: I've given it long enough: I don't understand the hate for Akali
Her W is a huge middle finger to the entire game, playing against it is like playing chess against a kid who just knocks your king off with his hand and claim victory. Rules and framworks exist for a reason, they are what stablize the game. When it gets broken one time, it will be broken more and more until the game is ruined.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Oh look, another game where top-mid-bot is winning in the early game
OK so I jist checked the top 10 NA solo queue accounts, we have: 1 mid 2 mid/jg 2 jg 3 top 2 support Doesn't look look like top challengers are abusing jg as much as you claim.
: How the hell do I counter fiddle?
Fiddle does one thing and one thing only: make one plauer unable to play league of legends for two seconds. He is very squishy and has no mobility, he does a bit of damage but it's nothing compare to the likes of Brand and Zyra. If you like tank just play hard engage support and engage on him, he can't do shit when you get on his face and burst him down. If you want to play wow at the same time, just play healing support like sona and nami, you out range him and heal all of his poke.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Its actually consistent. Champs with a multi proc ability that require multiple inputs to actually use consider the first cast the actual spell/ability and the 2nd doesnt get interrupted as its already been cast.
No champion other than Zoe(CertainlyT abomination that started this trend) and Irelia can do this, are you actually this dumb or just trolling on the board?
: Is it just me or are Tank Junglers Unviable?
>I want the feeling of being able to stand in the enemy for several seconds just soaking damage, the feeling that I can block all skill shots for my allies and not worry too much about my survivability when the team fight starts. It's very very damn hard to fulfill this gameplay fantasy in any role nowaday.
: > [{quoted}](name=Geneseid,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=I8YnNeeW,comment-id=000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2018-06-19T18:53:30.023+0000) > > Jax and Tryndamere are the only champions you listed who can outplay Yi. > > Rammus taunts him and then he just takes a plethora of true damage (has happened to me before as Rammus) > Kha **might** stand a chance if he actually manages to burst him first. > Nasus doesn't stand a chance, wither has no effect and the true damage is to much (plus if yi is remotely tanky it's case) > Xin can't 1v1 Yi late game (as a xin main I know this) > Skarner and WW only serve as lock down but cant hope to 1v1 him. > > Yi is only countered by the game's most formidable duelists. Anyone else can't stop him at all. That is what i said in my other comment for the most part. Nasus W and R are good though. They make Nasus stronger and Yi weaker. {{item:3078}}{{item:3110}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3075}} Nasus with 600+stacks can destroy a full build yi. (could build randuins instead of spirit visage of course but this build is better in a game where you are not only building for anti yi)
Yi R completely immunes any form of movement and attackspeed slows.
: Really people? A thread on reducing TRUE damage gets front page? We wont be taken seriously...
Who is the idiot that suggested and upvoted such an ridiculous item lol.
: Look I got no fucking clue how Ohmwrecker exists. The fucking game will be shut down and the first item Riot puts in LoL2 will be Ohmwrecker.
Aren't we already playing LOL 2, or ecen 3, maybe 4? like this game is nothing similar to what it was in seasons 1~4.
: I don't know what you're talking about? The Jungle back when I used to actually play this game (2 years ago) was just as oppressive as what you're describing. There were *maybe* 4 junglers that were the most popular. All of which had CC and massive burst and self heal. That leaves ~6-8 characters that filled that niche. Being a jungler used to mean something before they reworked the entire thing when Rek'sai came out. Almost everyone, even supports, could jungle. The massive jungle change really shook things up for Junglers. It created all of these buffs and the entire jungle was built around Reksai. She was the only jungler who could even make it work. Also, you say "lee wasn't even broken in the old jungle" yet you say he has a 60-65% winrate and was the bane of everyone's existance since *before* the release of rek'sai and continued dominating into pre-season 8 (when played my last match). I don't know about you, but 60-65% winrate in a single position is definitely a sign that they're busted somehow.
OP is just really unhappy that he can't win with lee sin in silver.
Nhifu (NA)
: Lee has 1 slow, and his ult is a knock back that's okay here and there; but easily replaced by ADC's like Vayne or Trist lol Plus every other jungler has more CC, are tankier, and do more damage than lee atm.
Lee Sin's R is one of the best single target point and click cc in the game. The important point is that OP titled the post like this: >New jungle sucks for every player who loved to play jungle Then he makes a statement: >Why would you ever make a jungle where cc champs is the only chammps who works. Then he listed a bunch of duelist(not cc) duelists: >there is like 5 champs who works, and its trunde, olaf, kha, xin and a graves Not saying jg is in a good state but OP clearly has no idea what he is talking about.
jgbbgj (EUNE)
: New jungle sucks for every player who loved to play jungle
>there is like 5 champs who works, and its trunde, olaf, kha, xin and a graves. KhaZix Olaf and Graves have 0 forms of hard cc, Trundle has a small displacement and slow field, and Xin has single target knock up on q, slow on w and knock back on ult. >Why would you ever make a jungle where cc champs is the only chammps who works. Your main Lee has more cc than 4 of the 5 champions you listed.
