: Gemstones
Yep, I'll admit i was surprised that Tencent would allow riot to give away something that would normally be money into their pocket. Which is why i laughed when i opened shop and gemstones are nowhere to be found. ***UPDATE**** The gemstones are sold paired with a poro icon that is located on the front page of my shop under top sellers**** 312,000 BE got me a skin, 3 chromas , 5 icons and 1 chest and 1 key(gemstone)
òwò (NA)
: and Rakan
LOL! "Still working on it" sounds alot better than "Shit we forgot the blonde".
The Dude (NA)
: Patching error endless loop.
The little window should have more than just the "Whatever you say boss" button. I should be able to ignore it at my own discretion even if loading an older version prohibits me from playing games.
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: Summoner Showcase 120
I'll watch when you bring nika back...
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: LF top laner Gold+
IGN: iegend of zeida / the dude Flex rank: provisional / gold something Champ Pool: Darius , Trundle , Vladimir , Olaf , Swain , Kennen, Renekton, Malphite etc Time maining role?: pretty much all of s4 and this season Brief summary of your self: Experienced older player. Dry wit and laid back former stoner.
: Olympus Gaming Recruiting Players for Team (D5+ to S5)
Team: Thanatos IGN: Iegend of zeIda Current Rank: g4 Flex Rank: N/A S6 Rank: gold Role: Top Champion Pool (Top Champs): Poppy , Malphite Camille, Vladimir , Olaf, Darius, Renekton, Shen, Trundle, Kennen, Jax , Dr Mundo , Nautilus, Maokai Availability for interview: Open with prior notice. 10am - 4pm CST without notice
: Creating Long Term Ranked Team - Reciting High gold + (looking for all roles)
That is a very conservative estimate. Even those of us who are not typically lewd or negative occasionally curse.
Quetips (NA)
: Hosting Tryouts for a top 4 team in an LCS style league
IGN: The Dude Rank: Gold V current. p2 s5 Role(s): Top, Mid Champion pool: Poppy , Darius , Olaf , Renekton , Malphite Previous experience: Extensive, I played for Prevalence esports in spring/summer 2015, other less organized teams since. I play daily with challenger and master tier players as is viewable in my match history Mic: Yes Willing to shotcall? Macro shotcalling i don't like to micromanage or shotcall in early game as it detracts from my attention to lane matchup. Unless it is a tank v tank lane Strengths: Patience , deception , matchup knowledge and experience Weakness: I'm not a kid with lightning fast mechanics, which is why the one role i don't play is adc. Favorite ultimate: Ragnarok, Olaf
OmensDad (NA)
: Very Competitive Ranked Team! Evil Impact Recruiting, LF Top!
IGN: The Dude Age: 28 Rank: Gold 1 Timezone: CST Champion Pool: malphite , olaf , renekton , darius , kennen, poppy. etc Strengths: ok being left on island , patient strategic Weaknesses: older player , limited champion pool Can You Make Practice Times? Yes. Can you Shotcall? yes, Macro not micro Discord? yes Do you have a Twitter? No.
