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: VFX Updates for Amumu, Lulu, Tryndamere and Ziggs
The Amumu music viodeo was absolutely stunning and I'm ecstatic the champions incorporating more of it.
: I wish Teemo W could get looked at, everything else works fine but "Move Quick" is lackluster
His W is part of what makes his melee matchups so good. You're undervaluing how powerful a free always-up passive is, and the ability to consistently skirt just outside of someones range and dodge their attempts to engage on you. Maybe it's not perfect, but honestly it's one of the main reasons I enjoy playing the champ.
: Experiment escaped, still at large
It's not another mad scientist skin, but it looks like the closest I'll be getting in the foreseeable future. it suffices.
: Yorick Mori Remembered AF Dev Team Q&A [NOW COMPLETE]
Why is Cactopus the best thing to happen to Riot PR in a depressingly long while?
: Commador NumNums is my favorite military officer/delicious snack.
[I think I remember him fro his Avian days](
: It’s your turn to Ask Riot
Will there be any continuation of the Mad Scientist skin line?
: Shadow Isles and Death, Why Morde's title feels wrong and More (Making everyone happy, kinda)
If I may bump with some logic, it should also be said that for the iron maiden point his abilities cost health. So he's hurting himself, but then gaining greater strength in the shield he gets from murdering people.
: And thus, Riot ShadowStorm's internet personality was cemented for the rest of eternity. Really though, you've never truly lived until you hear a bunch of adults making time puns for months on end.
As someone currently apprenticing as a horologist and already being a proven punthusiast, I can confirm this fact. On that note, if Riot wants to staff a horologist (I can be paid in RP), hit me up.
: Have you considered the fact that mana gates are inherently bad design? The existence of pure resourceless champions shows that cooldowns alone are enough to balance abilities. And the popularity of the Mana Font items shows that players love being able to "buy out" from having to worry about mana. No player ever got excited about how well they managed their mana pool.
I'd disagree with that last point, maybe not at entry levels but mastery of a champion really shows in this regard. Ask Zamphira about his way of playing ap lulu (guise into dcap and pen), ask basically any Zilean or Veigar player. Sure it may not be the most obvious thing to get excited about, but when people say "man i really hate this champs mana costs" but you feel like you've always had the mana you've ever needed, then it shines. though rito pls tone down veig's ult costs. 175 at r3 is a bit much ;-;
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
Michael Jarvan (name subject to copyright changes) Holds a basketball net (shhh legendary darius skin) Q jabs the net W is a basketball E throws the hoop, if q gits e he jumps and dunks R is him performing the sickest of dunks making a giant basketball net
: Dev Blog: Updating Summoner’s Rift
So uh what will nunu get buffs from eating now?
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