: Is this common knowledge or am I asking too much?
passive-aggressively asking your jungler for ganks often times just makes them less likely to gank you.
Rexxiee (NA)
: This is probably the worst timing ever to nerf janna and lulu
Berfing shield duration will not stop Lulu Janna from cockblocking assassins.
: Why does it seem that all early game junglers suck now
Shock16 (NA)
: How to play against Yasuo mid?
To learn how to beat X champion, just play X champion and watch how people beat you.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Deckowner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YyaKpEoN,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-05-28T04:38:44.817+0000) > > wtf were you and your team doing to allow the enemy mid to steal your blue AND gromp AND kill you? Our mid dced and had to reconnect at the start of the match, and I was low health because of fighting gromp and they were full
: > [{quoted}](name=MysticLlamaZ,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YyaKpEoN,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-28T03:18:45.299+0000) > > I think you are jungling wrong if you hit 6 when laners are level 9 XD Nothing to help getting a leash stolen, your gromp stolen, dying at the gromp, and dying because you are still level 1 at the next camp.
wtf were you and your team doing to allow the enemy mid to steal your blue AND gromp AND kill you?
: A Thread about Terrible Junglers
Bruh, Yorick jg isn't actually that bad.
Antelath (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Deckowner,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=KGKiT3yV,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-05-27T18:25:02.105+0000) > > So you are saying building mobi and running it down 14 times in a row isn't sucking the fun out of the game mode? Then why do you take it so serious? Focus on your own gameplay and stay away from Urf.
Where did you get this idea that inting= for fun, and not being ok with people inting=taking the game too serious? Inting in any game mode is still inting, you are fucked in the head.
: Grounding isn't perfect. It absolutely ruins certain immobile champs because their skills have a minor dash attached: Eve's E and ult, Darius ult, Leona's E, Illaoi's W. Instead of disabling the dash, it just disables the whole skill.
that is more of a coding issue than a design issue.
: lol wtf what was that 70% winrate patch. I don't remember Nautilus ever being good apart from when he was new.
probably cuz only 10 people played him that patch.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: If you're nerfing Karma Janna Lulu, nerf Morgana as well
Antelath (EUW)
: Lmfao, People are already sucking the fun out of it again, Not that i mind since i actually enjoy mental abuse, But if you want to be competetive then Play ranked.
So you are saying building mobi and running it down 14 times in a row isn't sucking the fun out of the game mode?
: dude who cares cmon u dont lose anything anyway let him troll here instead of trolling in ranked
talking as if these scums won't be inting in ranked games once the weekend is over?
: > [{quoted}](name=ZackTheWaffleMan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=86KNokL9,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-27T03:02:33.994+0000) > > No, I mean > > She traps you > > In your spawn platform > > #When she's on your team cant you flash over it?
: Pulsefire Twisted Fate R is Incredibly Hard to See
They will fix it once they make enough money off the skin.
Rioter Comments
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: Idk, it could be an issue of unoptimized code. It's been in the brew for months, and yeah beta was bad. It could be that they set a deadline far sooner than we were told, so the programmers were forced to send out unoptimized code. The problem with unoptimized code is that it usually works, and works well up until there is a change, in this case, it could have been other changes in the patch which fucked it up. Likely the OCE situation is the result of unforseen circumstances. As a Software Engineer, I can see where they (the programmers) are coming from, tight constraints and little time make for inefficient work. Honestly, if the company held back on their PR until internal tests deemed it fully functional and let the project go at its own pace and not release the date until it was finished, then we wouldn't have this big of a backlash. The fact of the matter is, people aren't upset because Clash is coming any later. People are upset because it got cancelled. Making plans and moving people around is tough. If Clash's date wasn't announced until it was fully functional, then there wouldn't be this problem.
If they just made an announcement that clash will be cancelled for all regions after the problem was found in OCE, the backlash might not have been this bad, because that means NA SA and EU folks still have the chance to cancel the plan and proceed with their normal schedule with life. However, Rito completely fucked up their PR this time and only announced it an hour or so before it was supposed to start, which made a lot of people unhappy. Afterall, it doesn't matter what the reasoning for the issue is, the customers have all the rights in the world to complain about a promised product not being delivered on time.
Metrios (NA)
: Release it as is, no one gave a fuck about the issues with the beta launch, no one will give a fuck about issues with this one. Way too many people rearranged their lives to fit riots schedule for this and the backlash from cancelling will be larger that any 'technical issues' that made it through.
Looking at the OCE situation, apparently they fucked it up and made it worse than Beta. The game literally "kills" itself and randomly gives everyone losses without it even being played. Don't understand how they have never caught such a game-breaking bug while testing the system.