Frostixx (NA)
: Solo Elites Gaming E-Sports looking for high gold - diamond players
IGN - The Dude Role - Jungle Champions Pool - Elise, Nocturne , amumu , Olaf , Vi , Maokai ,Zac , Lee sin , khazix , poppy Age - 28 Can you be on when practices start? - certainly , and afterwards Why do you want to be on a tournament team? - It may sound corny , but the best games are played in tournament setting and i love a good game of league, it's worth all the work and preperation
: assembling a silver/gold team
Rank: g2 Role: jungle IGN The Dude champs: Nocturne , elise , maokai , amumu strengths: patient , methodical , aggressive shotcalling weaknesses: Aggressive , independent Other:
: Team OverDrive is looking for a Jungler [Gold - Plat]
IGN: The Dude Age: 30 Rank: G2 Role: Jungle Top 5 champs for the role: Nocturne , Amumu , Elise , Maokai , khazix Can you make the following times: 8.30pm - 11.30pm Est [Monday - Thursday] ? yes Do you have a working mic and voice comms? yes Why do you wanna join such a team? Looking for a reliable group to grow and improve with
: Team OverDrive is looking for a Top and Mid laner [Gold - Plat]
IGN: The Dude Age: 30 Rank: gold 2 Role: Mid Top 5 champs for the role: Lux , Orianna , Kassadin , Leblanc , Ahri Can you make the following times: 8.30pm - 11.30pm Est [Monday - Thursday] ? Yes Do you have a working mic and voice comms? Yes Why do you wanna join such a team? I've been looking for a stable group of reliable and dedicated individuals to work with on improving my gameplay and taking it to the next level. see Cone for recommendation
Eoas (NA)
: XFactor Recruiting Top laner
Rank: G2 Availability: open with prior notice State: Ky Role: Top Champ Pool:{{champion:54}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:122}} Mic: Yes Discord: Yes Age: 30 Strengths: Methodical , patient , experienced , self reliant , lane dominant Weaknesses: old , missing a couple champions in pool Why you want to join this team: You speak as if you're dedicated to getting somewhere, as am i.
Eoas (NA)
: X Factor E Sports LF TOP and a substitute Read Below!
Rank: G2 Availability: 5:00pm CST -2:00am any day State: Role: Mid/top Champ Pool: Lux , Orianna , kassadin , kog'maw , Leblanc //// Malphite , Olaf , Gnar , Dr. Mundo , Renekton Mic: yes Discord: yes Age: 30 Strengths: Methodical , patient , aggressive, understands wave control and macro strategy , large champion pool Weaknesses: aggressive , I don't play viktor or yasuo well Why you want to join this team: Looking for a new one , if the statement given was genuine this could be the one
: Totality Titans Recruiting JG and Support Gold+ please
Age:30 IGN: The Dude Ranked: g2 (p3 highest) Position: Jungle Top 5 Champs Elise , Nocturne , Maokai , Amumu , Vi
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: Gold Team Looking for ADC, Top and Support.
The Dude abides and approves of this team
: Coached Gold Team Seeking Skilled Mid For Ranked 5's
Application 1.) In-game name The Dude 2.) Primary and Secondary Roles Mid , Top 3.) Current rank G1 4.) Age 30 5.) Availability (include timezone if hour-specific) any with advanced notice 6.) Current preferred champion pool (Be specificed, not "all support") Lux , Orianna , Kassadin , Zed , Fizz , Leblanc , Lulu 7.) Voice chat capability. (List all available programs) Curse , discord , skype , mumble
BrownJo (NA)
: Looking for Gold+ Players for ranked 5's teams tonight
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Baqpac (NA)
: Gold/Plat Ranked Dynamic Queue LF Players
Mid : {{champion:99}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:117}} Jungle: {{champion:154}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:56}}
Hunı (NA)
: Apox Academy Recruiting Gold Mid laner
IGN: The Dude Rank: Platinum V Availabilty: Can make almost any practice schedule as long as times are set in advance Champool: Lux ,Lulu , Leblanc , Lissandra , ziggs , fizz , kassadin , orianna , vladimir , ezreal , ekko , ahri , chogath....ehh you get the point Strengths: I've played a great many games and know every matchup well , Weaknesses: Kind of old for a gamer (31)
: The Psycho Synthetics Recruiting Top and Mid laner
