lv1
: These Janna changes seem really really weird
1. Nerfing her already under whelming offensive abilities Q and W. 2. Buffing her braindead shield. 3. Release Janna skin. 4. Get money from boosted animals. 5. Profit.
Lyseth (NA)
: NERFING TURRETS AGAIN?! (Warning, rant)
Rito is trying to change towers to piles of gold that people fight over instead of defensive mechanism.
: Pre level 30 has 0 balanced fair games.
: Should Teemo's Q still inflict a Blind? Or should it be changed to Nearsight?
Nearsight is an extremely obnoxious crowd control, much more than a blind. I don't want Teemo to get more hate than he already receives because low elo players can't beat him. Also to change it to a nearsight it will probably also be changed to a skillshot, which makes his already lackluster teamfight presence even lworse. I think we should just leave Teemo as he is until they rework him eventually.
: We want marksmen to be the go to class for taking down those burly front liners
TL;DR Rito balance team wants eveyone sucking their adc's dick.
Swaid (NA)
: Ya know, in Heroes of the Storm, nearly **EVERYTHING** effects buildings barring a very few select abilities.
Vanics (NA)
: Rageblade...
I mean this item is basically just a KogMaw item, and with his range he has no problem stacking them in teamfights.
: is PBE officially a ghost town now?
While I am still waiting for Rito to accept me as a PBE tester.
Lohrr (NA)
: Too bad his wife isn't around to help out.
Eedat (NA)
: The amount of bias on this board is reaching critical mass
LOL I have had games when my team straight up INT from champ select because I picked Teemo, but you shouldn't generalize the entire community base on some toxic individuals.
: Did you seriously add Cho to make your list look bigger? Besides. 90% of your 'AP' Junglers are tanks. The only JG's being built AP Right now are {{champion:60}} and partly {{champion:79}} The rest are pure tank, with Nidalee being built as bruiser.
Which eye of yours saw the word "AP" before my list?
: MR thump thump smash deserves a nerf
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Leonerdo (NA)
: Riot only has favoritism for good characters who are fun to play (or watch) and are healthy for the game. Nidalee is almost non-existent right now, in pro and normal League. Buffing her a tiny bit at least gets her back into a viable spot in the pro scene. It's not like these buffs are going to make her #1 in pro, nor are they enough to make her viable in normal play. She's still rather hard to play and doesn't have reliable contributions to her team aside from the heal. Seriously, Ivern is so much stronger than her, even after the buffs, but no one cares about him because he's not meta and junglers don't like playing as a support. If anything these buffs just move Nidalee a little closer to Ivern (more supporting power). Besides, Nidalee has never been nearly as popular as Lee Sin, aside from a couple of months in Challenger ELO only, when she could AA reset with her R. Honestly, there are a dozen other champions that would be more deserving of this "favoritism" complaint. (Although it's a bs complaint in any case.)
Skillful champion that takes a lot of pratice and are fun to play/watch shouldn't be played by every single person and picked.every single game. Hard to play = Less people play it. You know why champions like Nid and Aurelian Sol are not picked very often in pro scene other than the few pros who main them? That is because it takes a lot of time to practice these champions, and pros only have so much time to practice. These champions have their niche and are good in certain situations, which is completely fine, because not every champion need to be a generalist. Yoy dont need to be able to blind picke them into any situation, that will be broken.
: Udyr and Voli need reworks , Aatrox is already scheduled for one. Udyr and Voli are stat check champs so buffing them until their rework would be dumb
: Is Ardent balanced now?
No, it is not balanced. But Rito doesn't want to make big adjustment before worlds.
: Why does tristana buster shot knock back both the target and anything within 200 units of it?
Rito thinks knocking back the fat frontline into the enemy backline for aoe cc is skillful.
: Idea for budding Bot lane Lucian without buffing Mid lane lucian
Kloqdq (NA)
: yeah that is the likely case of what is going to happen. Elise is still a powerful level 3 jungler but with this Nid is going to be more appealing than Elise and whoever else they may pick. I still think she is going to fall sort and I'd rather just pick a tank than Nid but that's me.
Pro play is going to evolve into 2 styles probably, one being triple tank double backline ball comp, the other being tank top support jg and sup with control mage and hypercarry. Nid and Ivern are probably going to be play in the later comp, especially with the buff.
: Haven't seen her in 20 years , haven't seen any high elo play her. That's how.
I haven't seen AAtrox Udyr Volibear in years, why aren't they getting changed huh? Nid has a high skill floor, which means players need to dedicate a lot of time to play her well, that results in only high elo Nid mains can play her properly, therefore not being seen in low elo and relatively lower play rate in high elo. Where as you have champions like I listed above having pretty low skill floor yet basically not played in any elo because they arepure garbage.
: 30 health is exactly what he needs to be picked at Worlds... Yeah no.
He was already playable in pro play, the buff is just going to push him from like a 10% pick rate to a 30-40% in worlds.
: Hey a garbage champion got a buff. Must be cause of worlds right?
: this post tells me you don't know what youre talking about lol
They nerfed her over a few patches, then they reverted all those nerfs one by one evwry patch, seems like they donno what they are suppised to do.
: That Lee Buff is actually not going to do anything. Doesn't it scale even worse late now too?
>W - Safeguard BASE SHIELD 40/100/160/220/280 ⇒ 55/110/165/220/275 15 extra shield at rank 1 is extremely significant, it's the point when you are lv2 and take a lot of dmg from camps. -5 shield value at rank 5 is kinda meaningless as you should be able to just self sustain through the camps at that point.
Rorek (NA)
: > Worlds is coming up, so none of these changes are particularly aggressive, but we do want to make sure that some of the dominant outliers get tapped down a bit, and** some popular picks who have fallen out of favor see some love.** Directly form the patch notes
They don't even try to hide their intention at this point because it is way too obvious
: That Lee buff ain't doing dick though. Not sure about Nidalee. Tank comps will still be the best at worlds.
That Lee buff is actually pretty significant, 15 base shield means 30 extra health per camp, it is abig deal early.
: why master YI gets another skin?????
He is super popular in low elo which is majority of the player base which means Rito makes money off it, simple.
: Oh sure nerf Rakan because his engage is "too reliable" (never mind the fact that it's instantly nullified by Flay) but then you leave Janna as perma-shield cuckerino cancer in solo queue and especially flex queue if you ever decide to stomach that. But it's okay because it's the competitive play patch right? But it's okay a support's value should seriously be in how fast they can get an extra 25% attack speed and some lifesteal on one guy. Because only 4 people in a game actually matter.
TBH it is pretty impossible to flay a Rakan R flash W combo unless you have inhuman reaction.
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