: Don't Attack People Who Are Bad In Normals
>Don't Attack People ~~Who Are Bad In Normals~~ FTFY
Vectros (NA)
: Wait, isn't flat damage reduction better vs DPS, NOT burst? Say for example you have a constant 100 damage reduction on. Annie hits you with a spell for 700 damage; gets reduced to 600. An ADC hits you 3 times for 300 damage each; each is reduced by 100, making her damage total 600. Same end result despite ADC having 200 more damage spread over 3 attacks.
Burst champions might be able to do ton of dmg at a short period of time, however, most of them aren't just using one ability to do all the burst(exceptions being Zoe, Cancer, Zoe, etc), Usually it's 3 or more attacks or abilities combined, and each gets reduced.
: @RiotRepetoir Spear Of Shoji Shouldn't go live and here's why and the problems i can see with it.
The ability says "200% **MORE** effective", so it's not twice the reduction, but 3 times.
: The only problem with the phreak voice...
The important line "YOU HAVE NO MANA" is missing from the announcer pack, very disappointed.
Bârd (NA)
: Since Domination is meant to be the burst tree, it'd make sense for its tree bonus to be flat pen.
: Games are exclusively lost by auto-fills / first-timers, why does Riot allow it?
It's all about money, champion's release skin will sell way less if they were disabled in ranked when first released.
: How the hell do i not get ganked 9 times when i go mid?
This might sound harsh but learn to play like a bitch is the most effective way of avoiding ganks.
: PSA: Farm under tower does not work
>Towers do not do ~~enough~~ damage FTFY
: Rito, can you guys please stop removing the character inking from new champions, reworks and skins ?
Well I never noticed this because my computer is shit and I have character inking turned off anyways.
Madsin25 (NA)
: This has to be a recently implemented thing because in S6 I won 3/7 and was placed in bronze V. Another example is a popular player Annie bot went 10-0 on a smurf and was placed in bronze V. This was also in S6.
in the beginning of S6 the ranked system was bugged and placed everyone all over the place, they fixed it afterward.
: > If Karma is supposed to have a headstrong and independent personality, where is it in the game? Shielding yourself with E, running up to W an enemy and hold them in place, along with empowering your Q once they're rooted to take the full might of her combo to the face? I can imagine that perfectly fine and it certainly fits my definition of headstrong and independent- no other champions were required to do so and it's literally requiring you to move towards the enemy. What's the evidence for this criticism? Do her voice lines indicate she isn't strong or independent? That's the only gameplay that isn't player-driven along with appearance. > If Karma is supposed to be this all powerful being, where is it in her kit or game? Aurelion Sol makes **stars** and Kindred is **death**. "They should be more powerful in-game because lore!" is *not* a valid complaint for gameplay. Gameplay-wise Kindred would be all over the entire map whenever anything died, Aurelion could nuke the entire map at will, etc. Again, I understand champions having bugs, issues with kits, or aren't fitting the fantasy- but don't ignore anything that clashes with your personal wants. Include both sides- that way the OP doesn't come across as just blatant whining and has a better chance of attracting Rito attention/comments which in turn gathers more people to look at your post.
>Shielding yourself with E, running up to W an enemy and hold them in place, along with empowering your Q once they're rooted to take the full might of her combo to the face IDK what kind if league of legends you are playing but this sounds like something that only Tank Karma does against melee top laners. 99% of Karma in laning phase is poke with Q and 99% of Karma outside of laning phase is mantra E.
Vanjie (NA)
: @Riot Developers - Karma is Solidified as Nothing
Lore and gameplay really has no connection, and Rito doesn't seem to want to change it.
Rioter Comments
Azadethe (NA)
: Can we get a rework of "Frostbutt" Irelia's Splashart, and get the art they want as Evelynn Skin?
Eedat (NA)
: One of the most elaborate shit posts I've seen. First, you go on and on and on about these "design philosophies", then ***you never go over a single one? Literally not ONE***. What are these sacred philosophies you build up so much? Second, instead of these sacred philosophies that you build up so much, we get a few really shitty examples. Point to me where all these champs has to be nerfed after they changed triforce. Go ahead. I'll wait. Come on now. > Rylai's was an item that enabled certain champions to function with it's passive No it wasn't? It was an item that every ap champ was building because of the raw stats. The slow was completely irrelevant. It was about as relevant as GW was on Morello. Nobody gave a damn about it, they just wanted their stat stick. The only champs that cared about the slow ***still use it***. So where are these philosophies? All we got were two awful examples with even worse explanations. Also, why are you implying the game didn't have gross imbalances in the past?
Rylais was like built on only like 4 champions until they fucked with it and gave it mire stat and then everyone built it.
: {{champion:157}} : A champ meant to be a high skill, high elo pick. Ends up a low elo stomper that gets stomped back by smart and high elo players.
Rioter Comments
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koshkyra (NA)
: If you're buffing Kai'Sa, buff her AP
The only buff Kai'Sa needs is a buff to the skill of her player base.
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