IGN: The Dude Time Zone: Cst , open to almost any time with advanced notice Rank: Plat V / G1 Position: Mid Champion Pool: Ahri , Lux , Orianna , Lulu , Cho'gath , Leblanc , Zed, Fizz , Kog'maw , Azir , Ziggs , Vladimir , Varus , Ezreal , Kassadin ,Lissandra ,Ekko , Kennen , Pantheon Why are you interested in joining? I miss ranked 5s team environment and want a group to play with regularly and climb ladder , also would be open to a BSGL Do you take constructive criticism well? Yes but i don't just say " Yessir" and move on , i do like to discuss things , but i am pleasently happy to be wrong if it makes me stronger How much team ranked experience do you have? hundreds of games across 6 teams Weakness: I'm old for a gamer (31) , haven't played in a competitive environment for months ( solo queue habits) Strengths: Extensive knowledge of every lane match up and how to win it , also good at playing against counters with top 3 champs
: Skullshot Esports are looking for members
Role: Mid Rank: P 5 Why should we chose you? Experienced , calm and collected Top Champs? Lux , Orianna , Lulu , Leblanc , fizz , kassadin , ekko , ezreal ,ziggs... Time Zone: CST Your pros: Patient , very strong early game and knowledgeable of all mid matchups Your cons: old , annoying by childish behavior Schedule: open Any further questions add me V0rt3xx
: TXC is recruiting JG/Supp! (Gold only)
Application: IGN: The Dude Role: Jungle Rank: Plat V Age: 30 Champion Pool (top 5): Elise , Nocturne , Maokai , Vi , Volibear Strengths: Methodical , patient , map presence Weaknesses: aggressive , headstrong 5's experience: I've played a couple hundred ranked teams queue games in seasons 4 and 5 , coached by Dasani in one of them Why do you want to be on a ranked team?: Good quality teammates to play with on a regular basis in competitive games
: LF Main Mid for Serious Team - Silver/Gold ELO
Summoner's Name: The Dude Time Zone: Central Age: 31 Rank: p4 (would prefer to play on silver smurf) Top 5 Champs: Lux, Leblanc , Lulu , Orianna , Zed , Kassadin Availability: after 5pm CST , with concrete scheduling always make appointments.
Càp (NA)
: Voltic Rush Looking for Top, Mid, And Support Gold+
Ign: The Dude Role: Mid Rank: Plat V Top 3 champs for that role: Leblanc , Lux , Orianna Strengths: Very strong laning w/o need for ganks, Game knowledge and experience, shotcalling, Very large diverse champion pool Weaknesses: Low tolerance for loud noises in voice comms/juvenile behavior, getting old Availability: Can make any reasonable schedule with time/date given in advance. Prior Ranked experience: a dozen ranked 5s teams, most short and unsuccessful two that had reached gold and played with a steady 5 and a coach Thoughts on criticism: I don't have a problem taking direction or discussing what decisions/builds would be optimal, but i will express my own opinion if i think your assessment is incorrect. Why I should choose you: Level headed , very experienced in ranked 5s environment . Responsible and reliable adult , and it doesn't hurt that i can be ignored by jungle and still win lane most games if left to one of my lane bullies.
: First Blood: Gold - Masters community | YOUR search for a group is DONE! | 500+ members/200+ online
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: LF Gold members for team
IGN:The Dude Rank: g 1 Age: 30 Role: mid/top Top Champs: Lux , Lulu , Leblanc , Kassadin , Orianna , Zed, Fizz , Ekko , Ezreal , Vladimir Availability: not available during day prior to 6 EST . not avialable on tuesdays prolly not sundays Timezone: CST Strengths: Methodical , patient , Calculating , Lane dominant , don't require babysitting, mature and non-emotional , very experienced Weakness: Self confident , Blue buff obsessed. Old Additional Info:
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: Gold+ Team LF all roles! (Except Support) Serious team with goal and focus of improving.
RANK Plat IGN THE DUDE ROLE top/mid CHAMP POOL malph , lulu , mao, liss , olaf , jax , renekton , vladimir , garen WHY YOU WANT TO JOIN looking for a group of serious players willing to work together to improve and compete against hiigher quality opponents WHY YOU CAN BENEFIT THIS TEAM Perhaps teammates will be good enough to play in tournys and expand competitive experience
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The Dude (NA)
: LF top laner for ranked team ,
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